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I was at work on a Saturday and was changing into my utility kilt on a hot California day. Just as I had my pants down, slipping off my shoes, I heard a voice say "now that's the ass I need to fuck"

I looked back and saw Will rubbing his growing cock in his shorts.

"Well today could be your lucky day!"

"Well I've see you checking out my cock all the time and I think it's your lucky day"

"Well Will, I've seen your cock bulging in your pants when it's soft and when it's snaked down the leg of your pants. And it looks pretty damn big and thick!"

"Well, I'd love to see it. I love a big thick cock. And you bring German, I bet it's perfect."

Will undid his belt, pulled down his zipper, and out can his growing cock. A very thick 7" and cut and still not totally hard. As he stroked his cock , I started to moan with lust. I kicked my lips and saw a drop of Precum on the tip of his cock.

" may I ?"

" please do, the wife hasn't touched my cock in over a month and I need to get off bad"

I got down in front of him and began to suck his cock. The taste was pure masculine sweaty stud. As I sucked , he finally got to his full 9" and 7" around. In this position I sucked down all that I could. He oozed so much sweet Precum that it was like desert.

"Will, the wife ever deepthroat you ?"

" are you kidding, she barely sucks the head, she has sucking my cock and hates all the Precum even More.

" well then lay down on the floor and I show you the pleasure of being deepthroated."

"Ok, but other women have tried and couldn't do it "

"Well, I'm not other women, ad I love sucking big cocks like yours"

He layed on the floor and I basically got into a 69 position, sucked his cock head and then slowly pushed his cock to the back of my mouth, just to tease him. Then I went a little deeper, teasing even more.

" oh god that feels good, but it's too big to take down your throat "

" I have gotten that far yet"

And then I went back to his cock, licking around the head, flicking what's left of his frenulum. Then I got his cock good and wet, took a deep breath, and rammed his cock deep into my throat.

I think he was in too much shock to say anything or even utter a sound.

Them I pulled up and did it again.

" holy fuck!!! How did you do that ? That was the most incredible thing ever. Tight than any ass or pussy I've ever fucked in my life.

" well the human throat is only 1" across and your cock is a bit over 2" across, so a 2" cock in a 1" throat is gonna feel like ecstasy !!"

"You can do that to me any time you like"

" ok, I'm good with that, but I'd love to feel your cock in my ass."

" ok, been wanting to fuck your ass for years now and today is the day"

Luckily I always come prepared. I reached into my backpack and pulled out some lube and rubbers.

Next Will said " we only need lube, I only fuck bare and I've never fucked a guy and want to see what it feel like doing it the right way"

" ok, I'm good with that, I love getting fucked bare, it's so much better."

I grabbed the lube and dripped some on his hard cock and smeared it all over and then some on my hole. While he was still laying on the floor, I straddled his cock and slowly let his cock into my tight hairy hole.

I relaxed a bit and sank down a few inches. I slid up and down getting used to him inside me and then I went down a bit more. After a few Minutes, all 9" was buried deep inside.

" how's that feel Will?"

" your ass is tighter that the wife's pussy and hotter than her pussy. Now I have to nail your ass hard since I know you can take it all. "

I turned airing while still on his cock and he sat up and got us on all fours and started to slowly fuck my hole.

It felt incredible to have this hot stud fucking me and bare at that.

He just kept going in and out , fucking me fast and slow, shallow and deep ( deeper than anyone he's ever fucked ) " fuck, I want to cum so bad, but I want to keep fucking you. I haven't had sex like this since, since ever."

Well, anytime you want this hole, it's all yours. I always get the small and average guys in my ass, rarely are there guys as big as you. So if you want to cum now, just let your body do what it wants to do"

With a fee more strokes of his cock in his new fuck toy, he started to moan.

" mmmmmm oh fuck, oh fuck, here it comes. It's gonna be huge, you want it on you or in you?"

" just fucking breed my hole already!!"

And then he began to shoot his load, growling like a angry bear, his seed filling my insides. I could feel his shaft throbbing as each shot passed my stretched out hole. Finally , he was spent and laid into my back, his hairy chest on me.

" that was the best sex and orgasm that I've ever had in my life. I don't think I want to fuck my wife anymore."

" you can skip her and fuck me any time you want. "

" well I may take you up in that offer. She is getting less interested in sex with me, I'm getting more aggressive with her, cuz I'm getting too horny. The fact you can take it all and like it bare and will take my load, it's all yours."

" well I need to get back to her, so I need to get going" he said as he slowly pulled his still hard cock out of me hole.

" aren't you two cute talking after sex. Peter said standing in the doorway with his hard cock in his pants.

" when did you get here?"

"Just intone to see Will asking where you wanted his load and then he shot inside you"

" well it looks like you enjoyed the show, with that bulge in your pants"

" yup, sure did, and I need to get off but you're both done." Peter said.

" well, I'm done for sure" Will said

" Peter , let me see your cock and I'll tell you if I'm done "

He undid his pants and let them fall down . There is was, peters perfect cock, 8" thick and uncut, dripping Precum.

" well Peter, for you and your cock, I'm not done."

I got over to peter and started to suck his cock and his foreskin.

Like Will, the Precum was flowing.

It was as sweet as sweet cherries. He cock was throbbing, wanting to shoot it's creamy load.

"Peter, you should try his ass, better than my wife's pussy."

" that's sick Will, besides you just fucked him wide open. And, wait where's the condoms? Did you fuck him bare and breed his hole?"

" I never fuck with condoms and I dumped a huge load in his hole. I've never felt so drained in all my life.!!"

" well I've never fucked a guy, and the wife won't let me fuck her ass or pussy without a rubber on. It sucks."

" well peter, you can fuck me with this beauty of an uncut cock and do it bare too. " I told him.

" but Will just spread you open and your hole is dripping cum"

" well peter, get this big hard uncut cock in my ass and stop the cum from dripping out. "

" oh fuck, I need to fuck or get a blow job at least. Oh fuck, get on all fours"

So I got on to all fours again, and as soon as I was in position, I felt Peter behind me. Wondering if he should plunge his cock in my hole. Will wondered what he was doing, why was he waiting, a hot tight hole, prelubed, full of hot cum. Who wouldn't just slam right in.

Peter tried to figure out if this was using a hole to get off or really gay and if it would make him wants guys now.

Will couldn't take it anymore and as peters cockhead was at my hole, Will pushed peters ass with his feet and peters cock was rammed deep into my hole. My hole burned for a minute, and Peter just stayed there . Feeling his bare uncut cock, deep in my hole, feeling the tight hairy hole, Wills huge load, on peters cock. Peters cock got harder, and in a few seconds fear kicked in, he started to pull out and before he was all the way out, Will had grabbed peters hips and was pushing him in and out of my ass. Instinct kicked in and Peter used his own body to fuck me harder. Wills cum was lube for peter. It was gonna be a fuck that I'd remember for a while. I also that of how hot peters cock was, covered in Wills cum as plunged in and out. All that cum, under his foreskin and he pulled out and then he shoved it deeper into me. All Peter did was fuck, no sounds, no talking, just fucking me hard and deep.

" oh fuck, I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck, here it comes, fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!!!!!!!

And I felt his cock throb and pulse as he dumped his hot load inside me.

Like Will, just just stayed there, deep in my ass, making sure every last drop was in me.

I felt peters cock soften and slowly pull out.

He leaned back and panted with exhaustion. He was drained dry.

"now I know what you mean Will, that is the best hole to fuck. Better than my wife even, and she can fuck and leave me drained. But I don't think I'll be able to cum for a week now."

" now you know why I've been saying that I've wanted to fuck his ass" Will said

" I thought it would be too gay, but fuck, that's incredible, to be able to fuck a tight hole , with no rubber and just blast my load and not worry about getting anyone pregnant. Now I'm hooked on his ass too." Peter said.

"Fuck, we both have to get home before the women start calling to find out where we're at " Will said in shock after realizing the time.

As soon as they both , started to get up to leave, in the doorway was our boss, looking at all of us.

" well, what have we here??" said Michael " well, he was bent over and I couldn't resist fucking him, then once I was done breeding his ass, Peter came in and did the same thing. He got our loads in his ass and barely any of mine has dripped out. Peters is still in there. You should add yours !! Best fuck you'll ever have." Will said.

" very interesting, why don't you guys get home and I'll take my turn" Michael had said as he was taking off his clothes.

As Will and Peter had left , Will tapped Michael on the shoulder and said " tag, you're it" and they were gone.

" so how you want me to fuck you ?" asked Michael " my first question" I started to ask as Michael interrupted me and said, " I'm clean, nothing to worry about" he said.

" no, that wasn't gonna be my question, would your brother Ryan be interested ?? I've had the hots for that sexy fucker since I first saw him."

" not sure, I call and ask him"

" no just tell him to come to the office and he will see what's going on and he'll dive right in"

He picked up his phone and called his brother Ryan " hey , get over to the office as soon as you can, got something here for ya"

" ok, what is it ? I'm in route to a job site"

" we'll this is more urgent and will only be here for a while"

" ok, I'm on my way then."

Michael hung up his phone and asked " so how long have those two been fucking you ? "

" just started today, I was changing into my kilt when Will walked in and then it all started"

" so did Will want to fuck you with a rubber ?"

" nope, he says he only fucks bare , which I prefer, it feels so much better "

" and what about Peter, how did he want to do it ?"

" he was a little apprehensive, only cuz it might make him gay, you know how he is"

" yeah, I sure do, so did he dive right in?"

" nope, Will gave him a shove to get his cock in my ass, then grabbed him and pushed and pulled him to fuck me, then Peter took over from there."

" did they both cum inside you ? Just curious ?"

" yep, they both shot their loads deep inside me. Peter has to have some of Wills cum on his cock under his foreskin. It's fermenting as we speak."

" ok, that's gross, but strangely hot !"

Michaels cock had gone soft as we talked, but I reached over and grabbed his big balls and saw his cock bounce and then I started sucking his cock, til it was a rock hard 7".

" we'll now, that's better. What do you think we should do with this stuff beauty ?"

" how tight do you think your ass is after those two guys fucked you ?"

"well, let me get on all fours and you can see, I think it'll be nice and tight for ya."

" after will and Peter fucked you, you think you'll be tight ? " Michael said laughing.

" go ahead, see how tight I am after them."

I loosened up just a little bit to let some cum out so that Michaels cock had some lube.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed it over my hole, getting it slick with Will and Peters cum.

Soon he started to poke his head into me and then slid deep inside. Much to his surprise I was very tight again.

" I can't believe after Wills massive cock was in your ass, you're this right again "

" that's the best part about an ass, it shrinks back to normal pretty quick.

Soon he was pounding away, his cock hitting the right spots inside me, making me want to cum.

" ok, slow down or change your angle, you gonna make me cum and Ryan won't be able to fuck me. Once I cum, my ass goes to virgin tight and nothing goes in."

He slowed down to a casual pace, slowly in and out.

" ooooooo what do we have here?" the sexy brother Ryan asked.

" get your pants off and get over here so I can suck your cock!!"

" ok, I'm in, literally !!"

He dropped his pants and his cock was having there, a beautiful cock on a hot sexy guy that I have drooled and shot many loads over.

He's cock was a nice thick 7" cut inches. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking , just as he got to full hardness, he's brother Michael rammed his cock deep in my ass. Spit roasted by two sexy hot brothers. Ryan kept fucking my mouth and Michael pounding away at my ass, I could have been in more pleasure. I pulled off of Ryan's cock and started to suck and lick on his big hairy balls. His balls tasted great with a bit a saltiness from sweating. Mmmmm so damn tasty.

Then I felt Michael leaning over my back, and said " it's been a while since I've sucked your cock .

Ryan" and started to suck his brothers cock while a sucked Ryan's balls.

With Michaels cock deep in my ass, Ryan's balls in my mouth and seeing Michael suck his brothers cock. I nearly shot my load.

" I want to cum in his mouth, you've had plenty of my cum over the years" Ryan said to Michael " I hope he can handle if, its always been a big load" Michael said as he started to fuck me harder " I think he has no choice, whatever he doesn't swallow, I'm sure you will lick up."

" haven't had of your cum in at least 5 years, I miss the taste of it"

They just talked back and forth as they both fucked each end of me.

" Ryan looked at my face and spoke to Michael, and me, and said, its so nice to have a guy to use for our pleasure and here comes his pleasure, swallowing my load" and with that said, he started to shoot his massive load. The first blast hit the back of my throat. It was a huge short, then the rapid firing began, shot after shot. I could barely keep up with it. But I managed to get all his cum down, except for one drip, that escaped, which Michael leaned over me again and licked it off my chin. And doing that caused him to shoot his load into my ass. Just like Ryan, his first shot, was so strong, I actually felt it, then the rest pumped into me.

I was full of their cum and loved it.

With Ryan fully drained and a smile on his face, he started to get dressed and said he had to get going and thanked me for the use of my mouth.

Michaels cock was still hard in my ass. He could have stayed there forever, it felt so good.

Slowly he pulled out and said he had to get going back home. I thanked him for not freaking out and thanked him for fucking me good and dropping a load in my ass. And told him anytime he needed a hole to fuck, let me know.

He left and I just sat there content. Three guys fucked me and one guy fucked my mouth. I was just sitting, relaxed and full of cum. I wondered how much cum was inside me. But then I didn't care if it was a lot, i just wanted it to stay inside me.

As I sat, two of the really cute guys walk in. Bo, a tall straight , so he says, cub, with a few extra pound, beautiful blue eyes and a nice hairy chest and Chris. Chris is a skinny little twink that's blond, blue eyed and has a hot tight little ass. He wears his pants low, so you can make out his ass or cock.

"What the fuck ??" Bo shouted

" what, can't a guy relax after getting fucked ?"

"yeah, but not at work !!"

"well it was kinda work related. It was guys we work with!"

"what !! Who fucked you ??"

" we'll, first was Will, then Peter and then Michael, while I sucked Ryan's cock. Does that answer your question ? Or are you jealous that had me and you haven't ?"

He stood there turning red, of embarrassment. But in his pants, I saw his cock growing.

"well, I think lil Bo wants some action. What do you think ?"

" ya, I always want some action, but not with a guy."

"well that's the best part, when The guys fucked me, they all did it bare, and their loads are still inside me. "

Then I saw a small wet spot on the front of his pants, I knew I had him and he'd have me. Chris just stood then watching and listening.

" come here Bo "

He came over and I rubbed the bulge in his pants. His cock that he always says is sooo small. I reached and undid his pants and pulled his underwear down, to see a thick 7" cock.

"Bo, this ain't no tiny cock, this is a man size cock." I told him before I opened my mouth and took his cock to the base.

" fuck, I wanna fuck your ass now, I haven't gotten laid in a week."

" here's some lube, slide on in, join the club of the other guys. And if you feel something slimy in there, that's the deposit from the other guys."

" fuck, I don't care, I need to fuck something."

So I got on all fours again and he lubed up a little and slammed his cock deep. I screamed in pleasure and pain. It felt sooo good having Bo's cock finally in my ass after years of lusting for him.

" Chris, you just gonna watch or join in ?"

" I'm only 16, I'm not legal for sex."

" and me getting fucked by my coworkers is ok ?? I'm horny as fuck and need more cock and I want yours, so whip it out !"

His face turned a bit red, and he slowly went to unzip his pants.

" I'm kinda embarrassed about the size of my dick." as he turned redder talking about his dick " don't be, what ever it is, it's fine. As long as you can get hard and shoot a load, its all good."

He slowly pulled his zipper down and took his tightly whities down with his shorts.

Slowly he pulled them down and there was his dark blond bush and then the base of his thin cock. He turned beet red, still embarrassed.

" take it all off now" I snapped at Chris .

" he pulled than off completely and let them drop to the floor.

I saw why he was embarrassed. He dick was thin, and only 2" long and uncut with an inch of overhang, which made me moan.

" get over here, I want that skin to suck on!"

" you do ?!?!"

" YES, now get over here ! has anyone ever sucked your cock before ?"

"no, the girls hate my skin, but I love it, I don't need lube to jerk off."

" we'll I for one love it and any time you want a bj, I'm your cocksucker, got it?!"

His eyes opened up and nearly shouted " OK!!"

He stepped out of his shorts and stepped over to me and I started to suck his cock.

I loved the feel of his overhang in my mouth as I sucked it. I tasted just a bit of piss as I tongued the inside of his skin, it was soo tasty. After he relaxed, his cock started to grow, and grow. I knew I had him. He's mine now!!

Box was still pounding my ass and it felt great and now Chris's uncut cock in my mouth.

Chris's cock was still growing as I sucked him. After a fee minutes, I couldn't believe my eyes, his thin 2" cock, had turned into a monster cock, 7" and thick and still that hot over hang.

I went back to work and kept sucking his skin and cock. Bo still pounding me, I looked back and asked if he was ever gonna shoot his load.

" I happy just doing this, plus it makes me shoot a bigger load."

" ok, as long as your happy back there"

I looked back at Chris's cock and my jaw dropped!

His tiny cock had grown into a bigger monster, 10" long and 3" across !

What the fuck!! What's to be embarrassed about this ?? It's huge !!

That's what's embarrassing. It's too big . No girls wants it near them and between my foreskin and the size of it.

Well, you'll ever hear that from me.

Bo, you need to cum soon, I want you to shoot on my hole and Chris's cock, so he can use it as lube to fuck me.

Bo opened his eyes and they popped open, " holy fuck, how that gonna fit in your ass ?"

Bo, you're the 4th guy today to fuck me, I think I'm loose enough to handle this stud. Wanna watch as he fucks a hole for the first time, I'm getting his cherry.

Ok, but how is it gonna fit ?

Just watch and start shooting your load. Chris, get where Bo is and let him cum on your command my hole then start slowly.

They switched places , and I felt the heat of Chris's cock at my hole.

Bo stood over me and starts do jerk his cock and soon cum was on my back, ass, my hole and covered Chris's cock.

Bo, help Chris with this, I need to relax more.

Bo teaches Chris on how to fuck a hole.

Chris rubbed his virgin cock into the cum on my crack and got it lubed up. Then he slowly pushed in and then I heard him groan at the tightness of my ass, as it stretched to let him in. I thought Will's cock was big, this cock was the biggest I've ever had the pleasure of riding. He slowly pushed in, with Bo cheering him on .

" go deeper Chris, he can take it, he loves cock!"

"yeah, deeper?"

"yeah, deeper to your balls slap his."

And then Chris slammed the last 6" of his cock into me without any warning.

" ffffuuuucccckkkkkkkk!!!!"

" you ok ? Did I hurt you ? " Chris asked in a panicked voice.

I'm fine, it's the deepest any cock has gone and I think you just rearranged my insides.

No slowly pull back and start fucking me !!"

He pulled back only a few inches and then slowly back in, over and over u til he felt my ass loosen up, then he started going faster and faster.

Being the first hole he ever fucked, he seemed to get the hang of it.

" oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!! Where do I cum Bo ? Should I pull out ? "

"pull your cock out and shove it his mouth, make him taste all that cum that's on your cock, your load, my load, Michael, Will and Peters cum, all on your cock, make him taste it all.

Chris pulled out his cock and under his skin looked bloated.

Bo and his strength , pulled me off Chris's cock , grabbed me, flipped me around and shoved my mouth onto Chris's bloated foreskined cock.

" here it cums, I have cum in a week, here it isssssss!!!!!

And then his load shot out like water out of a garden house , thick, gooey and lots of it. It was super sweet and so good, I wanted all of it and more of his cum. I licked under his skin and got my reward more cum. But it wasn't so sweet, less sweet, more manly. So many different favors of cum, I was rock hard , all this 16year olds cum. Then I realized, his overhang collected all the cum from the other guys and it was now in my mouth, being enjoyed a second time.

Without touching my cock, I shot my load. It's was huge and I wish someone caught it, for me to enjoy.

Chris just leaned back, exhausted and happy. No longer a virgin, no longer a boy, but a full man.

"wow, that was awesome. I need to do this more often. Can I call you when im horny ? "

" chris, you can call me anytime you want. I'll never refuse you uncut monster !"

"awesome, I wondered when I was gonna get to fuck someone, now that I have, I jst need to find a chick that can take this monster of mine."

"More than likely Chris, it'll never be a woman. They don't like donkey cocks like yours and most hate uncut cocks. More than likely, you're a top that's gonna fuck some cock hungry bottoms to get your fill of fucking. And I hope I'm at the top of the list"

"oh fuck ya you are."

" and Chris, I can deepthroat too...."

Chris' eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

"well guys, I need to get home and take a shower, even tho I would love to leave all this cum on me and in me, but I things to do at home. See you Monday, that is if I can walk"

Bo jumped up, got dressed and Chris, then they helped me up and got me dressed and made a paper towel pad for my car seat, so it would soak up any cum that should drain out. And the they helped my into my car.

Wow that was some Saturday !!!



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