The story began when the university approved Jerry as a graduate student assistant to Professor Eric Few. The professor was known for always being addressed by his students as Eric or Professor Eric. Jerry also enrolled in Eric's class "The History of International Law".

Eric has served for the past two years as the chair of the universities' Department of International Law, Politics and Conflict Resolution. Jerry was going to pursue a master's degree in this field and thus became Eric's graduate assistant.

During the second week of Fall Semester, I received a visit from Lt. Jerry to discuss possible topics for his term paper in the course. We spent some time getting to know each other, discussed topics for his paper and discussed his duties as my graduate assistant. We agreed to address each other by first names.

As we talked about his Navy career, Jerry took out his billfold and showed me a photo of himself in his all Navy white uniform with black and gold stripes on the sleeves and the very sexy Navy cap. He looked like his hot body had been poured into the tight fitting uniform. The uniform revealed a big bulge in his crotch suggesting a promising big package. I developed a huge hardon at seeing this gorgeous hunk in uniform. I had always had a thing for military men in uniform.

Jerry had an Olympian swimmers athletic build with blond hair; hazel eyes; well-developed arms, chest, stomach, abs, and rock hard muscled legs and thighs. He stood 5' 11" tall and weighed 165 pounds. He had the joint features of male adult stars Kurt Wilds and Kaden Sayler.

I on the other hand was a 32-year-old college professor with a modest athletic build. I stood 5' 10", weighed 158 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, and a slim hard body. I was often complimented for my chiseled jaws and prominent dimples.

As we continued to chat, Jerry learned about my single life style including my favorite restaurant that I visited several nights a week for dinner.

Two nights later, I went to the restaurant for dinner. After I was seated, Jerry showed up, pretended to be surprised to see me but asked if he could join me for dinner. I happily agreed to have him join me.

During dinner, we had a couple of glasses of wine that put both of us in a most relaxed mood. Jerry decided to make his move when he said: "May I come over to your condo after dinner and share some of my Navy war stories with you?"

"Jerry, I would really like to hear your stories because part of my studies at the university involves international law and military strategies," I responded.

We went to my condo and spent about an hour discussing Jerry's experiences in the U. S. Navy when Jerry changed the subject. "Eric, do you mind if I share one of my deepest secrets with you?" Jerry had by now suspected that I was Gay. I became most curious and assured Jerry that it would be fine.

"Well, Eric, several year's ago I was on leave for 7 days in Las Vegas and I met a 48-year-old handsome married man from St. Paul, Minnesota, at a casino table. His name was Ned and he shared with me that on his monthly business trips to the city that he always hooked up with hot studs in their 20's for wild sex. He invited me to his hotel room, we had several drinks and I fucked Ned in several positions. He was like a wild crazed animal taking my big cock deep into his ass. We both came three times that night. Ned loved being a bottom. For the next 10 months, we met as often as our scheduled allowed and had wild sex. Ned, a wealthy corporate head, showered me with gifts including a new jaguar, clothes and a $3,000 stereo system. Then he met a new young stud and our elicit affair was finished but we parted on good terms."

I was somewhat shocked to hear Jerry's story but at the same time I was horny as hell. My crotch was on fire and my cock began to swell until it was hard as steel. I noticed that Jerry had an incredible large bulge in his pants. We both were unable to hide our huge bulges.

I decided to resist my lust for gorgeous Jerry. I could not have sex with one of my students despite my swollen cock's demand that I surrender to satisfy his swollen condition. Realizing Jerry's coming on to me, I made my move and said: "Jerry did it not bother you that Ned was married with three children?"

"Yes, Eric, it did really bother me but Ned was such a great fucker that I kept giving into my lust for him. But it is now over and I can move on."

I decided to stay strong and determined to resist the same lust. "Jerry, I have an early committee meeting tomorrow so I must get some sleep."

I got a second surprise from Jerry. "Eric, I have had too much to drink. I do not want to get a DUI. May I spend the night?"

I showed Jerry to the guest bedroom and I turned in for the night. As I slipped under my red silk sheets in the nude, my raging 8-inch rock hard cock would not let me get to sleep. I laid there fondling my cock and leaking precum. I wanted Jerry to fuck me in the worst way. He was only one door down from my room. I blamed my cock for making me weak. I finally went to sleep still horny.

In about an hour, I felt what seemed like a hot foot rubbing up and down my still rock hard cock. My first thought was that the evening's experience was causing me to dream about Jerry and his hot foot. I opened my eyes and it was not a dream. Jerry was in my bed butt naked and rubbing his smooth hot foot up and down across my aching cock as his hot breath was only a couple of inches from my mouth. I had lost all my powers of resistance. Jerry was the most gorgeous stud I had ever met. So hell with the professor student relationship. I had to have Jerry and his strong manly sexy scents.

I grabbed the back of Jerry's neck and pushed his hot mouth and lips down on my mouth. His strong breath smelled of wine. Jerry used his tongue to part my big lips and he plunged his tongue deep into my throat. He began spitting gobs of spit into my mouth creating s wet sloppy kissing session. We swirled our tongues around each other and stuck our tongues out to be licked and sucked by our partners lips. It was the best hot kissing I had ever experienced.

Jerry now had a green light to make love to me. He threw the blanket and sheet off the bed and leaped on top of me. Our bodies were in total heat as he began humping me while he was lying flat on my body. I felt the biggest cock I had ever experienced going under my balls and rubbing against the crack to my ass. Jerry humped me with violent thrusts as we continued to kiss.

Jerry spoke for the first time since entering my bed. "Eric, the men in my family all have huge cocks. I have an 11" cut cock when hard. This is your lucky night to experience the largest cock you will probably ever see or feel."

WOW, I touched his cock and it felt like a python had crawled in bed with me. It was beyond incredible. I loved this man's cock.

Jerry began licking and sucking my ear lobes, sucked on my neck (a real erotic spot), sucked and pinched my rock hard nipples, tongued and licked my chest and stomach. tongued my belly button, kissed my abs, licked my inner thighs, licked down each leg and finally licked my feet and each toe. It was a terrific tongue bath as I leaked lots of precum from the electric pleasure of this stud and his foreplay. I was about to pass out from the lust and exotic feeling of all the nerves in my body.

Next Jerry took his hot feet and placed my cock between them as he jacked me off. My precum wet his feet. The jack-off was as hot as if he had used his hands. His mastery of foot fucking my cock was the ultimate in eroticism. I begged him to stop before I came. I wanted him to suck my cock and let me come in his mouth.

"Jerry, Baby, please suck my huge throbbing cock and let me feed you my hot cum."

"Yes, Eric, Baby, I love sucking cock and eating cum."

Jerry began kissing and running his red-hot tongue around the head of my leaking cock. He continued this erotic exercise for at least 10 minutes as he fingered my pink pulsating ass. He then turned his attention to the underside of my thick cock shaft. He licked up and down the shaft in slow motions for some time. He switched to slowly going down on my hard cock taking the entire hard tool down his throat. He came off my cock to say: "Eric, Baby, your cock feels like a red hot poker down my throat. I love the feel of the heat and the smell of your big wood."

As he went back down on my cock and the feel of his lips and mouth on my boner and the dirty talk, put me over the edge. "OMG, Baby, I am cummmming, I am going to shoot a huge load of semen in your mouth. Yea, Yea, Oh Shit, Yea Man, here it comes. Eat all my seed, Baby."

I burst load after load of white stringy goo down his throat. All the foreplay had built up a huge load of white seed from my balls. Jerry slurped ever drop and came off my cock with cum dripping lips. He gave me an erotic kiss. We shared the smell and taste of my cum.

Although I was spent, Jerry prepared me for his favorite sexual act. He took control and got ready to fuck me. I gave him a bottle of lube and a red sexy condom. I wondered if I could take that python 11" sized cock. His cock was not only long but it was very thick as well as smooth, hairless and showed big pulsating veins. As a connoisseur of cocks from watching Gay porno movies and up close sucking cock, I had never seen a more beautiful and desirous boner. Jerry could win an international contest as the world's champion cock.

Jerry lubed my ass, lubed his cock, lubed the condom and sit down in a large cushion chair in my bedroom. He instructed me to get on top of him facing his beautiful face and start lowering my ass on his mountain of a cock standing straight up. His cock was throbbing as I lowered my ass down the monster. My ass opened up as I lowered my ass down his shaft. His cock passed my prostate and into the inner linings of my colon. His cock explored the deepest parts of my ass tunnel where no cock had been before. Jerry used his experience to move his legs and butt around so that his cock moved sideways, across my ass walls and up and down. It was unbelievable how he used his cock to explore all parts of my ass. We kissed while he fucked my ass for the longest time. We could smell the heat and sweat from our bodies. Our heart rates increased and we breathed hard.

Jerry had an astounding staying power avoiding an ejaculation. Finally, he ordered me to get off his cock. Jerry took my hand and walked me to my big recreation room. I took a hold of his throbbing cock with my other hand and jerked him off as we walked to the room. He wanted to use another position to fuck me.

Jerry started turning my rec room into a sex sports facility. First, he selected from my large gay porno library a hot Gay movie and started playing a scene of two hot dudes fucking as they appeared on my giant TV screen. We are both again filled with lust from the Gay scene.

Jerry took me in his arms and laid me down flat on my back across the pool table. He became very playful as he placed a cue stick under his crotch and moved it back and forth over my head, down my chest and into my crotch pretending it was a huge cock. I was about to come again. He then placed a blind fold over my eyes. What was he up to now?

Jerry climbed up on the pool table, spread my legs far apart, put on a new condom, lubed it, lubed my ass and began to insert his 11" cock into my already over wet fucked ass. My ass opened up and sucked his cock into me as if my ass was a vacuum cleaner.

I could feel the incredible suction power and control my ass had over his cock. We both were wildly humping and thrusting as he continued to pound my man pussy. We fucked with uncontrollable lust without pausing for what seemed like hours. I was so turned on by the blind fold as it increased my feeling flesh against flesh without being able to see. It was red hot. Jerry's hot breath was blowing on my face and chest as I smelt his man odors.

"OMG, Oh Shit, Eric, your man pussy is ripping my cock and condom apart."

Those words and the flesh on flesh put us both over the edge as my ass sucked Jerry's cock all the way back into my tunnel for one final thrust. I shot a monstrous warm load of cum on my balls, abs, stomach and face. I could feel Jerry's cock expand and fill the condom with his juices. After about two minutes, I felt Jerry pull out. He took off my blind fold, pulled off the condom and plunged his cum covered cock into my eager mouth. I rubbed my hands over my cum covered body, collected my cum and fed it to Jerry. Jerry continued to lay on top of me as we kissed and a grinding motion of our crotches against each other.

We showered and got back in my bed. We slept for a few hours and got up and had breakfast. We dressed for school. Before leaving, Jerry asked: "Eric, I have never enjoyed sex more than last night. Can we become lovers?"

I responded that I would love to have him as my lover.



Naughty Eric


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