Coach Toby Shares This Story in Part 2

After the first night when 19-year-old sophomore wrestler Zack invaded my bed and we made mad love ending the night with the hot wrestler fucking the hell out of my ass with his monstrous 10-inch boner, we began a nightly sex game with me going to bed around 9 or 10 PM and waiting with bedded breath and anticipation for Zack to invade our bed with a new idea for steamy sex. It became such an exciting sex game as I wondered each day what would the night would bring.

For the next several months, Zack and me used many different sexual positions with Zack in the end drilling my ass with his huge cock as it became gradually easier for me to take that horse cock up my ass.

One day Zack came home with a book illustrating 70 different gay sexual positions that he had gotten from one of his wrestling buddies. Some of the positions that Zack and I used from the book were standing doggy style, flying spider, jockey, leg glider, basset hound, bent spoons, bumper cars, cowboy, cowboy reverse, deep impact, deep stick, doggy style elevated, classic missionary, pile driver, real entry, wheel barrel and plumber. These various positions added much spice to our sex loves.

After more than 4 months of experimenting with all these erotic positions, I could tell that Zack was up to something that would be even more different. Thus on a Friday night Zack told me he was going to a party with some of his friends and that I was in for a real surprise and be ready when he got home for a wild time. I decided to stay home and wait for my fuck buddy and his new surprise. That evening he was unusually late getting home when I heard him pull into the garage after mid-night. Soon I heard him laughing and talking with someone as he entered the condo.

I rushed off to bed in the nude to wait for Zack and another sex game. I waited for him with a very erect penis. After about 15 minutes, the outline of what appeared to be three guys entered our bedroom in the dark. They were giggling and appeared to be semi-drunk. What was Zack up to? Did he have a new sex game that involved more than just we two? I was both nervous and yet very excited at the same time.

Zack flipped on the lights and holy shit there stood Zack and two other members of my wrestling team totally naked. They had sprouted steel hard cocks that stood straight out like iron pipes just a foot from the bed.

First, I recognized Colin, the 145 pound 5-foot and 6-inch wrestler. He was a ginger with the whitest skin with freckles on his back and chest along with hazel eyes. His erect cock was just around 6-inches when fully swollen but very slick, shinny and hot.

Next I recognized Tyson, my 190 pound wrestling stud standing 6-feet and 2-inches. He was of Italian ancestry with a very tanned olive skin, black hair and the darkest deep sexy eyes. Shit he was rock hard with his, yea, 11-inch rocket with a drop of pre-cum dangling from his piss slit. He was ready for action.

Zack, with a steel hard cock, gave me a shity grin and said: "Coach, I've brought home two really hot and horny studs from our team that want part of your man pussy. Do you think you can handle all three of us? Recently, I told you to expect a big surprise in our sex games, well this is it."

"Fuck, Zack, you all smell of beer, sweaty and are horny as hell. Man you look hot but don't you know how risky this is for your Coach to fuck around with three of his players? If word got out that I had been fucked by three of my wrestlers, I'd be history."

"Coach, trust us. Colin and Tyson know about our steamy sex life and they want a piece of the action and your meat. What would be the difference in getting fucked by one of your team members and three? They love you as their coach and would never do anything to get you fired. Plus you have agreed that I'm in charge of our sex life. The idea of a four-way has me, Colin and Tyson so turned on---we are lusting for this experience, please Coach."

As I looked at those ribbed muscled young bodies and gorgeous cocks, I had never been hornier and more aroused fro man sex. I decided to throw caution to the wind and be their bitch for the night.

"OH Zack, I'm you guys' bitch. What do you want to do?"

Zack informed me that he would direct the night's action.

Zack threw off all the bed covers down to the silk sheets, had us all four get up on the king-sized bed; he got a large bottle of lube from our nightstand, and retrieved a big black 8-inch dildo. He had Colin and Tyson get down on their backs and had them began to jack off until their cocks were blood red and hard as steel with bulging veins showing. I was ordered to get on my knees between the two hot athletes with my butt facing backwards toward Zack who was behind me and he told me to start sucking their pulsating boners.

First, I put my lips around Colin's smooth white slick cock head and began wildly sucking that cute 6-incher. Colin bucked his hips up and groaned as I slowly took his entire cock in my mouth. Soon I tasted his leaking pre-cum that was the sweetest cum I'd ever tasted. It must have been because he did not eat meat and he loved pineapple. My nose was buried in the red fuzzy pubic hair of this really cute smaller guy. His crotch smelt so manly and tasted like a great sexual odor.

Shit, I felt a big object penetrating my ass. It was Zack fucking my ass with that big dildo. He drove that weapon deep into my ass and began to fuck me harder and harder. The dildo was so hard that it caused me some real pain; yet, it was very arousing to feel that big object up my ass and Zack's soft hands rubbing against my ass ring as he shoved the dildo in my ass along with Zack's hot breath filling my ass as his mouth was close to my ass while working the dildo.

I continued to suck Colin's dick while getting fucked with that lubed dildo for at least five minutes when Colin said he was near coming. And he asked me to stop. He was not ready to come as he had other plans for my ass.

Next I grabbed Tyson huge cock, put his large cock head at the entrance to my mouth and I then put my lips firmly stretched around his hot fresh meat. His pre-cum was very salty and bitter but I still loved it. Many varied flavors of cum is the spice of life. I put his big long hanging balls in one of my hands and squeezed hard. He began to squirm and grunt, as I slide my tongue up and down his fat cock shaft. His huge missile was too long and thick to swallow all of it but I did managed to get about 9-inches to the back of my throat. I began a long series of sucking and tonguing his beast.

Meanwhile, Zack had pulled the dildo out of my ass and he had begun a raunchy wild licking and sucking on my ass. Man he was terrific at eating ass. No one rimmed an ass like Zack.

Tyson yelled: "Oh Coach suck my missile, yea that is it, man you are a great cocksucker. This is the best blowjob I've ever had, I'd Love to have my cock in your mouth ever night."

Shit, at that moment, as I sucked Tyson big boner, I felt Colin come down on my rigged cock and he began to suck me like a he was a master cock sucker. I was sucking Tyson wood, Colin was giving me a hot blow job and Zack was devouring my ass with his tongue. We continued this primordial animal lust feast until we were very near a climax. I was ordered to stop and get ready to get fucked by three awesome young athletic studs with their steel hard cocks.

They had me stand up beside the bed, lean my face and chest down on the bed, push my ass backward toward Colin's nice cock and get ready as they lubed my man pussy. I felt Colin thrust his smooth 6-inch cock inside of me. He was such a cute little guy but very athletic as he began to fuck my ass with the greatest speed I'd ever experienced. I felt his sweet breath on my neck, his hands on my hips and his cock massage my prostate. He only lasted for about 4 minutes when he let out a big grunt, his cock grew more and I felt him empty his big man load of seed deep in my ass. He pulled out, turned me around and plunged his cum covered cock down my throat. I cleaned his cock dry.

It was now time for the finality with Zack and Tyson. I was put on the bed on my back, my legs were put up on my chest, and now my ass was exposed for fucking. Zack got on his knees facing me and placed his big cock to the entrance to my ass as he drove his 10-incher all the way into my ass chute as he had done many times over the past four months. When he was all the way in my ass, Tyson got behind him and I felt him attempting to insert his huge cock in my ass just under Zack's cock. After several failed attempts, fuck, he managed to drive his cock all the way in. They began to use their cocks to slowly fuck my ass and later increased their speed. Gee, I was having my first experience of a double penetration as I was being fucked by those 10-inch and 11-inch tools. I felt severe pain, as those cocks seemed to be ripping my ass apart. Finally, the pain began to go away and the feel of two big cocks up my ass leaking cum gave me the most raunchy and exotic fuck of my life. The combination of sweat, lube and pre-cum had my ass so wet that their cocks were able to move around more easily.

Then cute Colin managed to come down on me with his soft lips and tongue and took my hard cock down his throat and went wild sucking my cock again. Hell, taking two big cocks up my ass while feeling Colin's sexy lips and tongue on my cock had me seeing stars. The sounds of moaning, grunting, breathing hard and the touch of all that hot flesh had us all ready for one giant torrent explosion of ejaculate. After another five minutes of wild sex, we were ready. I came first with a volcanic eruption of semen down Colin's throat that caused him to shoot his second load on us. Then I felt both Zack and Tyson blast off in my ass. When spent, Tyson pulled out first followed by Zack' big cock.

My ass gushed what seemed like a gallon of their cum onto the sheets. The room smelt like a factory producing cum. Wow, it was so hot. We sucked each other's cocks until they were clean.

We did a community shower and Tyson and Colin dressed but before they left we pledged our secret.


Naughty Eric


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