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I recently had an experience with a young married guy in my neighborhood that I meet on line. He came over here and I gave him his first man to man blowjob. He was so horny that he shot his load in my mouth within seconds after I put my mouth on his dick. I haven't heard from him since but I find that is common with straight guys, just a one time fairly anonymous blowjob and then back to their straight married life until the next time the urge hits them.

Saturday morning I put another ad on line, again looking for a young straight or bi guy to cum over here and let me suck them off. I got a very quick response from a 28 year old guy who lives about twenty minutes away from here. He was on his way to work, and had to pass through my neighborhood. He described himself as 6-foot 2, 200 lb. and very good looking with a big cock. He said that I wouldn't be disappointed and he was right.

When he showed up he was wearing an orange football jersey over his jeans and carried an athletic bag over his shoulder. He was tall and masculine with a scruffy face and a very nice body. I guess he doesn't need to dress up or shave for his job. After blowing him, I mull over how similar the experience with him and with the other young straight guy was.

He came into my bedroom and sat down on my bed in the exact same spot that the other guy had. He asked, “Do you want to get right to it?”

And I said, “Yes.”

I’d put the same porn disk in the DVD player and asked, “Do you want to watch porn?”

When he said, “yes,” I hit the play button. 

I asked him, “Are you gay or bi?”

He kind of hesitated over his words, but said, “I’m mostly straight.”

I said, “Alright...that’s what I like.”

Neither he nor I was really interested in chatting and wanted to get to business. So he kicked off his shoes and then just sat there waiting for me to do all the work, as had the other kid. I guess straight men just naturally assume that it is a cocksucker's job to take down their pants and to get their cocks out into the open.

I got down on my knees, unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. As I lowered them to his knees, I asked, “Do you want to take them off?”

“Yes,” he said, “it’ll be more comfortable for me that way.”

As I lowered them on down to his ankles, I noticed how hairy his legs were. He had the same kind of dark hair on his legs as he had on his masculine face. I then felt his cock through his light blue boxer shorts. He was hard. I played with the bulge for a minute or so. It was big and kind of stood off at an angle to the right side of his boxers. I handled it and palmed it before I reached to lower the shorts to begin the task that he’d come over here for me to perform. Hooking my thumbs in the waist band, I lowered his shorts and saw his naked lower body.

He’d apparently shaved his pubic hair a week or so ago, as it was growing in but looked very short. His cock was cut, and between seven and eight inches. It stood out from his body and I noted a large gaping pee-hole on top. I said, “You weren’t lying about it being big,” and he smiled appreciatively. 

He exhaled audibly when I lowered my mouth onto his cock and started sucking. As I sucked him, I reached up and put my hands onto his belly and ran my fingers up his chest. He was in very good shape and had smooth abs and chest, with hair only around his nipples and on his upper chest, contrasting with his hairy legs and face. 

After about 5 minutes I felt his cock starting to swell. He signed, “Mmmmmmm,” slouched back more and spread his legs wider and started relaxing more. His cock got hard as a lead pipe and we were both getting into what we were doing. I took long slow deep throat stroked with my mouth and he looked down at me and asked, “Can I stand up and fuck your mouth?”

I said, “Sure.”

He stood up and took my head in his hands and put his cock back in my mouth. He slowly and steadily drove his cock to the back of my throat and holding it there, moaned about how good it felt. He then started slow and steady working his hips, stroking of his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel the head trying to pierce my throat on the down stroke. 

He said let me sit back down cause I wanna watch you suck my cock. He sat back down and I continued sucking his cock again. As I sucked him, he sat up straight and pressed his naked thighs against the sides of my head. I could see the look of pleasure on his face as I sucked him off. He lasted longer than the previous young married guy had but I soon started to feel him tense up and watched his stomach muscles tightening up and looked up and could see his eyes rolling back.  When he said, "I'm gettin close," I deep throated him and heard him moan and say, “Oh God, I'm cummmmmming ... cumming ...cumming,” as he started blasting warm spurts of cum into my mouth. He shot three or four nice tasty blasts of cum into my mouth and then pushed my mouth off. Apparently he was very sensitive and did not want any further oral stimulation after cumming. 

He sat back, and asked me if he could have a towel. After I went to get one for him, he sat on the bed wiping his spent cock.

.He made some small talk about my apartment and work, as he redressed and got ready to leave. 

I told, “You’re welcome to come back for more, anytime you want.”

He said, “I have your phone number and I’ll call you next time I’m in your neighborhood.”

 I hope he does because I surely do love sucking off those young straight boys.

The end...



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