I saw him around the party a couple of times throughout the night. Raul, a tall, caramel skinned Puerto Rican football jock from my high school was at a college party. When we finally got up close, I introduced myself and I was glad he recognized me and was happy to see me. He yoked me up in welcome. He was one of those guys who were stronger than they thought. He hid evidence of athleticism and strength underneath his form fitting Lacoste polo shirt. At a glance I noticed a chiseled waist, an intimidating bulge that necessitated a wide stance; muscular thighs; explosive looking calves; strong ankles and well-arched, thick feet. We exchanged our new phone numbers and promised to catch up sometime and to have fun throughout the night! At first I couldn't stop thinking about him as he talked to a few girls, roughhoused with his boys. As he got more and more drunk, the clothes naturally came off. Everyone was like that- it was a good party.

When I saw that the line to the bathroom had died down, I took my opportunity to piss. I whipped my member out and, being a little drunk, felt it was okay to play with it a little as I thought about the fine girls at the party, Raul, and what he'd probably do to them. Suddenly, I heard a brief hard knock behind me and turned around. It was Raul!

'Hurry up bro!' He rushed in and stood right by me and whipped it out. His very fat, cut cock was a shade darker than the rest of his body. He needed no hands as the huge slab was supported by his balls at just the right angle. No shrivels or wrinkles; the prize seemed to gorge itself on fresh blood every second. It was one of those cocks that were so thick and dense that it seemed semi-erect but wasn't. I could have sworn I saw highlights and heard the faint sounds of its very own theme music! I laughed and pretended he was crazy. I went to the sink to wash my hands and snuck peeks through the mirror. He looked up with a grin and caught me. I didn't look away really fast as to make it obvious, but talked to him a little. He followed along but he was giving me a show while letting out the last drops of piss in his Superman pose. He milked the last few drops out with no hands and hopped up and down a little before whipping it back into his shorts. I felt a warm drop hit my arm.

Whenever we bumped into each other that night he would never miss the opportunity to loudly announce my presence and introduce me as an old friend. He brought me a cup from the keg and a few of our friends said they wanted to do a quick chug. We cheers, and then gulped it down. I was the first one done and he was amazed.

'Damn! Hell yeah, you'd better chug that shit!' He palmed my head and embraced me.

Later on, when the beer ran out, everybody left. I chilled out for a little bit, I didn't know where Raul went but I figured he left too. I went back into one of the empty bedrooms to relieve myself again. As I was coming out, it was none other then Raul, shirt off, hands in shorts already pulling out that cock.

'Move! Move! Move!' He jokingly pushed me out the way. He let out a big sigh as he emptied his bladder. I stayed in the room and talked to him for a bit. He told me he was leaving the next day and I was pissed! He left the bathroom and said he was pissed too, because he wanted to see me chug some more. We both laughed and he closed the bedroom door. He tugged at his cock and then told me 'I bet you can't chug this!' with a broad, confident smile. I couldn't tell if he was serious or not but assumed that he wasn't. He whipped it out about two feet from where I was sitting on the bed!

'Aw! Come on man!' I yelled.

He winced and put a finger over his lips like I was being too loud. He looked me in the eye. This was my chance. My face basically launched at the head of his gorgeous cock.

I was in heaven with his heavy cock in my mouth, looking up at his huge chest. He took a step back to take off his shorts. His cock left my mouth with a plop and I stared at his piss slit in awe. My guts melted in anticipation. Don't get your hopes up, he doesn't wanna fuck. He kicked his shorts to the side and gripped his meat, looking at me as if I knew what to do. I tried to take more of him in, my throat stretched wide and I swallowed his warm meat. I bobbed back and forth letting my spit lather him up. His huge hand palmed my head, it helped me relax even more. He moaned and titled his head as he fucked my face to get better views. My butt fluttered and my cock stiffened. I was going to cum just from sucking cock! He yanked his cock out without warning and I thought he was ready to shoot. I got a good look at his bull sized, hairless brown balls. Fortunately, it wasn't over yet, he hopped on the bed and I went back to work. I took time to pay attention to his balls and took both of those salty things in my mouth. He moaned and reached down in my shorts to grope my ass. I went back to his cock and took pride in seeing his feet curl up. I took my shorts off and went back down. He teased me a little, not letting me put it in my mouth until I grabbed it and stuffed it in. My eyes opened wide when at the same time I put his cock in my mouth, he dipped the hugest thumb I ever felt into my ass. My sphincter whimpered around it. He twirled it around until I lost concentration on his cock and started to gag. He spread my bubble cheeks open and smacked my hole directly, making it wink. 'Awww, yeah. Get off.' He practically had to peel my face from his dick and it sprang around after it left my mouth. He kneeled by my side and began to open up my ass. I felt warm spit drip right into my little hole. He squeezed my cheeks together and then opened them again. He put his wet thumb back in and vibrated it right on my prostate. I don't know if he knew what he was doing but he drove me crazy. I rolled my eyes and let out a soft moan.

'You like that huh?' He opened my cheeks and spit in my ass some more, I felt it drip further inside me. I stayed in a kneeling doggy position with a good look at his powerful back and ass. He put two and then three fingers in me, opening me up. He opened my cheeks up some more to see my open hole. I felt the air fill my insides and then wink close. That was enough for him.

'Oh yeah, you're ready for dick, huh?' I said nothing as he got behind me and pressed his cockhead on my hole. I pushed open and let him in. He lubed me well. I couldn't believe this was happening. He grabbed my shoulder to drive me further into the bed. A chill crawled up my spine as he kissed the back of my neck and squatted some more of his cock deep into me. Balls deep. He kept it there while he moved his hips side to side. I felt his cock pulse and every little movement sent a ripple deep inside to where his fat Latino mushroom head was plugged. He moved some more in the same way and my butt caved in a bunch of tiny little spasms along the length of that cock. Stuffed. I moaned and he finally pulled his cock halfway out and pushed it back in. My prostate swelled with fluid as he had his way with my cute butt. His big hand easily grabbed a cheek and pulled it open and he went deeper than I've ever felt. So full of dick.

'Hold that ass open.' He instructed me in his Latino accent. I did as I was told. I heard the sounds of fat cock digging into juicy ass and felt those beautiful balls hitting that sensitive spot behind my nuts. Pleasure came in waves and washed along my back and chest.

'Mmmm, fuck.' I was taken under in a hard wave as his cock dragged along my guts, then stretched and packed it back at my prostate in a steady rhythm. Tension built in his rhythm. Tap Tap Pup Pup. I had no choice but to stay open and just take it. His cock bent for a moment from his pace. I reached behind and gave it a little tap and it went back in with renewed sensation.

My God, fuck yeah. I was overcome with animal lust and looked back to watch him pound me. Time must have slowed as I took the time to simply admire his ripped thighs and broad shoulders. I bent my head around more to see his balls slam into me; my edged cock already dripping, 'Aw yeah!'

'You like that? Keep your head down.' With that he lifted his huge foot and pushed my face down into the bed. His hefty heel was in my mouth and he gently but firmly used my face for balance while he kept fucking me.

That was it. I suddenly lost control. My butt took a life of its own as it pitifully tried to shoot his huge cock out of me and then suck it back in. Tiny spasms deep inside me resonated throughout my whole body in a cycle. An image of his huge brown cock branded itself into my mind.

'Nnghrrr!' I half sobbed and half growled.

'Yeah, cum. Open it up for me.' He dipped it in really deep and kept it there for a moment before ripping it out. My sphincter gasped for cock like a fish out of water. I moaned for his mercy. He dove back into my open hole before pulling it back out. Plop. I grabbed a hold of his strong ankle, unable to verbalize what I was feeling. He palmed my cheeks and spread them open. My hole gaped open, sucking in air. He admired his work.

'Oh fuuuck.' I moaned for more. He laughed at me, gripped his meat and gave it a shake to tease me.

He gave me a little tap on my side and I turned onto my back. I put my legs in the air and he grabbed me by the ankles and pushed them back and away. I held one leg back as he lined up his cock with my soft hole. He lowered his whole body onto mine and held my leg behind his arm. He kissed my neck and then tickled my nips with his tongue. Then he took hold of both my legs for support and dove in and out in long deep strokes. Every now and then without warning he pulled his cock all the way out to see me suffer. My pelvis seemed to shift its shape to accommodate his girth, his dark veiny cock challenging the sides of my rectum. I stared in trance, as his cock pumped in and out of me in long, hypnotic strokes.

'Yeah, look at that.' He had an intense look on his face as he stared at me with his burning eyes. I could tell that he liked it just as much as I did and was struggling to save face. He dove all the way in and snuggled his fat base into me. I moaned and he whispered something in my ear before smacking my ass and working me some more.

He pushed my knees together and turned me onto my side with simple motions of his strong arms. He worked his cock in and spooned me. His cock felt even bigger in this position. I squeezed as he pulled out and pushed open as he went it me.

'Aw yeah! You like that dick? Huh? I'ma break your fuckin butt!'

'Fuck my, ughn, your dick! Awww yeah.' I wasn't coherent. He pulled out and smacked the sensitive spot underneath my balls with his cockhead. The inside of my ass right up to my colon quaked and stuttered in the absence of his cock. He spread my cheek open with one hand and dove right back in me. The last thing I remember at this point was the feeling of warm dick in me deep before a bolt of sensation shot to the crown of my head. I must have flopped around for minutes in a state of ecstasy before he finally yanked his boner out.

He pulled out and flipped me over then rubbed and pressed a thumb into his own ass while jerking his dick.

'Ughhhhh!' He stopped touching his cock and put that hand on his waist and let loose five hard spurts onto my face and chest. He gave it a shake like he just took a leak. I was completely covered with hot, sweet smelling spunk that tasted like hot popcorn butter.

I wondered if he'd feel guilty afterward but he acted like nothing happened. He contemplated taking a shower but decided to use one of the other rooms. We joked about how we were lucky to have all that time to ourselves and how everyone else was probably passed out. I was going to hop in the shower and he was going to sneak outside, and he gave me a pat on the ass. I had a sudden flashback.

'You wanna sit on this thing before I leave tomorrow?'


'You'd better.' He smiled as he zipped up, peeked outside the door and left.



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