I realized that I was gay at the age of 13. When I reached the adulthood of 18, I came out to my parents and friends and began dating some of the 18-year-old hot seniors on my high school football team. As I was the popular quarterback and team captain, I was successful in taking the big cocks up my ass of several of my teammates and became known as the team's slut. Both straight and gay horny jocks loved drilling my ass with their huge stiff cocks.

In my case, I was solely attracted to hard body jocks with blonde hair, blue eyes and smooth hairless bodies except of course for the blonde hair on their head, underarms and crotch. Guys with dark hair especially on their chest, stomach and legs turned me off. Our community was about 80 per cent Swedes and Norwegians giving me lots of choices to get it on with hot blonde members of my football team to fuck around with those seniors.

After high school, I got a job with one of the major national banks in town where I became a teller and continue to work.

From the first time I assisted Sergeant Levi in opening his checking account at our bank, it became clear that he had the hots for me. Each time he came to the bank, he would not let anyone help him other than me.

Although Levi was built like a sexy football player or wrestler with the word around campus that he was one popular dude especially in bed with gay guys, he unfortunately had dark hair, dark eyes and from his usual dressed in a low cut polo shirt and cut off shorts revealing an abundance of chest and leg dark hair.

Several times on his trips to the bank he invited me out for a drink but I always declined until one night when I ran into him at a gay bar. He was with this gorgeous blonde college rugby player who had a six pack in his pants. The word around town was that this 22-year-old blonde hunk had a huge cock and was an incredible fucker who knew how to make his partners almost lose consciousness when being fucked by this hot dude's big dick. In my motive to meet the blonde hunk, I invited Levi and him to join my table.

As we ordered a pitcher of beer, Levi said: "Jett, I want you to meet Jorge, one of the rugby players on our college rugby team. Jorge this is Jett, one of the hot tellers at my bank that I've told you about."

"Hi Jorge, nice to meet you. I've heard that you are the number one player on the team---a real jock."

"Same back to you Jett, nice meeting you."

After about three rounds of drinks, our conversation became rather raunchy and hot when Jorge became explicit: "Hey Jett, I've heard you are a great lay ever since those high school days when those big hard teammates of yours gave your ass a drilling almost daily. I understand that as the quarterback your senior year, you led the team to the AAA state championship. I bet all those offensive guys protected you from being sacked as they need more of that hot ass. I've heard from some of the guys on the team that you really know how to use those ass muscles to squeeze hard on a man's dick to milk it dry. By the way, Levi is great in the sack as well."

At that point, lust took over and my cock became stone hard as I answered: "Fuck guys, yea I'm a real slut for a man's cock up my ass. Fuck guys, we all are horny and have boners. By the way, Jorge, the word around town is that you have an incredible cock and guys see stars as you fuck the hell out of their man pussies. Why don't we get out of here and go over to my place for a wild time. I'm about ready to bust a nut."

"Hey Jett that is a super idea. Let Levi ride with you as I need to stop and fill up my car. I'll then meet you---just give me your address."

Levi and I had several beers waiting for Jorge to get to my place. Soon we were feeling no pain when Levi got a text message from Jorge indicating that he could not come over as his brother's car had broken down 50 miles out of town and he had to go and help his brother.

I was very disappointed but resigned myself to letting Levi spend the night as I was too loaded to drive him home. We watched the late TV news and headed to my only bed in the apartment. It was a king sized bed making adequate room for both of us. With concern and not very happy, I began to undress and soon we both were down to our briefs. I noticed that Levi was a big hunk of a stud with a ribbed and muscled body along with a considerable modest amount of dark hair on his chest, stomach and legs. I learned that his bulk of a body had come from his being an amateur boxer during his four years in the U S Army.

As I pulled the covers back for us to get in bed, I saw Levi smile and he said: "Jett, thanks for letting me spend the night. You seem tense and up tight? Did you have a rough day? Would you like for me to give you a body massage? I'm a certified masseur and I'd be happy to help you relax as you have been so kind to let me stay the night. My former clients all praised my work."

"Oh Levi, I've never had a massage by a professional masseur but have always wanted to get one. Yea, you are correct that I'm very tense. Yes, give me a massage but no sex."

"Sure Jett, I understand. Do you have any oils for me?"

"No Levi but I have lots of different types of lotion there on the nightstand. Help yourself."

Levi got the lotions, pulled off the bedspread and covers then he had me lay down on my stomach on the sheets only with my briefs covering my body. He got on the bed next to me and began to pour lots of lotion on me from my neck to my feet. He used his very experienced masseur trained hands to work his magic on my neck, shoulders and lower back all the way down to the elastic at the top of my briefs. He went up and down my back and shoulders until I completely relaxed. Wow, this was awesome. He was a pro. Soon I began to breath freely and I felt my whole body relax. Levi was incredible making me feel like I'd never felt before. It was terrific.

After several minutes, I felt his hands under my briefs as he pulled them down and off my body leaving me completely naked. As I began to struggle to control an on coming lust for Levi and a growing stiff cock, I tried to resist by saying: "Hey, what in the hell are you doing? Stop."

"Relax Jett, I'm giving you the full job of a total body massage. This is not about sex."

"OK Levi, go ahead."

He began to use his fingers and the palms of his soft hands to massage my ass cheeks. Man, the feeling was awesome. And then shit, he began to massage the outer ring  or sphincter of my ass to the entrance of my pink ass. That is when I began to moan with pure pleasure. Levi encouraged by my moans and my bucking my ass upward began to insert two fingers inside my ass, located my prostate and gave it the most erotic massage that I'd never experienced before. After an awesome massage of my prostate, I was now at his mercy and I did not want him to stop. I was ready to be his bitch.

Next he began to rim my ass by using his soft lips and tongue as he drove his tongue as deep as possible into my outer ass. He spit on my asshole and started the most sloppy and noisy rim job ever. I felt him thrust his mouth hard over and over against and deep into my asshole. He sucked and licked me like I'd never experienced before. I became wild with lust as I bucked and cried out: "OH FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK, eat my ass, don't stop. You're a fucking stud. Eat me, suck me, give me a blowjob and fuck my ass with that huge cock of yours. (He had a thick 8-inch tool). AHHHHHHH, Mmmmmmmm, FUCK YEA."

Levi turned me over on my back. He got down between my spread legs and used his magic lotion covered hands to encircle my cock. He made me see stars as he made my cock as hard as a diamond drill. He was a master at massaging a man's cock. He worked my cock like it was a special toy.

Then the real magic took place as he used his tongue to circle my cock head, sucked on my wide open piss slit, ran his wet hot tongue up and down my cock for the longest time, sucked on my over heated balls and finally he put his lips and mouth on the tip of my cock and began to slowly take my entire cock deep into his warm throat. As he devoured my cock, he had some magical moves of using his tongue to massage ever inch of my blood filled dick. None of my hot blonde fucking buddies had ever made me feel this horny and lustful for a man. Levi became more aggressive and sloppy deep throating my very hot and leaking cock.


At that point Levi was so turned on that he grabbed my balls and squeezed hard as he used his lips to clamp down on my cock head. The feeling was so intense in my cock that I begin to feel the most powerful rush of my cum out of my balls, up my cock shaft and I shot a burst of cum deep in his throat. Levi came part way off my cock so that the next series of big bursts landed on his tongue so he could taste my salty cum before swallowing it. Levi loved eating cum. This was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had and a huge load.

Levi brought his cum covered lips up to my mouth and began to press hard on my lips. Soon he used his tongue to part my lips and he gave me a wild series of French kisses. Man, he was a hell of a great kisser.

But I was not yet satisfied. I had to have his thick 8-inch boner fuck my ass. When he finally stopped kissing me, I begged: "OH Baby, wow what a huge handsome cock you have. Please fuck me now."

Levi consumed by his own lust and the pride he had in catching his prey after many weeks, he got ready to fuck me. I had him retrieve a bottle of lube from the nightstand. He lubed my ass, poured gobs of lube on his blood filled throbbing cock and he got down between my open legs. He put a pillow under my ass, a pillow under my head and spread my legs even further apart. I watched as he plunked his sexy hard body down hard on my frame as I felt his huge snake invade my man cherry. I heard the big pop as his cock went past my second sphincter.

As he began to service my man pussy with his incredible handsome hard cock, I felt his whole body on top of me as he used his cock to tear my ass apart with one hard thrust after hard thrust deep in my ass with his black pubic hair rubbing against my ass with his entire cock deep inside me. He began to hump me as he fucked my ass at the same time. HOLY SHIT, then I felt his sexy hairy chest, hairy stomach and hairy legs rub against my body's skin sending waves of chills and shivers up my spine. WOW, a darker man can make me feel so horny. This was even better than all those blonde studs although I knew I still loved blonde dudes fucking my ass.

We both began to moan, grunt and breath hard as Levi fucked the hell out of my ass for what I guessed to be about ten minutes. I felt his cock move all around my ass and across my prostate. This pro masseur even was great at using his pulsating cock to massage ever inch of my man pussy. My cock began to stiffen again as I felt his cock work magic in my ass. 

After a long fuck, I felt Levi's cock head swell, his balls tightened, his body became rigid, his breathing became rapid and I heard him let out a wild animal-like yell as he blasted at least seven major eruptions deep in my ass. The feel of all that warm cum invading my man pussy caused me to erupt with a second load of cum for the evening. I shot my load between our entangled bodies as the cum drenched both our abs and stomachs. The sweet smell of cum filled the room. The odor of cum and sex were everywhere.

When Levi and I were spent, he pulled his still semi-hard cock out of my pussy and laid down next to me as we began to recover our breaths from such a wild fucking time. He kissed me and then had a real surprise for me as he said: "Baby, that was one of the best fucks I've ever had. You have an incredible hot ass. I have a confession to make. After Jorge and I met you at the gay bar, remember when we went to the restroom? We plotted for me to come with you to your apartment and then he texted me that he had to help his brother. He does not have a brother. We had heard that you only fucked around with blonde dudes. Jorge was convinced that if I got alone with you that I could use my magic massage techniques to get into your pants and fuck that hot pussy. It worked. How did you like my fucking you? By the way, Jorge is eager to come over here one evening and let you experience his fucking the hell out of that cute ass of yours. He knows how bad you want him."

"OH Shit Man, you two really pulled it off and fooled me. I'm glad you did. Man, you're an incredible stud and a hell of a great fucker. Yea, I really want to get it on with hot Jorge. I can hardly wait to have him fuck me raw. I know he is an awesome fuck. Maybe we three can get together soon and have a fucking hot evening at my place. Tell Jorge this was great and lets set a date."



Naughty Eric


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