This is going to sound funny, but I'm a vampire. I'm one of the stronger vampires in my colony (next in line to be king). Every vampire must take a bride before becoming the vampire king seeing how I don't like women in that sense this was going to be a problem. Oh by the way my name is Xavier I'm 6"2 with a well lean and muscled body, but don't let my size and height full you I could kill in an instant.

The people in my colony didn't like the fact that I was next in line for the throne they thought I wasn't suited for the position since I was so small and also because I had no bride. They asked the current king to put me to a test to see if I was worthy. Me being indifferent to everything really didn't care about becoming king, but the current king obviously didn't care about that and accepeted the challenge for me. I sighed and said "Okay then what's the challenge?" Raven (he hates my guts with a fiery passion) said "You must make a human yours regaurdless of gender, we'll give you a year to complete this task." Smiling to myself this is going to be easier than I thought. I accepted the challenge and set forth to completing it.

Although I said that it has been three months and I still haven't found someone and I needed to feed soon or I was going to die. Sitting in the alley I let the rain drench me growing weaker by the second my vision was becoming blurry so I must've fainted during some point of time. I woke in a bed with new clothes and the smell of steak in the air. My senses were still off because I was still weak as I lay there wondering what happened to me I smell something beyond delicious ... blood. Not just any blood the smell of this blood was potent to me it smelled deliciously sweet with a promise to make me feel drunk, it was intoxicating my senses making me pant and hot my dick was so hard I just had to touch it. I put my hand down my pants and started rubbing my cock god it felt good. I squeezed the head making me gush out precum I started to tease myself making myself come to the brink of cumming, but not letting myself cum, pulling on it and playing with my balls, but the thing that was teasing me most was that delicious smell. Stroking myself harder and faster I cummed all in my new clothes. Panting and sweating I laid there when I heared the sexiest voice in the universe.

"So your awake," the voice said "I saw you passed out in the alley and picked you and brought you home, my name is Zeke." Zeke was beautiful he looked like a greek god. He had tan golden skin with the lightest green eyes I've ever seen, muscles that looked like they were ready to pop out his shirt any moment, and dark brown hair that was just asking my fingers to run through it. I swallowed hard and was glad I was under the cover because I had another hard on. I noticed his scent he smelt of a summer morning and slightly sweet. I then realized where that delicious blood sent was coming from it was coming from him. I gave him a tight lip smile because my fangs were coming down and were damn sore. I told him thank you and he gave me a pretty white teeth smile making me blush. He said he cooked and thought I might be hungry I nodded my head yes and he gave me the steak that I was smelling earlier.

After I finished eatting he showed me the shower and said I could use it and that my clothes would be dry by the time I came out.


Zeke was so horny he'd never seen anybody so beautiful as the man that was in his shower right now. He wanted to fuck him as soon as he saw him jacking off in his bed. He had watched as he teased himself watching how he brought himself close to cumming, but not letting himself cum. If he didn't have that tray of food infront of his mid section his guest surely would have known his raging hard on itching to get out.

He went to the laundry room and took his vistor's clothes out and placed them by his bathroom door. He knocked on the door and said "Your clothes are by the bathroom door." He shouted back "Okay!" Zeke giggled to himself and started to clean his vistor plate when he remembered he doesn't know his name. Knocking on the door again he asked "What's your name?" "Oh it's Xavier." He said. As he said his name he thought it suited him well.

When he first saw Xavier in the the alley he thought he was a doll. He had long silver hair, pale white skin, pink lips that made him want to do all kinds of things to them, and he had the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen. He was far prettier than any girl he'd seen before. Trying to keep his thoughts on the sane level about his visitor he went to sit on the couch and watch tv thinking to himself this was going to be a long night.


When he came out the bathroom he found Zeke laying on the couch sleep with the tv on. Walking over to him he bent down in front of him to get a better look on his profile. He was a very handsome man he had just shaven today, but you can see little hair on his tryin to fight its way back to the surface. He had the air of a very successful business man he could also tell he was kind of a lonely man. Before thinking about what I was doing I put my fingers on his face and started to trace it. Zeke sighed with content and I giggled to myself planning to get up and walk away I looked at his neck and my fangs were so sore and my throat got extremely dry. Before I could stop myself I was ontop of him licking his neck and nipping at it. Zeke was making little moaning sounds and started to grind into me this made the animal inside me go wilder so I bit his neck and started claiming his sweet juice.


He was having a dream about Xavier when he felt a sharp pain that made his eyes fly open. He saw Xavier sucking on his neck and then saw the blood. He was so shocked he didn't know what to do and then he felt the pleasure rushing through his body he felt so hot on the inside and out and it was giving him the biggest hard on he ever had. He started to moan and grind into Xavier pushing his head closer to his neck begging him to take more. The feeling of Xavier sucking on his neck was driving him crazy and making him want to cum so hard. That's when he knew he had to make Xavier his and he had to become Xavier's.



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