Truth or Dare

It was my first day of college as a transfer student and I decided to take out a dorm room. I was notified that my roommate was going to be a guy named Zandro. I knew nothing about this guy, I didn't look him up on Facebook or Twitter or anything like that so I didn't have the slightest clue of anything about this guy.

I entered my dorm room to two beds. The one on the left was clearly Zandro's because his suitcase and cloths were on the bed with an un-made bed. Whereas the bed on the right side of the room was made and bare. So I tossed my suitcase on the bed and began organizing my cloths in draws when a surprised walked inside my dorm.

There was a hot tanned muscular guy standing at the door only wrapped in a small towel and a pair of sandals. It looked as if the guy just came from a shower. The guy was glistening with water and still steamy from the shower. Water dripped from many different sides of this guy like his abs an biceps but mainly his pecs. This guys pecs jutted out from his chest like a shelf. Water droplets sled down this pecs to his wide silver dollar nipples that dripped from there like melting icicles.

'Hi, you must be my roommate Mike, right?' he finally said.

'Yes and must be Zandro' I said

'Yes' he said

'Nice to meet you' I said as I held my hand out for a hand shake his and he responded.

'Nice to meet you too' Zandro said 'Sorry I'm not fully clothed. I'll put some cloths on'

'No problem' I said. In my mind I was just admiring Zandro's mighty muscled body and watching his pecs sway back and forth with each if his movements. Zandro got dressed right in front of me and felt confortable being naked in front of me which didn't bother me. Zandro also had a thick long 8 inch cock.

When Zandro was dressed. He told me he was off to class, and grabbed his bookbag and left.

With that brief encounter I knew I wanted Zandro and would do anything to get my hands on him. I decided to be nosy and looked through Zandro's things. I found a folder in one of Zandro's draws filled with pictures of him. These were no ordinary pictures. These were shirtless pictures of Zandro in underwear modeling and posing in many types of positions. There were pictures of Zandro wet and sweaty, in a garden, in a desert, in just underwear, on the beach and many more exposing his luscious muscles. I figured Zandro was modeling to help pay for school. I heard many people do that.

I took out my high definition iPhone and began snapping pictures of my handsome buff roommate, I even got close ups of those meaty pecs. My dick began getting hard and I was beginning to feel horny so I began rubbing my dick wishing it was Zandro. I was yearning for Zandro, I wanted his body like a drug addict wants drugs. Of the many pictures of Zandro I took my favorite and laid them on the floor and pulled out my dick which was already hard and started jacking off. As I was jacking off I imagined I was fucking Zandro in the ass and as I screamed I imagined they were Zandro's screams. I continued to jack off for a while because Zandro stayed on my mind I shot a huge load and keep beating my meat in pleasure and ecstasy. After about 15 minutes I concluded my jack off session and cleaned up. I then began putting my belonging away. As I was doing this I was finally beginning to take my mind off of Zandro.

At that moment Zandro walked back into our dorm. He had the smell and scent of sweat on him probably from the hot sun which just gave him a deeper, defined tan. Zandro had on a tight hug fitting white t-shirt that accentuated his pecs and made his dark, thick nipples visible and mail man brown shorts and sandals. Wow, he looked sexy and I was getting horny again and I tried to hide by bulge.

'Man, it's hot out there' Zandro said as he took off his shirt revealing his sweaty six pack abs, buff biceps and juicy set of pecs. I felt my dick continuing to grow as I struggled to hide my hard boner.

Looking weird trying to hide my boner Zandro apparently thought I was choking and started doing the heimlich maneuver on me. He wrapped his arms around my abs and thrusting my body into his like a humping position. Doing this movement over and over again. I was enjoying this as it felt like Zandro was dry humping me, with his huge arms and broad shoulders wrapped around me all topped off with the scent of muscle sweat and a man. Zandro stopped after multiple thrust and stood in front of me

'Are you okay buddy?' he said

'Yes, I am now.' I said. But I wanted to feel Zandro's touch again so I said 'But, I'm a little short of breath, can you give me CPR?'

'Sure, no problem' Zandro said

Zandro laid me on my back on my bed and brought his lips open to mines. Zandro breathed into my mouth with his lips still touching mine. While laying there i just wanted to passionately kiss Zandro however I didn't act on my desires.

'There are you feeling better now?' Zandro said

'Perfect' I said

'Good' Zandro said as he patted me on my shoulder. Everytime Zandro touched me I felt chills go down my spine.

'So, how are you. We didn't get to talk much before, I had to rush off to class. So tell me about yourself.'

'I have a better idea' I said 'How about we play truth or dare that we way we learn about each other and have a little fun.'

'Okay' Zandro said

I was so surprised by how nice Zandro was, not only was he cute and muscular, he was nice and seemed very smart. He was the total package.

'Okay, I'll start, truth or dare?' I said

'Umm, truth' Zandro said

'Okay' I said 'What are you majoring in?'

'Computer engineering. Truth or dare'


'What's you favorite color?' Zandro said.

'Red. Truth or dare?'


'How long have you been working out and what part of your body do you work out the most.'

'Wow, what a question, I've been working out for five years and I think I work out my chest the most. Don't you agree' Zandro

'Yes' I said. Zandro's pecs looked smooth an supple as we both sat on the floor looking completly suckable'

'Okay truth or dare' Zandro said


'What are you majoring in?'

'Literature. Truth or dare?'

'Dare' Zandro said

'Okay. I dare you to bounce your pecs'

'Okay.' Zandro bounced his pecs. Oh what sight it was. As Zandro was bouncing his pecs it looked like two basketballs bouncing or dribbling on the ground. They moved swiftly. I know it must have took alot of strength to bounce that juicy pec flesh. Zandro continued to bounce them and with every bounce the more tempted I was to to touch them.

Zandro finally stopped and asked me truth or dare

'Dare' I said as I hope Zandro would dare be to do something that involved me touching him.

'I dare you to do ten jumping jacks, if you want a body like this you have to exercise.'

And man what a body Zandro had. I would do anything to have a body like Zandro. I quickly did ten jumping jacks to truth or dare Zandrk hoping he would say 'dare.'

After I finished the jumping jacks I asked Zandro 'truth or dare.'

'Dare' Zandro said

'I dare you Zandro, to let me give you a neck and shoulder massage.'

'What? Why?' Zandro said

'Well I know being muscular and all your muscles tense easily I was simply looking out in your best interest.'

'True. Thanks man.'

'No thank you' I said

I walked behind Zandro and got on my kneesas he continued to sit on the floor. I began by rubbing and massaing his shoulder muscles. They were so massive and wide, it was clear it was going to take a while to massage it all really well. Zandro had huge traps that stuck out and was shaped like a steep hill. I rubbed them good and well. Zandro began rolling his neck in approval. I next went to Zandro delts that were very big and then I made my way to his biceps. That's when Zandro flexed them and I watched as they blew up and exploded in my face the size of my head. I was amazed. I attempted to wrap my hands around his pecs but they were so massive I only wrapped part of my hands around them. I squeezed them but they were solid. Zandro's biceps really showed off his strength and power.

I next leaned up close on Zandro and l got a bird's eye view of Zandro's pecs. My hands gradually found their way to the upper part of pecs rubbing them in a circular motion. My hands next found their way to Zandro's bottom half of his pecs where they were heavy, juicy, meaty and beefy. I grabbed and squeezed hard on his pecs that were way more than a handful and I continued groping them.

I heard Zandro moan and he said 'Ah, this feels nice. I have alot of tense muscles in my pecs area.'

'I'm good at massaging pecs' I said lying to Zandro 'If you lean aganist the wall I can show you a good massage.'

'Okay' Zandro said as he got up and put his back on the wall.

I couldn't believe that this was exactly happening. Zandro stood on one of the dorm's wall with his pecs vulnerable and supple at its still position. I stood chest to chest with Zandro and cupped both of his pecs admiring the weight beauty of his pecs. I grabbed and squeezed his pecs in such a sensual way I heard moan again as he closed his eyes and said 'that feels good' as my mouth moved in closer to his. I continued to massage Zandro's pecs even as they oozed out between and on the sides on my fingers and hands. No matter how hard I tried Zandro's beefy pecs were more than a handful.

After squeezing Zandro's pecs for a few minutes it felt great but it was getting old because I wanted more. I wanted to suckle on Zandro's pecs and the more I was massaging his pecs the more tempted I was to do it. Until without thinking about it I leaned in and gently and slowly licked his pecs.

Zandro opened his eyes and asked 'What are you doing?'

I was caught off guard then I said 'Remember how I said I was good at massaging pecs' thinking of a lie I said 'well I learned that using your mouth relaxes muscles deep in your pecs that a simply massage with your hands can't do especially in the bottom half of your pectorals'

'Really? Well, okay continue. This feels a bit awkward though.'

'Don't worry, it's all okay.' I said

I once again observed Zandro's pecs and this time I noticed his dark silver dollar nipples. I gently let the tip of my tongue touch his left nipple and then glide up and down in a circular movement. I then took my whole mouth and began to suck on his left nipple as if I was sucking on a straw. I planted my head on Zandro's pecs as I continued to worship his pecs which felt like pillows. In the meantime my left hand massaged his right pec and then I did the same vice versa. I then roughly rubbed Zandro's pecs while his eyes were still closed and he started to moan.

'Are you enjoyingthis, Zandro?' I said

'Yes' Zandro said 'This is a really great massage.'

'Good' I said 'Let's take this one step further.'

I began grabbing Zandro's now semi-hard cock which felt long and thick in his tan shorts.

Zandro once again opened his eyes and said 'Wait, what are you doing?'

'Your dick is already hard. So, I know your enjoying his.'

'Yes but-'

I squeezed Zandro's hard an tightly to shut him up. Zandro responded to that action by softly screaming. I continued to rub and massage Zandro's wood tightly to keep him quiet as he continued to scream and moan.

Next, I unbuckled Zandro's belt to his shorts and slide them off. Since I already massaged his dick I quickly pulled down his boxers surprised by the little resistance Zandro showed. I knew his was a once in a lifetime opporunity with this massive hunk of a man and I was going to take it was far as my luck would have it.

The absence of Zandro's shorts and boxers revealed a big thick 8 inch cock. I wasted no time so I got on my knees and began sucking Zandro's cock while beating his meat at the same time. I knew Zandro really liked this because his dick grew another two inches and began screaming louder. I continued to suck Zandro off as he began leaking pre-cum, so I decided to shallow it. The suction got Zandro turned on because he was keep saying 'more more more.'

It was as if I drained all of Zandro's energy after I sucked him off because he put his arm around me for help as I brought him to his bed. Zandro laid on his back on his bed as if he was about to go to sleep. He must have thought his was over, I made sure it wasn't. With Zandro naked I lifted his legs up in the air and took my dick and glided it in his ass. Zandro had a nice perfect ass for fucking. What a hunk!

'Please don't' Zandro said 'I can't take anymore.'

'This just feels too perfect' I said devilously. 'I dare you to shut-up.'

I quickly began fucking Zandro harder and harder with each thrust to make it harder for him to tell me to stop. I keep pumping my dick in his ass as Zandro began screaming as loud as ever. I quickly closed Zandro's mouth with both my hands. I felt like I had complete control over Zandro as I began to shoot my load his ass cheeks. As I was fucking Zandro I noticed his pecs at a giggling motion so i pulled out of his ass and brought my dick to Zandro's pecs and started patting it with my cock one pec at a time. This was nice but Zandro's pecs were so big I wanted more. Zandro's pecs seems to grow as I was fucking him and were big enough for me to fuck. So, took my hands off of Zandro's mouth and I laid my hard dick between his pecs and pushed them together and started fucking his pecs until I shot a huge load of cum in Zandro's face and on his pecs. Zandro licked his lips of the cum that landed there and looked pleased. I continued to fuck Zandro's pecs until even I got tried and pulled out and simply laid on top of Zandro and fell asleep on his soft pillow-like pecs.

That was the best night I ever had. Zandro was the perfect man for me and I intend on keeping him around for a while. So guess who will be fucking Zandro for the rest of the school year at ant given time.

Stay tuned for Zandro's Pecs 3



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