As one of Brady's professors at the time of this story, I had also known him since he was a freshman at the college. However, he did not take one of my classes until his junior year during the Fall Semester. About a month into the semester, I directed a simulation game. As the various students approached the podium in the auditorium portraying historical political personalities, they stood next to me as they delivered their speech to their fellow students/characters in the audience.

When cute Brady approached the podium, he took his hand and placed it on top of mine on the podium that fortunately was hidden from the audience and he began to rub his hand back and forth in a very sexy gesture. Standing close to me he also began to rub his leg against my leg. Wow, I got an arousal in my crotch as a 29-year-old gay man. Before he finished his presentation, he handed me a folded note. After class I read the note that included his cell phone number and a request that I call him at the end of the school day.

Brady was a hot beefy muscled hunk standing 5-feet and 10-inches; weighed a trim 175 pounds; dark brown hair combed around his head down to where his collar hit his neck with sexy bangs; brown eyes; a beautiful tan; muscled ribbed arms, biceps, abs, thighs and hard legs; and a gorgeous smile. He dressed like a man out of a fashion magazine. He was so gorgeous.

I was 29-years-of age at the time of this story. During my senior year in high school and college years, I worked out ever day to stay in top shape as a male model for a clothing store chain. I'm 6-feet tall; weigh a slim 165 pounds; dark curly black hair; blue eyes; slim athletic build; and appropriately portioned muscles on my chest, abs, thighs and legs. Since my 18th birthday, I've had several gay relationships but at the time of this story I was between partners--a single man looking for action.

I dared not move from the podium until all the students had left the room as I had a huge hard on. Then I returned to my office and got ready to leave for the weekend as this was a Friday.


When I called and Brady answered the phone, I said: "Hey, Brady, this is Beau. You wanted me to call you after class." We had become comfortable on a first name basis.

"Beau thanks for calling me. I was hoping you were free this evening and I could take you to dinner at one of our restaurants that is in the next city just 20 miles away. Maybe we could catch a movie afterwards and then go to my place for a drink."

"Brady sure, I would like that very much. What time should I pick you up at your place?"

"No Beau, I will pick up up around 5:30 PM at your condo. We can take my Bentley to the restaurant."

"Great Brady, I'll see you at 5:30 PM."

As I hung up the phone, I became steel hard and horny as hell. I was convinced that this would be the night that this young hot stud would fuck the hell out of my ass. Maybe after almost three years, I would get in Brady's pants. Man I lusted after him. It appeared he wanted me too.

Brady arrived at 5:30 PM. As we drove to the restaurant in the next town fro dinner, I was so horny and I decided to take a chance by bringing up the earlier incident at the podium when Brady had made physical contact with my hand and leg.

"Brady, were you coming on to me during class today when you played with my hand and leg?"

"Hell yea Beau, I was hoping you would get the message. I've been lusting after your hot body ever since I met you as a freshman. You have no idea how many times I've masturbated and busted my nuts dreaming of making love to you. You have the most perfect bubble ass that you are always showing off in those tight pants that looked like you have been poured into them. I know you are gay. I recently had a one night stand fucking one of your former lovers. He told me you were an awesome bottom with a really hot ass. I want a piece of that super ass of yours. That guy was also a good fuck but I know you are a better lay than him with a much sexy ass."

"Oh my god Brady, I've lusted after that hot body of yours for years and dreamed of you fucking me until I could not walk."

Brady sprouted a huge sexy grin and reached over and grabbed my crotch and felt my now already swollen big cock.

"Hell shit Beau, your rock hard boner feels huge. How big is it?"

As I grasped for air and breathing rapid, I grabbed Brady's crotch and felt his now steel hard dick and I answered: ""Wow Brady, you seem very large too. I've got a very big 9-inch circumcised tool with a thick shaft. How big are you?"

"Beau about the same size, around 8.5 inches with a mushroom head and lots of cum. I too have a cut cock. Lets get to dinner and make it fast. Lets forget about a movie. I want in those pants as fast as possible. Shit I'm already leaking pre-cum and wetting my briefs."

"Me too Brady. I hope I don't show a wet spot in my pants at the restaurant."

The restaurant manager had the best seat in the house for us. The service was superb as Brady would some day be the owner. During dinner, we played footise under the table. I could hardly eat in this state of pure lust.

Brady drove like a mad man back to his condo overlooking a bay at the edge of this natural 20-mile long lake. We started shedding our clothes room by room as we rushed up stairs to the master bedroom. We could not have sex quick enough.

Wow, Brady's smooth tanned hairless chest, stomach and legs with a small treasury trail of hair from his belly button to his crotch and cock was the hottest body I'd ever seen. His cock was so big and beautiful as it stood at full attention.

"Oh My god, Brady, look how hard you are and the dripping fluid from your cock piss slit. Man, I need us to suck and fuck. I think I could come right now without touching myself just looking at that perfect body and big cock. You have me as hot as a female dog in heat."

As we stood in the middle of the room, we lunged at each other, got in a tight bear hug, rubbed our bodies together and began to hump each other. Soon Brady grabbed our two throbbing cocks, put them both in his hand and started masturbating both of us. The feel of our cocks sliding over each other as they were wet from the pre-cum had us ready for a wild fuck. We locked lips and French kissed while we continued to hump and Brady continued to jack us off.

I used my sloppy wet tongue to part Brady's sexy lips and I drove my tongue to the back of his soft throat. The smell and taste of Brady's sensuous hot lips, tongue and breath had me dizzy with lust for him. We engaged in a noisy sloppy series of erotic kisses. Our bodies were as if they were one. Soon we were dripping in sweat from head to toe. I'd never felt more aroused or soaked with sweat.

We lost all control in the heat of passion. Our heartbeats were racing as we felt them beating in our embraced chests. We began to breath harder and harder, grunted and moaned with pleasure and filled with lust. We continued this hot position for at least ten minutes, as we could not bring ourselves to stop such hot love making.

Finally we let go and Brady took charge as the man after his bitch for the evening. He placed himself in a big soft leather chair, had me sat on his naked lap facing him as my ass felt his wet erect cock standing straight up pushing against my ass crack while he took my throbbing cock in his hand and began masturbating me with great speed. His hand was getting lubricated from my leaking cock. My ass cheeks felt the oozing of his warm pre-cum.

For at least five minutes, Brady used his soft velvet hand to jerk me off while I felt his rock hard cock slowly part my ass ring and walls. I pushed down until his gorgeous dick was all the way inside me. He fucked me while continuing to jerk my cock. Finally, I warned Brady that I could not last much longer as I felt my balls tighten and the strong feeling as my cum began its move upward and the contraction in my penis muscles were in full motion. He stopped jerking my cock, held my cock tight until I was able to stop the contractions and I got off of him. Man he was a pro in knowing how to help me avoid a climax at that moment. What would be next?

Brady got on the bed and laid down on his back. He ordered me to put my ass on his chest and drive my cock down his throat. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed forward as I drove my cock in and out of his sexy mouth. He spit all over my swollen cock that made my cock slide in and out of his mouth with great ease. Soon I was face-fucking Brady with great force. I felt his tonsils rub against my cock head. The warm mouth and throat made me crazy with lust. Without any warning, my balls released load after load of cum that shot into the throat of my new fuck buddy. When I was spent, I pulled out and kissed Brady to enjoy the sweet cream for us both. My cum covered his lips and ran down his chin. The smell and taste of the cum was both salty and yet sweet.

"Beau now let me return to fucking that beautiful bubble ass of yours. Get ready to take my python up your chute."

Brady and I went down stairs to the first floor. He had me get on my back on the first three steps of the stairs. He lifted my hot legs up on his shoulders. He poured some lube into my exposed ass and on his throbbing pulsating cock. He lost no time parting my asshole as he inserted his big cock all the way into my inner ass. He plowed my ass with great force. His huge cock felt so awesome as it filled ever corner of my man pussy while my back rested on the carpet on the stairs.

After about five minutes, he had me stand up and put one of my legs over the rail of the staircase. As he faced me, he entered my ass as he stood giving him a direct shot at my prostate. Wow, I'd never felt anything this hot and sensuous as his cock rubbed against my prostate over and over. He fucked me for another five minutes before we changed positions again.

From a standing position, I put my ass up against the opening in the rail of the staircase. Brady got on the other side of the staircase and rail and plunged his huge dick through the rail opening and deep into my ass. We fucked wildly for another five minutes. I became hard again from the feeling of Brady's over heated cock in my guts. I started jerking off my cock with great speed while being filled with Brady's huge tool. I could feel his red-hot cock's veins throbbing on my ass walls.

After a long fuck, Brady was still not done with yet another position. He took me over to the sofa, placed my back up against the end of the sofa, and he pushed my head and shoulders down on the sofa leaving my legs high in the air vertical to the ceiling along with my wet ass. Brady took his big cock, stood on his toes and entered my exposed ass from above. He was now in a position to jack hammer my ass. Soon I felt his pulsating hot cock go deep up my pussy. I was stuffed with the largest and the thickest cock ever to invade my man pussy. The feeling of such a large dick that was throbbing and massaging ever inch of my ass caused my cock to swell to its record size and aching for release of a building volume of cum in my nuts.

Brady fucked me as he drove his cock deeper into my ass than where any cock had ever been. We fucked as we both were covered in sweat and a rapid heart rate until I felt his cock head swell, his cock shaft became totally rigid and soon load after load of his ropey creme poured into my ass. The feel of his cum inside me caused me to erupt with another load of my own cum that shot across my stomach, chest and face as well as my hair. When finished, Brady pulled out, turned me around on the sofa and he licked my body clean of the warm cum before he gave me a wild series of French kisses.

"Brady dear, I've never been fucked in so many different positions in one night. Man, you were so incredible fucking me from all those different angles. Man I love it. You're the best fuck buddy I've ever had. Thanks man. You can fuck me anytime you wish."

"Well Beau, I want you as my bitch. You have no idea how many positions I can use to fuck the hell out of that hot man pussy of yours. This is just a start. You have the world's best ass. Your former lover was correct when he told me you had the best ass he had ever fucked. But I hope you now are only mine and my cock goes in that ass and no other man's cock."

"Brady, the answer is yes. My ass is just for your big cock from now on. Love that cock man."


Naughty Eric


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