NOTE: Henry Laser, one of the followers or readers on this site that has commented on my stories, Naughty Eric, here at GayDemon, has given me permission to write this fictional story that stars him and Dirk, a visitors to San Francisco. I hope Henry enjoys the story.


DIRK: I'm a 30-year-old businessman that consults with major tech companies around the United States. About three months ago, my company sent me to San Francisco for a week to consult with a major corporation to update their computer system. As a gay slut, who never gets enough of sucking cock, eating cum and shooting my cum down the hot throat of another guy, I was beyond excited to visit San Francisco for the first time. I expected to get loads of action in the city of gay men.

I've been told by my sex partners that I'm one handsome dude and a great cock sucker. I stand 5' and 11"; dark brown hair and eyes; a hot tan inherited from my Italian ancestors; hard body from daily workouts and running about five-miles a day; participate in a number of cross country races across the United States; and posses one hell of a big 10-inch cock, large low hanging balls and one hell of a large cock shaft that I use with great effectiveness on a guy.

After my consulting on the first day in the city on a Monday three months ago, I went back to my hotel room, changed into a pair of tennis shoes, put on a pair of running shorts, a t-shirt and headed off to one of the city parks lined with trees. About half way into my run, I came up on this handsome daddy just ahead of me that was in terrific shape. I would discover that he was much older than he actually looked to be. He was in prime condition for an older man. As I came up behind him, I noticed he had on very short running shorts that revealed very sexy muscled legs, thighs that were almost hairless. Man, he had a round tight butt that seemed about to burst through the tight running shorts. He was not wearing a shirt that showed his ribbed back that was covered with bulging muscles. I became instantly aroused and felt my cock began to grow hard. You see, my favorite guy is a hot experienced gay daddy. They know what a man wants as to a blow job or a good fuck. They have satisfied many men and know exactly what we younger guys want and are able to make a guy crazy with lust.

I instantly wondered if this hot gay might be gay? I really wanted to make love with him. I thought my chances were more than 50 per cent as I was in San Francisco. I sped up and passed him, giving him a big sexy grin. A few feet ahead, I looked back at him and I slowed down revealing my intentions. WOW, I was delighted when he grabbed his crotch with one hand and gave me a fucking finger with his other hand. Yea, daddy was gay and this seemed to be my lucky day for yet another hot Daddy to give me what I wanted. It had been a week since I'd got fucked by a guy and I was horny as hell and the need was even greater as this guy was just my type of Daddy.

I stopped waiting for this dude to catch up to me. I extended my hand and said: "Hi, I'm Dirk. I'm visiting on business for a week and horny as hell for a cock. Tell me you are horny and lusting after a man? You are throwing off real gay fibs. You need to know I love a Daddy like you. You're so hot."

"Hey Dirk, my name is Henry Laser and yea I'm a fucking hot Daddy that loves hot younger men like you. Man, you're so cute and fucking hot. Do you want to get off our nuts here in the park with me. I love the risk of getting caught in public."

I learned that Henry was 5' and 10' tall, weighed a hard 190 pounds, was 60-years-young and was a devout runner that kept him in great shape. He led the way off the trail into a patch of trees and heavy under bushes that could not be seen by runners on the running path.

He pushed my back up against a tree and plunged his sexy body up against my chest, crotch and legs. I instantly felt the heat off his body and out now totally erect swollen cocks were like two swords fighting for the upper hand. The heat from our bodies was even greater as we both had worked up a sweat from the run. I'd never smelt a more sexy warm man's body. The man odors made me even more crazy for this hot dude.

I soon experienced what a great kisser Henry was as he began to plant soft kisses on my lips as I felt his hot breath on my face. Man I was so horny from this Daddy's skills as a kisser. For what seemed like a longest time, he used his thick red sexy lips to make me wild with how tender he used those lips to run them across my lips as he plunged his hard cock into my crotch and over my hard cock. I'd never had a more arousing kisser taking charge of my face. He began to use his hands to run them over my cheeks, behind my head and neck. Once again I was convinced that a Daddy with years of gay sex knew moves that I'd never dreamed possible.

Next he used his experienced hot tongue to part my lips and he penetrated my throat with that red-hot tongue. Soon we were in a wild French kissing wild act. WOW, I was about to come just from this incredible man's tongue in my throat. I began to moan and grunt from the lucky fate of being dominated by this Daddy.

Finally, he took his tongue out of m y mouth and said: "Man, Baby, I felt your hard cock and it felt really big. How big is that wood?"

"Gee, Henry, it is really big. It is around 10-inches and some fuck partners cannot take it all. They scream in pain if I get more than 7-inches inside them. Do yo think you could take all this fresh meat or snake up that pussy of yours? But I would really prefer you fuck me. A Daddy's cock knows how to make me dizzy with pleasure as you know how to touch ever inch of my ass walls with Daddy's cock. But first will you suck my cock? The best sex I've ever had has been having my cock sucked and ass fucked by you older Daddy types. Man, make love to me, please suck my cock and fuck me now."

This really turned on Henry as he said: "Hell, yea, I'll suck that snake of yours and fuck that bubble ass right here in the park."

We rushed to get out of what clothes we were wearing and soon were butt naked. Henry dropped to his knees as I leaned up against the tree, he grabbed the base of my cock and began to swirl his experienced tongue around the head of my swollen cock head. After several minutes of playing with my cock head and sucking lots of pre-cum out and swallowing that juice, he began to use his tongue to run up and down the under side of my cock shaft. Shit, he had no trouble then of taking all 10-inches of my cock deep into his throat. He gave me the hottest deep throating of my pulsating and throbbing cock I'd ever had. My cock was slick from all his spit. He used his lips to take time to clamp hard down hard on my fresh meat until I was near a climax. It was obvious that he had sucked hundreds of cocks before and he made moves I'd not experienced before.


My dirty talk and begging caused Henry to go even more wild as a cock sucker. He had me so horny and crazy that I went over the blue line. I felt my balls tighten, my cock hardened even more in his mouth and the cum gathered for a trip up my cock. I warned Henry: "I'm going to come. Here it is. Take my semen down that throat. Suck me dry. Yea, Hell, here I come."

As Henry sped up sucking my stone hard boner, I felt the first blast of my cum shoot out of my cock into his throat followed by at least four more large volcanic blast that were followed by several small squirts until I was finished. Henry had managed to swallow ever drop of that river of cum. He was a master cum eating Daddy. He came up to my face, planted his lips on my lips, pushed his cum covered tongue deep into my throat as we both tasted my seed and I felt his hot breath and sweaty body. This had to be one of the best blow jobs I'd ever received and one of the biggest climaxes of my life.

Henry was still very horny and so turned on by eating all my cum. He took hold of me, turned my face and chest toward the tree, spit gobs of spit on and in my ass and began to rub his hard 6-inch cock up and down my ass crack. I began to beg him to fuck my ass. I uttered: "OH Baby, fuck me, give me that hot smooth cock of yours. Come inside me. Make me your bitch, I'm just a slut that can never get enough juice inside me. Give me your load now."

That set Henry into motion. I felt his cock pop inside my ass and he began to thrust his hips forward as he drove his hard cock deep in my ass over and over and pushed my body hard into the tree trunk. Although his cock was not nearly as big as many cocks I'd had up my ass, he was a master on how to explore ever inch of my ass with that really nice smooth cock. It felt awesome as it moved around my pussy. I knew it was not the size of a man's cock but how the guy knew how to use that tool . This hot Daddy got up on his toes for more leverage to drive that cock deep inside my ass. Henry was a master as he fucked me for some five minutes before I heard him grunt, breath rapidly and blasted hard one more thrust and then he unloaded a massive load of semen deep in my ass. He continued to fuck me hard until he was completely dry.

When he pulled his softening cock out of my ass and we returned to reality, we were shocked to see three young men that looked like they were in their mid twenties began to cheer us. They were standing only a few feet away, had their handsome cocks out of their pants and in their hands and were jerking off as if they were near coming. They were really hot cute guys. We had been so involved in our own fucking that we had not heard them approach us. But this was really hot as they were enjoying the scene and were now horny and ready for action.

One of the guys was a blonde with deep blue eyes. The second guy had coal black hair and deep brown eyes and the third guy was a hot red head. Their cocks ranged in size from about 8-inches to 10-inches. Man were they ever sexy dudes.

The cute blonde said: "Hey you two fucking hot guys had a hot fuck. Could we get into the action? Daddy, you are a pro at fucking that slut. How about a five-way fucking orgy?"

As I stood speechless, Henry, the hot Daddy, said: "Hell yea, you fucking hot dudes want to come over to my place and fuck like hell? How about you Dirk?"

As I regained my speech and felt my cock actually began to grow as I said: "Hell yea, I'd love a five-way fuck. Man, am I eve glad I came on this business trip to hot San Francisco."

Henry and I dressed and he showed us to his apartment. This was going to be one hell of a night.


Naughty Eric


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