Danny awoke in the night to the squalor of the tiny apartment he shared with his mom and dad and younger brother and sister, Adam and Lisa. Adam was eleven, Lisa was six. Danny had just turned eighteen. He took the cushions from the couch and quietly crawled out the window onto the fire escape landing. The night was warm but not hot--perfect for sleeping. But Danny wasn't sleepy. He had too much on his mind and nobody to take it to.

The rooftops of the city spread out as far as the eye could see--high above the squalor of the neighborhood below. How did this happen, he asked himself for the hundredth time. One day they were living in a nice house in the suburbs of Fort Wayne and days later they were walking into a dump of an apartment in Columbus, Ohio. He didn't believe the place even belonged to the slim ball who was charging them rent. Once inside the door of the apartment it was as if the rest of the world around them didn't exist

He didn't fully understand how it happened that his dad lost his job; only that there had been massive layoffs which missed his dad at first, but then the big distribution center closed down completely. After the closing his dad worked at odd jobs as a day laborer but it wasn't enough to keep their heads above water. They used up all the money they had been saving to buy the house they lived in. When his parents began to sell off their furniture and other possession, Danny knew they were headed for real problems that not even his dad could handle.

Adam and Lisa knew something was seriously wrong but Danny didn't think they really understood that they wouldn't be coming back to the house and their friends and school; not till they were loading what they could into the van and driving off. One final nail in the family coffin was that they couldn't make the payments on the van either. Knowing this, his dad drove them as far as he could till the day the next payment was due, which happened to be Columbus, Ohio. Being an honorable man, he would not drive it a day more. He called the credit union where it was financed and told them where the van could be picked up. It was there close by, that they found the small apartment on the top floor had once been old transient hotel and left the van on the street.

Gazing out over the urban landscape, Danny longed for their old house where the back yard gave way to dense woods with a creek. He longed for his old friends, especially Jock. But the thing he hated the most was his little sister and brother not being in school, around other kids. His mom made the place into a home despite the squalor in the neighborhood that rivaled scenes he'd seen on TV movies, and tried to keep up their studies as best she could but it wasn't school and being around other kids.

Adam and Lisa were turning into little zombies. They ate and stared out the windows. They didn't play and it wasn't a neighborhood where they should be going out to make friends. Danny hated it for himself too, but it was more important for them to be in school. He was old enough that he had to be thinking beyond school, to helping support the family. Rent was first. After that came food and they only prayed that no one got sick. To be on the safe side, Danny located a free clinic close by. He managed to bring in a few dollars doing odd jobs on the streets but it wasn't enough to help out all that much.

With his experience, his dad managed to find work in the warehouse district unloading and loading trucks. Danny gazed up at the sky and let his mind wander back. To Fort Wayne; to Jock and the camping trips they used to go on. Dam, he missed him. The last trip they took before his world fell in made Danny wonder if his feelings didn't run deeper than merely the ten-year friendship they shared. It wasn't so much different from other camping trips; they laughed and told dirty jokes and went swimming and played grab-ass. Except that last time when they were together playing grab-ass, coming out of the creek naked, something happened. They grabbed and got hold of each other's manhood and found themselves not letting go. Why, he didn't know; they just held on.

'Hey, are we getting weird or what?' Danny said but still without letting go of Jock's manhood. He wasn't going to let go till Jock did.

'It don't feel weird,' Jock said, and he didn't let go either. 'If we don't let go, you know what's gonna happen.'

'Yeah, my cock's gonna get hard,' Danny said.

'It already is,' Jock said.

'Yeah, so is yours.' Then, as if on cue, they both let go at the same time and straightened up. Their cocks stuck out like big rubber hoses.

'There ain't no pussy out here,' Jock observed. 'What the fuck are we gonna do with these things?'

Danny had a strange feeling what he wanted to do to Jock's big cock but he couldn't say it. Hell, he couldn't even think it! Where did it come from, anyway? He hoped it didn't show on his face. To cover his thoughts, he said, 'Jack 'em off, I guess.'

Jock nodded. 'Sounds like a plan.' And with that Jock reached out and took hold of Danny's cock again!

Danny was stunned. He'd thought they would just jack off, not do it to each other. But Jock's hand was wrapped around his cock and pumping it back and forth. Danny swallowed so hard he was sure Jock could hear it, as he reached out for Jock's cock. Jock was BIG. Nine inches, probably, and so big around, he couldn't even get his hand all the way around it. It felt good in his hand. Too good. The feel of the big, warm, live cock throbbing in his fist fueled the other thoughts that tried to creep into his mind. Shit, he couldn't! He couldn't do that! Jock would kill him if he even tried! And why would he even want to?

Jock moved up beside him and put one hand on his butt to pull them closer while he jacked his cock with the other. 'I sure hope nobody comes along,' he said, looking around.

'If they do, they can do it for us,' Danny said.

Jock laughed. 'Yeah...maybe more, even.'


'Maybe more than jack us off. You ever had your cock sucked?'

'No,' Danny replied, surprised. Had Jock had his sucked? He had to know. 'Have you?'


He was shocked again. 'When? Who?'

'For a couple of months now,' Jock said.

'Who? Who's doing it?' Danny asked anxiously.

Jock laughed again. 'The neighbor man.'

'Right,' Danny scoffed. 'Believe it if you want to,' Jock said with a shrug.

'On which side,' Danny asked. 'Not that old slob across the alley.'

Jock laughed. 'I wouldn't let that old fart near me,' he said. 'Naw, it's the guy on the other side of us.'

'Rick Sandler? The guy from the gym?'


'Come on, now I know you're lying. That guy's a stud. He runs a gym, for chrissakes.' But Jock didn't look like he was lying. 'Tell me again. Rick Sandler is sucking your cock.'

'Regular,' Jock replied.

Danny shook his head. 'I'd have to see it to believe it,' he said.

'Maybe that could be arranged. I could ask him if he'd be interested in two guys at the same time.'

'Shit, he's got a gorgeous wife. What's he doing sucking cock?'

Jock chuckled. 'Yeah, he's mentioned her, too,' he said with a knowing grin.

'Mentioned her, how so?' Danny asked.

'He's hinted that he would like to arrange for me to take care of her, too, along with him.'

Danny looked at Jock's face. 'You're not kidding about any of this,' he said.

'You'd know if I was,' Jock said. 'Look, man, can we stop talking? You've had me close a half dozen times, then you say something and I gotta say something back and it breaks my concentration. Let's just jack off, okay?'

They didn't say anything else, and Jock worked up to his climax pretty quick. Danny's cock was so hard in Jock's fist that it ached but he didn't feel close to cumming. He didn't want to shoot his load yet anyway. He wanted to keep doing it. But Jock was a no-nonsense guy and as far as he was concerned, they were just jacking off so they could cum.

'Shit, your hand feels good,' Jock said in a raspy voice.

'Yeah, so does yours,' Danny said.

'You can pump it harder,' Jock said hoarsely. 'Real hard...yeah, slam your fist against my balls. Aww, yeahhh, like that...Ohhh..Ohhhh...Ohhhhh!'

Jock's breath started coming in raspy gaps, his nostrils flared and his muscles tensed. 'I'm gonna...ccummmmmm!' he half cried as his hips lurched forward, forcing his cock through Danny's fist. Suddenly his cock jolted in Danny's fist and swelled even bigger, then exploded. Danny felt the stuff spurting up through his cock and the next instant it went sailing out in a long, thick rope. It arched upward and out about six feet at least, then downward to splatter on the ground. Another followed even before the first one landed, then another, and it kept coming till Danny wondered where it was all coming from, and if he was going to stop. Finally, after six or eight blasts, the stuff started spurting out in smaller amounts till it boiled out the end of his cock and down over Danny's knuckles.

'Geezuss, Mother-fuckin' Shit!' Jock gasped as his body still lurched out of control. 'Fuck, my hand never felt that good!'

In the middle of his own climax, Jock had slowed down jacking Danny's cock and Danny wondered if he was going to finish him off. Danny shoved his cock back and forth through Jock's fist a couple of times to kick-start the action.

'Yeah, I gotta finish you off too,' Jock gasped as he started jacking Danny's cock again.

Danny put his arm across Jock's back and held onto his shoulder for support as his climax overtook him. He went out of control worse than Jock did, sending powerful spurts of cum to match Jock's distance, even if he didn't match his great volume. They clung together and helped each other stumble back against a tree.

'Man--that was something else!' Jock said.

'Yeah,' Danny agreed. Even with his lust satisfied there was still a strong sense of desire burning in him from Jock's naked body pressing against his own. Jock's cum lay in streaks across the ground in front of them. His own glistened like tiny diamonds in the soft light but Jock's was so thick it clung to the grass and leaves like a long, white snake.

'Man, you really shoot,' Danny said.

'It was your hand that did it,' Jock said.

Afterwards it was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened between them. It never happened again. As much as Danny wanted it to and wanted to talk about it, they never spoke of it. Now, lying on the fire escape landing he pretended that his fist was around Jock's cock. He worked his hand up and down the tall, stiff shaft, closer and closer to a much-needed cum. God, he needed to jerk off so bad! He needed to shoot a big load so his balls wouldn't ache from being so full. Mann, he needed this! 'UUUhnnnhhnnn,' he moaned softly as his climax overtook him. He glanced aside at the window then let it happen. His cum shot straight up in the air about four feet and another shot up past the first one coming down. It landed on his chest, the second on his belly. The third and fourth landed right on his face before he shifted the angle of his cock. Finally, it was boiling up out of his cock and running down over his knuckles.

'Fuck, what mess,' he murmured as he milked his cock and snapped his hand over the side of the landing. He swiped the stuff off his chest then carefully swiped it off of his face. When he got some in his mouth he paused as the taste permeated his taste buds. It'd been a long time since he'd gotten a taste of his own cum. He remembered that it always tasted terrible, but now it didn't. Not this time. He flicked his tongue out to clean off his lips and savored the taste. Then he slid the glob of cum down his face and into his waiting mouth and licked his fingers off. He shivered inside as he wallowed the stuff around in his mouth then swallowed the warm nectar. He wondered what Jock's cum would taste like. He wondered if Jock was still getting blowjobs from the neighbor guy; or if it was all just a big story. Or was he fucking the guy's wife?

He finished just in time. He heard the sound inside of his dad going out the door. Danny felt guilty, lying out on the landing jacking off while his dad was working two damned jobs to support them. He could sense his family falling apart. His mom and dad both did everything they could to hold things together but Danny could feel their frustration that it wasn't enough. His brother and sister acted like brats sometimes, wanting things they were no longer able to afford. Other times they acted like little zombies.

Besides his daytime job at the dock, his dad sometimes went back to the docks to work a night shift loading trucks ready for deliveries the next morning. He wouldn't let Danny come with him like he used to when he worked at the old distribution center. Danny suggested that maybe he could go with him some time and maybe get some work down at the warehouses but his dad cut him short every time and he refused to let him come with him. 'The warehouse docks are no place for an eighteen year old,' he told him.

His dad's answer didn't surprise him but there was something in his tone and the way he cut him off so curtly. And he never talked about work. When his mom would ask how work went he said 'okay' or when she asked what he did, he replied 'unloaded trucks' and that was the end of it. It was almost like he was ashamed of what he was doing. Danny's days were uneventful. Some days he made ten dollars making deliveries for a local market, plus some tips, then spent the rest of the time hanging out on the street.

Despite the squalor there was something exciting about being on the street; better than being in the apartment. And if there was an opportunity to get some work he wanted to be there. Also, he didn't want to be at home at lunchtime because his mother would insist he eat lunch and there wasn't that much food to go around. He might steal an apple from a fruit stand to tide him over till they could all set down to supper. He found, too, that if he kept on the move he was sometimes tired enough that he could get to sleep and get away from it all at least for the long, dark hours of the night. And he jacked off. He was becoming intimate friends with his fist. It was the only friend he had. He was surprised and embarrassed when his dad mentioned it to him.

'Dan, I know how the hormones are raging through your blood at your age and I know you have to relieve the tension but be a little more careful, and a little quieter out there on the fire escape. You don't want your mother or your brother and sister to hear you.'

'Yes, sir,' he croaked, his face warm with embarrassment.

'It's nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of, son,' his dad went on. 'Just keep it down when you..well, when you're finishing up.'

'Yes, sir.'

Danny saw his dad in a whole different light after that. He felt closer to him, like for the first time, his dad truly understood him. One night when his dad left for his night job, Dan sneaked out of the apartment and followed him. He thought that if he just showed up maybe his dad would change his mind and let him work alongside him if the could get hired. He slipped in and out of doorways to stay hidden as he followed his dad down the dark streets. Warehouse row was a dozen blocks deeper into the industrial area of the city, the streets lined with old brick warehouse buildings and abandoned factories that had been turned into warehouses. But Danny didn't see any sign of business. No trucks being loaded or unloaded.

He held back as he saw his dad turn into a dark doorway and a minute later the door opened and he went inside. Through frosted windows, thick with grime and dirt, he saw a dim light come on. He didn't know what to think. There were no trucks to be unloaded or loaded out and the place seemed to be deserted for the night. He waited in the doorway across the street, confused and bewildered and hurt that his dad would lie to him and his mother about what he was doing. He was fearful now of what his dad might be doing for the extra money he brought home. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe he was just going back to do janitor work and didn't want to admit it to the family. Or maybe it was drugs.

Danny waited in the doorway for nearly an hour before he saw the warehouse door open again. His dad came out buttoning up his jeans as if he'd just taken a piss. He paused at the top of the stairs brushed one hand down over the front of his jeans then headed back in the direction of the apartment. Danny slipped over to another street and ran home so he would be in bed when his dad got home.

Something was amiss in his dad's story. Why would he lie? Was he doing something illegal? Knowing where the warehouse district was now, Danny went there the next day. Sure enough there was his dad with some other men, unloading a semi. He had his shirt off and his muscles bulged and glistened in the warm morning sun. Danny was proud that his dad was in better shape than some of the younger guys on the dock. He felt ashamed of himself for doubting his dad. He probably just went back at night to talk to somebody about the job, his supervisor maybe. But he left almost every night, supposedly to work at the warehouses; and it didn't flush.

One night after supper and a short time spent with the family, his dad left the apartment for his other work. Again, Danny sneaked out and followed him. His dad didn't go all the way to the warehouse district this time. He walked only eight or nine blocks before he stopped at an alley. He leaned back against the brick wall and cocked his foot back against the wall as if he were waiting for someone. Maybe he just had to get away by himself to think, like Danny liked to go out on the fire escape to be in his own little world. Danny lurked in the darkened doorway across the street, watching and waiting and wondering what was going on. He wondered again if his dad was into something illegal; like dealing drugs! It was impossible to believe; he didn't think his did would even know how to deal drugs. But times were desperate.

After a few minutes another man came walking down the street. The two men nodded and the stranger turned into the alley. His dad looked all around, brought his foot down from the wall and disappeared into the alley as well. It was drugs, Danny thought with horror! But as the moments passed, he realized that they were in the alley much longer than it would take to make a drug drop. Well over a half hour. He began to worry that something terrible had happened. Maybe his dad was met in the alley by a gang of thugs. He could take care of himself, but not if the others had guns or knives. There was no gunshot, but he could've been overpowered if there were enough of them, maybe hit in the head, or they could have a knife. Danny's imagination ran wild and he was about ready to run across the street to see if his dad was all right. Suddenly the man came out of the alley, spitting and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Then his dad came out of the alley. He paused and looked all around like last time, then headed down the street. But he wasn't going into the direction of the apartment.

Danny lurked in and out of the doorways to follow him for several more blocks, into a seedy neighborhood of run-down bars and pool halls and liquor stores with their partially burned out neon signs. Danny watched his dad take up his stance as before, one foot cocked back against the wall, where he waited and watched up and down the street. Soon, a big black car pulled up to the curb. His dad shoved himself away from the wall and walked over to the car. He bent down at the window for a moment then climbed into the back of the car and it drove off.

Danny felt the grip of terror in his guts. His dad was into it deeper than he thought if somebody like that drove up to pick him up in a fancy car. He didn't know whether to rush home or wait around. If the car dropped his dad off back at the apartment, he would find Danny's bed empty. He made his choice; he would take his chances and wait for the car to return. He waited for over two hours. Finally, the big car drove up and his dad got out. He turned and leaned back down to the window to say something then the car drove off, but not before something was tossed out of the window.

Danny flattened himself against the wall in the doorway to see which way his dad went this time. He was heading back towards the apartment. Danny knew he had to get home but first he wanted to see what was tossed out the car window. He felt it might hold a clue. He waited till his dad was out of distance to recognize him then rushed across the street. There wasn't anything there. Not even any litter, which was unusual. Then he saw something, hanging over the edge of the curb. He reached down to pick it up. It was a huge condom! The biggest condom he'd ever seen, and it was full of cum, still warm to the touch.

He stood there holding it for a brief moment while his mind went from numb to shock as his brain opened up and the light came on. It took a moment but everything was suddenly adding up. His dad coming out of the warehouse buttoning up his jeans. The guy coming out of the alley spitting and wiping his mouth. And now this...a used, cum-filled condom tossed out of the window after his father had exited the limo. His dad was selling himself! He was having sex for money!

Suddenly he realized that he had to get home before his dad. For some reason he jerked out his handkerchief and wrapped the condom in it. Then he slipped over to another street and ran like hell. He was safe in bed only moments before his dad came in. He couldn't sleep. He was still reeling to the core from the jolt that his dad was actually having sex for money and he felt guilty that he was part of the reason; another mouth to feed. As he lay in the dark, gazing up at the ceiling, the images of his father floated across his brain. He wasn't just having sex; he was doing it with guys! Danny felt guilty and confused and stunned but he took some strange refuge that it wasn't drugs.

Danny followed his dad two more nights to confirm his suspicions. They were confirmed beyond any doubt. He followed him to the warehouse as well as a couple of times in the alley with different men. Danny wondered if his mother knew, or even suspected. Surely, she didn't. He couldn't think of any way to ask her and if he did, his dad would kill him. Meanwhile, he felt more and guilty about what his dad was doing to keep the family afloat while he did nothing. It was partly his fault. He wasn't doing enough to help out and he was another mouth to feed. He vowed that he would find more steady work and take the pressure off of his dad.

Over the next several days the idea of finding work began to take on a new meaning. It developed gradually, like a chicken embryo inside its shell, till it took on the aspects of a conscious decision. It was all so ludicrous. His dad was out selling himself for sex with other guys while he was lying out on the fire escape jacking off like a little perv. He was wasting what he could be getting paid for. But he didn't know how to get started and he was scared to strike out on his own. He had trouble even putting a name to it; male prostitution. How could it have possibly come to this, he wondered; just eighteen years old and he was going to become a male prostitute, selling himself for sex. But that's what his dad was doing to help feel the family and he couldn't let him shoulder that responsibility alone. He pondered it for days, how to go about it, where to go, wondering what they might want him to do. The more he thought about it, the more frightened he became. Till, finally, one night out on the fire escape landing, an idea came to him.

It would mean confronting his dad, though, and he didn't know yet how he would do that. He wouldn't even want to think about his dad's reaction to such an idea. But it gnawed at him till he finally found the courage to act. He took the straight forward approach, just like his dad had taught him to tackle anything. That night after supper, after spending time with the family, as he always did, his dad got up to 'go to work' for a few hours. Danny followed him out into the hallway.

'Let me go with you,' he said. Despite the many times he had rehearsed this moment, he was so scared that his voice was shaky and weak. His dad turned around with a look of displeasure and impatience.

'I've told you, you can't work on the docks,' he said.

'I can do the work you're doing,' Danny said, suddenly more emboldened. His dad looked at him, a little confused, as if he were wondering if perhaps Danny might really know what kind of work he was doing. Danny decided to strike again while the iron was hot. 'I know what you're doing, dad, and I can do it. I'm old enough,' he said flatly.

'Just what is it that you know I'm doing?' his dad snarled.

'Do you want me to say it?'

'No,' Jim said, shaking his head with a wary eye on the apartment door. 'Just get back in the apartment.'

'I've seen you come out of that warehouse and out of the alley and I saw you getting out of that big black limo.' 'So?' his dad said in a belligerent tone. 'Those were business deals, on the side, to pick up extra money.'

'No, dad, I found the condom somebody threw out the window as the car drove off that night. Do you want me to go on?' Danny asked.

Jim's facial expression changed. 'No,' he said, shaking his head with a wary eye toward the apartment door. 'I don't believe you followed me and spied on me,' he said with disappointment.

'I just wanted to come to work with you, on the docks,' Danny said.

'Just get back in the apartment,' Jim said with disgust.

'We could work as a team, dad,' Danny went on. 'We could bring home maybe twice whatever you're making.'

'Are you out of your mind!' Jim hissed. He grabbed Danny's arm and pulled him half way down the hall, out of earshot of the apartment door. 'Do you hear what you're saying? Do you really know what I'm doing?' Jim exclaimed.

'Dad, I'm eighteen years old, I know about shit like that.'

'Knowing about it is one thing....this is not jacking off out on the fire escape landing, son.'

'I know you're selling yourself, dad, and I've got what guys like that are willing to pay for, same as you,' Danny cut in.

'We all sell ourselves, anybody who draws down a paycheck,' Jim said. 'I go to work all day unloading and loading trucks, I'm selling my muscles, because that's all I've got.'

'I've got muscles, too,' Danny said.

'Get back in the apartment,' Jim said coldly. 'And don't ever mention this again. Do you understand?'

Danny knew the tone. He obeyed his father. He muttered a 'Yes, sir' and went back inside but his resolve was still strong. He mulled it over in his mind for days, and he didn't jack off for all of those nights. Somehow, the way his dad mentioned it made him feel ashamed for doing it. Surprisingly, his dad acted as if nothing had been said and he was thankful for that. More than anything in the world, he wanted them to remain a family and he would do anything it took, just like his dad was doing. One evening when he was helping take the garbage to the curb Danny asked, 'Dad, does mom know?'

Jim turned to him with an incredulous look. 'Are you crazy? Of course she doesn't know. And you're not going to tell her!'

'No, I would never do that,' Danny said. 'I wouldn't even know how. But I've thought it over some more and I.... I'm coming with you, dad.'

'I told you never to speak of this again,' his dad said.

But Danny ignored him, 'You can take me with you or I'll follow you and you'll have to deal with me on the spot, but I'm coming.' He was thankful that the words were out but his insides were tied in knots, waiting for his dad's response.

'Don't even think about it,' Jim warned in an even tone.

'Or, I'll strike out on my own,' Danny went on. Waiting for his dad's reaction, he half expected to get a fist in his jaw that would land him on the other side of the street.

Finally, Jim heaved a sigh. 'Look, Danny, I'm only doing this till I can find a steady second job that pays more than peanuts. I've got to get us out of this place. Your mom is doing the best she can, but it's tearing me up inside, seeing her and you kids....'

'Don't worry about me,' Danny cut in. 'Just let me help get us out.'

'No. Not that way. What kind of man lets his son earn money doing what I'm doing? Hell, I would rather beg on the street.'

'No, you wouldn't. You don't have it in you to beg or take charity. If you did you would be begging instead of doing what you're doing. So stop treating me like a kid. For the last time, dad...if you don't take me with you, I'll do it on my own. Which is going to be?'

'Goddamit, who raised you?' Jim exclaimed in desperation.

'I'm looking at him,' Danny said. 'You know damned well if it was your dad and you were my age you would do the same thing.'

Jim sighed again. 'Yeah, maybe I would. But my dad wouldn't be in this predicament.' He looked away with a sigh, and then threw his hands up in helpless frustration. 'I ought to just kick your ass and beat some sense in your head, but I can see you're not going to listen. Okay. I'll tell your mother you're coming with me.'

'Are we going tonight?' Danny asked.

'No. We have to soften your mother up to the idea of you working on the docks with me. She's not going to like it.'

His Mom didn't like it but she didn't voice any protestations. She gave his dad that tight-lipped look of disapproval and said, 'Well, you do whatever you think you have to do.' And they left the apartment together the next night.

'Okay, if you're gonna do this, you do exactly as I say,' Jim said.

'Yes, sir.'

Danny felt a little sorry for his dad, that he had forced him into bringing his son along, but he didn't feel guilty for putting him in that situation. If anything, he felt strangely proud to be walking alongside his dad down the dark street to go to work with him. And he was a little excited about the sex part of it. At the edge of the warehouse district his dad slowed his walk and stopped when he came to an alley.

'We just hang around here till somebody comes along,' he said as he leaned back and cocked his foot up against the wall as Danny had seen him do before.

Danny did the same thing. His heart pounded with excitement as they waited. It all seemed so surreal; where they were, why they were there, being with his dad and knowing what he, or they, would be doing in a short time if somebody came along. It was barely five minutes before a man came sauntering down the sidewalk from another direction.

'How're you doing?' the man asked, eyeing both of them.

'Okay,' Jim replied.

'Looks like you could be doing better than okay,' the man said, his eyes openly raking up and down both of them. 'Just out for a walk?' he asked, 'Or are you down here on business?'

'Both, maybe,' Jim said.

The man looked all around. 'It doesn't look like there're any businesses open,' he said.

Jim just looked at him. Danny waited with a shortness of breath to see how it would play out.

'Maybe you would like to do some business?' the man asked.

'Depends on what you've got in mind,' Jim said.

'Depends on what you've got to offer.'

Danny wondered why they didn't just come out with it; the guy say what he wanted and his dad either agree to it or not. He hoped he agreed to it. He was excited as hell about the prospect of it all; watching his own dad get his cock sucked by this guy, or even more exciting, getting his own cock sucked, right there in front of his dad. After a short hesitation, without a word, his dad turned into the alley. Danny followed close behind him. Half way down the alley, out of the ring of light from the security light on the side of the opposite building, Jim stopped. They stood in the shadows again and Jim leaned back against the building with both feet planted on the ground, wide apart. Danny did the same.

'Is this a package deal?' the man asked as he walked up to them.

'Maybe,' Jim said. 'Both costs double, though.'

Danny was surprised at his dad's cool, matter-of-fact manner that he was offering himself, and him, his own son to this man for money. It was so far out of character for him that he wouldn't have recognized him in the dark alley.

'What's double?' the man asked.

'A hundred bucks,' Jim said.

'Geezusss!' the man swore. 'I can get it for twenty.'

'I guess they know what they're worth,' Jim said coolly.

Danny was surprised too. He had no idea it would be that much; that anybody would pay that much money to suck another guy's cock. He hadn't really thought about it till the man asked, but then he figured it would be only ten or twenty bucks.

'Take it or leave it,' Jim said as he shoved himself away from the building as if to leave. Danny shoved away from the building too, but the man stopped them.

'Wait. Okay.' He stepped in closer and clasped his hands tightly around the front of Jim's jeans. Danny watched in total shock. He couldn't have imagined in a million years his dad letting a guy touch him like that. Then the man reached over for Danny's crotch. He jumped at his touch but quickly relaxed. His dad reached over and grabbed the man's wrist.

'I just wanta make sure you've got the money,' he said.

'Sure.' The man dug into his pocket and brought out some folded bills. He peeled off two twenties and a ten and handed then to Jim. 'Fifty is all I've got.'

'That'll get me, not him,' Jim said as he stuffed the money into his pocket.

'Why not the kid?' the man asked.

'Because I said so. I told you a hundred bucks,' Jim replied. He leaned back against the wall to let the man continue groping him. He groped Danny, too, taking his time, as if he were relishing the feel of Danny's crotch. Danny liked how it felt, too, and his cock was responding fast. He wished the man would just take his cock out, at least for a look or a feel. He was anxious to see what it felt like to have his cock sucked. But the guy had only paid fifty bucks and that was for his dad.

Jim let him undo his jeans. He was struggling inside the fly when Jim grew impatient, undid the top button of his jeans and pulled the zipper down. The white of his briefs showed brightly in the soft light. The man rubbed his hand over the bulging briefs.

'Feels like this just might be worth fifty bucks,' the man said.

Danny felt a strange perversion wanting to see his dad's cock. He'd never seen him with a hardon but he knew he was big, and he often wondered how big he got when he was hard. As the man was digging his hand inside the briefs, Jim grew impatient and shoved his jeans and shorts down. His cock swung up free and hung in a wide arch out from his loins--a long way out.

'Wow!' the man gasped.

Danny almost said 'Wow' too, but he stifled it. His dad really was BIG. There was something weird about being impressed by the size of your dad's cock. Jim lifted his cock in the palm of his hand and held it out to the guy.

'Damn, that's nice,' the man said, wrapping his hand around it. Then he reached over and squeezed the front of Danny's jeans again. 'I wanta see what he's got.'

'Fifty bucks gets you what you've got in your hand.'

'Maybe just a feel in the raw? Maybe I can afford both of you next time,' the man pleaded.

'When you come back with the money you can feel all you want,' Jim said. He let the guy grope Danny's crotch for a minute then reached over and grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away. Danny wished he would let him do more than feel. He wanted the guy to take his cock out and get a good look at it. But he was getting a good feel, running his hand up and down the long, lump inside his jeans.

'I want you next time,' he told Danny. Then he turned back to Jim.

Danny watched with great anticipation. The man wet his lips as he went to his knees, and slowly slid them around the head of his dad's cock. Jim wasn't able to stifle his moan of pleasure as the man slid his mouth down onto his cock. The man moaned too. Danny's cock throbbed painfully inside the confines of his shorts. Jim put his hands on the back of the man's head and began sliding his cock in and out of his mouth, fucking his face.

'Uummmmppphh.....OOogggmmmppphhhh!' he choked around the thick cock before he could get off of it. 'Take it easy, don't choke me with it. Let me suck it.'

Jim removed his hands and placed them on his hips and let the man suck his cock. He glanced at Danny and their eyes met for a split second. Danny wasn't sure what he saw before his dad looked away. He'd never seen that look before. Jim laid his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. Danny could see his chest heaving and hear his breathing. The man got off his cock again.

'Don't cum yet,' he said.

'Don't worry, you'll get your money's worth before I go off,' Jim assured him in a surly tone. He sounded almost angry. He clasped his hands around the man's head and began fucking his mouth again. 'You wanted cock, mister, that's what I'm gonna give you. You like it, getting your mouth fucked. Admit it.'

Danny was stunned again to hear his dad talk that way. He had seldom heard him use even a curse word; he couldn't believe what was coming out of his mouth now. The man couldn't admit anything. He was too busy trying to suck cock and keep from choking on the thrusting meat. He was slobbering and gasping and he had to use both hands around Jim's thighs to keep some control over Jim's hips. Suddenly, Jim stopped forcing him and put his hands on his hips again. He rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, using more gentle strokes. The guy sucked him slow and deep, like he wanted to. Jim let him have his way for a few minutes then he grabbed his head and began fucking his mouth real hard again.

'Yeah, take it,' he growled as he buried his cock all the way in the man's throat. 'Take that big fucking cock!' He smashed the man's face against his loins and twisted his hips around as he plowed his cock deep in his throat. 'God, yeah, swallow it! Eat that big fuckin' cock!'

Danny was mesmerized, and stunned at the way his dad was acting and talking. He'd never imagined he could talk like that and he certainly never thought his father to be so ruthless. He obviously didn't give a dam about the guy on his knees. Then Danny saw that the man had his own cock out and was jacking it furiously as he snorted and choked on his dad's cock. He WAS liking it. He was getting off on the rough treatment his dad was giving him, and his dad knew it and was giving him exactly what he wanted.

Jim took turns force-fucking the man's mouth and easing off and letting him do it nice and easy. The guy didn't seem to mind. He took a short break, licking the head of Jim's cock while he pumped it in his fist.

'If you want my load, better get back on it, and don't stop,' Jim said.

The man stopped, gasping, and said, 'Yesss...give it to me...I want your hot load!' Then he gobbled Jim's cock again. Jim clasped his hands around his head again and started fucking him hard. He plunged his cock forward like a pile driver, held it deep and tight and twisted his hips around, then pulled out, only to drive it back in again. He paid no attention to the man's choking and gagging and gasping pleas. He was fucking his mouth with a vengeance. The man went off before Jim did. He squealed and Danny saw him lurch and then caught a glimpse of the white streak that shot out from between his legs and disappeared into the dark of the night and splattered on the ground. Jim kept fucking his face unmercifully, snorting in breaths of air and cursing under his breath. Suddenly he was trembling and his hips were lurching around and Danny knew his dad was cumming. At the last second his dad pulled his cock out of the man's mouth and held his head back a few inches away from it.

'Open up, give me a target,' he told him as he pumped his cock.

'Give it to me! Let me suck it!' the man whimpered as he tried to capture the quivering cock again with his mouth.

'You can suck it,' Jim told him as he kept pumping his cock. 'You can suck it dry.' But he kept jacking it off himself with the man's face held about eight inches back. The man whimpered with excitement and anticipation as he kept pumping his own cock even though he had just shot off his load. Danny held his breath, waiting to see his dad shoot. He wanted to take his own cock out and jack off but he didn't dare. It would look boyish, and besides, his dad might get pissed if he let the guy even see his cock without paying. Suddenly Jim seemed to freeze for a second, then a spurt of cum shot out of his cock in a long, thick rope and sailed straight into the guy's mouth.

'UUUhhnnnnhhh!' the man groaned loudly as his mouth was filled with hot, thick cum. He kept groaning over and over again, almost going into ecstasy with each spurt of cum. Danny stood there with his jaw dropped. He'd never seen anything like it. His dad was shooting off like a horse! It just kept shooting. Some of it splattered on the man's face and in his eyes and in his hair.

Suddenly Jim grabbed his head again and shoved his cock in his mouth, all the way to the hairs and twisted his butt around in circles. 'Okay, suck it,' he told him. 'Suck it dry.'

The man squealed and whimpered and choked and gagged but Jim kept fucking his mouth and pumping hot come down his throat. Danny wanted to try to stop him before he choked the guy to death but he held fast. Any interference would probably bring a backhand across his face. Not that his dad was violent, but Danny had never seen him in this state of surly excitement.

Gradually, Jim slowed his twisting around and stopped with the man's face smashed into his hairs. Then he removed his hands from his head and held them out, as if to say, Okay, I'm done, you can get off. The man pulled back off of the still-hard cock with a gasping, whimpering moan. He rested back on his haunches, gasping for air as he swiped the cum off his face. Danny was dumbfounded when he licked his fingers off.

'Goddam!' he swore softly. 'That was incredible! Geezusss, you're not only hung like a horse, you cum like a stallion.'

'Just giving you your money's worth,' Jim said as he pulled his shorts and jeans up. Danny reached out to help steady the man on his feet when he tried to get up. Jim started to walk away and Danny let go of the guy and rushed after him. It was like another world outside the alley. Even the air smelled fresher.

They walked briskly for several blocks, neither of them speaking. Danny was afraid to speak and he wished his dad would say something. He wanted to tell him how impressed he was the way he shot off, how proud he was of his huge cock but it wasn't something a guy told his dad. Finally, he found the courage to break the silence.

'You were awfully rough on that guy, dad,' he said timidly.

'He got what he wanted,' Jim said.

'I thought you were going to choke him to death.'

'I gave him what he wanted,' Jim said again.

'Are we going home now?' he asked timidly.


'But I'm still....' He cut himself off when his dad stopped in his tracks.

'What you saw back there was something no son should ever see. I'm so damned ashamed of myself for even taking you with me, let alone thinking you could do it, too. I know you can't ever forget what you saw back there, but for the record, let's put it behind us, okay?'

'Sure, but what about...?'

'Next time?' Jim cut in. 'There's not going to be a next time. Not for you. And don't even think about striking out on your own. You start bringing in extra money, you'd better have a paycheck stub to back it up,' he added as he walked away again.

'How come you wouldn't let the guy have me?' Danny asked.

'Geezusss, Dan, weren't you listening?!' Jim bellowed angrily.

'Sorry, dad, I just thought...I was there, with you, I might as well have made some money, at least once.'

'He made his choice,' Jim said.

'What if he had picked me first?' Danny asked as they walked on.

'I don't know,' Jim said.

'That would have changed everything, wouldn't it? If he had chosen me instead, you would've let me, right?'

'Sad to say, I probably would have,' Jim said sadly.

'I shouldn't say this dad, but that was the most exciting thing I ever saw. I couldn't help wondering how it felt.'

Jim stopped again. 'Look, let's make this simple. I let a man suck my cock. There's no excitement, no feeling. I rented my body out for a few minutes. He got some pleasure out of it and I got fifty bucks for it. It's the money. End of story.'

'It could've been twice as much money if he had it,' Danny said.

'Yeah, an extra fifty bucks in my pocket would make me feel a lot better,' Jim said in a surly tone. 'Look, you're eighteen years old, you're my son, and I'm shit for a father. I'm asking you, Danny--forget this night ever happened.'

'You know I can't do that, but we don't have to talk about it anymore if you don't want to,' Danny said.

'That'd be good,' Jim said. Suddenly he put his arm around Danny's shoulder and pulled him in tight. 'Son, all I want you to do is be a kid. I want you to lay out there on the fire escape landing and jack off like any other kid, and dream of better things to come. Just put all of this out of your mind.'

But Danny wasn't able to get it out of his mind and he wanted to talk about it. He wanted to go with his dad again and do his part. More, he wanted to get his cock sucked in the worst way, and if he could pick up some big bucks along the way, that would be just fine. The relationship between them as father and son changed forever that night. Danny saw his dad in a completely different way, and he knew his dad was eaten up with guilt that he had exposed him to it, and almost exposed him to worse.

Jim went out almost every night to his 'other job' but he wouldn't let Danny go with him. Danny's mom began to show signs of relief, visible in her smile and her demeanor that they were doing a lot better than keeping their heads above water with the extra money he was bringing in. She began looking in the papers for an apartment, near a school, and for jobs that she could apply for. That ate at his dad, too, and he told her he could make it by himself, working two jobs.

'You can't work two jobs forever,' she told him one night when they were talking about it at supper. 'You're doing more than your share, and even Danny brings home a few extra dollars now and then.'

'And you're doing your part, taking care of us and making a home in this dump I've landed us in,' Jim said.

She smacked her hand on the table and her eyes sparked with anger. 'Don't you ever dare to call our home a dump!' she said. 'It doesn't matter where we live as long as we're together. Don't you ever say that again!' With that, she left the table.

Jim looked down at his plate then glanced at Danny. The look in the man's eyes sent chills down his spine. His mother's words still rang in his ears; 'even Danny brings home a few extra dollars now and then.' Well, Danny could be bringing home a hell of a lot more extra dollars. And by God, he was going to!

He followed his dad out the door one night when he was leaving for work. They were half way down the hall before his dad stopped. 'Where're you going?' he asked.

'With you.'

'Like hell you are,' Jim said.

'Like hell, I AM.' Danny barked. He thought for a moment that his dad might hit him.

'Okay, I knew you wouldn't give up the idea,' he said as he walked away with Danny in tow. When they were out on the street he went on. 'There's stuff you need to know. Number one, the reason I held the guy back from you the other night was, he didn't have another fifty bucks. He wanted a freebie. I hate to say it, but you were bait. He was so hot for you, he was drooling. We'll see him again, and he'll have the fifty bucks, guaranteed; maybe a hundred. Number two, I screwed up.'

'How?' Danny asked.

'When the guy went off first, I should have stopped. He was satisfied; I could have saved the goodies for another customer. But he had me so hot I couldn't hold back.'

'I'm glad you didn't.' Jim glanced around at him with a curious scowl. 'It was a pretty incredible sight, dad,' Danny said. 'And besides, you were still hard after you went off. You could've serviced another guy.'

'Yeah, I..I was.. I guess I could've.'

'I do that all the time...stay hard after I go off,' Danny said, and it was a warm feeling to be able to talk to his dad like that.

That second night out together, Danny got his initiation. It was about nine when they left the apartment.

'Now don't go doing anything stupid. Stay close, and follow my lead,' Jim told his son as they headed for the warehouse district.


They took up their post as before, near the alley. Two men walked by on their way to the pool hall up the street.

'That would have been interesting...two of them,' Danny remarked. He knew by his dad's scowl that it was the wrong thing to say. Another guy came toward them. It was only his silhouette, but by that, it was obvious that he was well built, and by his walk, he was young. As he drew closer, it was equally obvious that he was a bodybuilder, about twenty or so. He stopped.

'Hey,' he greeted them.

'How you doing?' Jim said.

'Okay. Are you guys together? Waiting on someone?'

'We're together,' Jim said. 'Waiting on someone? No, no one in particular...it all depends.'

'On what?'

'On who comes along,' Jim replied.

Danny could understand why his dad was being coy and evasive with this guy. He wasn't the type to be prowling the streets for his pleasure. He was good-looking, and the way he filled out his clothes, he could get his pleasure about anywhere he wanted it. Danny thought his dad might be thinking the guy was a cop.

'I came along...any chance that you were waiting on me?' the youth said.

'That depends on why you're down here.'

'Looking for some action,' the guy said. Bingo! Danny couldn't believe it, but there it was. 'My name's Tuff,' the youth went on, putting out his hand.

'Good name,' Jim said. 'My name's Jim. This is my son, Danny.' They all shook hands.

'Your son, huh? For real? That's cool,' Tuff said. 'How much are we talking?' He held up his hand, laughing. 'I know, it depends on what I want. The works. Anything and everything you guys do. Maybe even things you haven't done; you could practice on me.'

Danny was wondering if the guy was on something.

'How long do you want us for?' Jim asked.

'Till I get my rocks off,' Tuff replied.

'One fifty,' Jim said.


Jim moved away from the wall. 'Where to? Have you got a place?' he asked.

'There's a place I know, down the alley.'

They walked with the bodybuilder into the dark alley, past the soft glow of the security light, at the spot where they'd been the night before, and turned into an adjoining alley. He led them through a narrow opening behind a wall that closed the alley off at one end; the other end was the solid brick. In the soft darkness, Tuff peeled off his shirt. His muscular upper body fairly exploded out of the narrow waist of his jeans. Danny was awed by his muscles.

'You guys wanta get out of your clothes?'

'You want us naked?' Jim asked.

'Yeah. It's safe here. I use this place all the time.'

Danny waited till his dad started to undress then followed his lead.

'I gotta ask this,' Jim said. 'How come a good-looking young stud like you is prowling around this neighborhood paying for it?'

'I like men. Real men--studs. This is the best place to find real men. I can't come on to guys at the gym,' he said. Tuff was naked first, standing there in his socks and hiking boots looking like a god. Danny had always admired his dad's body, but Tuff made them both look pretty ordinary--except in the manhood department. It was him that was ordinary there. Maybe it was his size...two-fifty; Danny guessed...that made his cock look smaller. The guy was impressed when Jim took off his shorts.

'I rest my case,' he said, eyeing Jim's cock. Danny lagged behind, to follow his dad's lead. Jim slipped his work boots back on, like the bodybuilder. Danny straightened from taking off his jeans and shorts at the same time and stepped back into his boots as well.

'Geezusss! Like father like son!' Tuff exclaimed. He reached out for both cocks. 'Fuck, I hit the jackpot tonight,' he said as he pumped their cocks. 'Shit I can't even get my hand around either one of them.'

'Think your mouth is going to fit around 'em?' Jim asked.

'Oh, yeah,' Tuff said. He squatted down on his haunches, his own cock sticking out between his thighs about seven inches. He wasn't huge in length, but he was thick as a wrist. 'Turn around,' he told them. They turned around and Tuff started squeezing their butts. 'Damn! Nice!' he said in a whisper. 'Fuck, you only see butts like this in the gym.'

Danny felt Tuff's hand on his lower back, pressuring him to bend over. Terror gripped his guts as he imagined in a flash what the guy wanted to do. He felt safe that his dad wouldn't let him, but the idea of having a big, thick cock shoved in his ass scared him. But when he glanced over his shoulder, Tuff was still down on his haunches. He began playing with Danny's butt with both hands, squeezing the taut muscles, pulling them apart. Suddenly Danny felt something hot and wet and alive.

'Ohhhhhhh,' he cried out softly. It took him a second to realize that the big bodybuilder was tonguing his ass! 'Awww.. Awwwhhhhh!'

Jim straightened to watch while he slowly pumped his own huge cock. Tuff reached out with a hand around his thigh and pulled him in close where he could suck his cock as well as tongue Danny's asshole. Danny was going nuts. He'd never imagined anyone would do this, or that he had feelings in his ass but this guy was finding them. He still hadn't had his cock sucked, though, and he wished Tuff would go down on him so he would at last find out what it felt like. Then Danny saw his dad bend over and Tuff left his butt for his dad's. As his dad had done, Danny stood in close so Tuff could reach his cock.

'Yeah, bring that big hunk of meat here,' Tuff said as he pulled Danny in and wrapped his mouth around his cock.

'OHHHH!' Danny exclaimed. Tuff's tongue was lashing all around the head of his cock, causing his legs to tremble. 'Ohhh, My Godd!' He couldn't believe anything could feel so wonderful. Then Tuff went back to tonguing his dad's ass. He took turns. He pulled them both in and tried to suck both of their cocks at the same time but they were too big. Danny trembled with excitement at the feel of his cock against his dad's.

'Which one of you wants to eat my ass?' Tuff asked. Danny froze inside. His dad glanced at him, then at Tuff. It was obvious that he hadn't expected this.

'You said anything for my hundred and fifty bucks,' Tuff reminded them.

Danny didn't believe that his dad would do such a thing nor would he expect or even let him tongue the bodybuilder's ass.

'I'm clean,' Tuff said. 'Squeaky clean--cleaner than any pussy.'

Danny was surprised at his dad's hesitation.

'If you don't want to do it, its only going to be a hundred bucks,' Tuff said.

Still, his dad hesitated.

'Not in front of my son,' Jim said finally, in a hoarse voice.

'Let him do it, then,' Tuff said.

'No,' Jim said quickly. 'No, I..' He glanced at Danny. 'I'll do it.'

Danny stood mesmerized watching his dad squat down behind the hunky bodybuilder and begin kissing his butt muscles. He watched him pull them apart and bury his face between them and then Tuff let out a moan and he knew his dad was tonguing his asshole. Tuff reached back with his hands around Jim's head to smash his face into his butt. Tuff straightened and looked over his shoulder. 'You do it now,' he said to Danny.

'No,' Jim cut in. 'No, I'll do it.'

'I want him to do it,' Tuff said. 'I never had a teenager eat my ass.'

'No,' Jim said again. 'You said one of us.'

'I'll do it,' Danny cut in.

'Danny...,no,' Jim said.

'I can do it, dad,' he said. 'If you can do it, I can.' He quickly averted the pained look in his dad's eyes as he lowered himself to his haunches behind the muscular bodybuilder. He saw his dad look away as he pulled the man's butt apart to bury his face between them.

'Ohhhh..ohhh, Geezusss, he's good,' Tuff said. 'Shit, he's doing it like he likes it. Aww. Fuck, yeah, get that tongue in there..ohhhh, yeah, real deep!'

Danny was surprised that he did like it. It was a surprising and awesome thing that he couldn't believe he was doing and he didn't understand why it was so exciting, but he liked tonguing the man's asshole.

'Get down there and suck my cock while he's eating my ass,' Tuff told Jim.


'You said...'

'I know what I said,' Jim cut in. 'You can get off sucking my cock, or his, and I'll settle for a hundred bucks.'

Danny was somehow disappointed that the bodybuilder accepted the deal. He went quietly to his knees and started sucking Danny's cock again, switching back and forth to his dad's. Danny and his dad both shot off within seconds of each other. Tuff knelt in front of them with his face tilted up and his mouth open, begging and whimpering for their loads. He squealed and whimpered like a girl when they blasted his face with their hot cum. It almost made Danny sick, the way he was acting, except that he was so muscular and studly good looking.

Afterwards, they got dressed in silence. The bodybuilder gave Jim two fifties and left the alley shirtless; he had to use his T-shirt to wipe all the cum off his face. Danny and Jim started down the street.

'Hey,' Tuff called out.' They turned around. 'Thanks. It was great. I wanta do it again sometime.'

Jim didn't say anything, he just turned and walked on with his son by his side. 'I'm sorry, son,' he said quietly.

'For what?'

'For doing what I did; and for putting you through it, allowing you to....'

'You didn't put me through anything, dad,' Danny cut in.

'I tongued a guy's asshole! I let you tongue a guy's asshole.'

'It wasn't so bad, after I saw you do it,' Danny said. 'He was clean as hell. In fact, it was sort of exciting; he was really clean, and smooth, like he shaved or something. It wasn't so bad.'

'Yeah, he was..clean..and smooth,' Jim said. 'But I don't want you to do this again.'

'That horse is already out of the barn, dad,' Danny said.

'Well, we're gonna put it back in.'

'He's long gone, dad. And I don't want to stop. It was pretty incredible, getting my cock sucked, and his tongue sure felt good.'

'It's not going to stop there,' Jim said. 'You heard what he wanted us to do. The tables are gonna turn one of these days, and I..I don't want you there for what I might have to do.'

'Does that mean you're going to suck cock one of these days?' Danny asked .


'If a guy offered you a thousand bucks to suck his cock, you wouldn't do it?'


'I would,' Danny said.

Jim stopped in his tracks and gaped at his son. 'Geezuss, what have I done?' he mumbled.

'I think I could've done it tonight if you hadn't stopped me. We could be going home with fifty more bucks.'

In bed that night, Danny lay in the darkness pondering what had transpired. He couldn't get all up tight like his dad over it. Getting his cock sucked was pretty incredible, and it was an easy way to make money.

They went out night after night, plying their trade, father and son, side by side. Danny was insatiable. He didn't want to go home. He could get a hardon and go off three or four times. One night he went home with two hundred dollars himself.

'We're going to jack our price up,' Jim said one night as they were walking home.

'How much?'

'Double, at least,' Jim said.

'Can we get it?'

'Everybody seems to get real excited that we're a father and son team. I think they really go for a teenager. I figure that's worth some extra bucks. We're going to raise our price and get off the streets.'

'Off the streets? How?'

'I don't know for sure. But we're going to wait around for a few nights and see if that guy comes by in the limo.'

'Yeah, he must have plenty of money,' Danny said.

'And connections. He knows people who have money.'

Their first night out was dry, partly of their own choice. They hung around for two hours and turned down several propositions but the limo never showed. Same the second night.

'We're loosing money, Dad, waiting around for that guy,' Danny said.

'If we can make contact, we'll more than make it up,' Jim said.

'Let me do a couple while we're waiting. I'm good for three or four times,' Danny said.

Jim reluctantly agreed. It was like they were more business partners than dad and son when they were out. While Danny took a guy into the alley, Jim stood watch for the limo. Danny serviced three guys but the limo never showed.

'Well, at least we made a hundred and fifty bucks,' Danny said, handing the money to his dad.

'YOU made a hundred and fifty bucks,' his dad said.

'Yeah. You know what the irony is? I got paid good money for what I would be wasting out on the fire escape landing,' Danny said.

The third night they were standing around in the front of the pool hall when Jim saw the headlights set in the wide, classy front of a vehicle, moving slowly down the street. 'I think that's him,' he said.

'Is it the same car?'

'I don't know. It don't matter. If he's down here, driving slow like that, he's looking.'

The limo pulled over to the curb and the rear window went down.

'Good evening, gentlemen,' the person inside said.

'Hey,' Jim said as he moved away from the wall and walked over to the car. He put a hand discreetly on Danny's stomach to tell him to stay put.

'Nice night for a ride,' the man said.

'Yeah, but we're on foot,' Jim said.

'That could be remedied, couldn't it?'


'What about him? Are you together?' the man asked.

'Yes. He's my son,' Jim said.

'I love that fantasy,' the man said with a soft laugh.

'It's no fantasy. He IS my son,' Jim said. 'You can ask him.'

'Let's meet him.' Jim waved for Danny to come over. 'I believe you. He walks like you and he looks like you.' He leaned toward the window to look Danny up and down. 'Is this your dad?'

'Yes, sir.'

'How long has he been your dad?' the man asked.

Danny looked at Jim, confused.

'Eighteen years,' Jim said. 'Barely eighteen. He just had a birthday a couple of weeks ago.' It was longer than that but he had sensed for a long time that guys liked the idea of younger guys.

'Why don't you both get in and let's go for a ride and see if we can work something out.'

They climbed in the back and sat on the jump seats facing the wide rear seat. The man was young and handsome and well-dressed in a silk shirt and dark slacks. Although not a bodybuilder, he filled out his shirt nicely with a gym-built body. Danny wondered, like the bodybuilder, Tuff, why the guy was cruising around to pay for sex. He also wondered what a guy his age did to be so rich. He assumed drugs.

'My name is Rich,' he said, putting out his hand.

'Jim. This is Danny.'

'Come over and sit on the seat beside me, Jim and Danny.'

They moved across to sit on either side of him. Rich pushed a button and leaned up to the bar that was opening in front of them. 'Let me fix you a drink,' he said. 'What's your preference?'

'Whiskey, straight,' Jim said.

'And what about your son?'

'Ask him,' Jim said.

Danny was more than a little surprised that his dad was letting him drink; even order his own. He didn't know what to ask for so he asked for whiskey, too. They settled back in the wide, spacious seat with their drinks.

'Now, tell me, what can I expect for the good money I plan to lay out?' Rich asked.

'Depends on how much good money you plan to lay out,' Jim said.

'I can see you're not a novice at the trade,' Rich said, laughing.

'I've been at it awhile. He just started,' Jim said. 'The father-and-son team brings a premium, of course.'

'Of course. I just happen to have a thousand dollars left over, burning a hole in my pocket. What will that buy me?'

Danny almost gasped. A thousand dollars! He was stunned at his dad's reply. 'It'll get you one of us,' Jim said.

'Why would I want only half of a father-and-son team? Let's cut to the chase. Two thousand gets me anything I want.'

'No weird shit, like whips and stuff,' Jim said.

'Nothing that weird, I don't go for that myself. No, just plain, down-home sex.'

Danny couldn't believe his ears. Two thousand dollars! With the money they had already saved, they could move out of the apartment right away; maybe into a house, and the kids could go to school. HE could go to school, finish his senior year. Jim looked at Danny. 'What do you think son?'

'I'm good to go,' Danny said.

'You remember that bodybuilder,' Jim reminded him.

'Yeah. Nothing I can't handle,' Danny said.

'Okay, two thousand,' Jim agreed.

'Then let the games begin. Why don't we start by all taking off our clothes?'

'We're going to do it right here in the limo?' Jim asked, surprised.

'It adds to the excitement, having sex while you're driving around the city. Don't worry; nobody can see us unless we put the windows down.'

They stripped down completely, including Rich. Danny was impressed with the guy's build--muscular, but not bulky. More like a very well built swimmer. He had abs to die for.

'Put your socks and boots back on for me,' Rich told them and he rummaged around in their clothes for their caps. 'And wear these.' They put their boots on and donned their baseball caps. Rich folded the jump seats up, creating space in the back of the limo the size of a small room. He got on his knees in front of them and began licking Danny's boots. 'Damn, you guys are hung!' he exclaimed. 'My God..like father like son. How big do those things get?' he asked, eyeing their big cocks hungrily.

'You'll find out soon enough. Him sooner than me,' Jim joked, nodding to Danny. Danny looked at his dad with a shrug. While the guy was licking Danny's boots, one then the other, moving up his bulging calf muscles, Jim pulled on his own cock, causing it to swell out and grow longer. When Rich got up to Danny's knees he practically made love to them.

'Fuck, you've got sexy knees,' he said.

When he moved up the inside of his thighs, Danny spread his legs out wide. His cock stood straight up, almost touching his stomach, balls hanging heavy on the seat. 'Balls like a fuckin' bull.' He licked up the underside of his cock and lapped the precum oozing and running down over the head. He pulled the huge cock downward, looking at Jim. 'Shit, man, you sure did a job producing this big stud,' he said, and then he wrapped his mouth around Danny's cock.

'UUhhnnnnn,' Danny moaned softly, laying his head back on the seat. He hunkered his butt out on the edge of the seat to give the guy all the room he wanted, hoping he might go for his ass. Rich moved his mouth up and down the thick shaft, forcing the blunt heard hard against the opening of his throat. He slid his arm under Danny's thighs and lifted his legs up on his shoulders, then took Danny's hands and placed them on his head. Danny looked at his dad and Jim nodded and motioned for him to force him down on his cock. Danny wrapped his legs around the man's head and pushed his head down. His cock burst through the tight opening of his throat and sank all the way into his throat.

'UUmmmpphhhggghhhh,' Rich choked.

'Awwwww,' Danny cried softly. 'Awwww, he took all of it! He's got my cock all the way in his throat!'

'You're not going to find many guys who can do that,' Jim said.

He held his head down till Rich was fighting frantically to be released. Danny let his head loose and he rose up with a choking gasp. 'Motherfuck kid, you trying to kill me? That's a fuckin' lethal weapon, buried in somebody's throat.'

'Sorry, I thought that's what you wanted,' Danny said.

'I did,' Rich said with a grin. 'Just give me a break to breath now and then.' He went back down on the big cock and Danny got his head in a leg lock again and forced his mouth all the way down. He held him hard for a moment till he started choking then let him up. The man smiled his approval, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and went right back down on it. Danny didn't realize it at first that Rich was probing his ass with his fingers, using the spit that ran down his cock. He realized, then, why getting his cock sucked felt so wonderful; Rich's finger was doing good things deep inside him. Rich reached over to jack Jim's cock with his other hand. After awhile he rose up and pushed a button on the arm rest. The top of the car rolled back, revealing the night sky with the city lights, and a gentle waft of breeze blew in. 'Stand up and enjoy the view,' he told Danny.

Danny stood up through the opening, exposed to the night nearly to his waist. It was breathtaking, not just the view but the exhilaration of being naked and half of that nakedness sticking out of the top of the limo while the other half....

'Awwhhhhhh,' he cried out when Rich took his cock in his mouth again.

'Yeah, tell the world what's happening,' Rich told him.

'I'm getting my cock sucked,' Danny said.

'They can't hear you,' Rich said as he shoved a glass of whiskey up through the hole. Danny downed the whiskey in one gulp and dropped the glass back inside.

'Tell 'em,' Rich said. 'Yell it out loud and clear.'

'I'm getting my cock sucked!' he yelled louder, waving his arms. People stopped to gape at him. Some, those who believed him, gave him a 'thumbs up' and whooped and yelled at him. 'Fuckin'go for it, stud!' one guy called out.

Suddenly, Danny gasped aloud as he felt Rich's, or somebody's tongue lashing at his ass. He jutted his hips back and the hands pulled his butt muscles apart and the tongue was shoving inside his asshole. 'Tell them what's happening now,' Rich said.

'I'm getting my ass tongued! A guy's got his tongue in my ass!' he yelled.

He heard Rich, or both of them laughing inside the car. 'I wanta fuck him,' he heard Rich say.

'No,' Jim said quickly.

'I think we agreed on anything for my two thousand bucks,' Rich reminded him.

'He's not clean; he didn't come prepared for that,' Jim said.

'Well, we can fix that.' He told his driver to find a drugstore.

'What're we doing?' Danny asked as he came back down into the limo when it pulled up in front of a drug store. The driver was already out of the limo, heading into the drugstore.

'I wanta fuck you,' Rich said. 'Your dad said you didn't come prepared for it. We're going to take care of that.'

Danny didn't understand exactly what the guy meant, but the idea scared him.

'No, I don't think he can do it,' Jim said. 'He's never done it before. You can..you can..fuck me.'

Danny gaped at his dad, his mouth dropped.

'Sure, both of you, but I want his cherry ass first,' Rich said.

The driver came back from the drug store and drove off in search of a motel. When he had a room he came back and handed the key to Rich then drove around in back to park in front of the room. Rich handed the key and the package from the drugstore to Jim.

'Go get yourselves prepared, while I have another drink,' he said.

Still confused, Danny followed his dad into the motel room. 'What..does he..mean, get prepared?' he asked. 'I don't know what all's going on, dad.'

'He wants to fuck you,' Jim said. 'But you're not going to do it.'

'But you said he could do it to you.'

'Yeah, I said it, but we don't have to do it,' Jim said. 'We can call it off right here and now.'

'There's two grand at stake,' Danny said. He could tell his dad hadn't made up his mind for certain. For that kind of money he thought he would actually let the man fuck him.

'It's not worth two grand. In case you hadn't noticed, he's no midget, son. He could really hurt you.'

'He would hurt you too,' Danny said.

'That don't matter, I don't want you getting hurt. Fuck, I wish I'd never gotten you involved in this.'

'But I am. And two grand..hell, dad, I'll just guzzle some more whiskey and I won't feel anything.'

'I don't know if that'll work. I've never done it before either,' Jim said.

'I'm gonna do it,' Danny declared, reaching for the package.

'No. I'm going to tell the guy the deal's off, see if I can get a few hundred bucks for what we've already done, then we're going home.'

'Dad, its two thousand dollars. It'll put us awfully close to getting us out of that apartment,' Danny said. He took out one of the tall, green and white boxes. 'What is this and how do you use it?'

Soon they were ready and waiting for Rich to come in. But the driver came in instead. 'Rich wants you back in the limo,' he said.

'Why don't he just come in here where we've got a bed?' Jim asked.

'He wants to do it in the limo,' the driver said.

Jim put his hand on Danny's shoulder. 'You're not going to do this,' he said. 'I'll go with him, but I'm getting you a cab home.'

'No. No, we can't pass up that kind of money, dad. That can get us out of the apartment. If you want to get a cab, okay, but I'm getting back in the limo.' Once more, Danny's stubborn will prevailed and they went back out to the limo.

'Ahh, nice and flushed out for me, huh?' Rich said.

'Yeah,' Jim said sullenly.

'Strip down again,' Rich said.

When they were naked again, Rich went to work on Danny's ass with his tongue and his fingers. He quickly had Danny squirming around on his hand and moaning and tossing down more whiskey. 'Don't get drunk and pass out on me,' Rich joked.

'Don't worry, you'll get your money's worth,' Danny said bravely.

Rich bent him over the back seat on his hands and knees and knelt behind him.

'Look, why don't you fuck me?' Jim said.

'I want your son's cherry,' Rich said.

'You can have mine. I'm cherry, too,' Jim said.

'No kidding! Fuck, you guys are a dream come true,' Rich said. 'But I want your son first.' He chuckled softly. 'Fuck, even saying it sounds sexy. I'm gonna fuck your son, while you watch, then I'm gonna fuck you while your son watches. What a fuckin' turn-on! Here, get him ready,' he said, handing Jim a bottle of lubricant without the cap.

'My cherry is no big deal, but his virginity commands a premium. An extra five hundred,' Jim said.

Rich reared back with a scowl on his face. 'Don't try to cop a deal with me at this stage of the game,' he said.

'You might be the one with the money, but we've got the merchandise,' Jim said.

Rich thought for a moment the nodded. 'Okay, five hundred, but you gotta get him ready for me, with your tongue.'

'I can do that,' Jim said without hesitation. He knelt down on the floorboard behind Danny and pulled his butt apart and buried his face in his ass.

'Ooooaaawwwwwhhhhh!' Danny cried out, tossing his head back. 'Awwwhh, Dad...Dad, your tongue feels great!'

Jim tongued his son's ass, till Rich thrust the bottle of lubricant at hi, unable to wait any longer. He took the bottle and obediently squeezed the thick, slick lube onto his fingers then probed at Danny's ass. Danny relaxed with complete trust in his dad.

'Uhnnn,' Danny gasped when his dad shoved his finger in.

'Tell me when it feels okay,' Jim said. He hated himself but he was thankful for the chance to get his son ready for the guy. After a moment or two, Danny started squirming around on his finger.

'Okay, dad. I'm ready.'

With that Rich nudged Jim out of the way and rose up and aimed his cock between Danny's buns.

'Take it easy with him,' Jim said.

Rich put some pressure on. Scared, Danny reached out for his dad's hand, and Jim squeezed it.

'You can yell all you want to, it's okay, I don't mind. The limo is pretty much sound-proof,' Rich said.

The hot cock pushed and prodded at the pliable muscle around his asshole and for a moment, Danny thought Rich was in him and it wasn't feeling so bad. Then suddenly he felt the most excruciating pain he'd ever felt as his asshole burst apart and was spread open by the thick, hot cock. It hurt so bad he couldn't even cry out. All he could do was suck in his breath and squeeze his dad's hand, and smash his face into the leather seat to stifle his pain.

'Take it easy on him,' Jim told Rich again.

Slowly, the big cock sank into Danny's ass, deeper and deeper, sliding over the spot that felt so good when his dad used his fingers. After a moment it started to feel good, even through the pain. It wasn't hurting from going in so deep, the pain was caused from his asshole being stretched so tight by the man's girth. He clenched his teeth and tightened his asshole as hard as he could, trying to stretch it and work through the pain as he was slowly impaled on the long cock. In a moment he felt Rich's hairy loins pressing against his spread butt. He was all the way in!

'Fuck, man, you took that real good for a virgin,' Rich said. 'I'm gonna fuck you now. Geezuss, am I gonna fuck you!'

'Take it easy,' Jim told him yet again.

The pain was subsiding but Danny braced himself for the worst. He half expected to feel his asshole tear apart but it didn't happen. The big cock pulled out, rubbing over the tender spot again that felt so good, then sank back in. It was only a half dozen probes before the pain was gone completely and it was feeling strangely wonderful. 'Ohhh ...Ohhhh..awwwhhhhh..,' he moaned softly. He didn't know if his dad expected him to act like he was liking it but couldn't help himself.

'That feeling good?' Rich asked.

'It don't hurt anymore,' Danny said.

Rich laughed. 'Yeah, it's feeling good. You like it. You like being fucked.'

'Are you okay?' Jim asked him quietly.

'Yeah..yeah, I'm okay, Dad..Goddd, I didn't know it would feel like this. Is it supposed to feel so good?'

'It's okay if it does,' Jim said.

Rich fucked him hard. Not mercilessly, but with hard, determined strokes that plunged his cock deep in his ass like a pile driver. So hard that the limo rocked when they were stopped at a light. Danny clawed at the leather seat and groped for his dad's hand.

'Hey, Danny, give your dad some head while I fuck you,' Rich said.

'No. You don't have to do that,' Jim said.

'I wanta see the son suck his dad's cock,' Rich insisted.

Ignoring Jim's protests, Danny was already leaning over his dad's thigh in search of his cock. Without the slightest hesitation, he gobbled it like a hungry wolf, like he'd been doing it for years.

'Aww, Danny..Awhh son,' Jim moaned as he helplessly thrust his cock up into his son's mouth. Danny moaned and whimpered with pleasure as he sucked his dad's cock and got fucked by Rich.

'Hey,' Rich said, smacking him on the butt. 'Stand up and tell the world what's happening to you now.'

Danny let his dad's cock go and scrambled to his feet and poked his head and shoulders up through the roof, not as high as before because Rich was shoving his cock back in him again.

'Awwhhhhh....Awwwwwhhhhh, I'm getting my ass fucked!' he yelled.

'Danny,' Jim barked. 'Shit, you're going to get yourself arrested.'

'Not in my limo, he won't,' Rich said. 'It wouldn't matter if your son was ten years old.'

Danny yelled and moaned and tossed his head around in the cool night air as Rich pounded his ass with his hot cock. He could hear Rich and his dad talking.

'You ever fuck your son?' Rich asked.

'No. Hell no,' Jim replied.

'I wanta see you fuck him,' Rich said.

'No. Hell, I can't do that,' Jim said.

'Hey, if you knew how this feels, you wouldn't hesitate,' Rich said. 'And he likes it. You can tell he likes it.'

Danny's asshole was suddenly empty and clenching at the air.

'Come on..give it to him,' Rich was saying.


Danny poked his head down inside. 'Go ahead, dad, go ahead and do it.'

'I'm too big,' Jim said, in a pained voice.

'I can take it,' Danny said bravely.

'Your son is a real trooper,' Rich said. 'Go ahead; show him what a real man's cock feels like.'

'Geezuss son, what're we doing!' Jim mumbled as he got up and maneuvered himself behind Danny.

Danny felt the heat of his dad's cock pressing against his gaping hole then the head burst through and he was filling him to capacity, stretching his asshole terribly with the thick girth.

'Ohhhh, fuck yeah..OHhhh, shit!' Danny groaned into the night air.

'Is that hurting?' Jim asked as he paused.

'Nothing I can't handle,' Danny said. Then he yelled out, 'Now I'm getting fucked by my own dad!'

Laughing with glee, Rich handed him another glass of whiskey up through the opening. Danny grabbed it and downed it in one gulp. It burned all the way down but once it hit bottom it felt good and within minutes, he was feeling the effects of it.

'Awwwhhhhhhh,' he gasped suddenly when he felt his cock being enveloped in Rich's mouth. 'Awww Aww, I'm getting my cock sucked and my ass fucked at the same time!' he yelled out.

Rich paused. 'Pace yourself so we don't stop at lights,' he told his driver. Then he went back to sucking Danny's cock. Suddenly his dad pulled him back down into the limo and laid him across the seat, his cock still in him. 'If you like it, son, I want you down here where I can do it right,' he said, his voice hoarse with lust.

Danny splayed across the wide seat with one leg over the edge; his knee on the floor and his legs spread wide apart to welcome his dad's thrusting hips.

'Aww, yeah, dad..do it..God, that feels good. Fuck me..fuck, me, Dad.'

'Fuck, this is hot, seeing you getting fucked by your own dad,' Rich said.

Suddenly, it wasn't about Rich or the twenty-five hundred dollars. It was between father and son; their love for each other, now manifesting itself in their mutual lust in the most unusual circumstances.

'Listen, I'm not gonna be able to keep doing this..not without cumming..it's feeling too damned good,' Jim said.

'Go ahead, give it to him..give him your load,' Rich said.

Jim fucked him hard for the next couple of blocks, using full-cock strokes; so hard that the limo bounced on its springs.

'Oh, Geezuss, Dad..you're pounding me a new asshole ...OHhhh.Ohhhh, you're gonna make me cum too!'

'Yeah, shoot it son. Let's do it together,' Jim said hoarsely.

'Ohhh, this is so fucking hot!' Rich gasped, as he jacked himself off and ran his hands over their bodies. Suddenly he stood up astraddle Danny and thrust his cock in Jim's face. 'Suck it..suck it while you fuck your son.'

Without hesitation or even thinking, Jim gobbled his cock and began sucking it. His breath was ragged and he was gasping and Danny was whimpering and groaning as they worked up to the ultimate explosion.

'Awwgghhhh!' Jim cried around Rich's cock as he began pumping his load deep in his son's bowels.

'Awww, Dad..yeah I can feel it! Aww, shoot it in me--you're gonna make me cum too.' Danny felt the heat of his dad's cum spurting deep in his guts and it triggered his own climax. His cock bucked and swelled under him and exploded all over the expensive leather seats. He heard his dad choking and he wondered if Rich was giving him his load in his mouth. The limo crawled slowly for a couple of blocks before any of them were relaxed and able to speak.

'Motherfuck! That was the most incredible sex I ever had,' Rich said, breathlessly.

'Me too,' Danny said. 'Fuck, dad, I had no idea getting fucked could feel so good.'

Jim lay slumped in the corner of the seat, feeling terrible. Rich poured them all another drink. Jim refused it and he blocked Danny from taking another one.

'He's had enough,' he said.

'It's not like it's going to impair his performance,' Rich scoffed.

'You want another drink?' Jim asked.

'Hell, yes,' Rich said. 'He's a teenager; he can keep it up all night.'

'Yeah, I can,' Danny said. 'So can he.'

Jim poked him but it was too late. He knew Danny's bragging had only committed them to more. They drove around the city for another hour of sex and two more climaxes before Jim declared that they were finished and told Rich he had his money's worth.

'I certainly can't argue that,' Rich said as he dug into his pants pocket and brought out a wad of money. 'Fifties okay?'

'Yes,' Jin said.

As they were getting dressed the driver drove them back to the spot where he'd picked them up.

'Look, I have friends who would love to meet up with you two,' Rich said. 'We have private parties where we like to have young studs serve hor-d-voures and drinks, if you would be interested.'

'That's all? Just serve?' Danny asked.

'That's for starters,' Rich said.

'Where does it finish?' Jim asked.

'Depends on who's having the party. Sometimes they have an old-fashioned orgy with dozens of naked guys in piles and you won't know who's doing what to you, or care. Sometimes it's more discreet, where you simply make contacts with the guests for later times. Often times they have photo shoots where everyone brings their cameras and take pictures of the young male guests. They also organize manhunts and other sports events.'


'Yes. They go to one of their private estates and turn several young men loose in the wilderness and hunt them down, like animals.'

'It's not an actual hunt, then,' Jim said.

'No, it's paint-ball hunting. Except the penalty for being hit isn't simply being out of the game. There are other more severe consequences for being hit; I don't have to explain that. They tell me it stings a little when one of the paint balls hit, but it's nothing, the participants tell me. It pays well,' he went on. 'And you two could pull down some big tips besides.'

'We'll think about it,' Jim said.

'Where can I contact you?' Rich asked.

'Same way you contacted us tonight,' Jim said.

'All right. I'll look forward to meeting up with you again.'

Jim and Danny got out of the car and headed back to the apartment. 'Are you okay, son?' Jim asked.


'You're walking funny, are you sure?'

'I just had two big cocks plow me in the ass; you'd walk funny, too. But it's okay. It don't hurt, it just feels strange..empty, more than anything,' Danny said.

'I hate myself for tonight,' Jim said.

'I wish you would lay off the guilt trip, dad. I handled it okay, and we came away with two and a half grand.'

'Yes, but I have to ask myself what price I'm willing to put on my own son.'

'A high price. This is premium beef,' Danny joked.

They walked a few more yards while Danny worked up the courage to ask his dad a big question. 'Can I ask you something, Dad?'

'About what happened?'

'Yes. Did you..take Rich's load?'


'I thought so.'

'I hope you're not disappointed,' Jim said.

'I was a little surprised,' Danny said.

'I was surprised at a lot of things that happened tonight.'

'Are YOU disappointed?' Danny asked.

'No, why would I be disappointed in you?'

'For getting fucked.'

'I was one of the guys who fucked you,' he said. 'I should feel shame more than disappointment.'

'Yeah, and it felt great, dad. I don't know why, and I still don't think it's supposed to feel good, but I think I got a pretty good idea what a girl feels like now, when she gets fucked.'

'Except girls are built for it,' Jim said.

'It felt like I'm built for it, too,' Danny said.

'Well, I'm not proud of myself for this, but I'm glad you're handling it so well,' Jim said.

'Are we going to meet Rich again, for one of his parties, or a hunt?'

'I don't know. It sounds like something that could get out of hand, even more than this did tonight.'

'It couldn't get any more out of hand than tonight,' Danny said, laughing. Then he asked, 'How are you going explain two and a half thousand dollars to mom?'

'I'm not,' Jim said. 'I'm going to open a bank account that only you and I will know about. When it gets built up, I'll tell her I bought a lottery ticket and won.'

'How much are you going to let it build up?'

'I was thinking enough to make a sizeable down payment on a house.

The Hunt

The hunt began at 6:00 a.m on someone's twenty thousand acre estate. There were four of the hunted, including Jim and Danny. There was also a muscular, cute college guy, about 20 and a well-built construction worker, about 35. They were out-numbered, by design, by eight wealthy hunters gathered from across the country with one who had come all the way from Germany for the event. Jim and Danny were picked up well before daylight by Rich's limo. The other two hunted were already in the limo.

'Hey, two more suckers,' the construction worker said as Jim and Danny climbed in the back. 'Name's Jake,' he said, putting out his hand.

'Jim. This is Danny.'

'Christian,' the college boy said.

'Are we all fuckin' nuts or what?' Jake said.

'I need the money, for tuition,' Christian said.

'Yeah, we need the money, too,' Danny said.

'Well, the money's good, but I'm in it for the thrill, too. I think as a Marine, I can out-smart these guys,' Jake said.

'You're in the Marines? What if they find out about your little venture?' Jim asked.

'I'm not on active duty,' Jake said.

'Oh, ex.'

'There's no such thing as an ex-Marine,' Jake stated.

Dawn was breaking by the time they were delivered to a heavily wooded area miles from Columbus. The hunters were already there, checking their guns and gear. The hunted were taken to the side and given instructions.

The rules were simple; try to evade the hunters. They were required to strip down to their boots and socks and given a twenty-minute head start. At the end of the course, several miles into the woods, there were markers. Each of the hunted had to make it through the course, grab a marker and make his way back, or evade the hunters for three hours. If he made it without being hit there was a two thousand dollar bonus. Get hit, and pay the consequences. The consequences weren't spelled out but everyone had a pretty good idea what they were. Get hit and you were turned into a sex slave for the hunters.

The four stripped down and were given pouch loin clothes to put on. Danny was proud that he and his dad were built better than the other two; and proud that they noticed.

'Looks like you don't miss any workouts,' Jake told Danny.

'I used to have a gym membership,' Danny said.

'You keep in shape with work, I can tell,' he said to Jim.

'Yeah, looks like you do, too,' Jim said.

They didn't remark on each other's manhood although they all noticed each other. The hunters noticed, though, with lewd smiles and remarks. It was hard not to notice Danny's pouch protruding under the loincloth. His dad made a damned good bulge, too. They all did. At the marked time they were turned loose like four animals in the forest. They ran down the slope through the thick stand of trees and were quickly out of sight from the drooling hunters. Christian took off up a hill to the left. Jake ran straight ahead.

'We should stick fairly close together,' Jim told Danny. 'Keep just enough distance so we can separate and divert them if they get too close.'

Danny knew his dad was only trying to stay close enough to keep an eye out for him. It was one time when he didn't mind his dad being so protective. He didn't know what these men were capable of if he got caught. They ran down into a gully for quite a ways till Jim went up the side.

'Let's get out of the gully; they're going to be expecting us to follow it,' he said. 'You veer off to the left. Stay within hearing distance but keep silent unless you need me.'

Danny ran a dozen yards and paused to see if he could hear his dad's footsteps in the dried leaves. He could; he was too close. He ran a short distance farther till he couldn't hear anything but his own footsteps but felt he was within calling distance. His heart raced as he zigzagged through the trees, pausing now and then behind a tree to listen for anyone coming up behind him. The twenty minutes of head start hadn't passed but he didn't know if he could trust the hunters to wait their full twenty minutes.

Jim decided he was going to try to out-wait them instead of trying to evade them for the allotted time. A hundred yards deeper in the woods, he found a huge fallen tree. The heavy branches held the trunk up off the ground a couple of feet and there were leaves and brush and limbs blown up under it. He dug the brush out to create a hiding place then crawled in and pulled the limbs and leaves in around him. It was dark under the tree trunk. If he hadn't disturbed the brush too much, he wouldn't be found. He wondered where Danny was. Close, he hoped.

Danny kept running. He couldn't find anyplace to hide. His only choice was to get to the marker and make his way back. His blood rushed when he heard the yelling of the hunters far behind him as they were turned loose on them. If he could find the markers, he would circle around the perimeter, go in behind them and head back the way he came. It was so simple that maybe they wouldn't think of it.

Jim heard the muffled voices of the hunters and fought to lie perfectly still. One slight move would make a rustling sound and he would be found. He was counting on that bonus, and if Danny made it, they could walk away with fourteen thousand dollars, plus tips if the hunters were feeling generous.

Danny made it to the end of the course and found the markers; bright orange flags tacked to a tree. He grabbed one and ran toward the perimeter of the course. He tucked the flag down inside his loincloth so it wouldn't be seen. He figured the hunters hadn't counted on any of them being that smart. A sense of fright surged through him when he heard the rustling of someone moving through the trees close by. Too close. He caught a glimpse of bare muscle and recognized Christian. Danny ran faster to put distance between them. Two of them would make more noise than one. A bare dozen yards later he heard the pop of a gun and a yelp of pain.

'I got one!' somebody yelled.

'Yeah, a nice, smooth, young buck,' another said.

They were so close that Danny could hear the normal tone of the second man's voice. But they'd shot Christian so that would keep their attention for awhile. He slowed to a careful pace, hoping to make less noise as he moved away from them. He felt he had gone a safe distance when he heard the faint cry from the direction of the college guy. God, what were they doing to him? When he was a safe distance away from them he broke into a run.

Jim jumped at the sound of the paint gun. It was too close for comfort. But the yelp told him that they had hit somebody so that would keep their attention away from him for awhile. He prayed it wasn't Danny who they had shot.

Danny's heart was thudding in his chest and he was getting winded. He paused behind a big hollow tree to catch his breath, working to keep his breathing silent. Suddenly he heard crackling of leaves underfoot. They had sneaked up on him! Running would make noise that would give him away. He slipped into the hollow of the tree where it looked like lightning had struck it. He felt safe but he knew it was a false safeness; like a little boy hiding under a blanket and thinking nobody could see him. They were sure to check out something as obvious as a hollow tree. He held his breath as the footsteps came closer. Probably only one, for there was no talking. He heard the hunter approach the tree and move past it. He was about to let out a quiet sigh of relief when the footsteps stopped. He held his breath till he had to let it out. The footsteps were coming closer again. Closer. Right up to the tree. There was quiet, and then he heard the guy taking a piss on the other side of the tree. He closed his eyes in thanksgiving. He heard the sound of a zipper and the footsteps moved away. Damn, that was close!

Suddenly, the hunter stopped again and Danny heard him coming back. He had no doubt seen the hollow of the tree and it was instinctive to check it out. The next moment Danny found himself staring into the barrel of a paint gun.

'Well, well, look what do we have here,' the man said, holding the gun steady at Danny's chest.

Danny felt the life drain out of him. There went the bonus. And now he would face the consequences of being caught.

'Step out of the tree,' the man said.

Danny turned sideways and stepped out. The man saw the flag sticking out of his loincloth.

'You were on your way back--very impressive. Most guys don't make it to the markers.'

'For all the good it did me,' Danny said.

'Okay, technically, I'm supposed to shoot you so you're splattered with paint. But it's gonna hurt this close up. I'm going to give you a running start to put a little distance between us.'


'But don't plan on getting away. You won't. I'm a very good shot,' the hunter added. 'Take off.'

Danny took off in a sprint, zigzagging back and forth and dodging behind trees. He knew what a deer felt like being stalked and chased. But as long as he wasn't shot, he wasn't caught and he still hoped he could evade the hunter. One shot rang out and he wasn't hit. He heard the man swear. He made it another dozen yards when the second shot rang out. A split second later he felt the sting in his lower back.

'AAHH!' he cried out in pain. It stung like hell. But the pain didn't last long. He stopped and waited for the hunter to come up and claim his kill.

'Good try,' the man said.

'Not good enough,' Danny said. 'What do we do now?'

'First, I'll take the flag,' he said as he reached out and pulled the red flag out of Danny's loincloth. 'Goddam, you fill that thing out good,' he said.

'It's a little small on me,' Danny said.

'The hell. I saw you when you were putting it on. Don't blame the tight fit on the loincloth. You're hung like a horse.'

'So, what now?' Danny asked again. He didn't want to sound arrogant but he didn't want to sound afraid either.

The hunter was taking a rope out of his game pouch. 'Well, first we tie you down so you can't get away.'

'I won't try to get away,' Danny said.

'Its part of the sport,' the man said with a grin. He looked all around. 'Over here's a good spot.'

Danny followed him several yards through the trees. A good spot for what, he wondered. Surely he wasn't going to tie him up and leave him.

'Lie down on your back, between those two saplings,' the man said.

Danny did as he was instructed. The leaves crushed under him and made a rough bed. The man knelt down and tied the rope around his right wrist and pulled his arm straight out and tied the other end to the sapling. Then he secured his left arm.

'You're not going to tie me down and leave me like this, are you?' Danny asked.

'No, of course not. Why would I leave a good-looking young buck for someone else to claim? No, I'm sticking right here with you.' He unrolled another length of rope and tied it around Danny's right ankle. He took out his knife and cut the rope and tied the other piece to his left ankle. Then he tossed one end of the rope over a low-hanging limb of another tree and pulled his leg straight up and out.

'I couldn't get away with just my hands tied,' Danny said.

'It's not just about you not getting away,' the man said as he tossed the end of the other rope over the limb and pulled his other leg up.

Danny lay spread-eagle with his legs spread out wide, straight up. He didn't have the courage to ask what all it was about. He was pretty sure. He was more sure when the man started taking off his clothes.

'Have you ever been fucked, kid?' the man asked.

'Once or twice.'

'Did you like it?'

'I don't remember.'

'If you don't remember, you're the same as cherry,' the man said with a wide grin.

Danny watched as piece by piece of clothing the man bared his body. He was muscular and tan except for a very narrow strip around his hips. His cock hung out about six inches and Danny wondered if it would get any bigger when it was hard. Some guys didn't, he knew. They just got hard and stayed the same size.

'I'm gonna fuck you,' the man declared. 'But you came prepared for that, right? I mean, they told you to prepare yourself for anything.'

'Yes. I don't suppose there's anything I can do or say to talk you out of it,' Danny said.

'You're the trophy. You know what they do with hunting trophies. They stuff them.' He laughed softly. 'You're gonna get stuffed with eight inches of thick, hot cock.' He laughed again. 'It'll give you a chance to remember if you like it.'

The guy pulled on the ropes to tighten them and bring Danny's legs as high as he could. Then he took a tube from his hunting jacket and lubed up his cock, then Danny's asshole. He stood behind him and was aiming his cock when another hunter came up.

'Damn! You got the young one,' he said.

'Yeah, I was just ready to stuff and mount him,' the other guy said.

'Fuck, what a prize! I don't think anybody's still got the construction worker. They got the college stud right off. Lot of good his education did him,' he laughed.

'This young buck had one of the flags when I nailed him,' Danny's captor said. They were talking about him like he wasn't there, or like he actually was a young deer or something; not human. The man kept probing at his asshole with his fingers.

'How about his dad? Has anybody got a good shot at him?'

'Naw, it's like he vanished in thin air.' The man turned his attention back to Danny. He took a wide stance and planted the head of his cock against his asshole. Firmly on target, he shoved.

'Awwhhhhhh!' Danny cried out. 'Awwohhhhhhhh!' The man sank his cock in to the hilt, at such angle that it felt like his insides were being dislocated and completely rearranged.

'Aw, fuck, man, you ought feel this. He's got the tightest, hardest ass I ever had.'

'How about sharing your kill, then?' the other man said.

'Yeah, you can have a crack at him as soon as I'm done,' the man said, and started fucking him.

The other guy started undressing. He was in good shape, a little hairy but it only made him look super-manly. He didn't wait his turn at Danny's ass. He knelt astraddle his head and forced his cock in his mouth. Danny sucked his cock as best he could from the awkward angle. Then the guy turned around and sat on his face. He had no choice but to tongue his ass.

Jim heard Danny's outcries but he didn't move. Then there were only loud moans and he figured he was okay. He was caught, but he was okay. It was terrible, having to lie there perfectly still under the log and hear his son cry out with pain, knowing he was being used by the hunters. But it would be futile to crawl out of his hiding place and charge them like a bull. He would be splattered with pain balls, and there would go the rest of their bonus. Danny had already forfeited his two thousand dollar bonus. Besides, Jim had a plan.

He let enough time pass so the men would be fully engrossed in enjoying their kill then he clawed the leaves away from his face. He could see Danny on a gentle slope some distance away, drawn and quartered and being fucked brutally while another guy sat on his face. But he was taking it like a man. Jim exposed himself little by little and crawled out from under the log. He crouched down as he looked all around, then took off through the woods. If they heard him, at least he had a head start; they would have to get their clothes and their guns. He was surprised that he was so close to the flags. He snatched one off its post and stuffed it in his loincloth and circled back. There were at least three of the hunters occupied; two with Danny, and the college kid had been hit and he was being fucked as well. There might be another guy with the college kid, sharing him like they were sharing Danny. If the construction worker hadn't been shot, that meant there were still four hunters out there looking for naked meat on the hoof. Jim moved from one tree or log to another, then crouched down to wait and listen. When there was no sound he headed for the next position. After a half hour or so he was within sight of the starting point. There were four guys standing around; the organizer, with two of the hunters, and the naked construction worker all talking and laughing. Apparently he had made it back unharmed. Jim gauged the distance and the situation carefully. He decided to seek cover along the fence line where he could crawl in the brush if they looked around. And the fence extended well past where the men were standing. He heard an outcry from the woods and froze. He couldn't tell if it was Danny and he listened for another cry. It came again, but it wasn't Danny. It was the college kid. He wondered what they were doing to him. Finally, he was parallel with the group, well hidden in the brush. When it was safe to move again he rose up from his crouch and moved another eight or ten yards. That's when somebody spotted him.

'Hey, there's the other guy..the young kid's dad!' one of the hunters exclaimed as he jerked his gun off his shoulder. But the organizer stopped him.

'Sorry, he's in the safe zone. In fact, he's well past it. He's home free,' the organizer said. He waved to Jim. 'It's okay to come on in. You're home free!' he called out to him.

Jim walked down the slope and back up the other side to where the men were gathered around. He saw the way they watched him, especially the two hunters, but also the construction worker. He pulled the flag out of his loincloth and handed it to the organizer. 'Here, I guess you want this.'

'No, you can keep it as a souvenir.'

'Congratulations,' the construction worker said as he and Jim shook hands. Jim noticed again how the man looked him up and down, his eyes lingering on his manhood.

'Where the hell did you vanish to?' the hunter asked. 'I've never had anybody disappear on me like that.'

'The old marine survival skills kicked in,' Jim said.

'You are both to be congratulated,' the hunter said. 'It's always the hardest to bag the old bucks.'

Jim glanced at his watch. 'They've got both of them. How much longer are they going to be out there?' he asked.

The organizer looked at his watch. 'They've got about another hour to enjoy their kill,' he said.

'Another hour!'

The organizer held up his hand. 'Hey, you need to forget he's your son out there. They're not going to hurt him, beyond the normal course of events.' He held a beer out to him. Jim took the beer and they waited. Every once in awhile, there was a yowl or a cry from deep in the woods but then it was quiet again. He wondered how man times they would fuck Danny. He was glad that the other hunters weren't out there sharing in the kill.

'Well, you two have earned your bonuses,' the organizer said.

'And our respect, along with a nice tip,' one of the hunters said.

'You could earn an even larger tip from me,' the other hunter said with a smile.

'How's that?' the construction worker asked.

'Well, we can go put the jump seats down in the limo and have plenty of room to stretch out..see what develops.'

'Oh, you wanta do what you didn't get to do because I made it back,' the construction worker said.

'Precisely. Except you get call the shots instead of me.'

The other hunter looked at Jim.

'I do it for a living, and not just for the tips,' Jim told him as nicely as he could.

'Fair enough. I had a thousand dollars in mind for a tip. I could be persuaded to cough up another thousand with some action that you denied me with your survival skills.'

'For the remainder of the hour, till they're done in the woods,' Jim said, nodding toward the limo. That was thirteen thousand that he'd made on his own. Plus five thousand that Danny would make, plus his tips. It was going to be a good day for the old bank account.

'Do you mind if we make it a foursome?' the other hunter asked.

'No, not at all.'

The two hunters went to get undressed. Jim and the construction worker lingered around the limo, already naked, and waited on them.

Jake put out his hand. 'Thanks for jacking my bonus up for me back there.'

'You look like you're worth it,' Jim said.

'You're definitely worth it,' Jake said. 'Hey, do you really do it for a living? Have sex with guys, I mean?'


'And your son, too?'

'Yeah, we work together.'

'Fuck, how old is he? He's built and hung, but he doesn't look eighteen in the face.'

'It's not his face they're interested in,' Jim said.

The man shifted his weight, his big cock dangling loosely over his balls. 'Look, I'm straight, but all this has got my curiosity so churned up....'

'You're going to have your curiosity satisfied in the limo in a minute,' Jim cut in.

'What're they going to want to do?' Jake asked. 'I mean, I know they're all gay so they're going to want to suck our cocks, but what else?'


'Man, they're not really going to fuck us,' the man said. 'I don't think I could handle it. That's how I got through the course..gut fear of having my ass reamed.'

'Well, you don't have to now, but I don't know how it'll affect your bonus if you don't.'

'Are you going to let them fuck you?'

'Not them. Just the one guy,' Jim said.

'You're really going to let him fuck you in the ass?'

'Yeah. It's not all that bad once you've done it a few times. In fact, you can't help yourself, it starts feeling pretty good. You have to decide..and pretty quick..if a little pain is worth a couple of grand.'

'Fuck, man, I've been shot in the chest, and stabbed in the leg..I guess it couldn't be any worse than that,' Jake said.

'Exactly, this pain is going to be mostly in your head, and its short-lived,' Jim told him.

The two men opened the door on the other side of the limo and beckoned the two men inside. They didn't waste any time. Jim didn't know for certain whether Jake had ever had sex with a guy before but he was moaning and yelling and carrying on something awful when the hunter started sucking his cock. An hour later, Jake and Jim crawled out of the limo. Jake stumbled and Jim grabbed his arm to steady him.

'You okay?'

'Yeah, but I think I'm going to be walking funny for a day or two.'

'It wasn't so bad, was it?' Jim said.

'Naw, hell the guy wasn't built very big. Felt like I had the doctor's finger in my ass. I would sure hate to have that horse cock of yours buried in my ass, though.'

'Damn, and I was looking forward to it,' Jim joked. Jim looked at his watch as they walked up to the organizer.

'Where're the great white hunters?'

'Recuperating,' Jim said.

The organizer looked down at Jim's fluffed up cock. 'Yeah, I can see why they would have to.'

Jim looked at his watch again then looked toward the woods.

'They're coming out,' the organizer said.

'Does that mean we can get dressed?' Jake asked.

'Yeah. Unless you want to make yourself available to any of the other hunters,' he said.

Jake hesitated till he saw Jim go for his clothes. Jim watched for them to come out of the woods. It seemed to take a long time for them to come into sight but it was a great relief when they did. Danny seemed okay, laughing and talking with the two hunters.

'Your son seems okay,' the organizer said.

The college boy came out in the tow with four hunters. 'I'm surprised he can still walk,' the man said.

Jim could tell that Danny was none the worse for wear except for the blotches of paint on his body. The organizer cleaned the paint off of both of them and they got dressed. Then it was time to settle up. The organizer counted out five thousand dollars in fifties and hundreds to Danny and the college boy and seven thousand to Jim and Jake.

'Gentlemen, you can settle your tips,' he told the hunters.

The two hunters each gave Danny a thousand dollars. Danny watched in awe as one of the hunters counted out another three thousand dollars in his dad's hand. Then the hunters walked back to their limo and the hunted to theirs.

When they were on their way back, the organizer asked, 'Is everyone okay?'

'Yeah,' they all replied.

'Is anyone interested in doing this again?' he asked.

'Yeah,' they all replied, except the college boy.

'I'll have to think about it,' he said. 'They really did a number on me.'

Jim and Danny were let off first. They stood and watched the limo drive off. 'That was an experience I'll never forget,' Danny said.

'Did they hurt you?'

'No more than it had to,' he said. 'I handled it, dad. I couldn't do otherwise with that kind of money on the line. We ended up with, what..sixteen thousand dollars!'

'Yeah, it's gonna fatten up the bank account real nice,' Jim said.

They didn't wait till they had all the money to buy a house. Jim wanted to get his family out of the run-down neighborhood and himself and his son out of the business of selling their bodies as soon as he had a good full-time job. He made up a story that Danny corroborated, that he had won a small lottery which was enough to make a good down payment on a house. So they went looking. They settled on a big two-story house in a nice suburb of Columbus with good schools. Danny had never seen his mother so happy as when she went through the house, and later when they had to buy all new furniture and appliances. It erased all guilt and made him know that what he had done with his dad was right.

Jim found a job as a warehouse manager for a food distribution company. He was allowed to hire Danny part time as well. Danny settled into school in the fall for his senior year and tried out and made the football team, and was still able to put in a few hours at the warehouse. He met a girl, Jodi, and made new friends. Jodi was from an upscale neighborhood on the north side of Columbus; her father was an investment banker. Still with the stigma of the old apartment, Danny didn't feel comfortable in her surroundings or around most of her friends. But Jodi was crazy about him; more specifically, she was crazy about him physically. He didn't have his own car yet, so she came to pick him up for their dates and let him drive. It felt awkward to him, being picked up instead of picking up the girl but she almost made it sound like he was doing her the favor by going out with her. It was barely a month into their relationship before she gave herself to him. It happened in a field on the hood of her sports car, with her spread out across the hood and Danny standing on the front bumper for leverage to drive his cock into her hot, eager pussy. She was the wildest fuck he'd ever had. She was able to take everything he dished out. By they time they were finished he thought she might have to have new shocks and springs installed in her car.

It was good sex with Jodi, almost more than he wanted, but there was something missing. Something that gnawed at him like a monster eating at the pit of his stomach. He missed his old job, and being so closely intimate with his dad.

The Arnold Classic

Danny had heard of the Arnold Classic, the biggest bodybuilding show in the world, but he never realized that it was held in Columbus. Besides the competition itself, it was three days of guys showing off their muscles, and it dawned on him that where there were muscles, there would be guys lusting after other guys with muscles. He couldn't afford tickets to the pre-judging or the main event, but tickets to the expo were only ten bucks, and that got you in to over six hundred exhibits, which meant also hundreds, maybe thousands of bodybuilders checking out those exhibits. Danny could easily pass for a bodybuilder and he figured he could attract his share of attention. \

He told his parents simply that he was going to the expo. But he had more in mind. He wanted to see how much he could rake in. He dressed up in a pair of snug-fitting jeans that he had nearly outgrown and a thin, black, body-hugging shirt that molded to fit his physique. The neck band hugged his neck and the sleeves were so short that they reached up nearly to his shoulders. He could barely get his butt packed into the jeans. He topped it off with boots and a baseball cap and a silver choker necklace. Yeah, he could pass for a bodybuilder, easy. Not one of the freaky guys with bulging veins and bumpy skin, but a smooth build with the veins showing in his arms.

Danny entered the huge exposition hall with an excitement that he hadn't felt in a long time. He was in a sea of muscle. He knew from experience that the key was eye contact. If a guy made eye contact with you, it meant he was interested in what he saw. He made a lot of eye contact, but too many of them timidly glanced away when he met their gaze. A couple of guys nodded and when Danny smiled back, they spoke.

'Hey, man, how're you doing?'

'Good. You?'

'Nice arms and shoulders,' the man said. 'Nice everything, in fact.'

'Thanks,' Danny said. 'You, too.'

'Nice shirt, too. It shows off your body real nice.'

'I try,' Danny said. 'Looks like you do, too.'

'Do you know where the booth is that's selling fruit protein shakes?' the man asked.

'No, I didn't know there was one.'

'I'll buy you one if we can find the booth,' the man said. 'We could go back to my hotel room and drink it, talk workout routines and stuff.'

'Uhh..okay, but I, uh..well, I'm sort of my own walking exhibit,' Danny said.

'Oh, I see, you're working the crowd.'

'Trying to,' Danny said.

'Well, you should do okay. You got my attention and I've seen some other guys looking. But I'm not in the market to pay.'


'So am I. Good luck.' Danny wedged his way through more of the crowd. Squeezing in between people it was impossible not to feel solid muscle all around him. It felt good. It also felt good to openly look at other guys without anybody thinking you were nuts or gay. Going down another aisle, he was smashed up against a young guy about his own age, definitely a bodybuilder.

'Sorry, there's nothing I can do about this,' the guy said.

'Nothing to apologize for,' Danny said. 'We just go with the flow of people.' The crowd wasn't moving and they were practically smashed together, facing each other and they didn't try to avoid it. 'This could get real interesting,' the guy joked.

'Yeah, it could,' Danny agreed. But he didn't figure the guy was good for any money, or even serious.

'Did you go to the pre-judging?' he asked.

'No. I couldn't afford tickets to anything but this,' Danny said.

'Yeah, me too. You get to see most of the big guys here anyway, and you can talk to most of them. I like that better than the big show.'

'Looks like you've got a good collection of photographs,' Danny said.

'Yeah, plus a shit-load of freebies,' he said. 'Hey, if we ever get to the end of this aisle, I was headed out to get something to eat. You wanta join me?'


It was twenty minutes before they worked their way through the crowd to the open space at the exit. 'Hey, my name's Justin,' he said, putting out his hand.


'You here by yourself or are you with someone?' Justin asked.

'By myself.'

'Where are you from?'

'Right here, Columbus,' Danny said.

'Lucky bastard, all you had to do was take a cab, huh?'

'Where are you from?' Danny asked.

'Denver. I'm with three other guys; we're sharing a hotel room.'

'Welcome to Columbus,' Danny said.

'Hey, do you want to grab lunch and take it back to my room, get out of this crowd for awhile?'

'Sure, but what about your room mates?' Danny asked.

'They're all locked into this mess too. If I get back to the room first and hang the tag out on the door they won't bother us. It's an agreement we made.'

It was the first Danny dared to think that the guy was interested and the prospect of climbing in the sack with him was exciting as hell. He almost hated to bring up the money issue. He took in another sweeping look before he did.

'Look, just so you understand, I'm here, more or less, on business,' Danny said.

'Oh, you're manning an exhibit?'

'No, I, uh..I'm my own exhibit.'

'Oh. I see,' Justin said with a smile. 'How much?'

'Two hundred,' Danny said.

'Whew! That's out of my reach; that's the reason I'm sharing a fuckin' room with three other guys and not going to the big show,' Justin said. 'What're you doing, working your way through school?'

'Trying to get enough money to get into school,' Danny said.

'Well, dammit! I've had my eye on you for the last two hours. Every time I saw you I was visualizing you without that shirt, then without your jeans.'

'I could really go for it myself, but....'

'I know, business is business,' Justin said. 'Hey, maybe we could work together, if you would consider taking on a partner. You know, do a dual performance.'

'I don't know if I'm going to find somebody who'll lay out four hundred bucks for two of us,' Danny said.

'Make it three, I'll only take a hundred,' Justin said.

Danny had to think about it for only a moment and Justin could tell he was going for the idea. 'If you find somebody, call me on my cell phone,' Justin said.

'I don't have a cell phone,' Danny said.

'No problem.' Justin unsnapped a dual pouch on his belt and took out what Danny thought was a cell phone. 'This is a walkie-talkie. Just push this button and you've got me.'

'You don't even know me, and you're going to trust me to walk away with half of your walkie-talkie?'

'Why shouldn't I? Are you planning to steal it?'

'No, of course not.'

'Then there's no reason not to trust you,' Justin said. 'And I sure as hell want to get to know you.'

They separated and Danny went to work on eye contact again. He was surprised when he met the eyes of Jeremy Wentworth, a young, up and coming bodybuilder who was blowing away his competition in everything he entered in the teen class. He wasn't sure who smiled first but Jeremy's smile widened and he nodded a quiet greeting as they came closer in the crowd. Danny thought maybe he was nodding and smiling to someone else and he glanced over his shoulder but there was no one there who showed any recognition. He turned back to find Jeremy right in front of him. All two hundred and thirty pounds of him, his muscles bursting the seams of his T-shirt.

'Hey, how's it going?' Danny mumbled, still not sure that he'd made any connection with the big stud.

'Good. You?' Jeremy said.

'Great. This is quiet a show, huh?'

'Incredible. You get to meet all the big guys,' Jeremy said.

Danny laughed. 'Sorry for laughing, but in case you hadn't noticed, you ARE one of the big guys,' he said.

'Oh, hell, I'm nothing compared to most of these guys,' Jeremy said, looking around.

'Well, you're enough that I would like to have my picture taken with you, if it's okay.'

'Hell yes, its okay,' Jeremy said. 'Now I've got two fans. You and my Mom.'

'Not your girlfriend?' Danny said.

'Don't have one.'

'That's hard to believe,' Danny said. 'I would think you've got girls climbing all over you.'

'I guess I could, but they always want to get involved, and I don't have the time for it.'

Danny asked a guy to take their picture then stood beside Jeremy. He wasn't surprised when Jeremy put his heavy arm across his shoulder; it was a pretty common gesture. He was surprised when he dropped his arm and lowered his hand to the small of his back, and then he let his hand slide lower, just over the curve of his butt. Maybe it was just a casual move that didn't mean anything, but Danny could've sworn he gave his butt a little squeeze.

'Are you here with anybody?' Jeremy asked as they stepped apart.


'Then would I be out of line if I invited you up to my hotel room?'

Danny swallowed hard. Geezuss, Jeremy Wentworth was inviting him to his hotel room, after he'd just squeezed his butt! Dammit, he hadn't counted on this; being able to connect with real live, gorgeous, name bodybuilders who wanted the same thing he did. He was almost ready to abandon his trade.

'No, it wouldn't be out of line,' he said. But his voice lingered on, giving rise to Jeremy's questioning look.

'There's a but in your tone,' he said. 'Not as nice as the butt I had my hand on, but....'

'Well, actually, I'm, uh..sort of..working the place. If you know what I mean,' Danny said.

Jeremy laughed. 'I guess we're in the same business,' he said.

'Hey, I would be willing to forego business, if you would,' Danny said, suddenly deciding that he couldn't let this big stud slip through his fingers. It was all he could do to keep his hands off of him right there in public.

'I wish I could..I would like to..but I bought a one-way ticket out here and I'm trying to get the money to get back home,' the youth said.

'I understand. Well..it was close,' Danny said.

'Fuckin' close, dude,' Jeremy said. Danny was ready to forget the reason he'd come to the convention hall and just enjoy himself. Jeremy made him break out in a sweat. He half wished he'd asked the guy how much he was charging. Maybe he would. But he couldn't see him in the crowd. He turned to go on and smashed hard against another man.

'Oh, sorry.'

'No damage done,' the man said.

Danny knew instantly from his rather sing-song voice and then the expression on his face that he had a prospect.

'Are you enjoying the show as much as I am?' the man asked, his eyes raking up and down and back and forth over Danny's body.

'I..I don't know, it's hard to say,' he stammered.

The man worked his way to one side of the aisle, in front of an un-manned booth. 'Stud, if you're not available, just tell me to get lost. If you are, tell me how much.'

'Two hundred,' he said.

'Done,' the man said without blinking an eye.

'Three if you want my partner, too,' Danny added quickly.

'Where's your partner?' the man asked.

'I'll try to get him on my walkie-talkie if you're interested.'

'What does he look like? Is he anything like you?'

'Well, I'm just gym-built; he's a true bodybuilder,' Danny said. 'I don't know anything else about him; it's the first time we've worked together.'

'Tell him room 338, the Addison Hotel,' the man said.

As he followed the man through the tight crowd, Danny called Justin on the walkie-talkie. There was no answer. He tried again and again, till finally Justin answered.

'I've got one,' Danny said.

'Aw, fuck..so have I, only he don't want two of us.'

'Well, go for it them,' Danny said.

'Yeah, maybe later.'

'Definitely later, I have to get your walkie-talkie back to you.' He clicked off the walkie-talkie. 'Sorry, he's tied up,' he told the man. They were near the doorway leading out. Suddenly he thought of Wentworth. 'Listen, there is somebody else I might be able to get if you wanta give me a chance to find him.'

'Can you call him?'

'No, I just met up with him. Jeremy Wentworth.'

'THE Jeremy Wentworth? The teen bodybuilder?'

'Yeah. I just had my picture taken with him.'

'Well, he shouldn't be too hard to find,' the man said. 'Are you sure you can get him to come along?'

'Absolutely sure. But I don't know what he charges.'

'I don't CARE how much he charges,' the man said. 'In fact, there's an extra hundred in it for you if you can get it arranged.'

'Okay, if I can find him, we'll both be there. If not, are you willing to settle for me?'

'Gladly, it would hardly be settling,' the man said, squeezing Danny's arm.

'Okay, room 338.'

He found Wentworth surrounded by a bunch of giggling, swooning girls having their pictures taken with him. He was enjoying the hell out of it, and rightfully so, letting them blatantly feel his arms and run their hands up under his shirt to feel his abs. Danny motioned for him and he broke away from the girls and made his way through the crowd.

'What's up?' he asked.

'I've got a job for us if you're interested.'

'Hell, yeah.'

The two muscle boys shouldered their way through the crowd to the exit and out onto the street. 'He's at the Addison,' Danny said.

'Good, that's walking distance,' Jeremy said.

'We didn't come to terms, but he said he didn't give a dam what you charged so I'm guessing its wide open,' Danny said.

'Okay, we don't give him a price,' Jeremy said. 'We tell him to give us what he thinks we're worth, afterwards.'

'You don't think he'll try to put the screws to us?'

'Look at you, look at me. Would you try to put the screws to us?' Jeremy asked. 'I've operated that way before,' he went on. 'If money's no object, they're usually generous with tips.'

They took the elevator up to the third floor and found room 338. Danny knocked and they waited. The man was all smiles when he opened the door.

'Oh, I see you found him,' he said.

'He's not that hard to find,' Danny said.

'Well, come in, and make yourselves as comfortable as you like,' the man said. 'My name's Gregory, by the way.'

'I'm Danny, and you know who this is.'

'Yes, Jeremy Wentworth. I can't believe I've actually got you in my room,' Gregory said.

'I'll try to make a believer out of you,' Jeremy said as he started getting comfortable. Gregory watched as he stepped out of his shoes and pulled his jeans off. His massive legs bulged under his weight as he balanced on one leg then the other. 'God, you've got great legs,' Gregory said. 'And I love those briefs,' he added.

'There's not as much to them as it looks,' Jeremy said as he turned around to show his bare butt. The briefs were a thong.

'They ran out of material, huh?' Danny said as he took off his shoes.

'Let's see what you're wearing,' Jeremy said.

Danny took off his jeans to reveal the deep burgundy hip briefs he was wearing. They dipped low in front with the weight of his manhood and he wondered if he or Jeremy would be the biggest.

'Getting those briefs on was stretching it, I would say,' Jeremy said.

'Take off your shirts, I can't wait to see your muscles,' Gregory said. They both took their shirts off and stood for the man's inspection. He gasped and had to catch his breath. He put his hands on Danny's abs and on Jeremy's pecs. 'Godd, you guys feel like you were carved out of rock,' he said. He let his hands fall to their briefs where he cupped the bulging weight of their manhood. 'Oh, my god, two young stallions,' he said hoarsely. When he started to reach his hand inside Jeremy's pouch, he stopped him.

'Huh-uh, not till you get out of your clothes, too,' he said.

'I'm going to feel so inferior in front of you guys,' he said.

'You look like you take good care of yourself,' Danny said.

'But you two are so intimidating.'

'Just remember, we're here at your pleasure,' Jeremy said. 'You're the one calling the shots.'

The man was stripped on no time, not because he as anxious to show off his body, but because he wanted to get inside his briefs. Besides, he wasn't in such bad shape. A thin layer of softness covered but didn't conceal what was once a well-muscled body. Not bad, Danny thought, for a guy old enough to be their father. He thought, what would Jeremy think if he saw his dad.

Still, Jeremy wouldn't let Gregory touch his pouch. 'Turn around,' he told him. When the man was turned around, Jeremy peeled his thong off and tossed it aside and motioned for Danny to do the same. Danny wasn't sure if he should feel inferior to the teenager or not. He was big and thick, and heavy, but he wasn't hard yet. He thought he could probably match him favorably. Danny took his briefs off.

'Shit, man,' Jeremy said when he saw Danny's manhood.

'You, too,' Danny said.

'Can I turn around?' Gregory asked anxiously.


He turned around with a gasp. 'Oh, Godd..Ohhh, the gods are smiling on me today. You are beautiful! Oh, how did you grow such big cocks at your age?'

Jeremy pulled on his own cock, and then he surprised Danny by reaching out and pulling on his cock. His surprise showed.

'Oh, I guess I should've asked first if this is a three-way, or if he's going down a one-way street with both of us,' Jeremy said.

'I think it's a three way if you're willing,' Danny said.

'I'm willing,' Jeremy assured him. He looked at Gregory then. 'So, how do you want us, what do you want us to do, or what do you want to do?' he asked.

'Oh, I don't know where to start,' Gregory said. 'I'm almost afraid to touch.'

Jeremy reached out and took Gregory's hand and put it on Danny's cock. It throbbed in his hand and grew another inch or so. Gregory reached for Jeremy's cock, too.

'How big are these things going to get?' he asked as he pulled on both cocks.

'I don't know but it looks like he's going to beat me,' Jeremy said, nodding to Danny's cock.

'Don't count yourself out, the race isn't over yet,' Danny said. 'Wait till we both get hard.'

When they were both hard, Danny won by about a half inch and some considerable girth. The head of Jeremy's head was bigger, though. 'Fuck, it looks like somebody stuck a baseball on the end of your cock,' Danny said.

'Yeah, well, you're carrying the bat,' Jeremy said.

Gregory urged them both to the bed where they lay across it. He crawled between Jeremy's legs and took hold of his cock. He wet his lips then licked up and down the tall shaft to get it wet, then took it in his mouth.

'Ohhhhhh, I love that first feel of a mouth on my cock,' Jeremy moaned. Danny hunkered his cock up through Gregory's other fist. 'So, you wanta mix it up a little?' Jeremy asked Danny.


With that, Jeremy reached over for Danny's head and turned his face toward him and kissed him. Danny squealed with pleasure as the young bodybuilder's tongue snaked into his mouth, lashing around for his own tongue. Just then, Gregory went down on his cock and he groaned into Jeremy's mouth. And suddenly he didn't care what they were going to get paid. It was the first time he had so feely explored another guy's body, and the feel of Jeremy's muscles left him almost breathless.

Later, barely before the expo was to close, Danny found Justin to return his walkie-talkie.

'How'd you make out?' Justin asked.

'Better than I expected. I made a bundle, and I made it with Jeremy Wentworth.'

'Shit, you lucky dog, getting your hands on that stud.'

Justin wanted them to go out on the town but Danny knew he had to get back home. So they exchanged phone numbers and addresses on pieces of scrap paper and parted ways. Danny tucked the scrap of paper in his pocket, along with the one from Wentworth.

Danny's dad wasn't as pleased as Danny thought he would be when he showed him the money he'd made at the bodybuilder show. Jim knew what his son had done to earn it. Gregory had given him and Jeremy five hundred each for their services, plus the extra hundred just for setting it up with Jeremy.



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