Hi, I'm a half black college linebacker with the roundest bubbly booty you've ever seen. My name is Shawn. I'm a pretty good player and the coaches love me because I'm a gym rat. I don't get much attention for my play. My thick-muscled ass gets me all the attention I can handled though. I'm obsessed with making it bigger and as a result I do more lower body workouts than most people. It's all paid off, with my ass making an obscene show in almost anything I wear. The downside is I am constantly battling hamstring pulls and other leg injuries.

That makes me a daily visitor to the trainers room. You have to remember, at a small school the trainers are mostly student volunteers, so I knew the best and worst trainers. Some of the guys were embarrassed to massage my hamstring all the way to the top and get under the glute muscle. There was one guy, Sergio, who was really good. I guess he was Hispanic, but to look at him he was very dark skinned. He was kind of short, but had the thick build of a weight lifter. He also had thick strong forearms and hands. He worked so deep under the muscle that it would make my ass cheeks wiggle and slap together. It would make a lot of noise and draw a lot of comments, so we started meeting there before the other guys showed up for some privacy.

It seemed like some of the booty wiggle was more for his benefit than mine, but I don't mind one bit. The first time we were alone I tested him by teasing his cock to see if it would grow. All the trainers wear those lame little running shorts so I figured if he was interested I would be able to tell. I'm really just a big tease, but I really enjoy putting on a show and I try to make it enjoyable. I asked Sergio to take a look at my ass and see if there was a bruise. I pulled the waist of my briefs under my butt to create and even bigger shelf. When I grabbed my ass to show him where it hurt I pulled my cheeks apart and pulled his gaze deeper into my crack. Just as I looked over my shoulder for a reaction in his shorts, the locker room door opened and we heard a few other players walk in. I reluctantly put my ass away and went to my locker to get ready for practice. I made a mental note to come in early for my session with Sergio tomorrow. Just as I pulled my jock on I heard a commotion in the trainers room.

I ran in the trainer's room to find one of the offensive lineman holding Sergio by the throat against the wall. He was yelling at him and calling him a 'fag'. I grabbed him and pulled him off Sergio enough that I could slip between them. There I was in only my jock strap with my ass pressed back against Sergio as I pushed this lineman off him. He said he had walked in the trainer's room and found Sergio jerking off. I realized that it was my little show that had caused all this. I shoved the lineman back and told him I had caught him staring at my ass a few times so he must be a fag too. He just stared at me for a while and then broke out in a wide grin and slapped my bare ass HARD. He said I was lucky I had such a big butt and laughed as he walked away. I went back to my locker and the next morning Sergio wasn't there. Word was they let him go after the incident in the trainer's room.

That weekend I needed a release and put on a pair of low rise baggy jeans and a long shirt. This was a great exhibitionist outfit because I looked normal until show time and then I would lift up the shirt and most of my round booty was on display. I went downtown into a seedy neighborhood and hiked up my shirt so by ass was spilling over the top of my jeans. I felt like a predator and a bitch all at once as I let the guys out side the gay bar stare as I walked by. I turned the corner and almost walked right into a guy going the opposite direction. It was Sergio! I slipped my shirt down to cover my ass as we made small talk, but I bet he saw something. He was very cool though. He thanked me for standing up for him that day. He asked what I was doing downtown and I claimed I was looking to buy some weed. He asked if I had any luck and I said I hadn't. He said he had some great stuff in his apartment, which was just around the corner. It was the least he could do. I agreed and we talked as we walked to his place. When we got in it was nicer than I expected. The whole apartment was one room. He had me sit on his futon while he grabbed his stash. He came back and said there was bad news.

He didn't have any rolling papers, so the only thing he had to smoke out of was his bong. 'No problem' I said. He went on to explain that it was a novelty gift that she had made for him. I was starting to wonder what the big deal was when he pulled the bong out from behind his back. It was in the shape of a huge erect cock! I gasped and he quickly explained that it was actually modeled after his own cock. He made a point of emphasizing that it was actual size. The bong looked to be 10 inches long, so I thought he was exaggerating but I didn't say anything. He said he would understand if I didn't feal comfortable. He took a long hit and walked over and sat down close to me. He exhaled in my face and I immediately started to relax. After a couple more contact hits, my inhibitions were gone and I reached for the bong. Sergio explained the way to light it was kind of tricky and he didn't want me to drop it so he'd hold it for me. He stood over me and held the tip of his dick-shaped bong to my lips.

I tried not to get too much of it in my mouth, but I was having trouble and Sergio pressed the bong deeper into my mouth and whispered 'suck it. You gotta suck it out'. As he slid the huge dick-shaped pipe in and out of my mouth I caught his meaning. I started sucking and slurping on the cock graphically and he rewarded me by lighting it and I sucked the smoke deep into my lungs as he gently slid the bong in and out of my mouth. He said he needed to repack it and walked over the table. He bumped the bong and spilled the water straight down his shirt and pants. He quickly pulled off the stained shirt and pants. I was surprised that he wasn't wearing underwear. I was more surprised to see the bong makers didn't exaggerate at all. He was huge. He stood before me drying his nude body slowly and looked me in the eye. I guess it was his turn to tease me. He said that since my mouth was hanging open he better fill it. He packed the bong with fresh weed and stood before me. Now he was naked feeding me a molding of his dick while the real thing swung in my face.

I declined weakly saying I felt dizzy. He said I should get lower and helped me down from the futon as I kneeled on a pillow. He was now standing right over me sliding the bong deep in and out of my throat. Each time I took it deeper he would light it and I would get me reward. He started pulling it all the way out and sliding it back in. I am not sure when I noticed he had starting switching between the bong and his real dick, but soon I knew that if I sucked his dick well for a while he would bring the bong back and reward me. He had trained me to be a hungry cock-sucker in one session. I was sucking for my life and he was really fucking my face. He used the bong and his cock and let them tangle in my mouth. He asked if I loved to suck it and I mumbled something as I sucked on his balls.

I got into a rhythm and started taking him really deep with each stroke. When Sergio tried to pull himself away and give me the bong I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. Whatever he was trying to make me, I became. I sucked his cock hard and deep until he shook and unloaded down my throat. My throat was raw from the smoking and sucking and his warm seed was soothing as it coated my throat. I sucked for a while as he shrank. I sucked his limp dick clean. We talked a little as I gathered my things and then I left to head home. I guess me and Sergio are even...what do you think?



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