This story is about Zac, an 18 year old who is 5'11", with sandy brown hair, deep emerald eyes and smooth tan skin, the kind anyone could envy; completed with tight defined abs. Zac has no idea hos world is about to change...

Zac awoke at the crack of dawn, ready to go to work on his father's friends farm. He climbed out of bed, jumping around all the dirty laundry, and went to the bathroom for his morning shower. He walked into the bathroom, turned on the water and took off his boxer briefs which were all he was wearing. He climbed in and started to soap up his entire body, slowly washing himself from head to toe. Zac started to get hard so he turned on the radio to make some cover up noise and grabbed hold of his hard 8" dick. He started to slowly move his fist up and down, gently moaning, then he started to pick up the pace, his moaning growing louder. Sliding one hand along his erect cock, he slid his finger into his ass, imagining it was this guy he liked.. The guy he liked was the same age as him, shorter, around 5'8", a few defined muscles, but not nearly as much as Zac, deep ocean blue eyes with boyish blonde hair, it was his best friend Jace. Zac felt his cum rising, and as he scream out Jace's name, he came everywhere, all up the shower wall. He quickly cleaned up and done his morning routine, got dressed and left for work on the farm.

It was an early Saturday morning, so there wasn't many people around. As Zac walked along, his phone began to ring. He saw it was his best friend Jace, and answered it amongst immediately.

"Hey bro, you coming to work today?" Said Zac enthusiastically.

"Zac, this is Jason's mother, I need to tell you something.. There was an accident last night.. Jason didn't make it.." Followed by an array of tears on both halves. Zac didn't know how to respond; he just cried, hung up and ran home. Zac had just gotten through the door when his brother Dean was making his breakfast. Dean was 23, 6'1", and built like a tank. He looked the spitting image of Zac, but 10 times more muscular.

"Hey, little brother, why aren't you at work? And why are you crying?" Said Dean, his voice showing concern.

"J-Jace has.. Jace is dead, Dean." He said as he broke down into tears.

"Hey don't worry little bro, I'm right here." Said Dean as he hugged Zac. "C'mon let's go watch some TV."

"Okay.." Zac said sniffling. They turned on the TV, Zac say down and watched while Dean went to food and drink.

"He Zac, have a beer." Said Dean. Zac downed the whole bottle in one. The Dean did the same. This kept going on until both of them were very drunk, and Dean clearly had a boner, and was texting his girlfriend. Zac stared at his brother's crotch, and started to get hard.. "'Why is my brother turning me on?!'" Zac questioned in his mind. Dean looked over and saw Zac had a boner, too, and said.

"Bro if you're horny, just jerk off. I'm going to, if that's okay?"

before Zac could say a word Dean put some porn on and pulled out his 10" monster and started jerking off. All Zac could do is stare. Dean, with a puzzled look said,

"What are you looking at, are you a gay?"

Zac replied with "I. Wha- no I just. Uh."

"Well well, my little bro. You are.. Aren't you?" Dean said, confusingly alluringly.. "Hmm. Come here.." Dean said, then he grabbed hold of Zac and kissed him, so passionately, with his ruby red lips. Zac kissed him back and gave him some tongue, making them both harder. Dean then grabbed hold of Zac's crotch and pulled it out. Zac pulled an extremely shocked face, knowing they just missed and where this was going..

"Well little brother... You up for some fun?"


This is the first time I've ever written anything, so please don't be too harsh; albeit I am open to criticism, as it might help me become a better writer. Thank you. :)



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