Sean stowed the broom and dustpan in the closet and checked the lock on the back door then went up front to turn out the lights and checked the lock on the front door.

'Where do you want me?' he asked as he walked past the bar where Ray was counting out the cash register.

'Back on the pool table,' Ray replied.

Sean went to the back of the bar, skinning his T-shirt off over his head. He tossed it on one of the stools that lined the wall and began undoing his belt. He did his best to psyche himself up, or out, for what was to come, knowing it was going to hurt, knowing it was going to feel good, and he didn't know which he hated the most. It had been a week, the night of his first payday, since he'd got what he thought was raped, pushed up against the bar with Ray shoving his jeans and shorts down and forcing his big cock into his virgin ass. Godd, it hurt. He thought he was going to pass out. But he didn't cry out. He just took it, with loud, pleading groans, muffled with his mouth clamped over his forearm. He struggled but he didn't try to fight Ray off. It would've been a futile effort. Ray was an ex-marine, six-two, two hundred and forty pounds of marine muscle, and Sean was a mere hundred and seventy.

It wasn't till Ray had finished and pulled out and Sean was clinging to the bar for support that the stark, awful realization came that after the pain, after Ray had reamed and pounded his ass for twenty minutes, it felt good. Later, he lay awake in his bed in his tiny, one-room efficiency apartment, crying and bewildered over the feelings he was having.

Ray came into the back room with his shirt in his hand. He tossed it on a stool and reached for his belt as he walked past the pool table to his locker. Sean stood in his briefs, waiting.

'I can't fuck you through your shorts,' Ray said.

Sean shoved his briefs down and stepped out of them and laid them on the pool table.

'Dam, you've got a great ass,' Ray said.

Sean leaned over the pool table, spread out across it, and set his feet wide apart, at the ready.

'Yeah, you're fuckin' wanting it, ain't you?' Ray said with a soft chuckle.

'No,' Sean said.

'You lie,' Ray said, laughing. 'You love my cock reaming out your tight little ass. Its only been a week since I busted your cherry, and you're practically begging for it now.'

'I'm not begging,' Sean said over his shoulder. 'I wouldn't do it if you didn't make me.'

'You can get a job somewhere else,' Ray said.

Sean didn't say anything. Yeah, he could find a job someplace else but it wouldn't pay as good. The extra twenty-five bucks Ray had slipped him that first time after he'd paid him then raped him, went a long way to make life a little easier. He just hoped he would get an extra twenty-five this time.

'We're gonna try something different this time,' ray said as he closed his locker.

'What?' Sean asked over his shoulder. He saw that Ray had gotten a small, leather case out of his locker.

'I know it hurts when I first shove in you, so I bought some stuff to deaden the pain,' Ray said. 'It's called Anal Ease.'

'Thanks,' Sean said.

'It's still probably gonna hurt a little.'

'But it'll help,' Sean said.

'Yeah. Only thing is, it makes my cock numb for a little bit so it's gonna last longer.'

'I guess that's okay, if it don't hurt as bad,' Sean said.

Sean winced a little when he felt Ray's thick fingers probing his asshole with the deadening cream. By the time he had him lubed up with the regular lube, he could feel the Anal Ease working. He began to feel numb, He could still feel the sensations of Ray's fingers gouging around in his asshole but it didn't hurt. Then he felt the head of his cock. He hunched his shoulders and sucked in a quick breath, bracing himself.

'Uhhnnn,' he moaned softly as he head popped through his hole.

'That feeling okay?' Ray asked. 'It don't hurt, does it?'

'Not so bad,' Sean said. Suddenly he realized that Ray was standing more to the side instead of behind him. It wasn't Ray's cock that was inside him. 'Hey, what're you....what's that....?' he stammered over his shoulder as whatever it was went deeper into his ass.

'Relax. It's a dildo,' Ray said as he twisted the rubber cock around.

'Ohhhhh,' Sean gasped as the dildo twirled around inside him. 'What're you using that for? Ohhh..Awww,'s g-going in..t-too deep,' he gasped.

'It don't hurt, does it? It's about the same size as my cock.'

'No, it....Ohhh....naw, man, it's going in deeper than your cock. How big is it?' he asked, straining to look over his shoulder.

'Just tell me when you can't handle any more,' Ray said. 'How come I'm using it is, there's this guy who comes down from Chicago every couple of weeks, he's a trucker, and he had his eye on you last time he was in.'

'What guy? Why would he have his eye on me?'

'Same reason you're spread-eagle across the pool table. He likes boys.'

'Come on, Ray, you're not gonna put me out to other guys,' Sean whimpered. 'OOOhhhhh! Awww, mannn, how much of that thing have you got in me? How big is it?' he gasped.

'Well, it's about eighteen inches long and you've already got about twelve inches buried in your tight little ass,' Ray said.

'Aw, no!' Sean cried, raising up and looking over his shoulder. 'No, man, I can't take anything that big!'

'I didn't plan on shoving all eighteen inches in you,' Ray said as he pushed him back down on the table. 'Just what you can handle.'

'I can't handle any more!' Sean blurted, fearful that Ray might try to force the rest of the big dildo into his ass.

'Okay, I'll just use what you've got, see how you like it and how you handle it.'

Sean humped his back as Ray began fucking his ass with the dildo but he was tense, fearful that he would still try to use all of it.

'I still don't understand, how come you're using a dildo. Don't you like fucking me, Ray. I don't like being fucked, but I like your cock better than this thing.'

'Because my cock is only nine inches long and I wanta get you ready so you'll be able to handle Stoney, the guy from Chicago.'

'I don't want to handle Stoney, or anybody else,' Sean said 'I don't mind so much if you fuck me, but I don't wanta be turned into everybody's fuck boy.'

'Not everybody's,' Ray said. 'But I owe Stoney a couple of favors, and he wants you in payment of one those favors.'

'If you gotta use an eighteen-inch dildo to get me ready for him....Geezuss, how big is he?'

'Over thirteen inches.' He laughed. 'He's black.'

'Oh, Godd, no. No, Ray, I can't take thirteen inches!

Nobody could.'

'You're already taking a foot, maybe even thirteen, right now,' Ray said.

'Yeah, but I've heard about black guys. They're huge! Big and real thick.'

'Yeah, he's pretty thick,' Ray said. 'But we'll have you ready for him, don't worry. I'll get you stretched out so you can take him.'

'How do you know how big this guy's cock is?' Sean asked.

'I don't, for real. I mean, I've never seen him with a hardon, but I've seen him at the urinal. And he asked me if I thought you could handle thirteen inches.'

'How thick? How big is he, do you think?' Sean asked again.

Ray let go of the dildo, left it hanging out of his asshole and walked up to the bar. He came back with a long-neck bottle and set it down on the pool table right in front of Sean's face.

'That big. The big end,' he said.

'Aww, fuck, Ray, I can't take thirteen inches that big around,' Sean whimpered.

'I said, I'll get you ready for him,' Ray said as he reached up for the bottle.

'No! No, man, you're not going to use the beer bottle on me!' Sean cried as he felt the dildo being pulled out of his ass.

'The small end first,' Ray said.

'Ohh, fuck!' Sean whimpered. 'Why don't you just fuck me, Ray, with your cock. Fuck me all night, that'd get me loosed up, wouldn't it?'

'Yeah, but you would just tighten up again.'

'I'll tighten up after you use the beer bottle on me,' Sean said.

'Most of it is psychological,' Ray said. 'Once you take the beer bottle, you'll know you can handle Stoney.'

'You could fuck me when the guy gets here, couldn't you, just before he fucks me, and get me loosened up for him.'

'I don't think Stoney would like sloppy seconds.'

Suddenly, as his ass was empty, Sean raised up from the pool table.

'I'm not doing it,' he declared as he turned around to see Ray greasing the beer bottle. He saw the dildo on the edge of the table and was stunned that he'd had two-thirds of it inside him. 'I'll find another job,' he said as he started to get his clothes. Just then Ray tossed some money on the table.

'Maybe you wanta think about it.'

Sean looked at the money as it unfolded and lay flat on the green felt. It was a fifty-dollar bill. He swallowed hard, wondering what it meant. Was Ray giving him fifty bucks to use the beer bottle? Or was he telling him he would be paid fifty bucks to let Stoney fuck him? What?

'What's that supposed to be for?' he asked.

'To bend over the pool table and let me work you over with this beer bottle,' Ray said bluntly.

Sean hesitated. 'What about...when this guy shows up?' he asked.

'We never talked about it, but I'm guessing he'll be good for fifty bucks a crack, if he likes you,' Ray said.

Sean hesitated more, eyeing the fifty-dollar bill and thinking about what it would feel like to have a thirteen-inch black cock, big around as a beer bottle, shoved in his ass. Not just shoved in, but used....fucked with it. It scared the hell out of him, but he couldn't bring himself to walk away. Fifty bucks was a lot of money. It would pay a lot of bills. It would buy a cheap tire. Finally he let out a sigh and bent over the table again.

'That'a boy,' Ray said.

'Just don't bring anybody else in on it,' Sean told him. 'You and Stoney, that's all I want fuckin' me.'

'We'll have to tell Stoney to keep his mouth shut,' Ray said.

Sean bent over the pool table again.

'Turn over, lay on your back and lift your legs up,' Ray told him.

Sean did as he was told, with his arms wrapped around his legs, pulling them close to his chest. He had never felt so open and vulnerable. Ray pushed the neck of the bottle against his ass and it slipped in easily. He shoved it deeper and Sean's asshole gradually stretched open to accommodate the thicker end.

'Ohhhh,' he moaned, laying his head back on the pool table. 'Ohh, Godd, Ray, it's so damned big! Feels like you're shoving your arm in me.'

'I guess I could do that, instead of using the bottle,' Ray said.

'No!' Sean cried. 'Don't let go of it,' he said nervously. 'I don't want to have to explain to a doctor how I got a beer bottle in my ass.'

'You got a point,' Ray said, laughing as he pulled the bottle out. 'We'd better use big end, I can hang onto the neck.'

Sean subjected himself to being fucked with a beer bottle. Ray did it to him every night after they closed up. He fucked him, then used the dildo, then the beer bottle; the big end and Sean was surprised how easily he took it. Then one night he met Stoney. He knew it was him when he walked in the door about closing time. He filled the doorway with his big, muscular frame.

'Hey, Stoney,' Ray greeted him from behind the bar. Sean watched from the back room as the big colored man strode up to the bar and picked up the beer Ray had set out for him. His bicep curled up the size of a grapefruit when he brought the bottle up to his lips. He gulped it down and set the empty on the bar and picked up the second one Ray had put there for him.

'You got the coldest fuckin' beer in the state,' he said.

'I like to keep my customers happy and coming back,' Ray said.

'Speaking of happy customers, and got that boy for me?'

'He's in back,' Ray said. Then he yelled at Sean. 'Hey, Sean, you wanta come up and close up and turn the lights out?'

Sean glanced at the clock. It was only a quarter till, too early to close. But he didn't argue. He took a big breath and walked out of the back room. Stoney eyed him like he was a piece of meat.

'How're you doing boy?' Stoney asked him as he walked past him. Only he didn't get past him. He was stopped in his tracks by Stoney's huge hand wrapped around his arm. 'Fuckin' nice arm,' he remarked with a bright smile.

'Thanks. Its nothing like yours, though,' Sean said.

Stoney laughed. 'You like my arms?' he asked as he brought his right arm up and flexed it. The bicep looked even bigger than before, like a soccer ball. It stretched the sleeve of his shirt.

'Geezusss!' Sean gasped.

'Feel it if you want to,' Stoney said as he reached for Sean's hand and placed it on his bicep.

'Fuck, it's hard as a rock,' Sean said.

'Kiss it,' Stoney said, placing his hand around the back of Sean's neck.

'I, uh....I n-need to close up,' Sean stammered as he gently wrenched away from the big man.

'Yeah, okay. It'll be here when you get back,' Stoney said, laughing.

Sean went on up front and locked the door and turned out the lights in the windows. Just then the interior lights went out, leaving the bar in a shadowy darkness from the bare light bulbs in back. He walked toward the back again and again, he was stopped by Stoney at the bar. He clasped his big hand around Sean's head and pressed his face against his bicep again. Sean kissed the hard muscle, and licked it, and felt a tremor go through him. Stoney noticed.

'You kinda like the feel of muscle, don't you, boy?'

'I guess I do. I didn't know I did,' Sean said.

'You're young. You like a lot of things you don't know you like,' Stoney said as he tugged his T-shirt out of his jeans. He crossed his powerful arms over his chest and skinned the shirt off and laid it on the bar.

Sean stood there between the man's spread knees, gaping at the massive muscularity of the man.

'You must be a bodybuilder,' Sean said.

'I try not to miss any workouts, I've got a set of weights and a bench in my rig,' he said. 'Go ahead, feel my muscles.'

Sean spread his hands out across the wide, thick pec muscles. His hands didn't reach the sides of the huge muscles. His nipples felt hard and hot in his palm. He squeezed and Stoney tightened his pec so tight he could barely dig his fingers into the thick muscles. He moved his hands on down his stomach. It felt like a warm plate of armor. He traced his fingers in the ridges and over the bulging ab muscles. Then Stoney put his hand around his head again and smashed his face into his chest.

'Suck on my tits,' he said.

Sean felt sort of weak in the knees as he began sucking on the big, turgid nipples. They were bigger than pencil erasers.

'You don't have to have to be gentle with ‘em. Chew on ‘em,' Stoney told him.

Sean chewed on the hard nipples.

'Aaahhh! Awwwhhh, fuck yeah, chew on ‘em, kid,' Stoney yelled.

Sean was getting hotter than he'd ever been. He had no idea he could be so turned on by another man's body, but Stoney was an exceptional man. When he clasped his hands around Stoney's waist, he took his hands and moved them down to his crotch. He squeezed and explored the front of the man's jeans. Godd, he felt huge!

He wasn't even hard yet, and both of Sean's hands couldn't grasp the bulge in his jeans.

'You've got me fuckin' hotter than a firecracker. Time we got down to business, kid,' Stoney said as he eased him away.

Sean followed him back to the poolroom where Stoney finished taking off his clothes. He looked like a black Colossus without his clothes. Sean's eyes fell and fixed on his huge cock as he took off his own clothes. He never imagined a man could be so big. It hung out in a wide curve, swinging majestically with each move. Fuck, it was going to hurt. But he'd taken the dildo and the beer bottle.

The big bodybuilder sat on the edge of the pool table and laid back across it, his cock sticking up over his belly now at a sharp angle, throbbing violently. He shoved it up straight with his thumb and it quivered.

'Oh, Geezusss,' Sean gasped softly.

'Don't be afraid. This ain't rape,' Stoney said. 'Come on, I'll help you up,' Stoney said as he slipped his hand under Sean's arm to help him up on the table.

Sean stood astraddle the bodybuilder's hips.

'Just sit down and ride down on it,' Stoney said.

Sean lowered himself till the bodybuilder's cock touched his ass. He worked himself around on the head till it popped through.

'Ohh, Goddd!' he cried softly.

'Yeah, I know,' Stoney said in a soothing voice. 'But you'll get used to it.'

He had no choice. After a moment he slowly let his weight carry him down onto the big cock. The bodybuilder pulled him down onto his muscular body and Sean began riding up and down on his cock, not bothering to wonder where he was putting it all.

'Ohh, fuck, kid, you are incredible,' Stoney moaned.

They were barely five minutes into it when Sean suddenly shot his load. He pressed his body hard against Stoney's rippling muscles, as if conceal what was happening, but there was no hiding it. He shot off like a young stallion. He shot so hard his ass hurt deep inside and he could feel the semen spurting all over both of them.

'Wow! Feels like you white-washed us,' Stoney said with a wide grin.

Sean was glad Stoney wasn't mad. He just kept right on fucking him. And surprisingly, it kept right on feeling good. After awhile, Stoney sat up, bring Sean with him, and urged him off his cock. He turned him around, bent over the pool table and began fucking him again. Sean shot another load, all down the side of Ray's pool table. He shot another load, laying on his back on the table with Stoney fucking him like a pile driver. By then his ass was getting numb and a little, but he didn't say anything. Stoney sent off inside him. It felt like a power hose had been turned on. It felt good, even though he had shot three loads himself. Stoney leaned down and hovered over him to catch his breath.

'I gotta tell you, kid, I never had a fuck like that in my whole life.'

Stoney helped him up from the table and steadied him on his feet, then started getting dressed. Sean got the surprise of his life when Stoney was ready to leave.

'You were great, kid,' he told him as he wrapped one muscular around his shoulders. Then he pulled his around and bent down and kissed him, squarely on the mouth,

Sean squealed with pleasure even though he tried to squirm out of the man's grip. He was gasping for air by the time Stoney finished kissing him.

'See you next week,' he said as he strode to the door. Ray hurried to let him out.

Ray forgot to tell Stoney to keep his mouth shut. Two nights later a newcomer strode into the bar, looking all around, as if he were searching for someone. He ordered a beer and kept looking around.

'Have I got the right place? You got a kid named Sean working here?' the man asked.

'Yeah, I'll get him,' Ray said.

Ray came into the back room where Sean was stacking cases of beer from the truck that had been unloaded earlier in the afternoon.

'Somebody here to see you.'

'Who?' Sean asked.

'I don't know, he didn't say. I figure he might be your dad, or somebody, or maybe an uncle. He asked for you by name.'

'It wouldn't be my dad,' Sean said.

'Maybe an uncle, then.'

It wasn't his dad and it wasn't an uncle. It was another trucker, sent there by Stoney, and an hour later, Sean found himself spread across the pool table being fucked.

'I don't like doing this, Stoney,' Sean blurted out in a quiet tone after he had fucked him for the second time.

'Seems to me you like it just fine,' Stoney said. 'Shit, how many times did you shoot off tonight? Three, wasn't it? That don't sound like a kid who don't like getting fucked.'

'Not by all these guys,' Sean said. 'I...don't mind ....I mean, I....I like getting fucked by you, Stoney. I just don't like being these guys' little whore.'

'You ain't saying what you wanta say, kid,' Stoney pointed out.

'No, I....I'm almost afraid to,' Sean said.

'Well, how am I gonna know what you wanta say if you don't come out with it.'

'I wanta be with you, Stoney. Just you. Nobody else, not even Ray. I've been thinking....I've been wondering if maybe I could...if you would maybe consider taking me along with you, on the road. I would be your whore, Stoney. I would be anything you wanted me to be. You could fuck me twenty-four-seven.'

'Well, that would be kinda hard to do, and drive a truck,' Stoney said. 'But you've got me thinking,' he added with a wide smile.

'You said you like fucking me,' Sean said.

'Shit, kid, you're the best fuck I ever had.'

'Then I would like to be your best fuck. I like sucking your cock, too, Stoney. And I would learn to take your load, like a man. I mean, I would get used to you shooting in my mouth, and I would learn to swallow it. I would even try to learn to swallow your whole cock.'

'You wouldn't be biting off more than you could chew, would you, son? There's only been one guy who was able to swallow my cock to the hilt.'

'I would do it,' Sean said.

Stoney turned his head and gazed at Sean in the mirror over the backbar. 'What the hell am I going to do with a eighteen-year-old white boy on the road?' he murmured, more to himself.

'I already told you what you could do with this eighteen-year-old white boy,' he said.

'You got a family?' Stoney asked with an arched brow.

'No. None to speak of. None that I claim, or that claims me.'

'You got parents?'


'No? Or they don't claim you, or you don't claim them?'

'Well, I guess they don't claim me, I haven't seen them for over nearly two years.'

'What happened to them?'

Sean shrugged. 'I don't know. I came home from a fifteenth birthday party with some of my friends and they were gone. I haven't seen them since.'

'Gone. Just like that.'

'Yeah. I never thought much about it at first. It wasn't the first time they took off on a binge. Sometimes they would be gone for days, even weeks. But after awhile I figured they weren't coming back, and after awhile I figured out I couldn't stay in the house because I didn't have any money. So I got a room and a job here at Ray's and that's how it's been.'

'Shit, kid, you might be an orphan and don't know it,' Stoney said.

'So what? I've been pretty much an orphan all my life, even when my folks were there.'

Stoney gazed into the mirror for a long moment. 'You're making me feel like shit.'

'Why?' Sean asked with a concerned look. 'I didn't intend to. None of it was your fault.'

'The way I've been taking advantage of you. Fucking your eyeballs out every chance I got, using you like a piece of meat, sending other guys.'

'I didn't mind being your piece of meat once I got used to it,' Sean said. 'And I'll keep on being your piece of meat, if you want me to. But I'm not going to hang around here and be everybody else's piece of meat that walk through the door. If you don't want me...well, I'm taking off.'

A tight-lipped grimace came across Stoney's handsome face as he kept looking at Sean in the mirror. Then he slowly turned on the barstool and clasped his big hand over Sean's shoulder.

'No, boy, you're not gonna be anybody's piece of meat. You're coming with me,' he said as he pulled him into his powerful arms and hugged him tightly against his muscular body.

Sean choked, aloud, trying to swallow his emotions but they got the best of him and he broke out in silent sobs. Stoney put his head against his powerful chest and let him cry.

Just then Ray came out of his office. He stopped just inside the bar, with a confused scowl on his face.

'What the hell...what's the matter?' he asked.

'You wanta get his final pay counted out?' Stoney said.

'It's not...payday,' Ray said.

'It is for him. And add on that bonus you been promising him.'

Ray reared back, surprised. 'I never promised anybody a..but..okay...yeah, I guess I do owe him that bonus,' he said, quickly changing his mind at Stoney's scowling glare. He went to the cash register and took a stack of bills out. 'Somebody wanta tell me what the fuck is going on?' he asked as he counted out the bills on the bar

'Sean's coming with me, on the road,' Stoney said.

Well...okay, but that don't mean he don't still have a job when he gets back,' Ray said.

'He ain't coming back. Except for a visit, with me,' Stoney said.

Ray's hands slowed in counting the bills. 'Not... coming back? You mean for good?'

'Yeah, he's gonna be with me from now on, for good, like my son, I guess you could say.'

Ray looked at him, sitting there with his arms still around the teenager. 'Hello...look in the mirror,' he said, pointing over his shoulder to the mirror. 'Notice anything kinda odd there for a dad and son? Like, you're black, and he's white.'

'What the fuck's your point?' Ray growled. 'Who appointed you the color police? I can have any fuckin' colored son I want.'

'Yes, you can, Stoney,' Ray readily agreed. 'I ain't arguing that.'

'Then I guess you ain't got a point, then,' Stoneysaid gruffly.

'No, I guess I don't.'

'Its nothing against you, Ray,' Sean spoke for the first time. 'You've been real good to me.'

'It was mutual. You've been real good to me, too,' Ray said.

'I'm glad you showed me the ropes,' Sean went on. 'I hated you at first for what you did to me, but after awhile, when I got used to it, I was okay with it, and now I'm glad the way things worked out. If you hadn't done that to me...fucked me that first time, and kept fucking me, and you got me ready for Stoney...well, if you hadn't done all that, I wouldn't have ever met him and I wouldn't be going with him.'

'You're welcome,' Ray said. 'How much bonus did I promise you, anyway?' he asked, with a wad of bills in his hand.

'Five hundred,' Stoney replied.

'Oh. Okay,' he said, and kept counting out bills.

'One more thing,' Stoney said. 'If his parents or any other relatives show up, looking for him, you tell them he didn't show up for work one day and you don't know where he is.'

'I guess I won't know where he is, will I?'

'No. Except we'll be back to see you,' Stoney said. 'If you want to, that is,' he said, turning to Sean.

'Yes. I would like to,' Sean said as he took the money Ray handed him.

'You better count it,' Ray said.

'I trust you,' Sean said. 'I always have.'

'No, count it,' Ray insisted.

Sean counted out the bills, one, two, three, four hundred, five hundred...six hundred. He thought for a second about keeping the extra hundred but then he counted out five twenties and handed them back. 'You gave me too much.'

Ray shoved his hand back. 'You were awful good to me,' he said.

'Yeah....okay,' he said and withdrew his hand with the money.

There was a quiet pause then Stoney slid off the barstool with his arm around Sean's slim waist. 'We better hit the road,' he said. He put his hand out to Ray and they shook hands.

Sean started to put his hand out but Ray was already coming out from behind the bar. He took Sean in his arms and hugged him tight.

'You're a lucky man,' he said to Stoney over Sean's shoulder.

It was the first time Sean had been inside a rig, or even up close to one. He was amazed at the inside of the cab, even more amazed at the sleeper in back.

'You've got everything in here,' he said, looking all around, wide-eyed.

'I do now,' Stoney said.



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