'Corey, Corey, wake the fuck up you slacker!'

Upon hearing the voice of Eric, I jumped up breakin' the empty bottle of wine I had lying on my chest in the process. 'Ok, what's up? How am I a slacker, huh?'

Eric laughed while shaking his baldhead. 'Dude, those whores told us you only fucked them once. I mean what is your problem; that was free ass!' Still chuckling he hit my arm and went to the bathroom.

The moment he closed the door, Bryan stumbled in with a bottle of Jager in his hand. 'Hey Coreeeeyyyy! Dude, share this bottle with me wills ya'? You can't allow somethin' like this go to waste.' Right then, he plopped on the couch handing it to me.

As much as Jaeger turned my stomach, I still drank it, especially when there was cranberry juice to mix it with.

Being a dick I asked him, 'Wait, where has your mouth been? I hope you haven't been eatin' pussy or ass lately.' I snorted before turning it up.

Bryan burped loudly and put up his middle finger. 'No I haven't Corrreyy, the last time I ate pussy was five weeks ago with the blonde in Toronto. Also, I brush my teeth everyday unlike some other fuckers on this tour.' He grabbed it outta my hand taking a swig.

'Okay fair enough.' I laughed and lit a cigarette.

'Dude, I got a joint, you want some of that?' He asked after passing the mighty Jaeger back to me.

Again, I took a sip and gave it to Bryan. 'Naw man, I'm good. Weed kills brain cells man, I need those to remember my notes and actually you do too.' I took a puff of my Malboro and blew the smoke upwards.

'Ah whateva man, you only live once. How fun is life if you don't get to do what you like? How are we livin' for anyway? Ourselves or someone else?' Bryan finished the Jager in two gulps. 'Oh dude, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.'

Bryan's statement made me think about what I was sayin' earlier about coming out. 'Bryan that is very true. But, what if something you like is not something that everyone else likes?' Again I smoked my cigarette.

Bryan took my lighter off the table and lit his joint. 'Hmm, well fuck everybody else Corey. You gotta do what's pleasin' to you.' That moment he inhaled, he offered me some.

'Fuck Bryan, I know I shouldn't but it's just too damn tempting to turn down.' I took the weed from him and took a hit. 'Whoa, shit Bryan. Where the hell did ya' get this shit from?' I passed it back over to him before taking another hit of my Malboro.

'Anyway Corey, what is it you like doin' that no one else likes?' He said while eyein' me.

Shit, why did I open my big mouth? 'Aw nothin', I'm just speakin' hypothetically.' I laughed.

By the look that he gave me, Bryan didn't believe me. 'Dude, how are you gonna be in this band and keep secrets?' The joint was low, so he put it out and took one of my cigarettes out of my shirt pocket.

'You're welcome asshole,' I said while lighting it for him.

'Thanks man, I promise I'll buy ya' some when we get back to LA.' He said after taking a puff.

Just as he was about to ask me more questions...

'Damn that was a big one. Shouldn't have ate that double cheeseburger last night.' Eric swung open the bathroom door and walked out unleashing a foul stench that could kill any living breathing thing.

'Damn, Eric. What was on the burger man?' I said waving the smell away.

'Dunno, it might have been a mixture of shit. Sorry about that, dudes!' Eric said while going out the door.

'Whoa what a smell, damn.' Bryan said. He got up and closed the bathroom door again. 'Now Corey, what is it that you like that no one else likes?'

'I already told you...'

'Bullshit Corey! You shouldn't have opened your mouth. Now what the fuck is it?' Bryan's face was red. He took a puff of the Malboro and glared at me.

Feeling cornered, I decided to attack. 'Alright Bryan, I'll tell you what I like that no one else likes if you tell me one of your dark secrets.' I finished my cigarette and put it out under my foot.

'Fair enough, you first though.' He said while puffing.

Looking into his eyes, I tried to think of something lame. I certainly couldn't tell him I liked guys. So, I thought of the first thing that came to my mind. 'I like jagging off in front of the mirror.' Actually it was true because I liked seeing my cum splat on the glass. I am an exhibitionist after all.

'Dude, that's it?' He said while puttin' the cigarette out.

Feelin' confident that he believed me I said, 'What were you expecting?' Something you would see on Springer er somethin'. I'm in love with my third cousin or I'm in love with a drag queen.' I chortled.

'Uh no but surely you have somethin' else.' He said while walking to the fridge to get a brew. 'Want one Corey?' He said grabbin a Miller Lite.

'Um yeah, why not? Ok Bryan you have to confess now.' I said taking the beer from him.

The more I looked at him, the more I wanted him. Bryan's look was so fuck-able that I could enjoy myself lunging into his virgin ass while looking into those pretty browns. I can just imagine who tight he is, fuck! If only he weren't so in love with that girl at home. I'm not saying I could change him but I think I can convince him to experiment. Maybe when were alone on the bus...

'I like things in my ass.' He coughed after saying it.

That moment, my brain tried to register what our fabulous drummer just said. 'You like things in your ass? Like what?'

'Things that are long, skinny, maybe thick depending on what it is. Like bottles, drumsticks, vibrators, etc.' Again, his browns met mine.

'Does your girlfriend penetrate you with those things?'

'Uh no, listen if you tell anyone this shit I will fuckin' beat yor ass in yor sleep.' He snarled while finishing his beer.

'Ok, you have my word. ' Intrigued, I lay back on the couch and waited. Now I felt bad for giving him such a weak ass confession.

'I don't have a girlfriend Corey. I just tell Eric and Allen that to keep them off me. The only people that know this are Matt (the tour manager), Nicolai, and now you. I swear if this gets back to them I will...' He pumped his fist in my face.

'I swear I won't say anything, Bryan.' I finished my brew and threw the can on the floor. Hey you wanna another?' I said while trotting to the fridge.

'Yeah man, thanks.' He said.

As I gave him the beer, I sat down looking at him intently. 'So do you penetrate yourself with these objects or what?'

After he opened his brew he laughed, 'Dude, why do you want to know?' He asked.

Since he made the bold confession, I went for broke. 'Cause, I like to be penetrated too.' I said after taking a swig of my Lite.

Immediately he got up and laughed. 'Dude, really? Shit man, I thought I was the only one. Corey, man, you have made me feel so much better about this. Nicolai makes me feel like shit when he's done...' He stopped and put the beer up to his lips.

'Wait, woe. Nicolai makes you feel like shit when he's done doin' what?' I said raisin' my eyebrow.

Bryan stood there knowin' he said too much. Quickly, he drank some more from the can.

'Bryan! Spit it out or I beat yor ass!' I yelled.

Right then, he took a deep breath, 'Okay, okay. Nicolai does those things to me ok? He fucks me too.' Bryan said.

Immediately, my face felt flush and I leaned back on the couch. 'Wow Bryan, I uh...damn.' I said as I took another drink.

'Corey, it tears me up inside man. You know you can't be in metal and be gay. Nicolai calls me his little bitch ya' know. It really bothers me but I like it man! I love being fucked in the ass!'

Suddenly, I felt I needed to be close to Bryan; my boy next door had the same hang up I did. I got up from the couch and walked over to him. Once I put the beer down, I pulled him in and hugged his body.

Not knowing what I was doin', he returned the hug. 'Corey, what the hell is this for?' He said.

'Bryan, we are in the same boat my friend. I'm bi, have been for some time.' I grasped him tighter while tears ran down my face.

Right then, Bryan squeezed me and hit my back with his fists. 'Corey, man, I knew there was a reason I liked you.'

Even though his pounding hurt, Bryan and I became closer through our confessions. After crying on each other's shoulders like pussies we walked over to the couch and had another beer. As we talked, he lay his head on my shoulder to chat about Nicolai. Since we were comfortable with each other, I let him know how much I liked the freak.

'Corey, you shouldn't waste your time liking him. He's a male slut who cheats on his wife and he's in the closet. The woman he wants is someone he can't have.

Immediately, my mind went to the fine ass chocolate girl.

'Renee'?' I said while finishin' my brew.

'Yep,' he said.

'Why not?'

'She's not interested in settling down. Nicolai has been into Renee' since he was in Dark Hope. He's always wanted her, but she has always refused.'

Seemingly, we chatted for awhile before Matt came and got us off the couch to let us know we were headin' out. After speaking with Bryan, I no longer felt sad. Now that we knew both of us were bi, it would make our time in the Wretched easier.

Remember, you can never tell a book by it's cover.



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