(Note to reader: a little bit of writing but I'll give you a great sex scene other stories on this site lack)

I was in college my first year. I was new to the state and had no friends to hang with so I mostly stayed in my room and studied, played x-box (mostly halo) and watched TV. The only person would talk to outside of class were my room mate (a short stubby guy, totally not my type) and my Xbox live friends.

One night while my roommate was out I of course was playing x-box. I was deep in a close game of slayer, talking to my teammates, when I complained about some jerk next door with his loud, annoying, dub-step music blaring. A guy on my team, Screen named: wolfhunter1250 (of course I won't give you his real gamer tag, he would kill me if he found out I wrote this) noted that he had some douche blaring the same music. When I asked him where he was he said he was at blank college (I'm not going to give you guys my college either). So I asked him what dorm and sure enough he was right down the hall from me. For reference to non-gamers it's hard to find a person near you who plays the same game especially halo: reach its no MW3. Any way his name was Johnny. We started hanging out and it grew to an every day thing we spent a lot of time together he was a junior so he had his own room. We spent non-school and work hours there.

I'm gay, but definitely not out yet. Half of me wanted to be with him for platonic reasons the other half wanted sex. I had never been with a guy before and some times I wanted it so bad it hurt. And Johnny didn't make it any easier. He was tall with a swimmers build. Blonde hair that wasn't too long but still slightly hung from his head. Perfect face. Perfect smile. And the boy had such a hot body, I know from some days I would be in his room and he would take his shirt off on hotter than normal days. Perfect abs. perfect pecs. I really yearned for some sexual contact then, other than my left hand; the only time I got close was with my best friend Luke from early high school. On night when I was over his house, he took off his underwear and through them at me, he was on the couch under the covers and I was sitting on the floor next to the sofa. He dared me to touch it so I told him to whip it out. It was a stalemate. I think we both wanted it but was too scared to act first, you know, fear of being outted if it was all a test or cruel joke. I would have made a move next time I came over but Luke made one first, to North Carolina. So Luke was Xed out.

Well that same stalemate tension I felt with Luke, slowly arouse with Johnny. Certain times he would be stripped down to his boxer briefs, the middle of winter when, he knew I was coming over. And he wore those colorful sexy boxer briefs you only see twinks and hunks wear in gay porn. Other times he would sit really close, too close for gaming (hindering the occasional moving with your character to pumble some one before you die, or jumping up to yell WHAT when you know you got that headshot before he hot you) other times he might just ask me over to watch TV and we'd get into the oddest conversations about his girlfriend and eventually his sex life, one time he even through in a "she was screaming so loud, because my dicks like 10 inches long and thick as fuck"

To which I would flinch a little, I pretty sure he noticed because he inserted his penis into more conversations after that.

So one night during a mission on campaign mode, he noted how when he gets high he gets really horny, and doesn't even know what he's doing. This comment came out of the blue, I'm pretty sure we were talking about trig before hand. I took a mental note of that and when I left his room, I was on a mission. I quickly got frustrated because earlier that day the resident dealer was busted in his room with a pound (i.e. that's a shit ton of weed) so I booked it to the gas station where they sold some Purple Diesel K2 (basically weed passed off as potpourri but you only get enough for 1 blunt) I also bought some magnums, just in case my plan works (I only got them b/c all the gay porn stars wear them and I guess there's some reason too it, I still don't know).

I couldn't just show up to his room the day he told me about this so I waited for and opening then god answered my prayers. Johnny's girlfriend left him! Yes, this is great! For me at least! I went to his room and he told me about it. She didn't like "long distance relationship" Johnny laughed it off and said she missed his "fat ten inch cock" and of course I slightly shuttered. Of course he noticed, but of course he didn't say any thing.

So I made my move. "You no what would help you right now" I smiled; he stared at me, "a blunt." I finished. He smirked and pulled a lighter from his pocket, and I pulled out the blunt a created by gutting a swisher and refilling it with the K2.

We soon had his room Smokey as we sat on cloud 9, I almost forgot my objective, but it was too important to me to slip my mind. I looked over at Johnny and he was starring at the growing mass in his shorts. "Told you, pot makes me horny as fuck." Johnny smiled looking from his bulge to me. I took tat as my best chance.

"Since I brought the weed I should be the one to handle your problem there." I said hastily. "That sounds fair." He smiled as he laid back and closed his eyes. Yes! Finally in! Finally not stalemate! Just me and Johnny now! I reached down for his member and groped it through his blue shorts. It felt huge! I rubbed it up and down through the shorts for about a minute or so. Johnny moved my eager hand and pulled his shorts to just above his knees. He didn't exaggerate one bit about his penis, it was at least11 inches long and thick as an adult banana. It was wide and veiny he was more or less hairless on his torso but he had a tuff of hair right above the base of his crotch. His balls were perfect too. The swung, they weren't on the base like some they were perfect for tea-bagging. I grasped the large member in one palm he let out a moan of appreciation and I jacked off his tool. I went up and down until I couldn't stand not having that cock in my mouth anymore! I kneeled at the foot of the bed and inserted his head into my mouth. I felt it around my mouth like I was giving it a tour of the place .before I could work his shaft, Johnny got up and stood in front of me while I was still on my knees. He held his mighty cock against his perfect abdomen while I licked his shaft and balls up and down until the thing was dripping salvia. "Oh, you're good at that." He huffed.

"Porn can teach you some things." I smirked going back to work. Johnny moved my hand back slightly (by pulling my hair) and pointed his torpedo at my lips. I gladly opened up and he slowly inserted his cock until it was at the back of my throat it was about a third of the way in. I pushed the thing down further (I have no gag reflex I tested on the dildos I zoomed out and bought the day I turned 18.)

"Wow you can take a cock." Johnny chuckled, surprised at how well I deep throated his member. Pretty soon I was taking his entire length, he was face-fucking me, and hard. He pulled my head back and forth by my hair and the sound of his balls hitting my neck echoed through the room "SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP" he went faster and faster until he let out a groan I watched his abs contract and he blew his load down my throat, well, not entirely He pulled out and splash the second half of his load on my face, it was a big one.

We laid back on his bed. He was now completely naked and I had taken my shirt off after I wiped my face with it.

We were both smiling and breathing heavily. I looked down at his cock and it was already back hard! It looked even bigger this time.

"I haven't fucked in a while" Johnny said looking at me as if he had asked a question. "Let's change that." I gulped, with a nervous smile on. He pulled some lube from his night stand drawer. "You might want to use this." Johnny said tossing it to me.

I knew the drill. I was about to get impaled and I need to lube up to take some of the pain out of it. I was happy to. I pulled my pants off and laid across his bed bare assed on my stomach. Before I could open the bottle Johnny snatched it from me.

"On second thought, ill do it." He said licking his lips. He poured the lube on my ass crack and pushed his middle finger in until he was knuckles deep. "Wow, not even a whimper?" Johnny asked. "I have a lot of toys." I moaned. As I hugged his pillow.

"I guess I'll get to business then." He said lubing up his cock. He pointed his dick towards my ass, and pushed until he found my tender hole. "ohh." I moaned. He pushed deeper and deeper until he was half way in. I moaned really loudly but luckily dub-step douche came in handy and drowned out all the noise. "You like that fucking cock." Johnny spit at me, "you like getting pounded like a bitch!?" he yelled. "Ohhhh, aahhhh, yeeeess, ohhhhh Johnny, ahhhhhh, fuck me!!!!" I screamed writhing in pain and pleasure, shifting my ass up and down slightly to meet his meat. "SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!!!" his balls slapped against me like door knocker. Johnny suddenly stopped his anal assault and pulled out of me.

"Look at that gapping fucking hole!" he said spitting inside my asshole which was completely open to the world now. "Flip the fuck over pussy." Johnny commanded fiercely, I had never seen this side of him before so I quickly obeyed, he was soo fucking hot! In body, attitude and spirit now! I was then spread wide open on my back. Johnny re-entered me but this time he sped up to the max in seconds. He put my legs on his shoulders and trusted inside of me ferociously. "THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, TWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP!" His nuts knocked against me again. By this time I was jacking off for a while, "i'm gonna cum." I moaned. I blew my load all over my stomach, chest, and face, I am a shooter.

Pornos taught me that when one guy is done the other guy jack off to finish, this wasn't the case with Johnny. He fucked me a full three more minutes before he was done. "THWAP, THWAP, SLAP, THWAP, SLAP, SLAP, THWAP." Johnny started thrusting harder and faster. He was breathing heavier too. I knew what this meant. Without warning, he whipped his cock out of me and jumped up to my face. It didn't take four strokes before he blew his load into my mouth and on my face.

"Wow finally some one picked up on the signs." Johnny said, "I'm not necessarily gay, but I always wanted to try that shit." He huffed as he pulled his shorts on. I sat there quiet for a while with a grin on my face, staring at the ceiling. "You ok? I didn't break you, did I?" he smirked. "Finally, I got some." I koffed still recovering from the super fucking pounding I received from my hunky class mate. Johnny just chuckled and tossed me a x-box controller, "who voted for head hunter." I whined staring at the TV screen.



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