"Fuck me again! Yes Phillip harder" I stood there watching my uncle fuck this lady. Watching his dick slip in and out of her pussy. My dick rockhard. He moaned so loud just before cumming....and what a lot of cum that was!!! I watched it drip from her pussy and onto the floor as he kept her against the wall. He had a last loud moan and with that they both fell onto the bed.

Once they were passed out I creeped to that very spot and looked at Uncle Phillips cum, it was so thick and white I took a taste and that's when I knew I wanted his cum.

Uncle Phillip stayed with us after moving to the big city we shared a bed in our 2 bedroom apartment. He was looking to make it big, but after 2 years he was still unemployed. Every night he would have sex with a different woman at the end they wud pay him 500 for the 3 hour session. I didn't get it at first, the whole sex 4 pay shit.

One afternoon after creeping into my usual cupboard spot I watched how he fucked our neighbours wife. She screamed "Don't put it all in I'm begging u". When he pulled out I understood what she meant

Uncle Phil was a tall black man with a very long thick 11inch dick and an amazing body. Pecs, biceps, abs, thigh muscles that others dream of.

We both layed in bed one night and I heard him moaning & groaning. He was jerking. I turned around and accidently put my hand on his chest. He said "don't act like u sleeping I know u gay" I froze! "Uve got a pussy too let me in on ur pussy"

He laid me one my back spread my legs and went at my ass. No lube. He thrusted in my ass. His dick was too big for me. I begged him to pull out "I'm going to fuck u till I AM SATISFIED" my tears turned into passion after a few minutes. "Scream u bitch, scream like a horny gay bitch" "I'm your Uncle make me cumm before ripp your ass apart"

"Harder uncle phil harder! Please fuck me". He went in so deep that at some point I moaned "TAKE IT OUT". Phil fucked me over and over again. We were on the floor and he whispered "Baby I'm going to cum u better make sure that nothing falls on the floor otherwise I'll have to fuck u again" he did cum. In my ass, on my body, on my face, and then on the floor......



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