Manning a booth at an industrial exhibition was never my idea of fun. It was boring, uneventful and tedious, consisting mainly of standing around with little to do. Infrequently, someone stopped by to ask a question, and a quick attempt was made to interest him in our engineering services. Sufficient contacts were made to warrant continued presence at these events, but working the show was always dull. Until I was asked to man a booth at a medical equipment show, that is. What a difference!

My boss decided that the several hospital engineering projects we had successfully completed represented a good business potential so he wanted to expedite our entry into that market by exhibiting at a popular international hospital and medical equipment exhibition. Two of my colleagues and I were chosen to man the booth. I was not excited by the prospect of standing around again, but the other two, both married, seemed to enjoy the idea of getting away from home for a week. The show was in the Southwest - a long way from home.

Within the first two hours of the show, I felt unusually stimulated. Already, at least six or seven men had rather openly cruised me. The cruisy atmosphere was an absolute surprise. The men seemed almost to be expecting to find available young men manning the booths and some of the open stares and none-too-subtle come-ons were surprisingly blatant, many coming from men too handsome to ignore.

When I went to take a leak, at mid-morning, I felt I was being followed. In the large bathroom, lined on one wall with those commode-like, bowl-shaped urinals that stick way out into the room and offer no privacy, almost all of the urinals were taken. Since all the booth doors were closed, with some hesitation, I went up to an available urinal in the long line, tugged out my dick, and flopped it over the bowl. I sensed many eyes staring at me. Or at least staring at my cock, which seemed to like the attention, for as I peed, it started slowly, but perceptibly, to enlarge.

A quick glance to my right showed me that many of the displayed cocks in the long row seemed to be inflating right along with mine. The same was true to my left. The sight turned me on. Seeing those responses gave me the uncanny feeling that I could easily lead this group in a massive jack-off, if I wanted to. My cock liked the idea. But this was a major convention center with hundreds of guys entering and leaving the busy lavatory, and I knew such an idea was out of the question. But my cock wasn't at all embarrassed to show itself off amongst the men in this long line of rising interests.

Finishing my piss, I waggled my cock enticingly for a moment, as if drying it off in the open air, and then, somewhat reluctantly, eased the long length of it back through the fly of my gabardine trousers and backed away from the urinal while zipping up. An audible sigh could be heard. They had liked what they'd seen. But what could I do? I wondered what my colleagues would have thought had one of them walked in on us. No, this was just too public a place for further dawdling. And I had to get back.

One bold guy, probably old enough to be my father, sidled up to me rather shamelessly and in a stage whisper I was sure most of them could hear, asked, "Would ya let me suck that big thing?"

I smiled without comment, amused by his audacity and, glancing for a last time at that long row of meat, strolled out, hoping my cock would deflate sufficiently to avoid detection by my colleagues. When I returned to our exhibition booth, both complained that I had been gone too long, which surprised me. I didn't think I had taken all that much time. But from that point on, until lunch break, our booth was inundated with men suddenly showing great interest in our services. The rest of the morning rushed by amid a flurry of business activity.

* * * * *

I was horny. There was no doubt about it. In my mid-twenties, I needed frequent sexual relief. The constant stream of visitors to our booth who seemed openly more interested in my body than my engineering skills compounded the pressures. As I left the booth for lunch, I was fully aware of the tingling in my balls and the swaying in my boxer shorts of my always-interested cock.

I walked the length of the connecting tunnel to a bank of elevators in my hotel and decided to find some private relief in my room with my well-trained fist, and catch something to eat for lunch later. When I got into the elevator, two other men joined me. I pressed a button for a floor, but they did not. I figured it was just coincidence we all were staying on the same floor.

"D'ja have a good morning?" one of them asked in a friendly tone.

I looked at him with a smile. He was a little older than I, and was obviously in very good shape. His physique filled out his clothes well. He, too, was wearing a name badge for the exhibition.

"Yeah," I said, agreeably, "business was pretty good."

"Harry's not talkin' 'bout 'business'," the other guy hissed in a husky, sex-laden voice, emphasizing the word "business" with sarcasm.

My eyes popped open wider and I shot a look at him. He was grinning, and when he saw me turn to look, he slid his hand down his fly and openly groped himself, lewdly, obviously, knowingly. He cupped his palm under his balls, shifted his hips forward, and displayed his entire cloth-covered crotch to me. My immediate reaction was to wonder if we were being observed because we were riding in one of those glass-enclosed atrium-located elevators in easy view of anyone caring to look.

My mouth dropped open. This guy was very sexy. Not just because he was shaking a full groin at me, but because he was good-looking, about my age, obviously well-built, and very masculine appearing despite his open, assertively gay approach.

"Okay, okay, George," Harry said with a laugh, "stop shaking that big thing at him. You'll scare him off. And, besides, someone may be watching."

For some reason I was glad to learn that it was big, and I figured I had a pretty good idea exactly how Harry had acquired that bit of knowledge about George.

"Oh, I don't scare off easily," I assured them with a grin.

"That's what we figured," Harry said. They both smiled and seemed to relax. George kept his fist in his crotch but more to grope and enjoy than to menace.

The elevator doors opened.

"Well, this is my floor," I said absently, as I walked out into the hallway. They both followed me. I walked the short distance to my door and paused. They stopped behind me. I really wondered what the hell they were up to.

"We seen you in the toilet, man," George offered as explanation, as if reading my mind.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. I guess that did explain a lot.

"Since we've already seen what a nice cock you've got," George quickly added, "and how it seemed to enjoy being with other cocks, we thought maybe you'd be game for some hot action." He grinned at me. "After your display this morning, we felt you'd know how to handle a couple of nice ones and might just want to try."

"Oooh," I trilled in feigned effeminacy, "what a good idea! Com'on in." I opened the door to my large room and they both filed past with without further discussion. Two at a time, I was thinking to myself, how very interesting! I locked and bolted the door so we wouldn't be disturbed.

When I turned around, both were already half undressed. They were horny and they were in a hurry. I wasted no time joining them. In a flash were all completely nude. For a few enjoyable moments we just stood there watching our three cocks slowly form into outstanding erections. It's a process I never tire of watching. They, too, seemed as enchanted at the spectacle as I was.

"Look at all this meat," George hissed with pleasure. He looked great naked - muscular, trim, and hairy in all the right places. "Big" was exactly the right word to describe his cock. It throbbed proudly in front of his flat abdomen, vibrating with excitement and looking clean, cut and capable.

"Christ, this guy's hung, George," Harry sighed approvingly, staring at me. He certainly had nothing to complain about, himself, as I ogled his large, fat, cock. It had reached that pinnacle of rigidity that makes a cock look awesome in its strength and readiness.

"I told you that, before, Harry," George explained to him, "I was standing closer to him than you were."

"Funny," I exclaimed, boldly looking at their cocks, "I don't recognize either of you from this morning."

They chuckled, but Harry suggested I hadn't really looked at individual cocks at the urinals. "Most of us were getting off on you, acting so bold, like that," he said, "but it seemed to me you were getting off on the idea of all of us being there together and showing hard together. It seemed to me that's what you liked."

"You're right," I agreed. "You're also very sexy," I added.

Harry waggled his cock. "Wanna suck it?" he asked.

Conversation was over. I needed no further invitation. The thick cockhead brushed my lips and then pressed inward, searching for the wet heat of my mouth, demanding entrance. It felt so good pushing in. My ovaled lips slid down the thick column with the familiarity a cocksucker, like me, loves. The size, temperature, smooth skin and contoured shapes of Harry's large cock gave me extreme pleasure. I moaned softly as I slowly began to raise and lower my head on the stiff column of hot flesh.

George had squatted down next to me to watch me devour his friend's cock. Although it wasn't needed, his running, lewd commentary about my ability to suck cock, about my dexterity in slipping it all down my throat, about my obvious experience in handling cock, all added to our mutual enjoyment of the moment.

"Geez, look at 'im go down on that long pole," he sighed. "It really gets me hot."

I glanced at him, not relinquishing the prize in my mouth. He was dandling his big cock through the initial stages of jacking off. The cock looked ready and moist with oozing lubricant.

I shifted my position, standing bent over sucking cock while my ass waved freely in the air. It took but a moment for George to recognize the invitation. A strong hand slid onto my buttocks, massaging it with knowing affection. I groaned loudly in appreciation of the loving contact, which sent electrical impulses throughout my body. George focused his play on my ass-crack and then on the puckered hole hoping to be filled. I writhed with pleasure from his hand, while sucking the cock in my throat with greater enthusiasm.

"He likes what you're doin' to his ass, George," Harry sighed erotically. "It's causin' him to suck my cock even better, now, really makin' me feel great."

"Yeah," George agreed, "he wants me to toy with his ass, all right, but my dick's gettin' all gooey and strong and I gotta put it in 'im. I'm really gettin' hot!" With that, he rose, still stroking his cock, leaving it for a moment within my view to watch it glow with arousal. Then he withdrew it. Almost instantly, I felt it plying the gates of my ass, demanding entrance.

He was good. He knew how to lubricate me with his pre-cum while exciting me to the point of near-orgasm, before he slowly eased the big thing into me. When the big cockhead finally slid in completely, triggering a clamping down of my sphincter, stimulating that well-stuffed feeling of a fresh fuck, it felt terrific! And he knew it. He poked and probed, parried and withdrew, pumped and jarred me until we were fucking away like wild panthers.

"Christ, watching the two of you fuckin' is bringing me off," Harry whispered down to me, hoarsely. "I'm gonna shoot my load, man," he added excitedly.

I had already known he was about to come because his hot organ had suddenly become even more engorged and rigid. It was stone hard - immovable. As I sucked it, I realized how much I thoroughly enjoy sucking a good cock. I bobbed and sucked, deep-throated and swallowed, and stimulated every cell of the long weapon. I knew he would come soon. I knew I was giving him such a good blowjob that he wouldn't be able to withhold an orgasm. I wanted the rich reward of his hot syrupy cum, and I was about to get it.

George's hands were holding on to my hips and he was fucking me with long strokes, now, really plowing my ass with jarring humps that slammed noisily against my meaty ass. He was face to face with Harry and I wondered what the two of them were thinking as they looked at one another at the peak of enjoyment.

"Look at that big cock of yours plug his ass, man," Harry hissed with pleasure.

"You're really feeding him the tube, man, right down his throat to your balls," George replied.

"Feels great!" Harry confirmed.

"Next time," George confessed in a husky whisper, "I'd like it down my throat!"

Harry's cock twitched inside my throat. He was starting to reach orgasm. "Next time," he admitted in a tense voice, "I'd like that big cock of yours up my ass!"

Simultaneously, both began shooting massive loads into me. I felt sure they were staring lovingly at each other all the while they came. Stream after thick stream of hot juice entered me from both ends, filling me with overflowing satisfaction, enjoyment and contentment.

When they both pulled out, at almost precisely the same moment, I felt a great wave of carnal pleasure course throughout my body. This had been an exceptionally stimulating encounter, with two exceeding sexy men, and I knew I could not withhold my own orgasm for very much longer.

As I straightened up, George, the more assertive of the two, said about my rampant hardon, "Man, look at that cock, Harry. It's huge."

"Looks like he's gonna blow his wad, man," Harry replied tensely. "Why don't you suck him off, George? Get a little practice before you suck me off, too, like you said you wanted to."

"You mean, before I stick this big cock of mine up your humpy ass? Like you said you wanted." They were challenging one another.

"Yeah," came Harry's soft, but heartfelt, reply, "I'd really like that."

"Okay," George said agreeably, then he dove onto my meat. He slurped a couple of times, not really well practiced in cocksucking but exceptionally enthusiastic for a newcomer. It was more than enough for me. A load came gushing up out of me that had George gasping for breath.

"Fuck, you almost drown me," George sputtered good-naturedly as he relinquished his prize. "But it tasted superb!"

"Thanks. From the way you guys were talking, it sounded to me like you've never made it together. What's the score?" I asked.

Their faces flushed charmingly. George said, "We met at one of these conventions a few years ago. It was the first time for both of us. I just happened to see Harry go into a toilet booth with a guy. A while later the guy comes out wiping off his chin and Harry comes out with a blissful look on his face. Later that same day, Harry happened to see me go into a booth with the same guy, but a while later the guy comes out buckling up his trousers, and I come out grinning, happy to see Harry there. We exchanged details and, from then on, we've sort of hung around together sizing up the available guys. These conventions always seem to draw so many of us. From the first, we've always liked hitting on the same guy and then comparing notes about it later. But this is the first time we've made it an open three-way."

"Yeah," Harry confirmed, "when we saw you at the urinal, today, we both knew we wanted to make it with you. We knew we'd have a good time together if it could be arranged. And, here we are. It was more exciting than I had anticipated."

"Well, listen, you guys," I said, "it's been great, but I've gotta get dressed and return to my exhibit booth. Otherwise, the other two guys with me will get pissed off."

"How are they," George asked pointedly, a sexy grin on his handsome face.

"They're married," I replied as though that explained it all.

"To each other?" Harry asked with a laugh.

"I don't think so," I laughed.

"Don't let wedding bands slow you down, man" George instructed.

"I'm not usually looking at fingers," I admitted with a sly grin.

They laughed, but didn't seem in a hurry to leave.

"Look," I said, gathering up my clothes, "you guys don't have to leave. Relax. Enjoy yourselves. From what I heard, you need to do a little experimenting with each other, for a change. I recommend it."

They looked shyly at each other. All three of us saw that the suggestion was giving them both reinvigorated hard-ons. I left the room, took a quick shower after releasing George's great load of cum, and got dressed.

When I went back into the room, they were lying next to each other, head to toe.

"A sixty-nine seemed like a good way to start," Harry said with a grin.

"Have fun, you guys," I called out, and I heard slurping sounds as I closed the door. I had wanted to stay with these sexy, vigorous, young men, but I had to return to the booth. I felt a tingle in my balls throughout the afternoon as I imagined what the two of them would be up to on my bed. By the time the show closed for the day, the images had made me all hot and horny again, as had the come-on looks I'd been receiving all afternoon.

* * * * *

There was a soft knock on my door. I wondered who it could be, figuring it was Harry and George returning for another go-around. I had been back in my room only long enough to slip out of my clothes down to my boxer shorts. I had decided I needed to beat out a quick load while remembering the day's events just to keep from exploding, but here was an unexpected interruption. Without thinking about it, I opened the door.

"Oh!" I heard someone say in surprise. It was Stan, one of my two colleagues. He reddened, seemed flustered and looked away from me down the hallway, but only after taking a quick head-to-toe study of my almost naked frame.

"Err..." I mumbled, trying to think of something to say. "...I thought you were someone else. Sorry, I should have put on my robe before opening..."

"No, no, it's okay," he interjected, looking back at me. "Hell, we're all men, aren't we? No need for modesty." (I thought he sounded like a pompous ass, but figured he was just embarrassed by my unexpected near nudity.) "I work out at the gym three nights a week and see naked guys all the time," he continued, belaboring the point past good sense. (Something about the way he said it, though, made my antennae go up.) "Besides, your still wearing shorts."

I wanted to say I could take them off for him, but I held my tongue as I held back the door, silently offering him entry. He stopped talking and came in. I closed and, for some reason, bolted the door, just like this noon. I guess I still didn't want to be disturbed. There was something about his demeanor, something I couldn't quite put my finger on, that told me this had the potential for completely unexpected thrills.

As he came into the room, I realized he was about an inch taller than I was, and slightly broader in the shoulders. I'm a well-built six-one, so he was big. I could believe he worked out regularly. It showed in his carriage and through his clothes. He'd been with the firm less time than I had. Our contact had been infrequent but polite. Here at the show we had continued to be polite to one another, but I had never felt any interest in him. I say "felt" because that's how I am. I have to feel there's something there before I can loosen up and, to me, Stan had been just another married man.

When I turned around, it was obvious that Stan had been staring at my back, no doubt admiring the way my ass filled out the boxer shorts. He turned red, again, and started to stammer and look at the floor, like an embarrassed teenager.

"Would you like a drink?" I suggested.

Relief broke out on his face. "I'd love one," he said earnestly.

I got what he wanted to drink out of the small refrigerator and poured myself a drink, too. I handed him his, and took a swig of mine after making a cheerful salute to him with the glass. He smiled and took a long gulp.

We stood there looking at one another in silence for a long time. It wasn't up to me to say anything. After all, he had come up to my room.

He took another long draught, almost finishing the drink, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and started to say something.

"I... I..." he began hesitantly.

"You what?" I prompted.

"I followed you, today," he blurted out, suddenly.

"Yes?" I questioned calmly. Panic is never the best response in situations like these, I had discovered, so I waited for him to explain himself.

"I saw what you did in the men's room, this morning."

"What was that?" I asked innocently.

"You know. Showing off your hard-on to those guys. Getting them to show hard, too, like you were all gonna have a circle jerk." He whispered the last two sentences as though not wanting to be overheard.

"I see." I remained calm. There was still no reason to panic, although the inclination did flourish below the surface. My calmness seemed to fluster him further. He finished his drink.

"Then I watched you all morning with all those men around you all the time, smiling at you, fawning all over you."

"Hmm," was my response.

"Then I followed you at lunch time and watched you meet with those two guys and take them up here to your room and stay with them until you were late coming back to the booth."

"Were you late, too?" I asked, quietly.

He looked surprised. "Well, yes, I was. I had to hurry just to get back before you did."

"Then what happened?" I asked.

"Well, I... uh..." he stammered, flustered again, "...I watched you all afternoon, too. Talking with all those men. Why it looked like they were flirting with you."

"Some of them were," I admitted quietly.

He looked surprised. "They were?"

"Of course, they were. Some of them were gay."

"But..." He stopped. He was at a loss for words.

"But, what?" I asked calmly.

"Well, didn't it, like, uh, annoy you? Turn you off?" A practiced expression of disdain crossed his handsome face.

"No, not really. Most of them were very nice. And business is business, isn't it." It wasn't a question.

He looked perplexed.

" Some of them came on to you, too, didn't they?" I asked, softly.

"Yeah," he admitted quietly.

"What did you do?"

"Nothin', really. I just ignored it. Mostly." A faraway look came into his eyes.

"It didn't bother you, did it?" I almost whispered the question.

"Naw. I guess not. It's just that they..." He stopped.

"Well, com'on," I said cheerfully, "you're a handsome young man. Guys must have come on to you all your adult life, haven't they?"

He looked at me strangely, thinking about it. "No, not really. I think I'm too big. Sometimes, I think I scare them away."

"Do you want to scare them away," I asked barely breathing.

He took a deep breath. "No," he confessed quietly, hanging his head.

"You don't scare me away."

After what seemed an eternity of silence between us, his head slowly lifted and he stared at me for a long time. "Do you mean you're..." he stopped. He couldn't say it.

"...coming on to you?" I finished the question for him.

He nodded silently.

"Not if you're gonna knock my block off," I said lightly.

"Oh, no, I wouldn't hurt you," he suddenly gushed, very sincerely, looking tenderly at me. "Not for anything," he added.

"Then I AM coming on to you," I said simply.

"Wow," he said, his eyes wide as saucers.

"What would you like to do about it?" I asked him, curious how to proceed with him.

"When I saw you showing hard with all those guys, this morning, it reminded me of a circle jerk we once had when I was a freshman in college. It reminded me, today, that I had really enjoyed it, then. What you did with them got me hot, too."

"But you don't want to jack off with me, now, do you?" I asked bluntly.

"No," he admitted, quieting down, again.

"You're wondering what happened here in this room this noon, when this door closed behind those two sexy guys, aren't you?" Even if he hadn't been wondering about it, he was now.

He nodded, excitedly, his eyes wide with interest, obviously expecting me just to blurt out what took place.

I paused, realizing that I was developing an erection in my flimsy shorts. I had to control myself or he'd frighten off, which would be disastrous.

"We didn't jack off, I'll tell you that. But, what do you think happened?" I teased.

He looked puzzled for a moment, but then looked tricky and asked, "You gave them blow-jobs?"

"Do you want a blow-job, Stan?" I asked, bluntly.

"I've never had one," he answered immediately. I knew he was telling the truth.

"You mean never? No girl? No guy? No glory hole? Never?"

"Never," he repeated. In a whisper, he added, "I've thought a lot about it, though. My wife says it's dirty and just the thought of it disgusts her. But I've heard a lot of guys boast about how good it feels, even from a guy. Or, especially from a guy," he added, pointedly. "I guess that's really why I'm here. I'd like to find out if it's really as good as they say it is."

"Well, let's find out," I said, moving to him and reaching out to push off and remove his jacket. He offered no resistance so I just kept on removing his clothing.

Stripping him was an exotic delight for me. He was shy, but proud of his strong body. He was bashful with me, but stuck out his naked chest and felt pleasure from my admiring glances and fleeting but stimulating touches as I undressed him. He was docile, letting me remove his pants, shoes and socks, but proudly self-assured when I openly admired the large bulge in his jockey shorts.

I slipped a hand under the waistband of the shorts and tugged slightly. "Shall I take these off, too," I asked. I wanted his agreement to proceed.

"Yeah," he agreed, huskily, "but take yours off first."

I thought that was an interesting request and quickly complied.

"Man, I thought that was a big one when I saw it this morning," he said admiringly. My cock wasn't fully erect, yet, but was long and fat, pointed towards his feet, obviously engorged, stimulated by the first stages of erection. His sincere flattery seemed to massage my balls and make them buzz, further inflating my rod as he watched in fascination. It was an exciting moment. I could see that he liked what he was looking at.

As we both watched my cock expand, I noticed an equivalent expansion in his jockeys. A bigger and bigger bulge developed, aimed at and then almost reaching his hip. This was no little wanger, my practiced eye told me; this was a man-sized dick of major dimensions and eye-popping proportions. A cocksucker's daydream come to life – a great cock!

I unconsciously licked my lips as I stared at the increasingly large bulge. In seconds, it had doubled in size.

"Oh, it looks like you're hungry for it," he sighed.

My cock completed its rise to full glory, throbbing between us, wordlessly confirming my lust for him.

"Yeah," I agreed quietly, and I reached out, tugging at the waistband of the shorts, again. This time, his cock rose up out of the cloth like a missile being readied for blast off into space. It, too, reached its fullest degree of engorgement and stiffness, breathtaking in its masculine beauty with its alluring curves, colors and odors.

Using both hands, I tugged the shorts down, uncovering a hefty, almost hairless scrotum containing two giant balls. The sac was hanging lower than one might expect after release from confining jockeys, confirming to my knowing glance that Stan had recently had an orgasm. But he was ready for another. The shorts dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them, completely nude. His erection had already become so stiff it did not sway with the movement.

I pinched one of his nipples, watching his wide-eyed response as his cock throbbed with pleasure at the touch. His body was like a raw nerve, tingling at the slightest contact. I leaned in and lapped at the nipple, nipping at it with my teeth and then sucking on it expertly. He hissed with pleasure and thrust his chest out at me. I rapped an arm around him and our naked bodies pressed sensually against one another. He sighed and I felt his erection throb next to mine.

Releasing my tight hold, I slowly licked my way down his body. As I neared his cockhead, which was pulsating in front of his navel, he drew in his breath, expectantly.

"Are ya gonna suck it?" he asked. "Here?" he added.

I straightened up and looked him in the eye. "Where would you like me to suck it?" was all I could think of to ask. I didn't know what he wanted.

"I'd like to be able to watch you do it, man," he whispered, huskily. The way he asked was extremely sexy - a real turn-on for me. I, too, am easily stimulated visually.

"How about doing it in front of all those big mirrors in the bathroom?" I suggested.

"Ooh," he hummed, delighted with the idea, "that'd be great! I've always loved seeing what I'm doing."

"I do, too," I agreed as I led him by the hand into the large, well-lit hotel bathroom.

I saw both of us from many directions in the several mirrors in the room. In our fervent arousal, we both looked terrific. I could see Stan admiring himself but also studying my whole body, too. Wordlessly, we both grabbed our cocks and began a slow jack-off while watching ourselves in the mirrors.

"Fuck, man, this is fantastic!" Stan blurted out. "With all these reflections, it reminds me of that circle jerk and of that line of guys this morning."

I kept pace with his jack off for a while, letting him enjoy the scene for a good length of time, knowing it was stimulating his juices and making my task that much easier, but then said, quietly, "But, we didn't come in here to jack off, did we."

"No," he agreed, "but it sure looks good and feels good."

"Maybe you'll find that this feels even better!" With that, I squatted in front of him and put out my flatted tongue. His hand was still on his cock, and he used it to push the stiff rod downward to slap against my outstretched tongue. As I felt the fiery hot cockhead touch my tongue, I caught it by ovalling my tongue around its contours and drawing it into my mouth. It slid in easily, a cock made for sucking.

"Man, look at that," Stan hissed as he watched his cockhead disappear into my mouth. He could see it from several angles and each looked spectacular. I watched his abdomen tighten with excitement. I reached up with one hand and lightly fondled his big scrotum, feeling the sac squirm with delighted sensations. Stan hissed with pleasure at the touch.

My other hand slid up his belly to his chest to massage, tickle, pinch, and play with his meaty pecs and rigid nipples. But the focus of my attention was on the huge cock in my mouth. I set upon giving Stan a deluxe-class blowjob. No holds barred. All the stops full out. Deep throating till my nose was pressed tightly into pubic hair and against bone, my forehead flattened against strong abdominal muscles, and backing off till only the thickly flanged cockhead was held in my mouth.

He watched in silence, dumbstruck at the sight of his entire, long cock penetrating completely into my throat. Watching my head travel the long length of the stiff erection as I slowly, with great effort and mind-boggling suction, bobbed upon this wonderful organ.

It felt great sucking him like this. His was a perfect cock for an expert cocksucker like myself. It was long and thick, hard and resistant, but simultaneously pliant and subtle, allowing great variation in technique, tempo and effort. He reacted well to each change in my sucking and began to respond with thrusts and parries of his own, while watching his body dance in the mirrors as he fucked my mouth. Soon, his own hands were playing with his body, too. I'd move from one nipple to the other, and his hand would replace mine at the vacated nipple. His other hand roved his abdomen and crotch, touching my hand on his balls, feeling my lips on his cock, touching my face, running through his patch of dark cockhair, rubbing his muscular abs.

"Oh, God, I had no idea it could be this great!" he sighed. "Look at you, sucking my big pole. Takin' it in to the hilt. I've seen a couple vidoes of cocks being sucked by gals, but it didn't look anything like this! You're workin' on it! You're down to my balls! Oh, man! This is better than a fuck - I feel your tongue, your lips, your throat, the heavy suction, on every inch of my entire cock. At the same time, I'm watchin' you suck that cock like a pro, man - you really do it right. This is fantastic!"

He had spread his legs wider, getting a firm stance on the tiled floor with his naked feet, and was really humping cock into me. I loved his comments, but the one thing I wasn't hearing from him was that he was about to come. I dawned on me that maybe I was right, maybe he had had an orgasm during the day. And as soon as that thought struck me, I was sure of it. He'd gone somewhere, maybe into a booth in the men's room where he jacked off to relieve the pressures, to give himself a nice hand job. I'm too good a cocksucker to be fooled. He was receiving such a first-class blowjob that, were he fresh, he would have already popped his cork.

I slowly withdrew and backed off, letting the cock slip from between my lips. Still squatting, I looked up at him.

"Oh, shit, man, don't stop now," he pleaded. "This is terrific! Look at my shiny cock, man. I'm about to blow!"

I rose slowly, smiling at him. "Would you like to blow?" I asked quietly. My use of the word "blow" was completely different than his, and he knew it. I was asking him if he wanted to suck cock. It was a bold question, which could have turned him off.

But he wasn't offended, I could tell. His eyes immediately darted to my throbbing dick, which was leaking strings of sticky pre-cum. He knew what I was asking, and his immediate response was not rejection. His eyes grew bigger as my cock pulsated for him, oozing even more fluid. It looked ready. We both knew it was ready.

"I... I never..." he stuttered.

I grabbed my cock and drew the skin downward, causing the cockhead to flare even broader and gleam in the bright lights with a special sheen of erotic enticement. I waggled it slightly.

He licked his lips.

I waggled it again.

His tongue came out slightly and then went back in. I knew he was contemplating touching his lips to my cock to see how it would feel. He felt his tongue on his lips, again, and I sensed he was considering whether a cockhead would feel much differently.

I waggled it for the third time, not insistently, but just letting him know it was ready for him if he wanted it. But I kept silent. A wrong word, now, could break his enchantment. And my big cock was enchanting him. I could see it.

He leaned down, closer to it, as if to get a better view. Then, he turned his head up to look me in the face, while still bent over, and whispered in a hoarse voice, tense with desire, "It does look good enough to eat, doesn't it."

My favorite phrase. But I nodded, silently. It occurred to me that we could both see my overt stimulation. It was evident that it had come from the enjoyment I received from sucking his cock. This obvious pleasure surely pleased him, too.

He leaned in even closer still, and saw the cockhead flare to its absolute maximum extreme as clear fluid continued to ooze from the wide slit indented at the top. As I watched, too, I thought I might just come on the spot and start spurting sperm at him, that's how close to orgasm I was, as he contemplated whether or not to touch it with his tongue. It was an especially erotic moment for me.

"Look at all the goo you're pumping out," he whispered, almost to himself, as he stared in fascination. "How does that taste?" he wondered aloud.

I shifted my hips upwards ever so slightly towards him, reducing the distance between my cockhead and his mouth. The motion caused him to press downward, too, rather than back away. His face was now a fraction of an inch from my cock, and his ear was almost touching my body. The next move had to be his.

Suddenly, I felt his tongue scrape lasciviously against the top of my cock. Contact! I thought with overwhelming delight.

Instantly, the tongue returned and lapped at the fluids oozing from the slit. And then, immediately, the tongue lapped up more of the fluid. And then, more and more until I could feel the exquisite sandpapery textures cleaning around the flanges of the corona. He licked and lapped, moving his head around the big thing, oblivious to everything but the big cockhead.

Finally, I felt his entire mouth slid down over the crown and engulf the entire glans. "Ummmm!" he hummed with pleasure. He lowered his body and tried to fit more of my cock into his mouth. The movement drew my cock downward, pointing straight at his mouth. I looked over at a mirror. The scene was fabulous! The connection between my cock and this butch, first-time cocksucker was extremely exciting to see.

Suddenly, Stan looked over to the mirror, watched himself for a moment, and then looked up into my eyes. His eyes narrowed with pleasure. Then, I saw him study his own reflection, seeing his mouth filled with my cock. His eyes widened with amazement. But, rather than withdrawing, as I thought he might when he saw himself in the classic cocksucking position with a big cock in his mouth, instead he stuffed in more cock, and began slowly sucking and bobbing on the organ like he had watched me doing on his cock.

It was too much for me. Far too exciting. Far too stimulating. It was taking me right over the top.

"Look out," I warned, "I'm about to lose control."

His eyes questioned me through the mirror.

"I'm gonna shoot my load, man!" I clarified, certain that he'd want to back off and watch me shoot.

But he didn't back off! Still watching himself sucking, he increased his effort and brought me off in his mouth. I came explosively. It was the most intensive orgasm of the day. One of the most intensive and most memorable of my life, in fact! Here was this handsome, macho, stud, fucker down on his knees gulping down my hot, sticky load. It gushed and gushed, yet he drank down the entire load until finally I was dry and even he knew it.

He released my spent dick and, still kneeling, looked up at me. His face was a study in conflicting emotions flashing across an insecure landscape. "Did you like it," he wanted to know. "Did I do it right," he asked. "Did I do it as good as others have done it for you?" he asked without waiting for replies. "Would you let me do it, again?" he finally asked in a hushed whisper of concern.

"Oh, man, that was perfect!" I sighed, finally, relieving his stress and stretching in front of him, running a hand down my chest to my abdomen, though my patch of hair and onto my partially deflated cock, with obvious sensual enjoyment. Posing for him. "That was so good," I confirmed, squeezing my cock in front of his eyes as if milking the last drops of cum from it, even though we both knew that he had sucked it dry.

Pleasure lit up his face.

"So good, in fact," I continued, "that you've got to FEEL for yourself how good it is to come in a man's mouth. Here, now, bring that huge cock of yours back up here and let me finish sucking it off." I was being purposefully brazen, and I could see that the dirty talk was increasing his enjoyment.

"That's it, feed that big tube to me," I continued until speech was impossible. This time I could sense an especial urgency from him. He was hot as a pistol. Sucking my cock and taking my load had really charged his batteries. He wanted back in, and slammed the meat to me with little concern for the niceties. Humping, thrusting, pushing that big thing down my throat. I fucking loved it!

"Oh, man, suck my cock!" he hissed with excitement. "Eat this big dick," he sighed with pleasure. "Look at that!" he said to himself as he watched me taking him down to the bone.

This time, he was too excited to hold back. After very few, full length, deep throating sucks, he blasted off noisily into orgasm. I drank up the first couple of strong spurts of cum, but then, like in a suck-flick, I aimed the big cock with my hand and we both watched as his jism unloaded in long streams that landed on my tongue. Then I sucked him back in and vacuumed up his jism until he had to beg to be released.

He backed away from me, weak-kneed and well-spent, his long dong dribbling a last minor bead of cum. He was gasping for breath.

"Jesus!" was all he said, overcome with emotion.

"Great, wasn't it," I told him, not really asking. I don't have to be hit over the head to know when sex is great. And neither does he, as it turned out.

He rested his muscular butt against a counter, legs splayed apart, catching his breath, and huffed, "I never, never imagined..." he paused, breathing hard, "...that it could possibly be..." he paused, again, " fuckin' great!" he finished enthusiastically.

'Well..." I hesitated, catching his attention. "Fucking," I said, repeating his word and pausing to let it sink in. I half-turned, exhibiting my ass to him directly and through the mirrors. "Fucking," I repeated, again, rubbing a hand over a firm, well-formed ass-cheek, "now, that's something else, again, ain't it."

He eyes bulged with interest. "You don't mean..."

"If you're really serious about wanting to do whatever we did this noon, in here, you'll be in for another treat." I patted my ass for clear-cut emphasis. "Maybe even a surprise!"

His jaw dropped. "I never..." he paused.

"Not till now," I said with a grin.

He was good. He said nothing, but his big cock was talking for him as it slowly reformed into a magnificent erection. He liked the idea of fucking me, I could tell. And so did I!

* * * * *

Word of my easy approachability, frequent orgasms, and cocksucking skills, had spread throughout the convention. I had so much sex that week, I had to take to keeping notes just so I'd remember all of it. Our booth was one of the busiest of the show, much to the amazement of my boss, who flew in for one afternoon late in the week to see how things were going. By the end of the week, I just wanted to go home and soak my balls in cold water. So did Stan, who had quickly learned to take advantage of every opportunity. Within a year, business generated from that show had doubled the company's sales figures, and within three years (and three more sex-filled shows) represented a consistent 75% of their total, greatly expanded, business. Of course, the boss figured it was all due to his ability to see where new business was coming from. Stan, on the other hand, seems to think I had a hand in it somewhere along the line. I know. He eagerly tells me so every once in a while when we get together nowadays to, you know, reminisce. And to reenact the good ol' days!


Jack Sofelot


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