My name is Harry. And I have been Jake's--my master--slave for 2 years now. I'm now 24 by the way. And Im having a fulfilled life with him.

Let me tell you our story. 2 years ago, before I met my master, Jake, I have been a little twink whore who wants nothing but to be abused by my partners.

One night, while Im at a local bar searching for some guys for sex I saw a tall, gorgeous hunk--in his 40s i guess--sitting at a corner drinking beer. That's the first time I saw Jake, my master-to-be. He saw me staring at him, lusting over his beatiful and well-built body. He had this authoritarian look that made me nervous but somehow excited. From that moment, I knew I would submit to him forever and let me be his slave. He pointed towards me and signaled to come over to him. Without any second thought, I hurried and went to him.

'Hey kid, what're you lookin at?' I was scared as hell not knowing what to say. 'You like my body? You like me to fuck the hell out of you?' He said with an edge in his voice.

'I want you to be my master, make me your slave and Im yours forever.' I didn't know what made me say that but my mouth started to react intentionally.

'If that's what you like, come with me. And call me sir or master from now on. Once you disobey any of my orders, you'll be punished immediately. Understand?'

'Yes, master.' I was excited than scared that time. We exited the bar and he led me to his van.

'We'll go back home, you'll go see your new home.'

While on the way, the van was in complete silence. After an hour of waiting and enduring the silence, we reached his house. Not too big, not too small. It was a two-storey house. 'Let's go.' he said.

He opened the door for me and led me up to his basement. 'My name's Jake.'

'I'm Harry.'

'Did I ask your name?' He shouted at me and clutched his hand to my jaw. 'Go inside, that'd be your new home!' He then pushed me inside the basement room. 'From now on, you can't leave this room unless I say so. I will just bring your food here whenever I like. You'll ask permission from me if you're going to the bathroom. Understand?'

'Yes, master.'

He then left me there all alone. Hours seemed like days. With my sense of time, I guess it was already morning. Then afternoon. Yet I didn't even saw a glimpse of him. I haven't eaten for like almost a day. On that evening, the door opened and there he was standing. He entered the room and opened the lights. The room was now half-lighted. It seems to me that I've forgotten what a light is after a whole day of sheer darkness. 'This is your night, prove to me that you are worthy of being my slave.'

My body and mind suddenly jerked with life, as if my lost energy were replenished. This is what I've been waiting for since I met him.

'Remove all your clothes!' he ordered. After removing my clothes, he continued, 'Remove my shirt and worship my body!' I did what I was told to do. I removed his shirt and saw his well-built muscular body. His body is like a body of god. His chest and arms were covered with little amount of hair. Not considered as a bear man but hairy. 'Go, worship my body! Smell me, suck me, lick me.' I ran my hands through his chest, biceps, arms--his whole upper body. I inhaled every smell of his body. Those manly scent.

'Ahh.. Go on, worship me.' I started sucking his nipples covered with hair. I raised his arms and inhaled the musky scent of his armpits. I licked and sucked it for minutes. I started running my tongue all over his body, worshipping him using my tounge. I rubbed and squeezed his chest while licking his neck. 'Remove my pants, everything. Except my boots.' I unbuckled his belt and removed his pants. His thighs and legs were covered with hair. Then i started removing his jockstrap. I finally saw his cock, 8-inch, thick and uncut. He got it unshaved. His pubic hair were long and half-covering his 8inch cock. He then kicked his clothes away from his ankle.

'Go lick my boots. Worship it!' I went down on my knees and started smelling and rubbing his leather boots. I licked every inch of it. 'Now go on. Worship my whole body. But never touch my cock or ass!' I started licking and sucking his hairy legs and thighs. 'Ahh. Go, worship me. Worship my body!' I returned to his armpits sucking and smelling the manly scent it gives.

I continued sucking, licking and of course, worshipping his body for about an hour. My saliva mixed with his sweat. 'Go down and start sucking my cock.' Finally, I said to myself. I enveloped his whole 8inch cock with my mouth. Sucking and slurping it continously. I deepthroated him and he started moaning. He enjoys it as much as I enjoy worshipping his cock. 'ahh.. ahh.. fuck.. ahh ahh..' He started face fucking me. I then hold his butt for support or i might fall as he roughly face fuck me. 'I have not yet told you to touch it!' He then spanked me so hard on my face that I was thrown few meters away from him.

'I'm sorry, master.'

'Come back here, now!' he shouted. I crawled towards him. 'Drink my piss, my slave!' I sucked his cock while drinking his piss. He face fucked me while urinating. 'ahh.. There, go on.' he continued face fucking me. 'Turn around now, I will plant you my seed and that will always remind you of me being your master.' I turn around and felt very excited. I will submit myself just for him. 'Suck my fingers.' he ordered. I sucked each of his fingers and after having enough saliva to work as a lube he started fingering my asshole. First one, then two, up to three fingers. He slid it in and out. Minutes--half an hour, i guess--he finished fingering me, he slid out his fingers.

'Dirty ass you have there.' his fingers had little shit from my ass but not totally covered. He licked his finger and enjoyed sucking it. 'I'll start fucking you now. Be ready as I will plant my seed to you. I will forever be your master and you will forever be my slave!'

'Yes, master!'

He started entering my ass hole with his cock. He slid it slowly at first until I had all his 8inch cock inside my ass. He started fucking me, sliding his cock in and out very fast. 'ahh.. Fuck!! Ahh ahh..' he fucked me roughly. After half an hour of him fucking me my ass became sore and I can feel pain growing inside me. But I don't care, he's my master now and I'll do anything for him. 'Here, take me now!' I felt his cock pump his cum--his seed--into my ass now. He then stopped but his cock still inside my ass.

'I'm glad you have stayed this long without cumming or quitting.'

'I'd do anything for you, master.'

'Now, I want you to jerk-off until you cum.'

'Yes, master.' He then removed his dick from my ass and I started jerking-off. He watched me masturbate my cock. After a while, his cock started to grow and harden like rock again. Then I reached my orgasm, my cum flew over him--on his boots, thighs then another squirt over his chest.

'Clean this mess you've done, but do not swallow the cum!' I went closer and lick every cum from his body and boots. He then moved towards me and pressed his lips into mine. He sucked the cum from my mouth and we started swapping it while kissing passionately. After minutes of kissing and cum swapping, he finally swallowed all my juice.

'You're mine now. You'll serve for me forever.'

'Yes, master. I am yours only.' With that, my dick became hard again.

'That's good. Lie down and hold my head while I suck your fuckin cock.'

He started sucking me while I hold his head and face fuck him. The feeling was so good. After minutes that seemed hours, I finally reached my orgasm and about to release my load. 'I'm gonna cum, master.' then I released my juice, loads after loads. He swallowed all my cum, not even a pinch went out off his mouth.

He then kissed me goodbye. I stayed here in this basement room for two years now, not even stepping a foot outside. Even though the only thing I know about my master is his name, I always make sure I obey him and worship him because he'll forever be my master.




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