Here i am again, starting to write a story about myself and my wants needs desires and how i go about fulfilling them. ive told parts before in other stories but this is dedicated to just me and my pleasure and how and what i do to achieve it.

First you need to know that early in my finding out and learning how to be a homosexual and then one that was basically a crossdresser, and passive and submissive to older gay men, i was taughht and learned how to please a man, doing as told, getting hin the things he wanted, if my lover wanted something i was who retrieved it for him, no matter what, all men like a boy that is trying to please them, if they are happy you will be also, i spent one week a month with my first older lover, when i met him he gave me alot of compliments, on my tight young body, on how cute i was, he ade me feel wanted and i liked that so i did as he suggested, the first three visits he masturbated me every day, sometimes twice a day, i loved how it felt when he had my little erect cock in his hand, and how i felt when i would cum on my tummy. the fourth trip he still did it but as we talked aafter i arrived he told me i was so young and cute that he knew how i could look even sexier and more desirable with just some additions to my wardrobe, o.k. i said what additions, he said i was so cute almost pretty that some sexy underwear would look really sexy on me and make him want to be with me even more, o.k. i said, little did he know i loved that idea, i already had a thing for girls panties and bras, i had a sister that would go to change clothes and id walk in soon after she went in, i would see her in her panties and bra, it really turned me on, seeing my older sister in her underwear, id go mastubate with her image in my mind, later i found out it wasnt her it was her underwear, i loved how it looked and felt, id sneek in and take them to put on, i felt so pretty and sexy. well he gat me about 10 pair of sexy bikini panties and 4 or 5 training bras, them because they had no cups, he also ended up getting me some stockings high heels, garter belt, mini skirts, sexy tiny tub tops, then later some nice dresses to wear in public, i wore something for him every day, and i got more attention from him, its what i wanted so i was happy to dress up for him, he took me to a womann he knew that taught girls proper etiquit, how to talk, to act, to sit, to move, a females looks if your flirting, being sexy, i was taught all that over a few weeks time, i know knew how to act like a girl or woman, it felt awsome to be able to act like a girl, walk like one talk like one, he liked it so i did it all the time around him, even to make a squil, now i loved his attention and what he did to me, so when he asked me to learn how to curl my hair and put on light make-up i did so egerly, i was a 14 yr old male physically and i could dress up and get made up and pass as a young hot sexy girl, he started to take me out on the town and he was my date, dinner, movies, walks on the pier holding hands, then i went to his friends parties with him also, his friends would hug me and tell me how beautiful i was. i was a full blown crossdresser that was easily passable and i totally loved it, i wanted to do it so someday he might marry me and id be his wife, i was in love with him.

Now ill tell you i write stories in hopes of another young boy that wants this will read it and try it, it is the best i think, as i write i am also starting my production for masturbation, i am wearing a padded bra, i have c cups and they look real, i am wearing a hot pink tube top, a pair of light pink panties, and some little sexy slippers, my boy friend is between my legs resting in the crack between my cheeks, i write and get hornier and feeling him there waiting to get in me and use me is so hot, soon ill take off my panties and be ready, then my 9 1/2 inch long and real thick cock will try to penetrate me, as he pushes in me ill tell him he is so big and hard that i want it, that i need it, he will work his way til he is buried in my hole to his balls, then with me on top riding him i will bounce up and down on him, all out till about a inch left then all back in, haard and deep, i will moan as i am taken by his big fat cock, i will move my hips up and down on him getting fucked so well, i loved and still love being penetrated and filled so full of a hard cock, i become his cock hungry bitch to use for as long as he can, i will ride this massive cock till my hole is worn out, tender from being streatched, i will take it deep and feel it hitting and not able to go in any deeper, i am his slut and i love it and want to be it. I am older now and ive been looking on the internet for a female to have a relationship with although i love being with a man, i figured id gained some weight so no man would want to be with me, well i decided to loose some weight and get my tummy flat so i would look good and sexy in my panties, then im going to run a ad for a older, handsome, nice, kind man that wants to use me as his bitch, to fuck me as often as he would like, to have me suck him to completion and swallow all his hot cum, if he'd like he can let his close friends have me also, but i want to belong to one man.

I was with him for about a year when he told me that a few of his friends had expressed a interest in me being there date at some parties they were going to attend, he told me he would like it if id do it for him, i asked him how i should act if i did go, he said you would have to be dressed and made up first of all, then youd have to act like there date or girlfriend, i said o.k. i can do that at the party, what about before and after, will they be respectfull, i am your property, he said you do whatever they ask of you to satisfy there wants or needs, i said have sex with them, yes if thats wht they want, i said but you will not want me anymore, he said ill want you more if you do, dont worry youll still be my girl, so i did it, the first time i found out what id be treated like and have to do, my date and i went to a party, on the way he rubbed my thigh, there he had a arm around me alot of the night, he held my hand, he kissed me, french kissed me in front of everyone, he rubbed my ass in front of everyone, then after the party he took e home to his house, there he undressed me down to my garter, stockings and bra, then he took me to bed, i sucked him till he was rock hard, then he fucked me long and hard, its not that i didnt like the sex, it just was with a man other then my man, he made me eat his cum, he used me like a cheap slut, then i dressed and he took me home, then there i was told to strip down to the same things he had me, and he put a finger in my hole and said yes you were a good girl, your full of his cum, then he pushed me down and said i was his little nasty slut, and now it was his turn to use me, and he fucked my already cum filled hole for a long time, he fucked me like he never did and called me a cum hungery whore, and a slut some more, he had me tell him i loved going out on the town with other men and then giving myself to them to use, he had me tell him how much i loved him fucking me after id already been used so hard, that started a whole new chapter in our relationship, it started happening alot, id be there for 7 days and id go out with another man or later men at least two nights, then came afternoon dates, in reality i just became the cute little cum slut, soon i was going on dates either day or night with not only one man but sometimes two, then came three, i was getting gang banged at least 2 nights or days or sometimes both out of my seven there. truthfully i really loved it, i got to get decked out in my sexiest attire and i looked beautiful and sexy, then these men woulld wine and dine me then take me home for nasty sex, after my first few threesomes and my first few gangbangs i looked forward to it, i was proud i could take on up to four different men at the same time and satisfy them all, i did any sex act they wanted me to, i loved being fucked and at the same time sucking cock.

I was taught and trained to be a good girl, then a proper girl, then i was trained to fuck other men, being a good girl for them, then i was treated and taught how to behave like a slut,I loved the most and i think i still do, being able to be a girl for men, i learned how to pleaae a man as good or better then any girl or woman could, i sucked cock like no one else and i loved the taste of cum and i always swalowed it all, i had a nice tight hole and worked at keeping it that way, i knew how to move my body and hips to give the greatest pleasure to the man using me, i learned how to please muliple men at the same time and did it well, i dated my lover, my man i was having the relationship for 3 1/2 years, a week a month every month, i would average about 9 or 10 men a week when there, i always dressed up and was there girl, my man would have me tell in detail how i was used while out on my dates, as he was fucking me, always on top of me so he could look at me as i told him, he said he liked the look i got telling it, i had the look of pure contentment.

after i stopped seeing him i was just 17 1/2 so i still could dress up and look hot, i was able to be passable till i was about 22 1/2, and i did, i have always loved wearing womans clothes, sexy clothes, and love being treated like a lady, while out and in public, but i also lovewhen im taken to there homes for sex and i get to be the nasty slut begging for them to fuck me haard and deep, i call myself there slut, i ask them to use me like a whore, i must have dated and had sex with a couple new men a month, and id see them longer then a month, so yes i turned into a real life slut, a cock whore, and i loved it the most when id open there pants up and see a cock 7 1/2 inches long and thick or bigger, i love being packed full of a big hard cock, thats enough to tell you for now, if you like this story or any others ive written, e-mail me and tell me how you felt reading it and if you want me to write more, i will if you want me to, i get off on old memories



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