"Ezekiel! Wake up! We're under attack!" Ezekiel's father shook him from his bed. Ezekiel hopped up from his bed and quickly put on his newly acquired blue armor. He grabbed his greatsword before running outside. When he'd entered the streets of Domana, a look of confusion crept onto his face. The citizens of the town were all outside, quivering in fear and looking up at the sky. Ezekiel looked up. "I don't see any-" he stopped.

A dark shadow passed over the town as something flew over it, temporarily blocking the sun, then suddenly disappeared. "Archers! Fire!" Ezekiel heard his father yelling at the imperial army. A large volley of arrows began to fly towards the sky, hitting nothing but air. Suddenly, there was a loud thud. Out of nowhere, a ripping gale of wind blew through the town, forcing all of its inhibitors to the ground, all except for Ezekiel. He looked up and saw that there, on top of town hall, was perched a large, black scaly dragon. On its head was a muscular man in a black armored ninja outfit, weilding a bow and wearing a mask that was painted with the face of a fox. His black ponytail of hair blew through the gust like paper.

The man raised his bow and fired straight for Ezekiel. With a swift roll, he evaded the attack, and the arrow landed right next to him. It was like nothing he'd ever seen before. The arrows seemed to be made of expanding air... Expanding!

"Get back!" Ezekiel shouted, wrapping his arms around a shopkeeper and her family and shielding them from the large wave of air. "Everyone, go into your homes!" Ezekiel ordered. Without hesitation or protest, the townspeople quickly ran into their homes, including the soldiers.

"Who the hell are you!?" Ezekiel shouted. The masked man held up his hand an sent a blast of cutting air towards him. Ezekiel held pushed his hand out and a spherical orb of ice surrounded him, protecting him from the attack. Slowly, the ice melted away, and Ezekiel held his sword up, spinning it over his head in a circular motion. With a hard "SLAM" against the ground, a wave of frost was flying towards town hall. The man and his dragon jumped in separate directions before the build was split in half.

The two fighting fools should've recognized each other, but naivete often tends to claim the ones who think they know best. The masked man's dragon flew upward and circled the city as the masked man himself disappeared. Ezekiel could hear a whisper behind him, but as he turned, no one was there. "I move with the wind." The masked man said from another direction. "And you can't catch the wind." Finally re appearing, the masked man gave Ezekiel a hard whack across the face with his bow, sending him to the ground. As he got up, there was a bleeding scar on his face. He raised his sword up as high as he could, and brought it down towards his attacker. He put his right hand up to block and got a deep cut in his palm.

"Shit!" He cursed, pushing the white-haired boy off him. He holstered his bow so that the string came diagonally over his chest, and the arc, on his back. He grabbed Ezekiel by the collar and summoned a bit of wind, giving him a hard push and throwing him into a thick patch of trees, completely out of sight as he jumped in after him. Ezekiel pulled him to the ground and the two began to roll, fighting for dominance. Finally it ended and the black haired man was on top. His hair had come undone and was hanging down on opposite sides of Ezekiel's face as he stared into his gray eyes from behind the mask. Without warning, Ezekiel reached up and turned his mask, just enough for his lips to be exposed, and pulled him down into an aggressive kiss. Their tongues fought for dominance, just as they had a few moments earlier. There was a growl from above the trees as the scaly dragon flew over it. BHS (Black Hair Sir) continued to kiss Ezekiel as he reached up and grabbed BHS's hips, grinding his butt into his groin.

There was another growl and BHS got pulled back. "I need to go." He stood and helped Ezekiel up, both of them with apparent erections. BHS turned to leave, but Ezekiel grabbed his arm, pulling him back. The two held each others hands. "When can I see you again? Without the mask?" Ezekiel asked. BHS's lips curled into a smile. "Whenever destiny brings us together again." He said, leaning in and passionately kissing Ezekiel once more before pulling away and turning his mask back down. Ezekiel watched as his strange lover walked away, him and his dragon disappearing in a haze of wind.

"Destiny... Hmm."



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