My boss signed me up for a software training course , three days in another city .

I wasn't exactly happy filled with joy at the prospect, it was full days in a classroom setting and when I got back it's not as if my work in the office would be covered.

I got a fantastic sense of liberation though as I waited for my taxi to take me to my hotel, I was in a new city, nobody knew me.

I checked in at the hotel originally intending to have an early night but with a new attitude of adventure I dumped my bags and went to the lobby to ask the concierge where the good nightlife was at.

He looked me over knowingly and gave me a couple of names, I thought I'd have one drink at the hotel bar.

It was busy, lots of men in suits , I sat at the bar and ordered a cocktail, the barman was a solid sort of guy, quiet confident, everybody was trying to get served but he was cooly working at his own pace. I couldn't help noticing his tight ass and the major package he was sporting.

God I was hot .

Then I felt this guy push into me from behind, I couldn't bring myself to look around because what I felt was a majorally aroused man , two cocktails were put down in front of me , and I blushed as I realised the man had bought me a drink.

He was moving slightly and nobody around us would have noticed but the guy was rubbing himself off on me.

In a moment I decided to leave but just as I shifted he put his hand on my shoulder and I heard Rogers voice, hey guy.

He eased in beside me and smiled and then he said let's finish these drinks and go somewhere quieter.

I knew he meant a bedroom and I knew he was here on a sales trip.

We walked to the lift and once inside he put his hand inside my pants on my ass and it stayed there til we got into my room.

Then he just said bend over , I said what , more like WHAT! And he said with nostrils literally flared dropping his pants, BEND OVER!

I was out of my clothes in a second , I tossed condoms and lubricant on the bed praying he'd use them and I spread my legs and bent over grabbing the bed.

I felt him work the lubricant into me and then he started to ease himself in, he was slow and patient and it seemed to take forever until he was finally all the way in.

He was just getting into a good rhythm of fucking when he came and then he threw himself on the bed laughing.

He lay back with his legs apart and feeling horny and not able to resist , I slipped a condom on, lubed up and slipped it into him.

I fucked him quite hard, but he enjoyed it a lot.

Afterwards when we were laying side by side he told me he enjoyed that and he had wanted to try it but he mightn't want to get fucked again.

I didn't say anything but he is so sexy I knew I'd get his ass once he was sated.....

And I did




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