we were perfect for one another, but only in one form, as a means to the others' gratification, neither of us romanticized what was going on, we'd hike to a secluded part of the park hidden by the freeway surrounded by trees and fuck, we never lied, he asked me what i found most attractive about him and rather then spew the Hollywood B.S. answer "your eyes" i told him, "your legs", "your ass" " he was beautiful as he lied on his shoulders his body folding as best as it could whilst his back rested against my chest, his face looking between his thighs, back at me,

"I enjoy seeing you when you're uncomfortable, and i enjoy knowing you're enduring all this discomfort waiting for me to fuck you"

i pushed down on his legs, pressing his knees closer to his ears, further parting his ample cheeks, stretching his exposed anus, despite my own cravings and usual greed in bed, i was generous in one regard, i love performing analingus, or a rimjob, i could eat a man out for half an hour straight without becoming flaccid, i hated performing fellatio, id occasionally gag or puke a little throughout the act but iv'e always been fascinated by another man's ass and his ass-hole, the heat of his inner body emitting from it, the way it puckered as you toyed with it, as sick as it may sound i even love the scent of ass. The young man i was currently trailing down the inner thighs of with my tongue was Jordan, a slim latin man, barely 19 he was, in gay lingo a power bottom, just my type, i hate being penetrated, it hurts, and there's a level of maintenance that needs to go on back there prior to receiving, and though i never think about it until after the fact, i find it degrading, i guess that makes me a hypocrite considering i was fully intending to fuck Jordan, the difference being Jordan loved being fucked, when we first met we sat quietly on a trolley together not even looking at one another, until we found a secluded area by a lake hidden by forest terrain, there was some foreplay id imagined he'd want that but, within a minute he was sucking my cock, and guiding my hand with his own to his bare ass which was partially exposed, still covering his manhood but giving me more then enough access to his tight ass, despite coating my index finger in saliva his anus still resisted, barely caving in to the pressure of my digit, it was amazing, the heat and tight fit of his rectal walls squeezing my finger much like that of a blood pressure measuring arm band. i was certain my finger would fall asleep and come out purple. Jordan turned around presenting his ass before me, on all fours head down ass up. Since then we've been meeting up once a week for the past 3 months only ever communicating with each other that day via texts verifying are arrival, and then small banter which preceded our fornicating, his curiosity for kamasutra was cute, i remember once fucking him like a dog when he asked me to stand up and holster his legs like a wheel barrel, you'd imagine the creativity and athleticism of this would be exciting but it was really just a laughable mess of trying to commit to this position until each other's climax. there was always sexual bargaining between us, i agreed to stop masturbating to increase my virility and in return Jordan kept his ass shaved and smooth, of course we did other little things for one another, i gorged on pineapple the morning of our day together, he once wrote my name on his ass in sharpie under "property of" how he managed to write so legibly on his ass is still puzzling to me. On our day together we'd have sex about three times, so had to bring a backpack full of condoms and lube, otherwise my wallet would look ridiculously bloated, i remember him shivering as i filled his ass with lube, and i loved every sound his ass made as my cock plowed in and out of it, occasionally id hear a squishing noise as lube slid out of his as onto my pelvis as he rode my dick, i would laugh whenever he had me pull out do to some pain and the air pressure leaving his body would make a fart noise, of course while i laughed he'd always be severely embarrassed but i assured him it was a natural bodily reaction, and i reassured him that i still desired him as much as i ever did, hell i wanted his body more then ever now that i knew it could make me laugh on top of everything else it could do. Jordan had an insatiable lust for cum, i'd always aim his cock at his stomach or face depending on the position, if he were coming while i took him from behind i'd pool his warm male fluid in my hand and smack his ass or smear his chest or back with it, only to mask his face in my own juice, he was dirty, and so was i, and we worked well together because of our mutually perverse desires, of course we could never be more, he was a closeted catholic, and i always feared commitment.

"i'm bi, i like fucking guys, but i am going to marry a woman"-Jordan

"haha keep talking like that, i enjoy fucking "straight" boys who talk like that"-me

"bi, not straight, besides i prefer woman"-Jordan

"its hard for me to take you seriously when i'm balls deep in your ass"-me

"i just need to get all this outta my system them i'm done with men"-Jordan

Why we had this conversation mid-sex i don't know but it prompted me to pull his hair and kiss him as i gripped his tool, which only stiffened in my grasp as i yanked his curly black locks and tied my tongue around his own. i lifted him up as i bounced his body on and off my rod, lifting his body to remind him i was a man as he clasped my hips with his legs to suspend his body against mine while i stood up and continued ramming into him. i wanted him to know how different sex with a man was, most women probably wouldn't carry his weight, or squeeze his ass and inner thighs so aggressively, every couple of thrusts i'd pull all the way out and quickly jam my length back inside him, just to here him grunt in pain and pleasure, I'm fairly certain most women wouldn't penetrate Jordan so viciously while censoring his grunts by clasping there lips against his as mine were, his grunts were closed off by my mouth against his causing him to chuff every time if bucked back into him.

He came, and i was certain after today he'd come again, in every sense of the word.




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