I worked in a local store filling shelves, a job between jobs to pay the bills. One day I was called into the manager's office. When I walked in, my eyes nearly jumped out their sockets. This gorgeous guy stood just inside the office. He was wearing skinny tight blue jeans, which showed off his well-toned athletic legs, white T-shirt and a black leather biker's jacket.

He looked at me and seemed to smile with his eyes, was it pleasure or amusement that made him look at me like that? "This is Yannis he will be working with you," said the manager. "Hi I'm Drew," I said. He looked at me and acknowledged me with a nod of his head. The manager handed him a pair of overalls. I showed him where the staff changing room was.

Wow when he slipped off his biker jacket my cock stirred in my pants. I don't think he could have got a tighter T-shirt to fit him. His athletic toned torso took my breath away.

At first I just didn't think we were going to get on. I was making all the effort to be friendly he just did not seem interested.

I had a problem with some of the guys that worked in the store, they called me a fag, queer boy and teased me. One guy named Benny was even physical, pushing me up against the wall and tormenting me in front of the others. "This little fag likes cock," he said, looking over to the others and laughing. I tried to ignore it but they would not let up.

I had buddies that I hung out with that never called me names. If they thought I was gay they never said anything. I didn't think I needed to tell them I was gay or straight. I fancy guys and girls so I guess I'm bisexual. Those that need to know my gay side I tell others don't need to know. I've had sex with girls and guys. Sex with a guy is more intense and satisfying.

I didn't want Yannis to hear or see them calling me names and teasing me at work. I felt that Yannis was different to them, he didn't pick on me. What he thought of me I didn't really know. I just hoped he would be a friend.

Several days passed by. Yannis opened up a bit more he was more talkative, not overly. He told me he was 22 years old, one year older than I am. He told me he is a amateur middleweight boxer and has a part-time job as a nightclub security doorman, Where do you hang out he asked. I told him places I went to with my buddies. Why don't you come out with me one night, I know some good bars and nightclubs. You can stay overnight at my place. The invitation was very unexpected, it only took me seconds to decide, and say yes. He lived on his own in an apartment. (I learned later that most times he had different girls stay with him)

When we got back to his place after a night out. We went straight to his bedroom. There was only one bed. He stripped off. He had the most beautifully toned athletic body and horse hung cock and hairy ball sack. I was taking in as much as I could, trying not to make it look obvious. I nervously stripped. All sorts of stuff shot through my head. Stupid stuff like, as he heard the rumors about me being gay, is this a test. If he finds out, will he tell the others at work or even beat me up. Yeah a load of shit maybe. At the time I was thinking that way. When I was sure he was asleep I jacked off lying next to him. I was so horny it didn't take me long to shoot.

Weeks past by I hung out with Yannis more I really liked him and his company. I met some of his buddies I was accepted by them because I was Yannis's buddy, I felt really good. Malcolm and Alberto were two of Yannis's buddies that we hung out with. Malcolm was 23 another amateur boxer 160lbs. (73kg) 6', (183cm) tall physically strong, he worked on the door at the club with Yannis. Alberto was Hispanic 26 years old 190 lbs. (86kg) 5.10", (178cm) Stocky. Liked the occasional cigarette.

Yannis had a girlfriend (one of many he knew) the three of us hanged out. She worked at a local hotel. I arranged to meet up with them at the hotel, she had a room there. When I got there Yannis opened the door he was stark naked, I had more time to take in his body. I got a good view of his muscular back and his nicely shaped bubble butt. As I followed him in. (Yannis is 180lbs (82kg) 5' 10" (178cm).) His girlfriend lay on the bed naked with her legs spread apart. She looked up and smiled at me. As much as I was enjoying this I didn't know where it was going.

I sat in a chair facing the bed. He started fucking her on the bed in front of me, as if I was not there. I could see the muscles on his back and his butt tense as he thrust into her. Awesome sight my cock was hardening. She looked towards me and said, "Are you going to just sit there or take your clothes off and join us." Yannis looked at me and smiled. I didn't hesitate I stripped off and joined them on the bed, by the time I stripped my cock was rock hard.
I always thought guys were possessive when it came to their girlfriends. I was to find out that Yannis liked to watch guys fucking and more.

Yannis pulled out of her and rolled to one side. She spread her legs apart, cum juice was spilling out her fanny. The shaft of his cock glistened with his and her juices. "She's all yours," Yannis said. I felt the warmth of both their bodies as I guided my cock into her wet fanny. My cock slipped in easily I started to work my cock up and down inside her wet warm cunt. She wrapped her legs and arms around me. I found it a turn on to be fucking her and being watched by Yannis. I heard her say to him 'I can feel him inside me.' We had several sessions over the next few wks.

During one session Yannis said he wanted to double fuck her. I lay on my back she impaled herself on my cock and laid with her back on me Yannis being the alpha male knelt down between our legs I could feel his cock pressing into her cunt; squeezing my cock that was already In her. To have him mounting her in that way was just as if he was mounting me. I could feel his legs and arms rubbing on me. I at to have my hands on his back to help me thrust into her. We both shot warm cum juice into her. I could feel Yannis's cock throbbing as it exploded its load into her.

Yannis pulled out. He knelt between her knees and had his head down licking and sucking her fanny. I could feel his tongue licking the shaft of my still hard cock. He was eating cum juice out her fanny. Wow this was a fantastic feeling. We lay there for about 20 minutes while he licked her fanny and cum off my cock and balls that spilled out. When my cock slipped out he sucked the whole of my cock into his mouth. Making my semi hard cock grow hard again. He sucked and licked all our juices off my cock. Tasting not only his own juice, but also his girlfriend and mine.

"I want to watch you fuck her," he said. I stretched her legs apart and penetrated her with my rock hard cock. My cock was sliding up and down inside her when I felt her finger penetrating my anus. I moaned out loudly as she massaged my prostate. Yannis stood over us making me lick the juices off the shaft of his cock. It was an erotic moment.

She removed her finger as I convulsed and shot my load into her. I felt Yannis's hands on my butt as he stretched my ass cheeks apart. I felt the head of his cock pressing into my man pussy. His cock slipped into me making me yelp. He was on top of me like a dog on a bitch. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he thrust hard into me.

She slid from underneath us. She sat with my head between her legs. She stretched her fanny open, cum juice spilled out. She grabbed my hair and pressed my head into her crotch "lick it, lick it dry," she shouted. Yannis shuddered spasmodically and moaned out loud as he shot hot jets of his sperm laden cum into my gut. It was an awesome moment.

A few days later Yannis and me were out drinking with Malcolm and Alberto one night when I went to the washroom. Alberto followed me in; he grabbed my hair and told me to get on my knees. He stood in front of me unzipped his zipper and told me to pull his big hard cock out. I put my hand into his pants and felt his hot sweaty cock. He inhaled on his cigarette and blew smoke out his mouth and nose. 'Quick he shouted suck it.' I sucked on his hard big cock, he inhaled deeply on his cigarette. I looked up as his nostrils flared as he blew smoke down his nose. He held my head firmly, as he kept looking nervously towards the door. I felt his cock throbbing as he shot warm cum juice into my mouth. He was trying to stifle his moaning

He pushed me away, and quickly put his cock away and zipped up. When I got back to Yannis he smiled "You been fed," he asked. They knew what had gone on. They kept everyone out the washroom. "You want more I'd like to watch him fuck you," Yannis said. The whole of my body was trembling at the thought of what he just said. "I think we need to find a place where he can fuck you," said Yannis. I can't wait I was thinking.

We sat around chatting and drinking. Yannis called a girl over and started chatting to her. You could tell by the body language that they found each other sexually attractive. Her name was Elina She was 20 years old, Hispanic with olive skin and long black hair, 110lbs approx (50kg) 5'6" (168cm) slim with nice small firm tits. (She was bisexual, he had been in sessions with her before. He knew she would go along with anything he wanted to do.)

It was a warm moonlight night ideal for midnight skinny-dipping and more on the lake. We drove and parked on the shore of the lake, it was an isolated part of the lake. The full moon was out, giving a good light. We had some bottles of beer. We were fooling about. Yannis and Malcolm started to undress the girl. Alberto peeled off my shirt, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my zipper, pulled my pants down and made me step out of them. He stroked my naked chest and hips with his large strong hands. Feeling and seeing his hands glide over my naked body made my cock stiff and the whole of my body tremble. He looked at my butt and stroked it with his hands. "Nice firm ass boy very fuckable," he said.

"Let's see the two queers fucking," said Yannis. (Being called a queer and in this situation was a turn on for me) They got the girl down on her hands and knees. Alberto kicked the back of my legs making me fall to my knees. Yannis knelt in front of her, he reached over her and stretched her pussy open. "Ok queer boy stick your cock in her," said Yannis. Alberto held my cock with his right hand and snaked my hard cock into her fanny, pushing on my ass with his left hand.

They stripped and stood over us drinking beer, while I fucked her. They pissed on us giving us a golden shower, into our faces and all over our bodies. Fuck this was really degrading, wow! what an awesome situation to be in. I was there for their amusement. "Be more rough with her make her scream," Said Yannis. I grabbed her long black hair and thrust hard into her making her scream. "You like that Elina?" asked Yannis. "Yessss, yessss," she screamed. Alberto was stroking my back and butt as I fucked Elina. Sending ripples of ecstasy through my body. Both Elina and me were moaning out loud which made the guys looking on more and more excited.

I could not hold it back any longer, I convulsed as I started to squirt my load into her. While I was squirting my load into her, I felt Alberto's fingers stretching my man pussy. He pressed the head of his big hard thick cock into my stretched hole, as it slipped in I screamed out in pain. My cock was still squirting juice into Elina as I felt his cock slipping into me. I felt his hand on the back of my neck as he forced his cock deeper into me until it was all the way to the hilt. Yannis knelt in front of Elina and snaked his hard cock deep down her throat. He was going to skull fuck her, make her gag, and spit up saliva.

Malcolm straddled and stood over her in front of me. I could see precum glistening in the slit of his cock. "Lick it," Malcolm said. I licked the precum out his slit. My coarse tongue made him shudder. Alberto held me with his hand around my neck under the chin for Malcolm to deep throat me. Alberto continued to slow fuck me. Both Elina and me were being spit roasted same time.

Malcolm's body shuddered and he moaned as his cock was throbbing in my mouth squirting his thick cum juice down my throat. Alberto slapped my butt sending searing shocks of pain through my body as he fucked me more vigorously. I felt his cock swell and throb as his cum juice shot down the shaft of his cock squirting his sperm juice into my gut. We were all inhaling and exhaling rapidly. Alberto pulled out of me. Malcolm pulled his cock out my throat squeezing the last drops over my face. He stepped to one side. I could see Yannis's cock in Elina's mouth. White beads of cum hung off Elina's chin and Yannis's hairy balls.

I rolled over and lay on my back. Elina lay next to me with a satisfied smile on her face; the guys stood over us swigging beer out of bottles. Alberto was deep inhaling on his cigarette flaring his nostrils and blowing smoke down his nose. Planning their next fantasies. It was a surreal moment for me.

Yannis told Elina to kneel down and straddle my face, so I could suck cum juice out her pussy. They watched me licking my cum. Yannis scooped some of my cum out her pussy and made me lick his fingers. They all had hard cocks. Alberto knelt down behind Elina and penetrated her with his cock. I looked up and could see his cock slipping into her; his balls were hitting me in the face as he thrust into her. When he squirted into her his cum spilled out and dripped off his balls into my open mouth. Malcolm fucked her next, it happened with his cum juice, it dripped off his balls into my mouth. Yannis fucked her next. I got another load of cum, more spilled out. Her fanny was full and leaking of mine and they're cum juice into my mouth. Yannis knelt down and licked her fanny. Penetrating her deep with his tongue. Swallowing some and spitting some into my mouth.

They drank some more beer and Alberto smoked another cigarette.

"You want to be one of the boys and fuck this queer boy with us?" Yannis asked Elina. She stared at me and said, "hell yeah." Yannis walked over to the trunk of the car, when he came back he threw something to Elina. "Put that on," he said. Wow it was an 8" strap on cock and balls. She was going to fuck me and they were going to watch.

Malcolm leaned me over the hood of the car and kicked my legs apart. He roughly stretched my ass cheeks apart, I felt the head of his cock stroke my man pussy. He leaned into me and made me yelp as his cock slipped into me. He pressed me hard down on the hood of the car as he thrust hard into me, stretching my gut with his big hard cock. He thrust deep into me and pulled all the way out. Sometimes when he went to thrust back in he would miss and his cock slid along the crack of my ass. The whole of his body convulsed as he pressed hard into me, each time he squirted his sperm laden juices into me.

Alberto was next his big thick cock easily slid into my gut. He had his left arm around my neck and his right arm around my waist, pressing me down on the hood. When he squirted his juice into me it spilled out and ran down the inside of my legs. Yannis was next his cock slid into me on Malcolm and Alberto's juices. Yannis whispered into my ear," feels nice and warm in your wet pussy, you done good boy." Made me feel good to know I had pleased Yannis. More juices spilled out my pussy and down my legs when Yannis squirted his load.

Yannis looked over to Elina and said," he's all yours." She grabbed my hair and forced me to the ground on my hands and knees. She was going to enjoy controlling me. She mounted me like a dog on a bitch penetrating me with her strap on cock, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back. The guys were laughing and spurring her on, she was rougher with me than any of the guys making me scream, which excited her and them. Slapping my ass hard with her small hands. She would have fucked me longer.  Yannis said it was time to go. We had all lived some of our fantasies. I loved every moment!!!



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