Josh walked down the halls of his high school. He was in the twelth grade, a very good looking guy. He was in R.O.T.C. as his school, so he met plenty of people. He stood at 5'9' and weighed 130 lbs. He was good friends with Alvito, another member of R.O.T.C. Alvito was a good looking 11th grade guy with hazel eyes. He had a well built black body. Josh was also friends with Brandon, another 12th grader who has one of the finest black guys at their school. His eyes were a mix of brown and gray. A real turn-on for the girls. He had a cute smile and he ran track. Then Josh was friends with Greg, a former R.O.T.C. cadet. He was now a senior making up courses. He was good looking, cute smile and well built. All the guys knew each other but were never really attracted to each other. They all dated different girls and sometimes they would switch girls.

One day Josh stayed after school for detention in Geometry. Greg and Brandon were there too. They had all been talking in class and the teacher gave them detention. The teacher had left the room, she had a meeting but told the boys not to leave until the detention was over. 'Man how long are we going to be here' Brandon said arrogantly. 'Who knows' Greg said as he tapped on the desk. Josh was feeling kind of horny and began looking at his friends. Greg sat in a Polo shirt with loose jeans on. Josh could almost see the bulge from his underwear. Brandon got up and walked to the pencil sharpener.

He stood in a Nautica shirt with jeans that sagged just past his ass. His short hung over the jeans but Josh could still kind of make out the shape of his ass. Brandon turned around slowly. 'Man were you looking at my ass' he said with a smile. 'NAH!' Josh said with anger. He did not want to be found out so easily. Alvito came walking into the classroom, just finishing up practice with the R.O.T.C. Drill Team.

'Hey guys, what's up' he said as he came in and sat down.

'Nuttin', Josh is just looking at my ass' Brandon said with a smile. Vito eyes got big as he looked at Josh. 'Don't act like you ain't ever thought about it guys' Josh said calmly.

'That about what!' Greg said as he stood from his desk. Josh got up from his desk and walked over to the door. He shut it, knowing that it was already locked. 'I know we've all thought about what it would be like to have sex with another guy, you know? Just to see what it would be like.' Josh said as he walked over to Brandon.

'Man I'll deck you' Brandon said.

Josh grabbed Brandon's arm. He then took his other hand and ran it over Brandon's ass. 'How many times have you got a girl to give you a blow job?' Josh said as he continued rubbing over Brandon's ass.

'Once, she just wasn't no good though' Brandon said. Greg and

Vito just looked at them. 'Well what if I sucked you till you nut nigga' Josh said as he moved his hand to Brandon's crotch. He could feel that Brandon was rock hard. 'Yeah good ahead' Brandon said, finally without hesitation.

Josh dropped to his knees. He lifted Brandon's shirt and could see the hair that grew from his crotch to his belly button. Josh began licking the hair and his belly button. Brandon giggled a bit. 'Yo man, does it feel good' Greg said as he stood.

'Yeah nigga' Brandon said. Vito stood also. He walked behind Greg and began rubbing his ass. Greg jumped, shocked by the feel. Vito began to pull down Greg's pants. Greg let his pants drop to his ankles.

'What you gon' do next?' Greg said with a smile. Vito smiled back. Josh began to unbuckle Brandon's belt slowly. He then slowly unzipped Brandon's jeans, letting them fall to the ground. Josh stared at the huge bulge tenting out Brandon's briefs.

'Wow, you wear briefs Brandon' Greg said as Vito knelt at his front side.

'Yeah nigga! Boxers lets this horse cock fly free too much' Brandon said as he pointed to his cock.

Josh slowly pulled down the briefs. He pulled them all the way down to his knees. As Josh looked back up, he saw the most unbelievable site. There Brandon stood with a cock at least a foot long. Greg and Vito also stared with amazement.

'Man Brandon, where did you get the fucking dick' Vito said. Brandon laughed at them. 'That's why not too many girls fuck me cause they know how long I am' Brandon said happily.

'That's got to be the longest dick in the world' Josh said. 'Yeah and you said you'd suck it' Brandon said.

Josh smiled back at Brandon and grabbed hold of the horse cock. He had to use two hands to grab gold of it. He pulled it towards his mouth, the pink head beginning to gleam with pre-cum.

Josh opened his mouth and slid the prick head inside. He began to suck and lick at the delicious head. Brandon laid his head back and began to moan. Greg looked in awe as Vito began to pulled his boxers down. Vito stared as the 11 inch dick popped out. He began to jack on the fully erect penis. Greg averted his attention back to Vito as he jacked his dick. Greg's balls hung just below his dick, covered in a forest of light brown hair.

Vito looked in amazement. 'Come on man' Greg said to him. Vito then began to lick and kiss the head of Greg's penis.

'Uhhh' Greg grunted. He anticipated his dick going into Vito's mouth.

Josh began to take more of Brandon's dick into his mouth. Brandon's moans became more desperate. 'Yeah nigga...uhhhhhhhhh keep that up' Brandon said as he put his hands on Josh's head. Josh begin to lick the underside of Brandon's giant penis. He removed tthe dick from his mouth and traveled down the underside of the cock. He got to soft balls that hand low from his crotch. He looked at the hairless balls. Josh began to suck on the balls. The balls hung like two basketballs from Brandon's sack. Brandon grabbed hold of a desk to keep his knees from buckling. Josh then worked his way back up to Brandon's huge cock. He began to deep throat the object of desire.

Brandon's breathes became quicker. 'Huh, huh huh huh uhhh uhhh yes yes yes yes yes yes' Brandon screamed as he began to cum in Josh's mouth. The cum nearly choked Josh as it dribbled down the sides of his mouth. Josh continued to suck Brandon until he was completely soft at six inches. Josh took several deep breathes. 'That was good' Josh said as he licked his lips.

Vito soon began to suck on Greg's cock. He got six inches in and that is as far as they went. He began to suck on the six inches and jack the rest. Greg moaned furiously. Josh stood up and walked over to them. He began to rub on Greg's ass as Vito sucked him off. 'How you like it?' he said as he moved up and down on Greg's ass.

'UHHHHHH, it's good! It's real mother fuckin' good!!!' Greg said, moaning every other word. 'Real good' Josh said as he rubbed slowly on Greg's ass.

'Hell yeah!' Greg moaned. Josh moved in and then placed his lips on Greg's. They began kissing hard. Josh enjoyed the feel of Greg's big lips. Vito continued his sucking. Greg soon screamed as he began to cum down Vito's throat. 'Huh yeah baby, uhhh Vito nigga!' he moaned. He breathed heavily as the last dropped fell into Vito's mouth. Vito stood up and josh grabbed hold of his jeans and yanked them down.

Would you mind helping me with this?' Josh said to Greg as he pointed to the 10 inch dick. 'Huh, okay' Greg said as he knelt down next to Josh. They began to lick the piece of meat before them. Brandon walked over to Vito and began to kiss him. Vito kissed Brandon passionately.

He really wanted to kiss Brandon. They breathed heavily as Greg and Josh licked Vito's manhood. Josh licked at the head while Greg licked the base. 'UHHHHH!!!!!!!' Vito moaned as he began cumming. Greg and Josh jacked the dick as Vito came on the floor.

They all went home that afternoon. Josh head a knock at the door and he went to answer it. Outside stood Brandon. He was wearing a Duckhead shirt and some baggy jeans. 'Can I come in?' Brandon asked as he stood at the door. Josh was surprised. outside of school, the guys never saw each other. 'Uh yeah but my parents aren't home' Josh said as Brandon walked in.

'That's fine' Brandon said as he went in and sat on the couch. Josh entered the living room and sat down next to Brandon. 'So is anyone home?' Brandon said as he looked around.

'No' Josh said shyly. Brandon placed his hand on Josh inner thigh. Josh sat in a Polo shirt with sweatpants on. Brandon leaned in and began kissing Josh. They began to kiss passionately. Brandon got on top of Josh and they began making out. Josh's and Brandon's hands roamed everywhere on each other. Brandon slipped his hands under Josh's shirt and began rubbing his nipples. Josh breathed heavily when Brandon began sucking on his neck.

'Uhh' Josh moaned. Josh slipped his hands to Brandon's ass.

'Ah' Brandon groaned. They began humping and grinding their bodies together. They could feel each others hard-ons pressing against their abdomens.

Josh slipped Brandon's shirt off and Brandon began pulling down Josh's sweats. Brandon pulled off Josh's sweats. He sat up and let Josh unzip his pants. They both breathed heavily as Brandon removed his pants. He then yanked Josh's shirt off. They began kissing again.

'Brandon...' Josh said in between moans.

'Yeah nigga' Brandon said as he continued his kissing on Josh's neck.

'I want you to be my first' Josh said.

'Are you sure?' Brandon said as he kept kissing Josh's neck.

'Yes' Josh moaned. Brandon rolled Josh on top of him.

'Get the condom out my pants pocket' Brandon said. Josh leaned down and grabbed Brandon's jeans. As he did Brandon kissed his neck again. Josh took the condom out of Brandon's jeans. He opened it and grabbed hold of Brandon's now erect penis. He slipped the condom on to about 8 inches.

'That's as far as it'll go' Brandon said.

Josh sat up and lead the cock toward his entrance. He was scared but knew that Brandon would make love to him softly. He placed the cock at his hole and Brandon shoved forward. Josh grunted in pain. Brandon slipped four inches in and tears began to roll from Josh's eyes.

Brandon sat up and began kissing Josh. He rubbed his hands over Josh's nipples.

'Yes' Josh moaned as Brandon slipped another four inches in. He began to buck on the cock, they both were moaning now. Brandon kissed Josh's nipples slowly, licking each one. They looked into each other's eyes and then began to fuck. Brandon moaned loud, this also being his first time with a guy. Josh grabbed hold of his cock and began to jerk on it.

It did not take Josh long to cum, his 10 inch dick spewing cum all over his stomach. Brandon bucked as he began to cum, filling the condom to it's capacity. They both collapsed on each other, smiling.



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