Hello, I'm Santa. Yes, Ol' Saint Nick. The one, the only. Now, I am always making sure good kids get presents and bad ones get coal. But once in a while I enjoy making good kids into bad ones, if you know what I mean. I've arrived to many homes and have delivered "marvelous" gifts to many women and their daughters but this very night had been the best one yet.

I arrive atop a lovely house, moderately lit, nothing too fancy. I quickly grab my bag and slide down the chimney. After dusting myself off, I get to work filling stockings and placing gifts under the tree. I don't hear the young man come downstairs till I hear him gasp. I freeze on the spot, slowly turning around and my eyes fall upon a cute, sexy emo looking boi. I feel my groin stirring. 

He slowly approaches me in his loose fit pajama pants. I ask why he is awake and he replies that he had come down for some milk. He goes to the kitchen to get his juice, still looking at me in awe. I should run as soon as he looks away but seeing his small figure has me mesmerized. He leans down as he opens the fridge, his pants pull down enough to reveal a smooth little ass. Fuck it, I'll stay. 

He returns after drinking his juice. I ask where his parents are and he states they are at a party. I ask him how old he is, yeah I should know cause I'm Santa but with so many kids, it's hard to keep track. He says he just turned 18. So finally I ask, has he been a good boy. He smirks a sexy grin and answers maybe. He slowly approaches me and grabs my throbbing bulge.

He undoes my belt, removing my red coat, taking my hat and placing it atop his head. He then slowly kneels before me, pulling my pants down, my rock hard cock springing up. My manly aroma smelling like gingerbread as he kisses my cock from tip to base then teasingly licking my cock from base to tip. He kisses my tip before pursing his lips together and slowly takes my cock into his mouth. Fuck, it's like a tight pussy.

He works my cock back and forth slowly, occasionally taking me deep. He reaches up and massages my jingle balls. As I let out a soft moan, he starts working my cock faster, bobbing and twisting his head this way and that. As soon as my pre hits his tongue, he pulls off. Not yet Santa, he claims.

He turns around as I kick my pants off, leaving my boots on. I kneel down behind him, pulling his pants down. He smells freshly showered. I run my hand over his buttocks and he shakes it for me. He kicks his pants off, I bury my face into his ass, running my tongue up and down his crack.

He pulls away, kneeling over the back of the couch, his knees on the cushions and spread wide open, revealing an adorable pucker hole. I get back behind him and give him a long, sensual tongue fucking. Pushing my tongue in deep, teasing him from time to time. After a few minutes, he gasps deeply as he cums onto the couch.

I spit on my hand and stroke my cock, he looks at me and says he's ready. I line myself up and slowly penetrate his boi pussy. He moans and whimpers as I inch myself inside him. I stop as my hips press against his ass. We wait a moment before I get ahold of his waist and begin to slowly fuck him. After 5 minutes, he's begging for more. I slide my hands to his shoulders and begin fucking him in long, fast, deep, powerful thrusts.

I'm drilling this sweet bois ass into next Christmas. 15 minutes go by before we both cry out. We cum simultaneously. A years worth of pent up sex unleashing inside his ass. Yet I'm still not satisfied. I slowly pull out, pulling him to his feet, keeping his back to me. I hook one of his arms around my neck and lift him up. He has got to weigh at least 115 when wet.

I take his legs into my hands, spreading his legs wide open as he uses his other hand to slide me back into his ass. I kiss and nibble on his neck as I slowly bounce him on my cock, gradually getting faster and deeper till I'm finally madly pumping his ass. He cries out in sexual desire, moaning like a true slut.

His cock slapping up and down, smacking his stomach. He plays with his nipples, tension building again. 10 minutes goes by before he screams out, his flailing cock spurting out ropes of cum. His pussy vice gripping my cock and I unload once more. A good 2 minutes goes by before I finally let him back down. As soon as I release him, his legs give out and he falls to the floor.

He rolls onto his back, spreading his weak legs open, offering me his well used hole once more. He smiles even bigger as he points above him. A mistletoe hangs above us. I get down and slide back in, my cum being perfect lube. As soon as I bottom out, his legs are wrapped tightly around my waist, our tongues wrestling for dominance.

I slide in and out slowly, passionately. 10 minutes goes by before he unhooks his legs, begging for one more fuck. I push his knees to either side of him, they hit the floor. Fuck he is limber. We kiss once more before I instantly start assaulting his ass. Cum flying out as I abuse his boi pussy with every once of pent up sex I have. My hips smacking his ass, the smell of fresh baked gingerbread cookies wafting about the room.

He reaches back, grabbing my ass, screaming I believe in Santa Claus. As soon as the words escape his lips he throws his head back, cumming harder than before. I watch as rope after rope of young seed fly over his head. His quivering ass pushing me past the point of no return. I cum harder and bigger than those of the past years.

Half my load ends up in his ass, I pull out and the other half plasters all over his ass and gaping pussy. I lay back next to him. He rolls over, cuddling with me. No sooner than we share one last kiss, he falls asleep. I quietly get up, getting dressed, I place a blanket over him before grabbing my bag. Such a good boi. Such a good fuck boi. I go up the chimney and finish delivering presents.



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