When I was 18 I was introduced to the world of drugs and prostitution. One of my closest mates told me of a place called 'Zoo station'; it was where guys went and made the best money. So out of curiosity I decided to visit it. My first time there I had a guy park his car beside me and offer $100.00 for me to suck him off right there. For that much money he could have whatever he wanted, so I jumped into his car and started to suck him off. Within in seconds of me stating, he drove his car off, all the time telling me that I would get more money if I shut my mouth. After an hour of driving we arrived at a house in the countryside, it looked like a mansion and I was eager to see the inside. Apparently my wish was coming true as the 'client' told me to get inside.

I willingly followed him as he went into the house. Once inside I was greeted by a sight I had never seen before, the lounge was filled with guys, all naked and all of them looking at me. The guy who drove me here introduced himself as 'Derek', he also told me that all of these guys were here for me. If I obliged and done all that they asked, I would get $10000.00, without asking for my answer I was lead up the stairs to a bathroom where I was stripped naked and put into a bath. Derek got himself naked and hoped in the bath with me. He started to clean my body touching every inch of me. Once I was apparently cleaned Derek said that I needed to be prepped in order to help all of the guys, so he bent me over the edge of the bath and rammed his tongue up my ass. The feeling was amazing Derek just kept fucking my ass with his tongue, slowly then faster licking me until I was panting in ecstasy. Once I was apparently opened up, Derek got out of the bath, still naked, and led me back down to the lounge where all the guys were still standing waiting. I could see a mattress in the middle of the floor, and beside it was some lube.

Derek pushed me into the guys where they grabbed me and led me to the mattress. One of the guys forced me onto my knees, and pushed his cock into my face; eagerly I swallowed it and started to suck him off, as I was sucking his cock got harder and harder in my mouth. After a minute of sucking he pulled his cock out of my mouth and flipped me over onto my stomach, then without warning he started to ram his giant cock into my ass. The pain was intense, but the guy just kept thrusting harder and further into my ass, within in seconds all the guys had lined up around me and were stroking their cocks. Most of them were hung like a banana, but the few that weren't made up for it with the thickness of it. Soon the guy pulled out of me, and another guy was pulling me up making me stand over the couch where one guy was sitting down. I was forced onto this guy's cock and I started to thrust back and forth as he sucked me off, without knowing anything another guy came up behind me and forced his cock into my ass, this pain was unlike anything I had felt before both guys were extremely hung and thick. I could barely contain my screams of both pain and pleasure, as the two guys started to fuck me in rotation, I was getting overwhelmed and thought I would blow my load then and there, but everyone had ideas for me. I was pulled off the two cocks and pushed up against a table where everyone started to fuck me in sequence, soon they started to fill my ass with their hot sticky cum, one after the other, and they would fuck me then fill me. After what seemed like an eternity of fucking they all finished and I could feel their cum slowly dripping out of my ravaged ass. For ten minutes I stood there while cum dripped out my ass, ten long minutes of guys sitting there watching me.

Derek showed up again, and lead me back upstairs, this time to a bedroom where he carefully put me into the bed and covered me with the sheets. He almost whispered in my ear that I done a good job and the ten thousand bucks would be waiting for me in the morning. I thought to myself that this was the easiest job ever, ten thousand bucks for being fucked for two hours. Later I found out it wasn't so easy...

To be continued



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