It was nearing the end of the night ata flat in bristol. Three boys sat on the floor in a loft conversionas people fell asleep downstairs after a night of drinking. They allhadnt seen each other for a long while after parting ways after graduation.

 Jake a tall, slim, hippie type was sat with his back against a bed clutching a bottle of red wine, across from him sat cross legged was Myles a guy who took care of his appearance but still stayed very modest and at times shy, he spent a lot of time in the gym and had the most developed body of the three boys. The third was a cute dark haired boy named lewis, with a very similar body type to jake but where jake had very little body hair, Lewis had a layer of dark hair over his chest and legs.

 All three boys were exited to being each others company again and talked and laughed into the early hours. The topic turned at one point, led by Jake, to nudity. Jake was going on one of his classic rants about how stupid it is we hide our naked bodys from each other.

 “like I know exactly what you guys have got and you know what iv got so why do we bother hiding such an unimportant part of ourselves from each other.” the other two boys laughed and agreed. Jake continued “i mean I usually feel so comfortable being naked with people, like you know you can be completely honest with them”. Lewis was the only gay guy of the three and his heart started to race at the thought of what jake wassaying. Lewis had had many fantasies about both the other two boy sand was struggling to keep a clear head.

 Myles added “yeah sort of you cant have anything to hide from each other”. There was a pause and Myles jokingly said “ is this the part where we all get naked then?”

 Jake the only one not looking a little nervous said “ if I had the energy I totally would.” 

Lewis wanted to know how far this would go and said “ I guess we could just all show each other our dicks, if that would count” he said it as if it were a joke so to not seem too keen. Myles laughed and took a swig of his drink. There was another pause and then Jake confidently reached down his pants and pulled out his dick and balls. He hooked his trousers under his balls and lent back on the bed. Myles and Lewis laughed with nervousness and shock. Lewis had a rush of excitement shoot down his spine into his groin, he tried to suppress it as he was sure if the others knew he was getting aroused, the excitement would surely end.

 Jake looked at the other two “see no big deal. I feel totallycomfortable with you guys, your my friends and I have nothing to hide from you.” Myles was the most nervous of them all. He had allways been slightly intimidated by Jakes free spiritedness, and admired his confidence. He decided to do something very uncharictaristic and followed Jakes lead. He unbuttoned his jeans shuffled them down slightly and pulled out his dick and balls allso. Jake put his hand up to Myles for a high five “ see? feels fine right?” Myles high fived Jake and laughed. He tried to seem natural but his heart was racing with nervs.

 Lewis couldnt help taking a few lustfull glances at the other two while he tried to compose himself. He allways felt slightly on the outside for being gay and was worried the other two would feel uncomfortable with him if he was obviously turned on. He wanted to curl his legs up and keep his crotch hidden but that would only have made it obvious. “well now I feel left out.” said Lewis.

 “just do it man” replied Jake.

 Lewis knelt up and pulled down his trousers and pants to his knees. He had managed to keep his erection to a slight cemi no one would notice. All three boys cheered then laughed. “it does feel pretty liberating” lewis said. 

The three boys sat there talking and laughing with all there privates on show for several minuts, befor Dave, whos flat and bedroom it was opened the trap door and enterd the room. He was a fun party guy with a cute face, some facial hair. He was the shortest of all the guys but had good muscle tone. He turned to face the others on the floor with a can in his hand and it took him a few seconds to relise what he was seeing. The three boys on the floor looked up at him with cheeky smiles waiting for a reaction. When Dave noticed all three of his friends had their dicks out he froze in shock and then started laughing. “What the fuck? Uuuhh what have I just walked in on?”

Jake answered in the same placid dreamy tone he allways spoke in “just chillin with our dicks out.”

 Dave was unsure what to do fora moment then responded “any reason?”

 “we were gunna get naked but none of us could be bothered.” all four guys laughed at the absurdity of the situation. Dave sat down on the floor aswell “Okay.This is totally not what I expected to see coming up here but whatever.” he was very surprised and couldnt help looking at each guys privates, he was quite a hit with the girls but he so rarely saw other men naked, he was very curious but didnt want to show it. “So did you guys start on ass's and work up to balls?”

 For Lewis the tention was fading away with all the laughter. “no we thought we would cut out the middle man.” Myles who was Daves closest friend felt more comfortable having him there. “a bit weird weve seen each others cocks but not asses.”

 there was a brief silence as no one was sure what to say but it was broken by Jake confidently standing up turning around and dropping his pants to the ground. Dave laughed again and Lewis felt another wave of arousal at the sight of Jakes ass, jake was very skinny but his butt looked firm, squeezable. Completely hairless. He forced his head away and tried to think of something els. He looked at Myles and Dave and they were both staring at Jakes behind aswell. Jake put his hands on his hips in a casual way. He really was completely comfortable with nudity. Myles jokingly reached across and slapped Jakes ass. All four boys laughed and Jake sat back down, but this time he remover his trousers and pants completely. “whos next then?” Jake asked leaning back on the bed with his legs bent at the knee but spread wide.

 Lewis wondered what was going on in the others heads. The other three were supposedly straight but he wondered wether they were enjoying this as much as he was. He suddenly felt he wanted the others to know how he was feeling, he wanted them to look at him the way they had just looked at Jake. He knelt up turned around and pulled down his pants, lifted his shirt. The other three started to laugh as they all slaped Lewis's bare ass at the same time. Lewis felt more turned on than he had since he was a young teenager, he wanted them to do it again. The feeling of there hands on his ass lingered and Lewis shut his eyes for a second to fully remember it. His dick still wasnt fully hard but it was noticably bigger. He turned back and sat down half covering himself.

 Dave looked at Myles “you go first.” Myles looked nervous. He had gone red and was looking at the floor, he took a swig and stood up. Myles had a great body he worked out and his butt was muscular, Lewis had fantasised about Myles's ass a lot. Befor he did anything Dave made a comment about who would get to slap Myles ass. He slowly pulled his waistband over his butt and continued it to the floor. Lewis gazed in paralysing excitement his ass was big, round and pale. Lewis desperatly wanted to grab and squeez it.

Dave was the one to reach out and make contact, he slapped and then held his hand there “fucking hell dude, your ass is hard as a rock.” the atmosphear was getting increasingly confusing. All four was wondering where this joke would end. “my turn I guess” said Dave who at this point had been fully clothed the whole time. He quickly jumped over kneeling away pulled down his pants. He cheekily spanked himself, lent forward and playfully pulled apart his ass  cheeks,  jake took the opportunity to spank dave rigt on his asshole, to the sound of everyone laughing and cheering. Dave turned to sit back in the circle and started laughing in supprise “Lewis has an erection” he pointed at Lewis's cock which was sticking straight up.

 Being sat across from dave bending over, looking at his hot pink asshole had made Lewiss dick too hard to cover up. Lewis was unsure what to say and obviously looked embarrassed. Jake looked, laughed,and said “dont worry man. I think were impressed you made it this long”. Lewis breathed a huge sigh of relief and was surprised they didnt seem to mind him being obviously aroused.

 “was this your plan all along Lewis?” said dave. 

“hey it was Jakes idea I was just happy to go along with it.” lewis looked down to see he was probably harder than he ever had been. He had to fight the idea of grabbing it and jacking off. He looked up at the others and noticed something. “ hey Myles is looking pretty hard too, thats definatly a lot fatter than earlyer, sorry myles had to take some of the hea toff me.”

 “wow Myles im impressed.” said Jake “ quite a big one you got there.” everyone was laughing. The ridiculous of thesituation was suddenly apparent. Then Jake supprised everyone and reached forward and grabed Lewiss cock in one hand and Myless in the other. The laughing stoped as everone stared wide eyed at the scene.“yeah Lewiss is still harder”.

 Dave burst out in laughter “oh my god Jake. Now I feel left out haha.” Jake smiled at Dave and dave knelt up for Jake. Jake grabed daves dick and squeezed it, then he playfully pulled down daves erect penis to let it slap against hiss stomach. They all lent back to there seating positions and sat in silence for a moment. The momentum seemed to keep escelating. No one knowing where it would end. All four boys now had hard cocks and none seemed embarased. Jake lay his legs flat at gestured to his cock and balls while looking at everyone. Laughing once again at what was going on, they all reached over. 

Lewis said “okay il go for the balls, Myles you go for the shaft, dave handle the tip.” Jake sat back as the other three of his close friends now closer than ever played with his dick and balls. He enjoyed watching as miles squeezed his thick dick with his strong hands and dave played with jakes forskin, pulling it up and down over the head. Jake, unintentional whispered “fuck”under his breath. dave heard and he suddenly felt proud of makeing Jake say that, he looked at Jake's face as he played with the tip of his cock. watched Jake lick his full lips. Jake felt like an alpha male having the other three boys pleasuring him.

“oh god where is this going to end”said dave.

“your the one who was so keen to show us his asshole” replyed Myles.

 “oh come one if anyones getting fucked tonight its lewis.”

Lewis was allmost brought to climax just at dave saying this. Allfour boys now had hard cocks. Dave and Myles gently stroked there own erections. “oh come on” answerd Lewis “im gunna be pretty pised off id I dont at least get a pinky in someones ass.... anyone?”

 “if it means not having a dick in my ass il take the pinky.”replied Myles. 

“come on then” said Jake “ les talk more pinky. Bend over myles,  lets see that hole boy.” Myles, unsure if they were actually going to do anything still stood up removed his trousers and boxers they all gazed up and his huge thick dick. He then turned over on all fours.  The other three crouded around. Jake slapped his ass with both hands and spread his cheeks apart. Jake stared for a moment at Myles hole, followed it down his hairy gooch to his balls hanging between his legs.  Lewis leant over and spit on myles hole. Miles arched his back in suprise. Dave then did the same leaning over and spitting on myles hole while jake squeezed his cheecks. Then jake couldnt help himself, he burried his face between his huge muscular ass cheecks and licked his hole. Myles moned he suddenly felt a little scared at how ravenous his ass had turned the other boys 

“just a pinky right?” jake leaned back as lewis rubbed his index finger over the tight wet hole then pushed it in, the boys all watched closely lewis's finger going in and out.

 "think you can handle two?" said Lewis. Myles laughed now vary tense at what a vulnerable position he was in.

 "i can take it" he tried to seem like he was wasnt phased. lewis smiled at dave, then dave grinned and  slowly inserted a finger next to lewis.followed by jake, all three fingering myles at the same time. Myles loudly moaned. Jake reached between his legs and pulled back Myles hard dick, which made him arch his back further, as jake let go it slapped against his stomach. he was sudenly scared of his close friends they would fuck him. Pound his fat virgin ass one after another. Fill his hole with hot jizz. “FUCK ME FUCK ME” he screamed out. To his own supprise.

Dave then pushed the others aside as lust took over him he had to have that ass. He slid the head of his erection over the tight wet hole and pushed his rock hard cock in all the way making myles howel.

 “ tell me you love my dick” shouted dave. 

“i loveit I love it” whined myles. 

Dave grabed Myles shoulders and rammed his ass slapping against his round cheeks “i love you myles I love you myles.”

 “i love youto dave fuck me dave.”

 dave got faster and faster “ I love you myles your my best friend and im fucking you harder than any girl iv ever fucked. I love you I love you.”dave shot more cum inside myles ass that he ever came befor. Myles loved it.

 As myles lay worn outwith jizz all over and in his ass jake pounced on him lifting him up by his legs and licking the jizz of his ass. Sucking daves warm jizz out myles ass hole and fucked myles mouth while he rubed his face in myles ass. Myles gagged a few times as jake pushed his dick in all the way. Jake fucked myles face until he came . Cum overflowed out myles mouth over his face. Myles lay in an exhausted heap on the floor panting. 

Then it was lewis's turn he flipped myles over on his front and spread his fat cheeks and stared at his wet hole. Then he slowly slid his cock in while myles let out a moan. Lewis loved the feeling of slamming into those big ass cheeks, his balls slapping against myles's. Dave stood in front and held myles head up as he rubbed his cemi hard dick over his face. Myles stuck out his tongue and panted like a dog as Dave rubbed his balls and dick over his face and wet tongue. Jake stradled Myles arched back and kissed dave hard. then he turned around and did the same to lewis. Jakes tounge in his mouth made him cum. he came deep into Myles hole. Myles collapsed face down exhausted. all four lied down naked and went to sleep in a big wet heap as the sun was just rising outside.


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