My name is Michael, first cousin's with Gavin. After a night of drinking with my cousin Gavin, he shared this hot story of how he seduced his best friend Shay with his monstrous cock, the night they both lost their virginity.

Gavin and Shay were not only stars on their respective high school sport's teams but also consistently placed ahead of all the school's athletes in physical exercises and conditioning. They were true studs. The similar dedication to their sports as well as academics drew them close and they became best friends.

They often visited each other's homes for meals, video games, study sessions as they had the same classes, and trips with their parents who had become close friends through Gavin and shay.

As Gavin entered his senior year, he was a three-time state champion wrestling at 190 pound weight category. Likewise Shay had finished first at state for three consecutive years in the pole vault competition. They were both perfect specimens of a true jock. They also shared a very competitive spirit in all their activities including top students in their senior class.

Gavin was a strong and well built stud standing 6-feet and 2-inches; weighed 190 pounds; blond curly hair with blue eyes; sculpted chest, stomach, abs, legs and big hard thighs; huge muscled arms with bulging biceps; prominent set jaw; and ribbed back muscles. And best of all he had a whopping thick long 11.5-inch monstrous cock. He was of Swedish ancestry. They grow big cocks in the men of his family.

Shay was a much more lean and agile athlete as is true of most track stars. He stood 6-feet; weighed a slim 165 pounds; sleek build; flat chest, stomach and long slim legs; short brown hair with blue eyes; and charming dimples with a constant big smile. He was loved by his classmates as Mr. Personality. He was fast as a rabbit that propelled him above the bars as a winning pole vault champion. He was of french ancestry. And he had a very slick smooth 7-inch cock.


On a late Saturday afternoon in early Fall the second week of their senior year, Gavin and Shay went for a 6-mile run getting in shape for the coming year's competition in their respective sports.

After the six-mile run, they stopped to rest and get a drink at a water fountain at the edge of the city park. They took a seat on a park bench that was near a forested area that was next to the park. They were dressed only in their running shorts, socks and tennis shoes.

The two studs tired and drenched in sweat from the run, took off their tennis shoes and pulled up the bottoms of their running shorts to the inside of their thighs to cool down. The move revealed portions of their pubic hairs, balls and the head of each cock pocked out of the pulled up shorts. Neither guy was wearing under ware or a jock strap. Neither guy had jacked off in four days leaving them horny.

Shay noticed Gavin's huge cock head and became instantly turned on and felt his own cock began swelling. Shay by accident rubbed his naked leg up against Gavin's sweaty thigh. Gavin pressed his leg back hard against Shay's leg. The flesh on flesh produced immediate waves of heat radiating from each guy's crotch. Soon they both had sprouted steel hard cocks. It was the first time they had seen their buddies cock at full erection. Man it turned them so hard as both were gay virgins. They were only experienced with masturbating when alone.

The partial escape of Gavin's monstrous python-like cock from his running shorts had Shay mesmerized at the sight of such a gigantic beautiful smooth vein covered purple cock lying down Gavin's leg. Soon seminal fluid drops oozed out of the piss slit.

Shay could not take his eyes off the 11.5-inch thick cock. In fact, Shay seemed to be in a hypnotic state consumed with lust for Gavin's now blood filled manhood. He knew he would do anything to play with that wood and be fucked by such a gorgeous tool. He had to have it.

Shay's hard cock was now oozing pre-cum as he became hornier and hornier.

Gavin noticed his buddies cock head and the slick shinny head with per-cum. He also noticed that Shay's eyes were frozen on his big 11.5-inch cock. They were now beyond any control and could care less if someone saw what they were about to do. They gave no concern to getting it on in public.

Without any warning, Shay grabbed hold of his buddies' huge cock and began to play with it. Soon he used both hands to cuddle the huge cock in his hands and started using his hands to form a channel for the cock to go in and out of with Gavin's help. Gavin used his hips to drive his now wet cock through the tunnel.

"Oh Holy Shit Gavin, your cock is seducing me. I've never seen anything this sexy or beautiful. Please. let me suck that cock. I've never wanted anything as much as I want to feel your cock in my mouth and yes, my ass. Your cock is pulsating and throbbing in my hands. I'm about to pass out from the excitement."

"Shay Baby, yea, suck my cock and I've wanted to fuck that smooth pink ass of yours for a long time. When I see that man pussy in the showers at school, I have to go home and jerk off this snake. Yea, I want you so bad."

The smell of their rich, sweaty, and masculine odors from their underarms, crotches and feet had driven their hormones and testosterone levels off the chart. Both guys had never been hornier or more rock hard. Youth was such a blessing for these hot guys.

Shay began to hyperventilate as he played with Gavin's poker hot cock. He tried to speak again but only grunted and gasped for air.

They got lucky as the sun had gone down leaving that portion of the park with only dim lights from the poorly lit street lights. Maybe they could have sex without getting caught but there was no way they were going to let this chance go by. Their cocks would not wait to get back to their homes or the school gym. They would have sex right there and then. They took turns pulling off each other's running shorts leaving them naked except for their wet socks.

Gavin laid down on the bench on his back spreadeagled and began bucking his hips up and down inviting Shay's mouth to take his big juicy cock. Shay got between those gorgeous thighs, smelly feet and plunged his tongue around the head of the biggest cock he had ever seen. The hypnotic cock was bouncing up and down to meet Shay's mouth and tongue.

Shay began to lick and suck up and down the dripping cock. He took both hands to successfully circle the base of this monstrous cock as he continued to lower his mouth down on the shaft. He used his tongue to massage the big tool and suck in the pre-cum. This was his first taste of another man's seminal fluid. He was delirious with pleasure.

"Oh Fuck buddy, my cock has seduced that big mouth of yours. Be my bitch. My wood wants to plunge deep into your throat. My big dick will make you gag. Take it all Baby. Do you like my cock? Does it taste good?

Shay pulled off the giant cock long enough to say: "Yea, man, I love the taste of your cock and that protein jizz. Man it taste awesome."

Over taken by his lust for Gavin's man meat, Shay tried again and again to take the whole rod down his throat. Each time he got a little further down the shaft until he had to stop as his gag reflexes took over. Time and time again he gagged while releasing his produced spit all over the big cock. The cock was drenched in saliva. The spit dripped out of his mouth onto Gavin's cock shaft and dripped down onto the big man's crotch and pubic hair. The sloppy blowjob produced dangling pre-cum that was added to Shay's gob of spit. The sloppy noisy cock sucking went on for some five minutes when it was time for the next sex act.

"Shay stop or I will come. I want to fuck that ass that I've dreamed about for years. Pull off Baby and let me inside that man pussy right now."

"Oh Gavin Baby, use that big cock to drill my ass. I want you to fuck me now. I want to be your bitch from now on. Oh, how much of the snake can I take? Let me try."

They found a big grassy spot close to the park bench. Shay stretched out on his back on the grass and spread his slim legs far apart providing a clear entrance to his crotch and ass as Gavin got between Shay's legs.

As he rubbed his stone hard cock across Shay's ass crack, he said: "Beg me to allow my cock to fuck your smooth bubble ass. Tell my cock Rocky, you want him to pound your ass. How bad do you want Rocky? Plead with him to fuck you. He has had a hypnotic hold on you ever since he escaped my shorts a few minutes ago and got rock hard. Plead with him to give you what you crave. Do it right now."

"Oh fuck please Rocky fuck me. Please, please, please drill my ass. I want you to fuck me."

Gavin spit gobs of saliva onto and in Shay's pink asshole. He lubed his own cock with spit and began to enter the very tight virgin ass. Slowly he went in inch by inch as Shay screamed from both pain and pleasure. Finally, Gavin had his huge cock all the way into the inner guts of the beautiful ass. As Shay began to relax his as muscles and push back hard up to the cock, Gavin began fucking that smooth pink ass as he would come almost all the way out and drive hard back in with no mercy. Soon Gavin increased his speed as he thrust in and out using the force of his entire athletic body to drill his best buddy. The awesome fuck lasted for some 15 minutes as Gavin had remarkable staying power. Then Gavin's giant cock head swelled even more, his balls tightened and his cock shaft began a series of spasms. He pulled out and shot his semen all over Shay's face and hair.

He then forced his still dripping cock down Shay's throat to clean the rod. Then Gavin used his tongue to clean Shay's face and they kissed to share the milky cum.

As they lay naked to regain their breath, one of the park police officers who had heard the screams came up on them discovering their compromised position.

"What in the the hell are you two young bucks doing screwing in public? I should arrest you both for indecent behavior in public."

The handsome tanned officer appeared to be a big guy in his late 40's and in very good shape.

"Oh please Officer, it is my fault. When I saw my buddies' homogenous cock, I had to have it this moment. I could not wait another moment. Look at how huge it is Officer?"

"Yea, young man, I agree that is the most gigantic fucking cock I've ever seen. WOW, it looks like it could rip one's ass apart," said the police officer.

"Officer is there anything we can do to keep from being arrested? We will do anything. It would be a huge scandal for us and we would get kicked off our sports teams," said Gavin.

"Well yes young man, there is something you can do for me. Do you think if you rested for a few minutes, you could fuck my ass with that incredible cock and I could suck your mates cock while you fuck me? I probably will never get another chance to be fucked by such a huge dick. You see, I'm gay and have had lots of cocks up my ass but nothing to compare with that tool. You two are lucky that I'm gay. Any other officer would for sure take you to the police station for doing what you did in public."

"Oh sure Officer, I'm already feeling my cock growing looking at your hot body and your dirty talk and invitation to fuck that big ass of yours. My buddy also needs to get his rocks off. You can help him by sucking his cute cock until he comes."

The officer took off all his clothes revealing a very dark and handsome figure. He appeared to have at least an 8-inch rock hard cock. He was a handsome daddy.

Gavin had the officer lie down on the park bench on his back with his head off the end of the bench. The officer spread his legs far apart opening his ass to the oncoming big cock. As Gavin started inserting his once again stiff cock into the officer's ass, he noticed how easy his cock slid all the way into what was an obvious very worn non-virgin man pussy.

Shay went up to the end of the bench and inserted his erect cock all the way down the officer's throat.

Gavin pounded the big man's large ass as he drove his swollen cock in and out with great speed. The officer was an experienced cock sucker as he devoured Shay's erect cock using his tongue to massage the horny cock of Shay. They fucked and sucked for at least five minutes. When Gavin was close to coming, he pulled his cock out of the officer's ass, brought his cock up to the officer's face and dumped his second load of the evening on the handsome face. At about the same moment, Shay felt his cock harden even more as he released a huge built up of cum down the officer's throat. Gavin licked the salty cum off the officer's face and then kissed Shay to share the officer's cum with his buddy. Shay pulled his cock out of the officer's mouth that he was now spent.

The officer, Shay and Gavin all got dressed and the officer said: "Well boys, that was great. I hope to see you two again in the park but be careful as other officers would not let you off so easy."

"Yes Sir, we will be careful. Good night and be safe," Gavin said.

"Officer just a minute please," said Shay. He continued: Could we meet here again around this same time tomorrow evening? I want to fuck your ass too," said Shay.

"Young man, yea, I'll meet you here tomorrow night but we can go over to my place for a night of fucking where we will not get caught," Replied the officer.

Gavin and Shay were so excited as they ran back to the gym. Tomorrow night they would have a three-way with their new hot daddy.


Naughty Eric


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