I was at the country house alone that weekend minding it for my parents while I was on college holidays, with nothing to do for miles around I had resigned to TV and reading. My parents had asked the neighbour to check in once and a while, just to make sure I was fine. After reruns of television I decided to go for a swim, it was an absolutely boiling day, unbearable to be in any clothes. I admit the thought of skinny-dipping crossed my mind, but I thought better of it. Afterwards I lounged by the pool and nearly fell asleep.

'You alright there?'

I opened my eyes and saw the neighbour for the first time. His name was Parker and the moment I saw him I was glad I was lying face down. A white towel was wrapped around his hips, covering the dipped V of his perfectly formed body, and what I assumed were bathers as he was all wet. I knew he was fit, but I had no idea he looked like this.

'Yeah, I'm fine,' I managed to say.

He smiled back, 'Good, I was just checking in. Hey, I know being up here can get pretty lonely, I'm just watching movies tonight if you want to come over.'

It was with great hesitation and deliberation that I went to his house later that night, of course my mind played out many fantasies of the two of us alone in his beach mansion. I knocked on his door, he opened it (still in his towel) and smiled, 'Glad you could make it, everyone else is out back.'

I hadn't expected other people, but that was okay, I guess. I turned the corner, following the source of laughter and chatting, and to my surprise found five other guys, completely naked. I thought I'd stumbled into some kind of porno, no one was engaged in sexual activity, but they were all so fit, so chiselled. Most were engaged in conversation, but one looked up and smiled. His chin was darkened by 5 O'clock shadow, his eyes were too were dark and his teeth were incredibly white. I could tell he was checking me out; he looked me up and down before turning back to his friend.

'We figured, since it was so hot,' Parker said coming round behind me.

I smiled, and tried to laugh it off, but I couldn't help my eyes wondering. Parker (having whipped off his towel) invited me to sit on the couch next to the guy who had checked me out, he introduced himself as Paul.

'Hey,' one of them said gleefully, 'why does he get to keep his clothes on?'

'Sorry Chris,' Parker laughed, 'but I think it's only fair.'

I wasn't entirely comfortable with this, but I didn't really have a choice. Paul pulled off my shirt and one of the others, sitting on the ground, slowly pulled down my pants, holding onto my underwear as he did it. I blushed horribly, and Paul laughed, rubbing my back in a reassuring gesture. Nothing else sexual happened for a while; it was actually a huge relief to not be wearing clothes and we all enjoyed just watching random TV and talking. I think it was George who suggested we go swimming, I had never gone skinny dipping before, but it was surprisingly fun. I began to think these people were really just nudists or whatever; they didn't seem to have any agenda at all.

I hopped out of the pool, my fingers had become all pruny, and went back to the lounge, looking for my clothes. I think I remembered someone having put them in Parker's bedroom. I awkwardly went down the hall and opened several doors before I found it. I quickly searched for my shorts and t-shirt, but I couldn't see them, I checked in the closet, but still no luck. However, I was learning just how rich Parker was, I supposed though, to live round here, you had to be. Suddenly there were footsteps approaching and I didn't have time to think, I realised I probably shouldn't be in here anyway. I closed the closet door (leaving a bit ajar) and sat back. Two of the men walked in, I couldn't remember their names, but boy did I remember their bodies. They had their backs turned to me, they talked in hushed tones; I could see the muscles on their backs, the curve of their bubble butts. Then they started kissing, like really full on kissing. I didn't know what to do, I should probably make myself known, but I didn't really want to. The slightly taller one smiled and pushed the other one to his knees; he took the man's dick in his mouth and began giving head. Slowly at first, but building up, faster and faster, while the taller one started moaning, his left hand on the guy's head, shoving his cock into his face. I moved my hand down, feeling my chest and reaching my own cock. I curled my hands around my shaft and slowly pulled up and down on it. Without wanting to I accidently hit the side of the closet moving around trying to get a better angle.

'What was that,' the man said, having taken the cock out of his mouth,

'I don't know, let's keeping going, come on, let's keep going,'

'I don't... let's just go back into the longue, we can continue this later, I don't want Parker to catch us, remember, he said no sex until -'

'I know what he said... fine, whatever.'

The man on his knees stood up and gave the other one a quick kiss, he lent in and whispered something into his ear, the other one chuckled and they went back into the longue.

I stayed in the closet, barely breathing, completely naked, crouching in the dark. I looked down; my cock was harder than I'd ever seen it before. What was I going to do? I couldn't go out straight away, they'd know I was in here. I couldn't let them see my hard-on either. I tried thinking of anything, everything, to calm it down, but it was no use, my mind kept drifting back to the site of those two studs, moaning in pleasure, that man sucking on his long thick cock. It was no use.

I slowly stepped out of the closet and hoped to find at least my shorts, or any shorts. There were none. Even in Parker's closet, its like he had deliberately removed all the clothing in his house.

I heard more footsteps, but I didn't get back into the closet in time, Parker open the door, he was shocked at first, but then he couldn't contain his smile, he looked me up and down, my cock standing at full attention.

'Why don't you come back into the lounge,' he said with that huge smile of his, he came over and held my hand, pulling me out into the hallway, we turned a corner and suddenly everyone was there, they seemed to be waiting for me.

'It's alright,' Parker said to me, he was actually smiling, 'just sit back down with the rest of us.'

I had no choice but to, I tried covering my erection, but Parker just held my hand. Everyone seemed to be in on some joke, but I wasn't laughing. I then began to notice that they too were getting hard-ons, George was rubbing one of the other's legs, but all were looking directly at me. I sat down next to Paul, who reached his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in tight to his chest. I looked down and saw his massive cock, completely erect. Parker sat opposite us, with everyone else.

'Now,' Parker smiled, 'I know you haven't done anything like this before, right? But that's okay, nobody here minds.'

I was starting to get very nervous, but I still couldn't help it; I looked down at Paul's cock and felt such desire, such lust; I had never wanted anything more.

Paul moved his hand up and began rubbing and massaging the back of my head, his fingers running through my hair in slow powerful motions. I could smell his strong manly scent, his touch made me feel so warm, so right.

'Okay,' Parker said, 'I want you to move your head down, slowly, and suck Paul's cock.'

I looked up at Parker uncertainly, then at Paul. Oh God. Oh God, was I really doing this, how could I really be doing this? I wanted it, but I didn't know. I looked around at everyone watching me; a few had started rubbing their cocks in anticipation. In the end I didn't have much of a choice, Paul pushed my head down and I let him. My lips kissed the head of his dick, which oozed pre-cum; I tasted its sweetness, and started gently sucking. I felt that tingling sensation, that lust, and I placed my hand on his thigh to balance myself. Slowly, slowly, I opened my jaw wider, letting in his long, thick shaft. It filled my mouth and still I wanted more, I wanted all of it. I moved my tongue along it, feeling its soft firmness. Paul shivered in ecstasy and I closed my lips around his base, letting it just stay there.

'Good,' Parker said, I could hear him and the others pulling on their own cocks, his voice was interrupted by his own heavy breathing, 'Now, Chris, now come back, move your head back.'

I did what he said, and pulled my head back up, my mouth tight around his shaft, his thick manhood.

'Good, good, good. Now, do it again, faster, do it again faster.'

I could hear all of them jacking off, all their heavy breathing, but it felt good, it felt good that I was doing this to them. I moved my head back down and repeated, sucking on his cock, going faster and faster, feeling his thick shaft in my mouth, I used my tongue and licked the head of his cock as it went in, feeling the curves of it, the gentle sloping at the top, the thick firmness as it went further in. In and out and in and out.

Paul moaned, louder and louder and louder, 'Oh.... God!' this just made me go faster. Finally he grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me down onto his cock, nearly gagging me, he shivered and let out such a sound as his thick, warm cum filled my mouth, I swallowed it all and kept sucking until there was none left.

I lifted my head up and saw how turned on everyone else was, Parker was furiously rubbing his cock, he smiled at me.

'Wow,' Paul said, 'that was fantastic... Who's next?'

'What?' I managed to say,

'You did good,' Parker said, 'You did real good, but, seeing as you interrupted Dylan as he was getting head I think it's only fair you finish him off too.'

I didn't have time to object as Dylan approached. He stood over me and reached for my head with his hands, grabbing me like I was some kind of volleyball. He violently shoved his fully erect cock into my mouth. With each hand forcefully holding the sides of my face he fucked my mouth. My saliva and his pre-cum made it easier for his gigantic shaft to slide in and out.

'OH... YEAH!' he shouted, 'You like that don't you? Oh God your mouth is so good!'

I moaned in response.

Soon, I felt him beginning to cum, he pulled out his dick and pumped it all over my face, wiping his cock on my checks and lips. My face was covered in his cum.

He breathed heavily and moved aside. One by one all ten of them came up and forced me to suck their cocks until they came, the next guy pulled me from the couch and made me kneel, they all lined up behind him. Each dick tasted fantastic, each one unloaded mouthfuls of sweet cum. Everyone had a turn, everyone, but Parker.

After the last one was finished Parker took me by the hand, and lifted me up. I still hadn't managed to cum, and felt ready to burst.

He smiled at me and licked his lips, 'I'm going to fuck you, Chris, is that alright?'

I nodded, and he turned me around, I felt his hard dick press up against my ass, he rubbed it up and down my crack, but didn't push it in. He put his hand along my back and gently massaged me before forcing me to bend over towards the couch. I put both hands on the cushions to balance myself and he moved his hands to my hips, bracing himself. He squeezed me as the crowed yelled and cheered for it to start.

'Are you ready?' he said,

I just nodded.

He pushed his cock between my checks, I felt it enter me, it was huge, too huge. I tried to move away, but he held me still. He hadn't even gotten it all the way in, it was starting to hurt. I let out a moan, but that only egged everyone on more. Finally it was all the way. He then started pumping his huge shaft in and out of my ass in slow steady motions.

'Ohhhh!' I moaned,

'You like that?' he laughed,


He was humping my ass, more forcefully now; I felt it right inside me. I moved my hand to my own dick and starting pulling on it, then grabbed it tight and furiously started pumping it. He saw this and let out a laugh that turned into a long moan, broken by the rhythmic pounding of his cock. Oh God! OH GOD! There was so much of it, I squeezed my ass around his shaft, 'OHHH!' he moaned and pounded harder while I feverishly applied the same force to my own dick. Suddenly I couldn't hold it in any longer and came, everywhere, all over Parker's couch. He grabbed my chest and rubbed my abs as he let out another long moan, 'YES! YES! YES!' He pulled out his cock and came all over my back.

He pulled me up and held me tight, his cum still spilling out. I turned around and he kissed me, holding my head in his hands.

There was applause and I realised with sudden embarrassment that everyone was still here, watching, some of them too had let out their own loads.

Afterwards, everyone just sat back down in a heap, too tired to do anything else. When most of them were sleeping I snuck back outside, still not having found my clothes. Parker caught me just before I climbed over the fence.

'You know, you can come over any time you like,' he said,

I laughed uncomfortably a little, 'Yeah, I think I might just do that.'



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