As we headed to Mick's condo, I laid a plan to introduce my 30-year-old friend, the local high school P E teacher, to join the wild side of erotic gay sex for at least the evening.

"Hey Mick, did you enjoy that wild sex at the movie theater this evening? Man, you really got into the act for a shy virgin. My ass felt awesome in that soft virgin ass," I suggested.

"Yea Asher, it was fantastic sex that I'd fantasized about for years. Wow, your cock felt awesome inside me. Thanks for introducing me to such a great man sex trip. But I'm really worried because it is now public that not olny am I gay but your family might not ever speak to me again for our fucking in public. I don't think I could get my cock up again tonight because I'm not only worried about what your family will think but I'm sure that I will get fired from my  teaching job. My life is turned upside down."

Being the wild irresponsible one, I responded: "Fuck Mick relax. My family loves you and they already know that I'm a gay slut so they will not blame you. Fuck that teaching  job. You can make lots more money being a hot gym trainer and free from all those Puritans. Fuck you only live once."

"Asher, I wish I was more like you. You always say fuck the public and do what what feels good. Maybe you're right. I admit tonight was awesome and fun man." 

"Mick, I've got a great idea. Lets stop by the 24-hour, 375 days a  year adult gay bookstore. I have lots of buddies who work there and I know the big fucking daddy who owns the store. In fact, he has fucked me several times. I'm a friend of several of the regular gay slut customers. We can show you a great time."

"Shit, why not Asher. I'm getting into this wild side thing. And my whole world is collapsing around me anyway."

I introduced Mick to 60-year-old Sebastian, the store owner. He is known as the big black daddy standing 6-feet and 6-inches, hits the scales at 230 pounds, a former wrestler and sexy dark African American stud.

I pulled Sebastian off to the side and gave him the entire story about what happened at the theater earlier and said: "Hey Sebastian, Mick is shy and has been reserved up until now. I think he is ready to join me on the wild side. I fucked the hell out of that man pussy and boy is that great fresh meat. You would love your dick in that ass. How about getting us some weed and helping Mick relax. Maybe you can get that big dick of yours in that mushy ass tonight? We can meet you in one of those private rooms in the back How does that sound?"

"Fuck yea, fuck shit, I'd like that. I'll be back in a few minutes. Maybe I'll also bring a sex toy for him to enjoy?"

"Fuck yea Sebastian, lets do it."

I showed Mick some of the gay videos and sex toys. I could see that he was getting excited as a tent began to develop in his pants.

"Fuck Asher, I've never been in a gay bookstore before. I'm getting really hard and horny. Thanks for bringing me here."

"Fuck Mick that is great. You're now getting into the spirit. The wild life can be so erotic. Lets go to the back rooms. Some of my buddies will be there fucking the regular sluts who come here every night to take a big cock and eat cum."

"OK Asher, I'm ready to follow you. Lets go."

Little did Mick know what was about to happen to this innocent and unaware friend of mine.

We took a seat in one of the dim lighted rooms and we began to hear wild action down the dark hall. There were moans and sounds of horny sucking cock and fucking ass. We heard dirty talk bouncing off the walls such as: "Oh suck my cock you stud, eat my ass, drive that fucking finger deep in my ass, holy shit your cock is so BIG that it hurts, come in my mouth you whore, come in my fucking ass, take that hard cock up that pussy you bitch," and on and on.

I noticed Mick's face had become flushed, his cock was growing in his pants and he looked totally in heat. I saw him grab his crotch and rub hard. My plan was working. At that moment, big daddy Sebastian came into the room, locked the door and lit those joints. I was surprised when Mick took one of them and began to smoke. Soon all three of us were high as a kite and horny as hell. Sebastian and I removed all Mick's clothes and then followed by getting butt naked ourselves.  Man we three dudes had some hard bobbing cocks.

We placed MIck on his back on a long table. I got on one end of the table as Sebastian got on the other end. I pulled Mick's legs up on his chest exposing his puckering ass. I held on to his ankles giving Sebastian a clear view of that awesome ass. Sebastian took a huge 10-inch black dildo, lubed both the dildo and Mick's pulsating ass and said: "OK Mick, I'm going to fuck that ass of yours with a huge dildo. Are you ready?"

Mick's only answer was that he raised his ass up off the table giving permission to big daddy and the dildo. Sebastian rammed that monstrous dildo all the way inside that tight ass with one thrust. I heard Mick groan as if in pain. But he took the whole fucking dildo. Maybe it was the effect of the marijuana but man he sucked that dildo right into his inner ass. He began to beg Sebastian: "Oh fuck yea, oh my god, fuck me harder. Give me that dildo Daddy."

I was shocked to see shy Mick turned into a wild slut before my eyes. Sebastian fucked the hell out of that ass for several minutes while Mick begged for him to get harder and drive it deeper.

I became so turned on that I managed to get my crotch above Mick's head, pulled his legs even tighter on his chest and filled with pure lust, I said to Mick: "Baby, you slut, open that mouth and take my rock hard cock in that throat."

Fuck, not only did Mick eagerly open his mouth to receive my boner but as I drove my leaking tool deep into his throat, he began to use his hot tongue to massage my leaking cock  and he sucked the spewing pre-cum from my piss slit and swallowed it. Man he was giving me an awesome blowjob while getting his ass fucked with that hard dildo.

While hearing the sucking and moaning sounds from the other rooms, Mick was enjoying getting both holes service at the same time. It was an incredible sight. Finally, Sebastian used only one hand to drive that dildo deep in that pussy as he used his other hand to began stroking Mick's aching cock. Wow, Mick was getting first class attention to his body.

I then noticed that Big daddy was getting very aroused for a different kind of action. He pulled that dildo out of Mick's ass and said to me: "Hey Asher, I'm so horny watching that dildo fuck that fresh meat, I've got to have a piece of that fresh meat for my cock."

Sebastian had the biggest champion black cock that I'd ever found at 12-inches with a huge cock shaft. As his black cock was bobbing up and down, he took a bottle of lube and drenched that donkey cock. He put his snake at the entrance to Mick's pussy and began to shove it in that ass as Mick somehow managed to open that ass to take the entire cock all the way inside his very inexperienced ass. Big Daddy turned into a primitive animal as he slammed his donkey tool deep in Mick's ass over and over. Holy shit, it was some sight to watch. Mick must have been high on that weed because he not only took that horse cock but bagged Sebastian to fuck him harder and harder. My friend Mick was taking Daddy's cock that was my favorite one. I loved to be fucked by big black cocks.

Mick began to beg: "Oh Big Daddy, fuck me, shove that donkey deep in my ass, yea Daddy breed my ass."

Sebastian became so horny that he wanted to get fucked at the same time, when he said to me: "Asher, fuck what an awesome ass. Asher, come get behind me and drive your fucking hot cock up my ass."

I rushed in total lust to that side of the table and with no waiting for a signal, I drove my rock hard leaking cock up that big open black ass. Holy fuck, Big Daddy began to use his deep experienced ass muscles to grip my cock so hard that I felt pain. He squeezed my cock until I knew I was about to be milked. Man he knew how to milk a man's cock with his ass. The fucking of both asses went on for about ten minutes when both Sebastian and I lost control and began to ejaculate in those two asses. Sebastian dumped a huge load into Mick's ass as I gushed a huge load up Big Daddy's ass.

Now Mick needed to get off so I got down and took his stiff cock in my mouth and as I sucked hard Mick did not last. He exploded with a huge load of his sticky thick cum to the back of my throat. I collected the warm cum in my mouth and fed it to Mick and then we kissed with cum running out our mouths onto our chins that Sebastian licked off of us.

We got dressed and thanked Big Daddy Sebasian for a great fucking session and went back to my Mick' condo for a shower. We slept naked together in his warm bed. I knew that we would be returnig again to the gay bookstore.

The End: I hope you enjoyed!!!!!


Naughty Eric


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