My window looked out across a narrow street onto a park. A typical suburban Tokyo park: no grass, a few benches, a playing area, and toilets. It wasn't large, but it was big enough to offer some privacy, particularly around the toilets. I had taken this apartment for its quiet location. It wasn't until the vocational school term started that I discovered an added bonus: the boys in their late teens from the nearby school gathered there after class to chat, with some using the playing area for soccer and staying on until dusk or later. I was home a lot as I didn't have many classes at grad school. I was supposed to study, but in the late afternoon I found my eyes wandering to the park, waiting for the boy parade. I soon had a good idea of who came when and who did what: the soccer boys, the rowdy group, the studious types, and the quieter ones. I would watch them in their tight-fitting black school uniforms with their high collars, or their sport shorts and singlets, revealing lithe limbs and firm thighs as they chased the ball. I would usually sit at the window, to all appearances a foreign student (I was 25) watching the activity in the park. What no-one could see was that I was naked below the waist, my cock hard in my hand as I fantasized about what lay hidden under the black trousers and soccer shorts.

After about a week, I noticed that two of the quieter boys sometimes stayed later than the others, waiting until it grew darker. One was slender and tallish, the other shorter and excitingly plump. Both about 19, I guessed. This evening I decided to see what they did. Nothing much. They sat talking for a while, then the taller one stood up. Time to go home, I thought, as I watched him head through the park. However, instead of making for the gate, he went into the toilet. Pee time, I thought, as I imagined him unzipping his trousers, taking out his firm young penis, and spraying into the bowl. I was about to start jerking off at the thought, when I realized he hadn't come out. Then I noticed that the shorter boy had stood up and was going in the same direction. He paused at the toilet, looked around quickly, and darted in. Five minutes passed, then ten, then 15. I imagined them in the toilet, door shut, unfastening each other, lowering their underpants, breathing hard as their erections faced each other, holding each other, stroking each other, their cocks wet with precum, bursting to shoot. I imagined the short boy's plump young thighs, his soft buttocks and downy crotch, his smooth little face and fat little cheeks, his moist lips.... And then I thought of the taller one, white skin under his uniform, his slender waist giving way to his pubic hair, his cock standing to attention in the other boy's hand, his balls hanging loosely, his small but shapely buttocks rising to meet his smooth back. I almost came at the double vision, and a few quick strokes brought me to climax. Wiping my cum off the mat, I decided that the next time I saw them, I would follow them in!

Three days later, they were back. I went to the wardrobe, took out a pale blue tanktop, white hipster jeans and a large belt, and hurriedly pulled them on. (If all went as planned, I wouldn't need panties.) I went downstairs, out of the building, and crossed the street into the park. There was a bench near the far exit that gave me a view of the toilets, so I sat and waited. I could see the boys at their usual bench, chatting. After a while the taller got up and went into the toilet, followed soon after by the other. I decided to give them a couple of minutes, then went in. I saw that the door of one cubicle was closed, so I went into the other. Aware that someone had interrupted their tryst, they became silent. I stripped, grabbed my hard-on and started stroking slowly. I groaned quietly, but loudly enough for them to hear, as I worked my member. Not too hard though: this one was for them! They knew what was going on. I could hear them whispering, but they made no move to leave. I heard them giggle, gathered my courage, and asked if they wanted to see. Silence. 'I bet you've never seen a foreign cock before, have you. Want a look?' Silence. 'I don't mind, you can watch if you want.' Still silence, then a rustle of clothes, a door latch pulled back, two sets of steps, and a gentle knock on my cubicle door. I slid the latch back and sat on the toilet seat as they cautiously pushed the door open. The older one's head appeared above the doorknob, took in my nakedness, and my cock arching between my legs. 'Are you a student?', he asked, and I nodded. Apparently reassured (God knows why!), he eased the door wider so his plump companion could see as well. The smaller one looked and looked, and the zipper in his black school trousers started to edge outward. Sensing I was watching his coming erection, he reddened. 'Don't worry', I smiled, 'your friend is getting hard too'. And he was. I now had two black bulges in front of me, staring as my cock beckoned. 'Do you want to touch it?', I asked. They seemed shy, so I took the taller one's hand and placed it slowly on my dick. His fingers didn't move at first, but he overcame his caution and started to explore, feeling along the length of my shaft, reaching down for my balls, and then returning up the shaft to the tip, which he brushed back and forth with his thumb. I was getting hornier and hornier. I needed to keep myself in check for 'later', but I also needed the shorter boy's hand on me, God I needed that plump little hand around my prick! Encouraged by his friend, he reached out toward me and tapped my helmet with his index finger. My cock bounced slightly at the contact, and he smiled. He tapped harder, and I bounced again. The he closed his plump fingers around me and squeezed slightly. If there is a Paradise, I'm there! I thought, as my cock hardened and I moved my hips to position myself closer to him. Then I caught myself, relaxed my hips and pointed to their bulges. 'Can I see?', I asked. Less inhibited now, they exchanged glances and started to undo their belts. Down came the school trousers and the regulation white underpants, and before me stood two lovely young cocks, at full attention like sentries on parade. 'Nice', I said, kneeling in the confined space, forming circles with my thumb and index finger, and slipping them gently over both members. They shuddered almost in unison as I slid my fingers down toward their balls, then back again, slowly, slowly, feeling them harden with every stroke. On the third stroke I tickled their balls. I could hear their breathing quickening, feel their anticipation. Not yet, my lovelies!, I thought, and continued to stroke them. I upped the pace slightly and could sense they wanted me to make them come. Suddenly I stopped, withdrew my hands and took the thin one in my mouth. He almost jumped as he felt me gather him in my lips, but soon relaxed as I started to service him. Feeling his erection sliding back and forth, I reached for the other boy's cock. Still rock hard, so I adjusted my position and moved my lips from one cock onto the other. He let out a little moan and pushed himself deeper. A teen slut if ever I saw one!, I thought, and let him gently fuck my mouth as I checked the cock next door. Still hard here, too. I had decided what to do. I went back to the taller boy's prick, took it in my mouth and turned on my best cock-sucking techniques. They worked. He shot in no time. Cum to spare, as I felt his liquid in the corners of my mouth. I eased him out, licked the remaining wetness from his dying erection, and smiled. 'Tasty!', I grinned, and he grinned back. 'Isn't it getting late?' I ventured. Surprisingly, he got my meaning straight away. He looked at his friend to confirm that all was well, adjusted his uniform, and said 'I'm going now.' Smart lad. Now I was alone with the boy I wanted. Shutting the door again, I looked at his hard-on and resumed the position. Before I went to work, I reached up, unbuttoned his school jacket, and slipped it off. He didn't resist. Underneath was a plain singlet, barely hiding his glowing skin. He still had baby fat on his arms and chest, and his stomach was soft and pale. I stood, raised his arms, and lifted the singlet over his head. Trousers at his feet, he stood naked before me, a sweet 19-year old with a hard little cock sticking out below his tummy. Barely able to contain myself, I reached for his nipples with my fingers, ran my hands down to his waist to his fat little buttocks, and parted them gently. I wet my middle finger, insinuated it toward his little hole and started stroking the rim. He seemed scared, so I said I wouldn't hurt him, but I was determined to have my fun. I gently moved my finger to part his closure, and began to inch into his anus. He tensed, I eased back, he relaxed, I moved forward. With my finger in as far in as it would go, I started to massage him, increasing the movement as his muscles relaxed. He was moaning quietly as my finger worked his arse. I would love to have pushed him onto the toilet seat and thrust my cock inside him, but instead I withdrew my finger, licked it, and went back to his penis. It was almost blue with excitement now, and as hard as any cock I have had. I knew he would come in no time, so I just took him in my lips and let him fuck my mouth until he shot. Not as much as his friend, but still impressive! Having swallowed his offering and cleaned his cock with my tongue, I kissed him gently on the lips. 'Would you like to suck mine?', I asked sweetly. He looked down, saw my cock still hard, smiled, and started to kneel. He didn't have the technique I was used to, but the mere thought of getting a blowjob from a 19-year-old in a park toilet did the trick. I was careful not to thrust too hard, and tried not to come too soon, but one more look at that soft little face and those wet pink lips wrapped around my member and I exploded. He drew back in surprise, but I pushed his head back over me so I could give him my load. He almost gagged at the cum in his mouth. I laughed and told him he could spit it out if he wanted, but he managed to get it down. I drew him up to me and kissed him again, this time opening his lips and putting my tongue in his soft mouth. He responded. A fast learner, I thought. I suggested we dress and leave, and he hugged me hard and asked if we could meet again. I told him I lived just across the street and said he could visit any time. And he did.




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