I like to keep my body is shape so I work out almost every day. The gym had become like a second home for me since I joined just over two years ago, I had become firm friends with a few of the guys that worked out there, one guy in particular named Harry, we had hit it off almost from the

start even with the age difference Harry was 35 and I was 20 at the time I joined. Harry decided to take me under his wing and help me improve my body to what it is now, a well-honed machine, I suppose in a way he molded my body the way he thought it should be.

Harry was already beautifully sculptured with solid muscle. Both guys and girls like to stare at his physique. Although we where good friends at the gym Harry and I had never been out socially. Most of Harry's closest friends played on the same baseball team. I am a football junkie myself and never got into baseball. We had discussed his baseball team many times but he never asked me to join the team or to watch a game. Then one night after our workout he said, 'There's a game this Sunday afternoon would you like to come along'?

'That sounds great' I said trying not to sound to eager.

'The game is at one o'clock at Banning Park.'

'I'll be there.'

'Oh and when the game is over come down to the changing room and I'll introduce you to a buddy of mine that I know you would like to meet'. With that he left for the showers.

Friday and Saturday came and went uneventfully but then came Sunday. I was quiet excited at the thought of being let in to another part of Harry's life. By the time the game was over and I had made my way down to the changing room. I was shivering from the chilliness in the subterranean lockerroom. I walked in to the changing room nervously to find muscled men in various stages of undress. I closed the door and walked toward the center of the room and asked the nearest guy where Harry was.

'He's still in the showers I think' he said while dressing.

As I walked I savored the scene set before me like a kid in a candy shop but instead of candy sweets my eyes wandered along the masculine sweets that I would like to sample. I found Harry in the showers along with a dark-haired guy next to him. I remembered him from the game because of his sheer physical beauty. He was as well muscled as Harry and just as sensual, his broad shoulders tapered to a slim waist and there in between his long powerful legs hung a long thick, cut cock with just a small bush of hair above it.

I yelled to Harry that I would meet him out in the changing room and left the warm mist of the shower room and asked where Harry's locker was.

The last guy to finish getting dressed was on his way out when he pointed to where Harry's locker was and said to wait on the bench in front of it. From where I was sat I could see straight into the showers to where the two guys were finishing up. As I sat down I looked from the unnamed guy to Harry who was soaping his long uncut dick, at the sight of this my own dick began to harden. I just sat there watching them wash themselves all over for what seemed like forever when:

'You made it I see!'

'Oh! yes' I said startled out of my trance.

Once I had regained my composure I stood up and smiled at Harry as he walked toward me.

'This is Scott,' Harry said gesturing to the guy from the shower.

'Scott this is Bob'.

'Hi' he said offering his hand and a broad smile. I took his hand and shook it returning his smile.

His green piercing eyes met mine and held me just for an instant, he let go of my hand and reached for a towel that was on the bench next to where I had been sat,

'You look cold and you're shivering.' Harry said.

'I am..... the heat in here hasn't thawed me out yet.' I said.

'Why don't you have a shower to warm up 'Harry said.

'Yeah I've got a spare towel', Scott said.

O hesitate, 'Go on nobody will bother you, the other players have left now' said Harry.

I began to undress while they dried themselves off. The shower was wonderful. The hot water made my skin tingle and with this and the thought of all those hunky players having showered here a short time ago made my dick grow and become rigid. I closed my eyes trying to concentrate on something/anything to try and take my mind of the situation I was in and to make my hard on go away.

'So you're the young stud Harry's been keeping under wraps'?

My eyes snapped open to find Scott standing in front of me rubbing his now hard cock which, must have been at least 8' long

'I er!' I stammered.

'I'm sorry I don't know what came over me, it must be the hot water. I...I...I'll get dressed now. Sorry if I freaked you out.' I said.

Scott just stood there smiling loving every minute of my embarrassment, then he moved toward me, 'Don't leave on my account and reached out for my 7' cock. He drew me from the shower toward him. When I was just inches from him he took hold of my head in both his hands and kissed me hard sinking his tongue went deep into my mouth. I began to tremble as his hands began to move down my body to my butt. When he reached them he drew away from me slightly and said:

'You really are as horny as Harry said '

He began to kiss me even more passionately as before, but I pulled away:

'What would Harry think?' I asked.

'I think it looks fantastic'.

He had been watching all the time. He was standing just a few feet from us rubbing his cock which was an enormous 9 1/2' at least and thick too.

'It's about time you got what you've been waiting for'. he said.

Scott led me over to Harry and pushed me down onto my knees and moved my head toward Harry's massive cock. I took the massive head into my mouth and ran my tongue over and under his swollen foreskin covered head. Then I began to take the shaft further in until I could

feel it touch the back of my throat and my nose was surrounded by his pubes. It tasted wonderful; precum and soap mixed together. I began to work my head up and down the thick shaft. Harry began to moan and move his hips backwards and forwards pumping in and out of my mouth. While I was sucking Harry, Scott had moved round in front of me next to Harry and was rubbing his cock,

'Suck his cock' Harry commanded.

I moved from Harry's cock to Scott's and began to suck his large cut head. I took Harry's cock in my hand and began to jerk him off. Both guys were moaning loudly then Harry moved closer and pushed his cock toward me so that I had both cock heads in my mouth. I whipped my tongue over both lingering just a little on one and then the other.

Then Harry whispered 'I'm cumming' at this Scott withdrew his cock so Harry could push his cock to the back of my throat. He moaned loudly then gush after gush of hot cum burst into my mouth, 'Yeah swallow my cum ' he shouted. So I swallowed ever last drop of it then licked his cock clean.

Harry helped me to my feet then led me to one of the benches that ran down the center of the room. He put some towels on it and then told me to get on my hands and knees on the towels. I did so and Scott straddled the bench in front of me and Harry behind me.

Harry said 'Go on suck his cock; suck it dry'.

So I took Scott's cock into my mouth and as I sucked and licked his solid rod, Harry had

begun to work some lubricant into my butt crack. It felt really good then he began to

rub the head of his cock around my tight hole, then slowly began to enter me.

'That's it boy take all of my cock........I'm gonna fuck you so hard'.

He pushed his cock in all the way until I could feel his pubic hair brushing my cheeks and then began moving his cock in long slow strokes. At the same time Scott began to move in unison with Harry pushing his cock deep into my throat as Harry fucked my ass faster and faster.

'I'm cumming Scott moaned and shot a long stream of cum into my mouth which I swallowed greedily.

'That was fantastic' Scott said and lay back on the bench.

Seeing Scott cumming in my mouth made Harry fuck me even harder.

'Ohh you like my dick up your ass don't you' Harry said.


'You want me to cum up your ass don't you'

'Yes' I gasped.

As he spoke he began to slam his dick into me so that I could feel his balls slapping against my ass cheeks. Then he stopped but left his dick buried deep inside me. I could feel his dick twitching then his hot cum exploded inside my as jet after jet filling my bowels until the left overs oozed out of my rosebud.

'You want some of this ass? I got it nice and lubed up for you.' Harry said to Scott.

'Do I'

Harry pulled his dick from me and rolled me onto my back and then stepped out of the way so that Scott could step over the bench. Harry pulled my legs up into the air exposing my hole while Scott pushed the head of his cock deep into my ass. His penetration was smooth and painless because of Harry's loads of cum left behind. He was all the way in me fucking me really hard and as Scott

fucked me Harry jerked me off. Soon I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my load all over my belly. As I was cumming I could feel Scott's dick pulsing and cumming deep inside me. When he had pulled out of me he stepped over the bench and then pulled me to my feet. He pressed his body hard against mine and kissed me deeply

'Well you've waited long enough for that haven't you? Was it worth the wait?' Harry asked.

I just smiled then we all showered, dressed and headed out. We've all become close since that Sunday in the changing room and get together often because I joined the team!



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