It was just on 8 when I woke, Ryan slept soundly beside me, I got and headed for the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, I noticed Kyle and Matt where on the second bed as I went to close the door Matt stirred looked up and smiled. I closed the door over and continued to the kitchen turning on the kettle, Matt appeared a moment later "I'd love one of those" "Good morning to you too" I replied "Oh yea Morning, sleep well?" "Sure did and you?" "Not to bad thanks, white and two if you don't mind" he gave me a cheeky smile "Sure" I prepared our coffees, handed him his and headed outside to the balcolny Matt followed.

"So you enjoy yourself last night then?" He asked "Could ask you the same thing, and yea I did" "It was pretty hot but still lacking something" "What's that?" "Well I would have really liked Ryan to fuck me" "So why don't you just say something to him then? I'm sure if you said something you would get your wish" "Maybe" I light up a ciggarette and handed him the packet, I looked over at the spa "Wanna join me?" "Sure" I pulled my shorts off and hung loose Matt smiled as he followed my lead and got in I hit the jets.

"So seriously I reckon if you want Ryan you should just say it to him or you may miss your chance before you leave" "Yep your probably right" "Anyhow enough about sex, what you do back home, study, work?" "I work in a bar, pays okay and the tips are fairly generous, I could'nt handle some office job not my style" "Must be some decent bar then" "Sure is, one of the best gay bars in town, lots of good trade actually" "So all that trade and your still single, whats the deal you could get any guy you wanted look at you" as I reached my hand under the water and felt his cock, "No deal I just like to fuck that's all, no strings attached" he smiled back at me "Sounds reasonable enough" I stroked his cock for a bit until it got hard then stopped, "Tease" we both laughed.

"So you guys should come with us up the mountains today, what ya reckon?" "Don't see why not sounds good" "Cool"

"What you two talking bout?" It was Ryan "Mornning, I was just inviting Matt and Kyle up the mountains with us today" "Cool that be fun" he stripped off and jumped in the spa with us, So where's my coffee?" "I did'nt wanna wake you" "Well I'm awake now" he gave me a cheeky grin "You know where the kettle is get your own bloody coffee" "That's no way to treat the man you worship" "That's no way to talk to the guy who has worshiped you all night long, I'm on a break" "Smart arse" "Get used to it" The three of us laughed.

"So what time are we heading off then?" "Well I was thinking around ten, be up there by lunch, thought we could get a taxi down to my joint shortly actually and leave from there" "Well in that case someone better wake Kyle then" "I say we all go" Matt jumped out, Ryan and I followed him to the bedroom and we all pounced on him soaking wet. "What the fuck!" "Morning sleep head get up time to go" "Fuck off I'm sleeping" "Not now time to get up chop chop where off to the bush for a night" he groaned underneath the three of us and thrashed around "Okay okay get off your all wet" we simontaunesly got up and headed off Ryan threw him a towel "Here dry yourself".

"So we'll have to head past our hotel then" "No worries Matt now throw some clothes on and make sure Kyle gets up will you" I headed off to the bedroom and got dressed as Ryan made himself a quick coffee.



"Stop here thanks driver" he pulled up and I handed him his cash we all stepped out "Thanks mate" "So which one is yours then?" I pointed it out "Nice, how the hell you afford a place like that on your wage?" "I have my ways, c'mon" I grabbed my keys out of my back pack as the boys folllowed me up the drive, I opened the door and we headed inside down the hall to the kitchen, The three boys dropped down their bags.

"Hey morning Jezza" "Morning spunk how are ya, who you got there?" "I'm good and you?, this is Ryan Matt and Kyle" "Well hello boys, someone has had some fun, not even a text message, by the way you have a couple of messages on the fridge" "Thanks, hows your weekend been?" "Not as interesting as yours by the looks of things" we laughed, "Mind entertaing these guys for a bit whilst I run upstairs show em round" "Be my pleasure" "Thanks" with that I headed upstairs to my room and made some calls whilst I packed some clothes and got changed.

There was a knock at the door "Yea come in" it was Ryan "Pretty neat house dude" "Thanks have a seat I won't be long" "Nah I'm good" as he begun looking round my room, "Shit look at all these trophies" hey who's this?" as he grabbed a photo from the dresser; "That's my best mate Christian from back home" he's cute, I smiled "Sure is, we been best friends since we were about two, pretty much inseparable we were until I moved down here" "So you two ever get it on then?" "Nah he is straight" "Shame" "Tell me bout it, should see the bastards cock" he laughed. I finished up packing some clothes and grabbed my bag full of my bike gear. "Okay I'm ready just gotta throw the bike on the ute and we can leave" We headed back down stairs.

"Okay Jez we're off, I'll see ya tomorrow yea" "Were you boys off to in such a hurry you only just got here?" "I'm taking the boys dirt bike riding up at mum and dads" "Okay well you boys have fun then; let me know when you get there, I worry about you you know" "I know" I gave him a quick hug and we headed out to the garage, "Seeya" "Seeya dude"

"Fuck just when I thought you could'nt suprise me any more" as he saw my pick up. "350 V8 four door Chev" "Damn that is hot Brandon" I looked over and smiled at Matt "Thanks customed designed, jump in" They threw their gear in the back as Ryan helped me load the bike on and I strapped it down and flicked the remote for the garage door. Once we were finished tieing the bike we jumped in I turned the key and my baby roared to life and we pulled out the drive.


It was a pretty good run up the motorway thankfully we had left before lunch and most of the traffic would be heading down towards the city anyhow, it was a great time to get to know more about the boys and them about me. I found out Ryan had twin older siblings, Jack and Michelle, Matt and Kyle were both only children and Kyle was studying engineering back home.

We hit Katoomba and I decided to shout lunch, I found an available spot big enough for my pick up and pulled in. We jumped out, I locked up and we went in search of somewhere to eat and decided on a cafe.

We grabbed a table and sat down, I poured us each some water as the waitress appeared, "Hey Brandon long time no see" I looked up it was Julie, "Hey darling girl how are ya?" I stood up and gave her a hug "I'm good and you, who we got here today?" "Doing great thanks, this is Ryan Matt and Kyle, guys this is Julie we used to go to primary school together" there was a simontaneous hello from the three boys.

"Hi guys lovely too meet you, so what can I get you boys then?" "Four berry smoothies please" "Okay comming up I'll get your food order later, oh yeah and you should call in on Christian I think something is up with him maybe you can have a word with him" "Thanks Julie I will, " and she headed off.

I grabbed my phone and sent a message to Jezza "sns c u tomoz, B" and also hit a text to Christian "What's doing, in town wanna catch up?" and left it at that.

Julie brought our drinks out and took our orders for lunch "So what you boys up to then today?" "I'm taking them riding out at Rod's" "Cool, so what will it be then?" we each ran off our orders, "Ok be about fiftheen minutes" "Thanks Julie"

The boys and I chatted as lunch came out, when we were done I slipped inside and paid for the bill. "So Julie what you reckon is up with Christian?" "I dunno Brandon all I know is he has gone off the rails a bit lately," "Thanks I'll see what I can do" "That be good, he needs you B" "I'll catcha ya later" "Okay have fun" I headed back to the boys, "Ready?" "Yup" and we headed back off to my ute.


We pulled up in my parents drive, I flipped down my visor and hit the remote to the gate and it slowly opened up. "Shit even electronic gates on the place" I heard Kyle say, I looked back and smiled as we headed down the tree lined drive I again flicked the remote and the gates closed behind us. We came up to the house as the trees and bush cleared and I pulled up in front of the guest house around the back. Ryan looked over at me "Jesus this is your parents place!" "Sure is" I shut down the pickup, "Well grab your gear and mine to while your at it, keys in the glove box to the house, I'l go grab the other bike from the garage" and I headed off as the boys grabbed their bags.

I returned back to the house a few minutes later and could hear the boys chatting inside, I headed in and opened the house up. "What do you think?" "It's unreal" "Thanks Matt, make yourselves comfortable yea I'm just gonna go take a piss and get changed, you two gonna ride as well?" "Thought you only had the two bikes?" came Ryan's reply "Yeah I do but we can scrounge another two up at my Uncle Rod's" "He wont mind will he?" asked Matt "Nah it's cool trust me" I threw Ryan my extra gear bag. "I'll see what I can find for you guys in my room, you guys can fight over the other two rooms" and with that I headed off to my room, Ryan trailed behind.

"Damn I can't believe you got your own house here, it's amazing" "Thanks glad you like it, wait till you see my room" and with that I opened the door leading into the master with a massive window and spa bath positioned in the corner with a mirror placed in behind it, "Fuck nice view" "You should see the thunderstorms from here, now that's a view", I fumbled around in my cupboard and grabbed some extra gear for Matt and Kyle and headed off to the lounge room. "You two can sort out which ones you want see you in a bit" "Thanks Brandon" "No sweat Kyle" and I headed back to my room and took a piss in the ensuite. Ryan was laying down on the bed, "This could be fun" "Hah" "The bed dude" we both laughed, it is a king sized four poster "Maybe we can test it out later" "There's no maybe's about it, your mine for the taking" "Am I now" "Yup" we both laughed.

I headed over to the bed "Okay get up and get changed I threw my extra gear at him I kicked off my sneakers and started to get undressed, "Wanna help me?" asked Ryan "Sure if it will make you move faster" I slipped off his sneakers and removed his jeans, he pulled me in close and started to kiss me, we made out for a bit before I pulled away. "Okay c'mon we really should go" I got up and put my bike gear on and pulled Ryan up from the bed. He got dressed "You look totally hot" I said "You too" I went to put my boots on, "Here let me" Ryan threw me back on the bed, he grabbed my feet and placed them in his face before slipping my boots on, "There we go now that's hot, you truly are one hell of a spunk" I smiled "Thanks" he placed his boots on and we headed out to the lounge, the boys were both ready. "Okay lets go" and we headed out of the house.

"Okay so someone needs to give me a hand with the bike" "Sure thing" Kyle and Ryan lifted the bike up as I jumped on the back of my pick up to tie it down. "So you certain your uncle wont mind us just rocking up?" "Nah it's all good Matt he's pretty easy going, fuck all the riders in town are always up at his place it's just the place to be" "Okay cool" "Okay were done jump in let's get this show on the road" I jumped off the back and threw the keys to Ryan "What are these for?" "You're driving" "But I got no idea where we are going" "It's cool I'll direct you" we jumped in and he started up the pickup and headed back up the drive.

"So you want to go left out the gate and take the first right then we just follow the main road till I tell ya when" "Okay got it" I reached my hand over to his crutch and started massaging his cock through his pants, he looked across and smiled at me.

"Hey before I forget to tell you thanks for the invite, it sure is nice of you to let us tag along" I looked over to the back seat "It's no problem at all Matt I couldn't just take him away from you guys seeing you flew out here to be with him for the week" "Yea thanks mate" "It's cool, the more the merrier I always say" "Aint that the truth" came Kyles response, we all burst out laughing.

We continued up the main road I was still stroking Ryan's cock, he looked over at me "Don't tease if you're not gonna do anything about it" I smiled back at him "Who said I was teasing?" he grabbed my head and pushed it into his crotch "Fuck you're hopeless Ryan" "Hey he started it" "So let me know when to turn yeah" "Will do just keep going about ten minutes and it's off to the right, Tompson Road" he sat up a little and I slid his pants down and began working his cock with my tongue "Oh fuck yea, work that shaft boy" as he pushed my head down further I opened my throat and took his whole shaft" I worked his cock for a few minutes as he moaned, "Oooh Mmmh oh fuck I'm gonna come dude" and with that he shot his load down my throat. "I looked up at him, he smiled and gave me a kiss, "Fuck you're good" "Thanks, hey it's just on your right about 500 metres.

We slowed down and turned onto the road I looked over at Ryan "Treat my girl well on this dirt yea" "Yea for sure, so far down we going?" "About two k I'll let ya when were close" "Cool"


"Just pull up in front of the house yea" Ryan slowed down and parked up, I jumped out and the front door opened "Hello Brandon" "Hi aunty Shelly how are you?" I walked over to her and gave her a hug "I'm well thanks and you?, who you got with you?" I'm good, I waved to the boys to jump out "Some friends I brought up for the night, they are over from the UK, I thought I would show them around and was hoping to borrow some of Rod's bikes" I waved the boys to come over, "That's lovely of you Brandon I'm sure your uncle won't mind, he is up in the back shed"

The boys jumped out of the pickup and headed over, "Aunty shelly this is Ryan, Matt and Kyle" "Hello boys I'm Shelly, lovely to meet you, follow me and I'll introduce you to Rod" "Lovely to meet you also" replied Ryan, Matt and Kyle gave a polite hello and we headed up to the back shed.

"So what brings you three boys over here then?" "Well I have landed a temporary transfer here through my work and Kyle and Matt here have come out to celebrate my twenty first with me" "That is great, it is wonderful to have friends like that, you three are obviously quite close then" "Yes mam, we have known each other for many years and have gone to school together" "What is it that you do to land a position here then Ryan?" "I am in design mam" "Well I wish you all the very best, and there is no need to call me mam, please just call me Shelly, you make me feel old" she gave a soft laugh "Sorry about that I was just always taught manners" "It shows, your mother taught you well then" "She did"

We reached the shed and Uncle Rod looked up as he heard us approach, "Hi uncle Rod" he put down the tools he was using on the work bench and walked over to me "Hey kiddo, what's doing?" "Not much I was just wondering if I could borrow a couple of bikes" "No problem help yourself yeah and stop past the house for a beer afterwards I won't hold you guys up, you can introduce me later" "Thanks, will do see ya in a couple of hours" and we headed back off to the garage.

I opened the garage door "Grab a bike boys" as I passed them both a helmet each "Hey thanks Brandon" "For what Kyle" "For this" "It's no sweat" as I filled both the tanks, I smiled, "Now get on the bike", "Ryan give me a hand" "Sure" and we begun unloading the bikes from my truck.

I started mine up first, "So there's only two rules, first one is follow me to the track, then it's all yours, and second is just have some fun" I put my helmet on and jumped on my bike; Ryan looked over at me "Fuck you look so hot right now" "Right back at ya" the three boys started up their bikes and we headed off.

"We pulled up at the main gate to the rear of the property, I jumped off and allowed the guys through before following and closing it behind me. "So you'll see the track down the bottom yea, best to go clockwise and follow me round once then your on your own, there's some decent jumps off to the side down the bottom if you're game enough" Ryan looked over at me "Bring it on, lets see what your made of" "You'll see don't worry, don't forget I love this shit yea" with that I flipped my visor down and hit the throttle leaving them in my dust.

We begun with a slow loop around the track so the boys could get the hang of it then it was on.

About an hour and a half had past, Ryan had pulled off to the side and was sitting down by the river just watching me. I pulled up beside him "Having fun?" "Yeah mate, so let me see what you can do" "Sure thing" there were a few decent jumps about. I looked down at him and back over at the jumps before hitting the throttle and taking off.

Matt and Kyle both pulled up shortly afterwards and took a seat beside Ryan and just watched on as I rode freestyle and showed off some of my skills.

When I finally had finished I pulled up along side the boys and cut the engine and removed my helmet.

"So what do you think?" "Fuck you are good, why the fuck are you not racing proffessionaly?" asked Ryan "Honestly I just prefer it as a hobby" "You're fucking crazy man, you could be making shitloads of dollars" I smiled "Thanks but I'll stick with tourism I think" he shook his head, "What you think boys?" "I agree with Ryan you're fucking brilliant man" "That's only the half of it Kyle, should see what I can do on some of the other tracks" "I could well imagine, and who you'd do" "Smart arse"

I took a seat beside Ryan "So you must get alot of offers from some of the girls then, with talent like that, poor girls" He laughed. "Yea I get a few, they are quite shocked when they find out I'm into guys" "I bet, you're certainly a killer that's for sure" "Ever come across any guys on your meets you been with?" I looked over at Ryan "Just once, I was sixteen, we were on a weekend meet up north; I had been eying off another rider Ryhs, he was eighteen and drop dead hot I could'nt keep my eyes off him all day, it was after dinner I went to take a piss and he followed me.

I was at the trough "Hey it's Brandon right?" I looked up "Ah yeah, hey Ryhs, I'd shake your hand but you know, great race by the way today" "Thanks, you too" he extended his arm "It's just piss dude not gonna kill me!" I extended my arm and we shook hands "So I caught you watching me earlier" "Hey how could I not, your brilliant" "Thanks, but I think it is more to it than that" "Huh" "Hey don't worry about it's cool dude" I shook my cock and put it away" as I was putting it back in my pants he reached out and grabbed it, "Follow me" I stepped down and washed my hands before following him out.

We headed down to the river away from the campsite and sat on the jetty. "So you ever sucked cock before?" he asked me, "I could'nt believe he was so straight to the point" "Nah, you" "Once or twice, but honestly I prefer to get sucked" he reached over and grabbed my cock, "I'll teach you then" as he leant forward pulling my cock from my pants and started to lick the head, "I'd never been with another guy let alone get sucked off it felt great as he slowly begun to lick my shaft before finally swallowing my whole dick, it gre in his mouth, I reckon I came within less then five minutes, "Fuck I'm gonna shoot dude" he looked up at me still sucking my cock and directly into my eyes, I begun to thrust and before I knew it I was blowing my wad down his throat. He swallowed.

When I was finished he looked at me "It's that easy, now you do me" I grabbed his dick and begun to do the same starting at the tip, I begun to play with his balls a little "Oh yeah that feels good, you're a natural" as I puckered up and slowly went down on him, his cock was an impressive size, I could barely take it all being my first time, he rested his hands over my shoulders and begun pumping his dick into my mouth "Oh yeah dude that's it suck me" I sucked for a good ten minutes I reckon, he grabbed my head as he thrust inside me "Oh mmh oh fuck I'm gonna blow" I tried to lift my head but he forced it back down "You're gonna take it just like I did you" and with that he shot a mammoth load down my throat I almost choked"

When we were finished he stripped off, "Comming in?" as he pointed to the water "Sure" I replied I begun to strip as he dove into the water and dived in after him and we made out.

I laid back down on Ryan's lap "Fuck man you got me all boned up, how bout we do something about it?" "Hell yea me too" voiced Kyle, I looked up at Ryan into his gorgeous green eyes "Later promise". We laid there for a little while longer just enjoying the quiet.


We decided to stop off and grab some ingredients for dinner and a case of beer before heading back to the house, it was just on five. We jumped out of my truck, "So how about Ryan and I organise dinner and you and Kyle go grab some beer and whatever else you feel like, Bottle shop is a block up the road, meet you both back here" "No prob's" and with that we headed our seperate ways Ryan by my side. "So this might sound like a random question but you got any porn stores in town?" I looked over at him, "Yeah there is one, not sure if it will still be open though" "It's worth a shot" "Ok follow me" we turned around and headed across the street and down another "What do you need anyhow?" "It's nothing just wanna check it out" "Yeah right there's something you want why else would you ask" we both laughed.

We arrived at the store it was still open, "Okay so how about you do what you have too and I'll go organise dinner, meet you back up the road" He gave me a cheeky grin "Yup sounds good" I threw him the keys "You may want these last thing you wanna be doing is hanging by the truck with shit from the porn store" "Come here" I walked up to him, he pulled me close and kissed me" "Seeya soon" I walked off,

The four of us met back at my truck a short while later, there was a storm approaching from the west, Ryan was kicking back on the tailgate having a ciggarette when I arrived Matt and Kyle where hanging over the sides. I threw the bags of groceries in the back beside the beer.

"So you get what you were after then?" Ryan gave me a wide grin "Yup sure did" "Cool, so we ready" Ryan jumped up and closed the tailgate as I started up, Matt and Kyle jumped in the back seat and we headed off, Kyle opened the case of beer and handed one out to Matt and Kyle.

To be continued



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