Well the end of that first year of college came around, and altho Travis and I had been really hitting it off great, we had grown accoustomed to being with each other and, well you know, being there to relieve each other's tensions. And of course that means keeping the plumbing from clogging up.

We said our goodby's and headed for home for the summer, promising to keep in touch, and signing up to be roommates again next term.

I got home and Dad told me that Mr. Jenson told him to have me come to his produce stand for a job, as soon as I was ready for a summer job. That is the months when he is most busy, and believe me he is the largest produce supplier in the whole county, supplying stores, and restaurants, hotels, schools, and diners all over the area.

He needed delivery guys to help the delivery trucks in making deliveries and picking up produce at the train station as it comes in, and down at the docks where truckers bring in the merchandise.

Well I had gone,talked to Mr. Jenson, and went to work the following Monday, I was learning the job very well, learning to rotate and date the produce, making sure the older produce goes out first.

Having had business management in college had been a great help when it came to doing bills of lading, filling orders, and doing the shipping paperwork.

On the first day I was there, Mr. Jenson introduced me to Lanny, a driver and delivery man, I was to be his assistant.

Lanny was a very intelligent young man, of about twenty four, very good looking, and nice and outgoing as he could be, he was tall, about six one, good looking, and I was beginning to have feelings and sexual attractions for Lanny, but I had no idea if he was straight, bi, or gay, I had not as yet heard him discuss having a girl friend or anything like that.

I came to work this one Thursday and Lanny came over with a cup of coffee in his hand and handed it to me and said, 'Hey man, Have a swig,' I took the cup from him and took a drink and almost burned my tongue off, 'Fuck Lanny, what you trying to do, burn my mouth off.' I said.

'His eyes got big and he said, 'Opps sorry, I forgot to warn you.'

We both just sorta smiled at each other, and thats when I looked into his eyes, and we just held that look for a little more than usual, 'Ah, Well, Kyle, We better get started we have a fairly long list of deliveries to do today. They have already loaded the truck for us.'

That in itself was a nice thing, a night shift came in at three a.m. and loaded the trucks with the orders of produce to be delivered the next morning.

We climbed into the truck, which was a refrigerated truck, and headed down the highway.

Lanny and I got to chatting and just finally loosened up and got a little freer in our chatting. We chatted about everything, movies, our likes and dislikes, our past lives, etc.

I said something like we were really putting in a lot of hours at the produce market.

'Fuck yeah man, shit! I don't have enough energy or time to Jerk off when I get home at night, fuck man, I ain't got off in almost a month, I been working so hard.' Lanny said.

I was a little taken back but I said, 'Yeah man, I know the feeling, my nuts have been aching for about a week now.'

'No shit man, actually aching, I ususally don't let mine go that long before taking it into hand.'

'Well Lanny to be truthful once you have had a good sex with a intimate friend, its kinda 'blah' to jerk off, it just looses something once you've had a hot wet, sensual mouth, sliding up and down your hard pole. Feeling that warm tongue licking, and swirling around and around and up and down your cock, feeling that awesome sucking sensation on the head and shaft of your dick. There's nothing like that feeling in all the world.'

'Oh shit man, that sounds so fucking awesome, my cock is like concrete from listening to you describe it. Man I would give anything to feel that feeling.'

'Hey man, I will say this, that a gal don't do it like that, It takes a guy who loves to suck cock, and the one thing about a guy is that they don't stop sucking untill they get that load of cum.' I said.

'No shit, man that sounds fantastic.' Lanny said.

I looked at his cute face, as he drove down the highway. His black hair waveing in the wind, hanging out from under his baseball cap. He had a little black sort of goatee on his chin and a light mustache on his upper lip.

I really got excited when I looked down at his lap and noticed a wet spot at he end of this thick cock, laying down the side of his leg.

I said, here Lanny, I reached over and placed my hand on his boner and gently squeezed his swollen member, I felt his body slightly tense up and heard his vocal gasp as my hand rubbed his hard cock.

'Awh Shit Kyle, that feels so fucking good.'

'Well Lanny, would you like to know that feeling I was talking about?' I asked.

Lanny looked over at me and just slightly smiled,'you mean, me and you, I mean, you want to get it on with me?' he said.

'Yes Lanny, that's exactly what I mean.'

I saw a glint in his eye, a smile formed on his face and Lanny said, 'I have never done anything with guy before.'

'Hey man, there's a first time for everything.'

'UGHMM! When do you want to do it.' he asked.

'From the look of that cock of your's, as soon as possible.' I answered.

Lanny just looked seriously at me and said, 'we have two more deliveries and then we will find a place, O.k.'

We finished our deliveries and then Lanny drove to a private parking lot for delivery trucks, put the truck in park.'

I scooted over to his side as he just looked seriously into my eyes. 'You sure about this Kyle, This is all new to me.'

'I'm very sure Lanny, I have been desiring you since we met.' Lanny smiled and said, 'Sounds good to me.'

I reached over and unbuttoned his shirt and started rubbing his chest, 'Nice and thick, lightly hairy and his stomach was neat, ribbed with muscles,' I could tell by his chest and stomach Lanny was in good shape from all the lifting.

I kissed his chest as he lay his head back and closed his eyes and let me enjoy his body, And I was enjoying his nice body.

I undid his belt and then his Levi's, he was commando, no underwear.

His thick dark bush was gorgeous and such a beautiful, thick pubic area, and then I reached down and I saw this thick meat, bent down and laying to the side, thick, cut, and about eight inches long.

I looked up at Lanny and smiled and then leaned down and as my mouth slid to that thick bush around his cock, I heard him moan, 'OH Fuck, that feels so fantastic, Shit man,' I loved his response to my sucking abilities.

I was working that thick beautiful head with my tongue, and putting the right about of pressure on his thick shaft, I felt his body lifting up at the ass as I took his cock to the base with my tongue.

I thought Lanny would go wild, as I sucked his cock for all I was worth, my mouth was doing its given task, doing it's best to bring Lanny off to completion and take this young man into a little bit of heaven.

I could feel it as his cock began to grow harder as I sucked it with all the skill I had aquired over the past few years.

His moaning and groaning and being totally enthrawled in this blowjob was all the reward that I needed.

I had slid a finger down between his legs under his balls, and found his asshole, and began to circle that hairy, dark brown hole with my middle finger.

I reached up and felt his balls and they were almost gone, his cock was getting that tight, very hard veiny, feeling and I knew I would soon be feeling his cock start filling my mouth with his sweet love nectar. I had no sooner thought it, than I felt Lanny raise his ass upward, shoving his cock deep into my throat, and I felt it, Warm, salty, sweet, musty tasting man nectar.

Lanny was shoving my head to the base of his cock as he unloaded his cum into my throat.

I finally got to come up for air.

'Holy Fuck Kyle, that was the most awesome climax of my life, no wonder you said once you felt that, jerking off would never be the same.

We got ready to head out back to the Produce Market.

Lanny just kept looking over at me and saying he couldn't believe how awesome that felt.

He even said, He would like to get together with me and spend the night exploring some things he had heard about. 'Guess what?' We did just that, adn I got fucked by Lanny.

I will get to that in another chapter of this story.



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