I could feel the cum running down my ass and dripping on to the bed beneath me, I could feel the warm breath on my ass from the person stood behind me.

'Ok, great work guys, that's a wrap.' a man in the distance shouted, I felt the cameraman behind me pull back as I sat up and sighed with satisfaction.

'Great work, Kody, it's gonna be an awesome scene, I think it will do great, that ass of yours is fucking amazing' The director told me as he walked over and slapped my ass.

I had just finished filming a porn scene where I had a threesome with some muscle daddies, with lots of mutual fucking and sucking. I wasn't some big name porn star; it was only my 5th scene for a pretty small company and I was just doing it for the hell of it. I was a complete sex hound so I though I might as well make a bit of money on the side as my construction job didn't pay that well. Also, I didn't want to sound vain but I was a lot of guys dream, I was 28, and was extremely well built, strong thighs, tight waist, rippling abs, huge pecs and shoulders and my best asset; my tight bubble butt.

My life mainly consisted of sex, work, and going to the gym, I enjoyed working on my body and making it look as good as it could. I had been a varsity football player in high school and had worked my construction job for nearly 10 years, so I have always been in pretty good shape but I liked to work on it even more. There was another reason I enjoyed going to the gym; the men. The weights room was full of hunky studs and even though nothing ever happened I enjoyed watching them, especially in the showers.

A couple days later I decided to head to the gym after I got back from work, as I hadn't been for a while and I could feel it, even though I knew there would be less guys to watch this late on. I was in the mens locker room when I noticed one of the guys who was there regularly looking at me as I changed into my workout clothes. I looked at him and smiled and he grinned back as he walked into weights room, leaving me wondering why he suddenly took an interest in me.

I headed out to the weights room to see there was only him and 2 other guys there, who I also recognised, as I had ogled them many times before, they all seemed to know each other as they were chatting to each other. They all turned to smile at me as I began my work out, this was also kind of weird as I had never had anyone at the gym give me this much attention. They stopped chatting and headed over to bench presses, 2 of them got down to lift weights and the other was the spotter.

'Hey man, can you help us out? We need another spotter, we will spot you after.' Asked the guy who was spotting.

'Ok sure' I replied, actually glad I was able to use the bench press again as my old workout buddy who used to spot for me had moved out of town. I headed over and stood in behind the guy with out a spotter, it was a pretty sweet job as I got to admire these hot studs doing a great workout, they all had awesome bodies and lifted some impressive weights. We then swapped and I got into position, with a good view up the leg of guy spotting me, me and the guy lifting with me both managed the same as the guys before we decided to finish.

'Hey thanks man, we really appreciate it, i'm Tyler by the way' said the guy who had smiled at me in the locker room and gave me a firm handshake with his muscular arm.

'No problem, it was a great work out, i'm Kody' I replied.

I'm Greg' the guy with cropped hair said, shooting me a smile with his handsome face.

'And i'm Liam' the remaining guy said, and gave me a slap on the ass, which surprised me. I couldn't tell which guy was hotter, they all had amazing bodies and faces and there was something about the way they looked at me which suggested they were looking for something extra.

'So man, we've seen those movies you're in, you're a great performer' Tyler smirked at me, I was stunned all these studs were gay and had recognised me but equally excited about what was about to happen.

'Gee thanks' I replied, and decided to be bold 'You want a piece of it?'

'Oh fuck yeah' Tyler replied as he dropped to his knees and pushed his face into my crotch.

Greg quickly followed and they both mouthed my cock through the shorts as Liam stood up on the weight machine next to me, and pulled out his hard cock. I didn't hesitate as I took it straight into my mouth and all the way down my throat as he moaned in pleasure. Tyler and Greg had released my stiff cock from its pouch and were both working it between them as they kissed, Tyler then dropped down and began to suck on Greg's cock as a chain of cocksucking was formed.

Greg pulled off my cock and said;

'Lets all get out of these clothes' We all withdrew our cocks and got undressed and changed positions. I lay down on the bench press as Greg sat on my face and I ate his tight hole, Tyler was sucking my cock and playing with my ass whilst Liam ate his ass. It was beautiful sight to see the muscle studs having man sex and Greg's hole tasted amazing and I knew I was going to cum soon.

I suddenly felt a splat of cum over my face and realised the feelings in his ass had made Greg cum, the taste of his man seed triggered my orgasm as Tyler swallowed my load. Him and Liam then both stood up and jacked their cocks over my abs, shooting their loads in the pits between each muscle. The three of them then all leant down and began licking up the mess, sharing it with each other and then coming up to kiss me, giving me a taste of their sweet man juice.

'Ahh fuck man that was awesome, but now lets get to the good bit' Liam said, 'I want that pornstar dick buried in my ass.' As he went over to weight machine and bent over, revealing his beautiful hole, a sight I couldn't resist. I stood up and pushed my face between his buns, getting a taste of his delicious ass, Tyler then came over and laid on the bench press next to us. He lifted his legs up to reveal his hole and Greg began to eat his ass.

I began to probe the hole in front of me with me fingers, keeping my tongue buried inside, his ass tasted amazing but I was ready for the main show. I stood up and gently pushed my dick in his hole, moaning in pleasure as it sunk into the tight, warm ass.

'Awww fuck man' moaned Liam as I pushed all the way, my balls slapping on his ass. 'Now fuck me stud' He shouted as I began to thrust in and out of his ass, I could see next to me Greg was fucking Tyler, the scene was so erotic I knew I was going cum again tonight.

'Hey man, lets swap, I want to try that ass' I told Greg, knowing it would give me a little time to cool down so I didn't come again too quickly. We swapped place and I swiftly pushed my dick balls deep in Tyler's ass and began to pound his sweet hole. Both muscle studs took the fucking like champs and were moaning around our dicks, as we fucked the tight asses in front of us me and Greg leaned in to kiss as Tyler and Liam did also.

I suddenly felt the cum rise out of my balls into my dick and shoot out long thick ropes of cum deep in this hunks ass. Seeing me blow my load lead to Greg moaning and thrusting even harder and I could tell he was dropping a load in Liam's ass. We both withdrew breathing heavily but I knew we were not done yet, my hole was itching for some cock.

I traded places with Tyler and lifted my legs up to reveal my hole, and Tyler wasted no time in sticking his tongue deep in my crack, probing and prodding, making me moan and beg for his cock. Next to me Greg had traded with Liam and was getting his ass prepped for a good fucking, I couldn't take the build up anymore and just shouted.

'Aww fuck my ass!

Tyler just laughed as he withdrew his tongue and I felt his cockhead pushing at my crack, when it pushed through I sighed in pleasure as he quickly began fucking my ass, I could tell from the moans next to me that Greg was getting the same treatment. Tyler fucked deep and hard and I could tell from his face that he was ready to blow.

'Ahhhhhhhh' he shouted as I felt him shoot in my ass, he slowly withdrew and walked round to my head, offering me his cummy dick. I hungrily accepted and sucked him clean as I felt another cock begin to enter my ass, Liam was also giving me a fuck.

'I needed a go at this porn ass' He said he thrust in and out my ass, it didn't take long for him to cum and a shot a nice big load deep in my ass. He then did the same as Tyler and offered me his cock to clean, which I eagerly accepted. I then felt Greg push his cock in my now loser hole and began to pump hard as his balls slapped hard against my ass.

He dropped his load quickly as he moaned loudly, triggering me to cum all over my chest, for the third time tonight, which Liam and Tyler hungrily licked up, sharing it with each other. Greg came to my head as I sucked his cock clean tasting the delicious mixture of cum straight from my ass.

'Shit that was awesome guys, but I gotta go, my wife will be wondering where I am' Said Greg as he pulled away and picked up his clothes.

'Yeah me too, thanks for the fuck' Said Liam as left the weight room and hit the showers with Greg.

I guess Tyler didn't have a wife or he wanted to stay longer as he went down towards my ass and began to suck up the cum that was running out my ass, tonguing my hole at the same time. He filled his mouth with the cum straight from my hole and then came to kiss me, sharing the used cum that tasted delicious. Tyler was one sexy fucker.

'Oh man that was the best fuck I had in a long time, no wonder you're filming porn' Tyler sighed as he stood up. He grabbed my hand and helped me stand up and we walked to the showers together and I knew that the fun had only just begun.


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