I live in a condo that I share with my brother in a quiet section outside the city. Bcause of the many trees and shrubs in the complex it is quite secluded. We have complete privacy so that I can sit out on our deck naked when I'm alone. My brother was going out of town for a couple of weeks and was leaving me alone in the condo. The condo is in his name and he's rather anal about its upkeep and not doing anything to upset the neighbors. He laid down a few rules before he left including not sun bathing naked on the deck. 'Yeah, I heard about you letting it all hang out. Well stop it!'

'Now you keep your ears peeled you hear me. There are rumors of a young burglar operating in this area.'

'OK. If he comes around here I'll knock him out with one of my karate moves and then call the police.

'Forget the fuckin' karate and just call the police, OK?'

After my brother left I took a nice long shower, dried off, wrapped a towel around me and headed for the deck where I dropped my towel and took a nap on the lounge.

I was awakened from my nap by the sound of breaking glass from the window of a side room. I jumped off the lounge and ran head long into the room. I hit something and when I turned on the light saw a young burglar knocked out on the floor. I knelt over the prone figure and began slapping him across the fact shouting for him to wake up. At the same time, I noticed that I was naked.

The young burglar came around slowly. I grabbed him by the arm and drug him into the next room where I slipped on a bathrobe.

As I grabbed him by his collar and dragged him into the lounge, be burst into tears and implored me,

'Please buddy don't call the police. I'll do anything you want to make this up to you.'

He told me in a shaky voice that his name was Kevin.

'Look here, Kevin, by rights I should call the cops, but if you are willing to accept some punishment, I'll let you stay here for the night, and in the morning you will be free to go. Now what do you say, it's one or the other'.

'Oh thank you. I'll do anything you say - just so you don't call the cops.'

'Hey, Kevin, hold on, I haven't told you what the punishment is yet', I said.

'I'll do anything.'

'OK. Your punishment is to have a fight with me, on the carpet, here, and the winner (almost certainly me) can do what ever he likes with the other guy'.

Kevin looked almost cheerful at the prospect of getting beaten up, instead of a visit to the dreaded Police Station.

'You're not much bigger than I am,' Kevin answered 'And I learned a few things in the street, so I might just have a chance of winning. What are the rules?'

'Rules? What rules? It's to be a submission fight, with no holds barred anything goes. There will be no time limit, but if neither of us has submitted after an hour, then we'll call it a draw, and you will be free to go! Now strip down to your underwear while I slip a pair on to make you feel more comfortable.'

'You don't have to do that for me. In fact I like to be naked too.' And with that he pulled off his boxers.

'Roman style it is then!'

We each attempted a throw or takedown of each other but to no avail. After a few minutes I realized that Kevin knew exactly what he was doing, and was prepared to go to any lengths to beat me.

With a sudden cat like movement Kevin was behind me and had applied a full nelson to my arms. However much I struggled he had me good and dragged me down to the carpet so that he could wrap his powerful legs round my waist, in a classic scissors hold.

While maintaining his iron scissors, he bit by bit turned me over until I was flat on my face, with him pressing down strongly on my back.

Now Kevin was really enjoying himself.

'I've got you. Submit now, or we'll still be here an hour later, and I'll still be on top.'

The feel of his bare skin on my torso was luscious.

'If you want me to submit, you'll have to do more than just hold me in this position. Even if you squash me as flat as a pancake I'll still refuse', I taunted in defiance.

'That's an invitation I can't refuse,' said my captor. 'I'm an expert at the art of squashing, which I often do to my younger brother. I'm going to squash you like a bug!'

Having said that Kevin gradually began to adjust the position of his body and ended up with his head over mine, his crotch over my ass and his legs on the outside of mine, with his ankles twisted round mine.

I was trussed up good and proper, and knew that it was pointless to struggle. This guy really knew ho to bring me down a peg or two.

'Now,' he said, 'Before I begin to squash you, I'll give you one last chance to submit. If you don't take it you'll have to accept the consequences'.

I realized that if I submitted, he would be free to leave the house, in accordance with the rules I had laid down, so I decided to grit my teeth and did what any guy would do in such a case and played dirty. His flaccid cock and balls were within arm's length so I grabbed his nut sac a twisted it hard.

'Ouch no fair. You can't do that' he screamed in pain.

'They hell I can't. You agreed that anything goes. Break your hold or you'll be singing like a soprano from now on', I countered as I released his scrotum from my grasp..

Kevin broke his hold on me and lay on his back cupping his sore balls. When I glanced down I saw his cock start to lift off of his stomach. Damn it, he was getting a hard on. So I grabbed his cock and squeezed it. 'What the fuck is this, getting hard?'

'I can't help it sir, guess I got turned on' he explained.

'Well I think you need to be taught your place. You're a piece of shit and I am your master. Understand?' I barked.

'Yes sir,' he answered.

I began to piss on his prone figure. I stood at his feet and straddled him as I walked towards his head. My hot pee bathed his feet up his legs to his cock and balls. I filled his belly button and peed on his chest. When I reached his face I commanded him to open his mouth and drink my pee. He refused so I knelt down next to his head and reached down to his nipples. I twisted them so hard that I could have ripped them off his sculptured chest. His mouth opened at last and my stream of hot urine went into his mouth and down his throat. When I had finished with my golden shower, I grabbed Kevin by the back of his head and smashed his face against my erect nipples. I ordered him to such my tits like he would to his girlfriend. He was doing such a great job that my cock was stiffening out.

I then told him to lie back down and walked over his head and lowered my ass on his face. I knew that I must have been ripe from all the physical exertion we just had.

Kevin struggled and tried to move his head away from my ass cheeks. But I sat down harder and ordered him to eat my ass our. 'I want to feel your tongue up my chute.' He continued to struggle and gagged somewhat. But then I felt his tongue enter my shit chute. I looked down his body and saw that his cock was getting harder.

'What the fuck is this? You getting off on eating my ass aren't you?' I heard a muffled yeah.

I stood up and ordered him to get on all fours. I knelt down if front of his face and shoved my cock into his mouth. Kevin gagged again. So I told him just to mouth and lick my cock and coat it with a lot of saliva. He told me that he was straight and had never sucked a cock before. He was a little clumsy at first but then got into a nice rhythm of sucking my cock. When my cock was as rigid as it could get and glistened with his saliva, I got behind him. I braced my arms on his sides and edged my hard cock to his quivering rose bud. Once again he said he had never been fucked before and begged me not to fuck him.

'Well you should have thought about the consequences before you tried to rob me.' With that I put the head of my cock next to his hole and rammed myself in with all the force I could muster. Kevin screamed out in pain but slowly started to use to the intrusion. After my initial thrust, I fucked him slowly until he got used to my rhythm. Before I climaxed I reached around under his body and found his hard dripping cock. I jerked him in rhythm with my fucking. When I emptied my cum deep inside his rectum he released his on the floor under him. I collapsed on top of him causing him to flattened himself on the rug.

After some time, I plopped out and stood up. Kevin rolled over and smiled at me. I told him that he was free to go. But he suggested we take a shower together, he spend the night and leave in the morning.

It sounded like a plan to me.



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