Work on the farm

Back in the late 70’s I was a young man in college. I was straight, and I liked dating girls, but I did have thoughts about guys as well, but have never acted on them. During the summer I always looked for labour intensive jobs in order to keep fit. I was not a body builder but I had a nice hard body and I liked the way girls would look at me. The first summer I landed a job as a farm hand that included room and board. I loaded up my car and headed for the country, about 100 km away. When I arrived, it was about 11AM. I met my new employer, Patrick, a nice older man that was built lean, hard and muscular. He said he had hired 2 college students, and I was the 2nd. He told me I would be sharing a small trailer home with the other guy and that it was located out past the pasture, he said that I would be roughing it but it was clean and comfortable. We talked for about an hour, mostly about the things he want us to do. He also mentioned that we would have lunch at the farm house, but we were on our own for dinner. He added there was a propane fridge and stove at the trailer and that he stocked it with plenty of food. He then told me to drive down a dirt road about .5 km and I would see the trailer. He said to unpack and make myself at home and that he wanted both of us to be at the main house at 5:30 am, and that his wife would make us breakfast.

We said goodbyes and I headed for my car. The trailer was right were he said it would be, located right in the middle of a small high area surrounded by shrubs and trees. It was an old trailer, no power, only a small kitchen, no bathroom, a small living area and a small bedroom with 2 single beds. It was also very warm inside. I opened all the windows and then looked around. It was furnished with old furniture and the kitchen had all the basic. Outside was an out house, a shower, picnic table, 2 lawn chairs the lounger type and a water tank on a platform. The running water was gravity operated.

I unpacked my car, and put my things away. I found a cold pop in the fridge and sat out side under the awning in a lawn chair. It was a beautiful hot summer day, so I took off my t-shirt and just sat there and enjoyed the view. It was fields all around with a few trees here and there. The trailer was somewhat hidden by the shrubs and trees. By now it was about 3 PM and I decided to have a shower, change and head into the small town about 4 km from the farm, for some dinner. I went into the trailer and stripped naked, since there was no one around I just went outside to the shower. The shower was just a wooden platform set up under a tree, with a garden hose held up about 6 and a half feet by a piece of 2 x 4. It had a tap on it with an old shower head. I stood under it and opened the tap. The water was cool and refreshing, and would do as a shower, but no where near a hot shower. I washed myself all over and was getting aroused by being outside naked, my 7.5 inch cut cock was standing at full attention, when I was shocked by a voice behind me saying “hello there, I’m Jack the other hired hand”. I turned around with my cock now at half mast to see Jack walking toward me with his hand out. I didn’t know what to do so I just shook his hand and said hello my name is Eric. I felt uneasy and embarrassed thinking I didn’t even bring a towel out with me. He looked me over, up and down, smiled, then picked up his suitcase and went into the trailer.

I just stood there, not wanting to go into the small trailer where we would be uncomfortably close, so I just stayed by the shower trying to dry off. A minute later Jack emerged from the trailer completely naked, he said he needed a shower after the long hot trip from the city. I just stood there, naked, not saying anything, still embarrassed. Jack said he won’t be long and that if I would go over to his truck, I would find a cooler in the back with some cold beer in it. He asked if I would bring the cooler over. I nodded yes and went out back to his truck. I got the cooler out and brought it under the awning.

Jack was washing his hair and had his eyes closed so I took the opportunity to look Jack over. Jack was about my age 19. He was good looking with jet black hair, he had a muscular body with more body hair then I had, but was well trimmed, his cock was about 6.5 or 7 inches soft and cut with nice low hangers. He had a really nice bubble butt as well.

For reasons I can’t explain, I sat down in a lawn chair, still naked and helped myself to a cold beer from the cooler. Jack finished his shower a minute later. He walked over to the cooler, turned his back to me, bent over and took out a beer, staying in that position for just a second to long, making it obvious he wanted to show me his ass, and again for some unknown reason I caught myself looking at his bubble shaped ass with his balls and cock hanging below in plain view. There were all kinds of thing racing through my mind. I was scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time. Jack stood up and turned to face me, my eyes went straight to his cock which was semi hard. I quickly looked up at him and he smiled at me. He walked over and grabbed the other lawn chair and brought it next to mine and sat down.

He turned towards me and said he hopes that it will be a great summer, and he hopes we will become really good friends at the same time reaching over and gently fondled my cock. I was looking right into his eyes, I didn’t know what to say, I wanted to push his hand away, but I didn’t, and my cock had a mind of its own and stood up to full attention almost immediately. He smiled at me then looked down at my cock, and started to stroke me, I just froze, I never had any guy touch my cock before, I was scared but also excited, and I liked what he was doing.

He continued to stroke me and then started to play with my balls, I don’t know what came over me but I spread my legs open so he could have more access. He took that as encouragement and he moved down and knelt between my legs, he grabbed my cock at the base and took it into his mouth. He took the whole thing down to the base, buried his nose into my pubs. He moved up and down my cock like I never felt before. I only ever had been sucked once before, by a high school girl and it was mostly a jerk off, nothing like this. He played with my balls as he pumped his mouth slowly up and down my cock. The sensation was wonderful. I completely lost myself in that moment. I shoved my hips against him so that more of my cock would go down his throat, as he sucked. I was close to exploding and I guess he sensed this cause he backed off and took one of my balls into his mouth. He sucked and licked my balls and I was squirming like a cat in heat. He did the same to the other one which felt amazingly great. He was licking my balls.

His tongue was flicking that spot just below the balls and above the hole. It was driving me wild. Again, I don’t know what came over me but in the heat of the moment I adjusted my lounge chair to lay back and I lifted my legs up and placed them on his shoulders.

He now had easy access and he started to forcefully licking, starting over my hole and going up to my balls then down again. I was squirming and moaning, I never felt anything so pleasurable before. He started to rim me, pressing his tongue into me, and I loved it. I forced myself back against his tongue, moaning and squirming. He continued to fuck me with his tongue, my mind was racing wondering if I was gay, but I didn’t care I was just in the moment and it felt wonderful. On the next ride up from my hole he continued up my cock shaft then engulfed my cock. He took it deep and tight, that was I could stand and I started to blow my load. I moaned loudly and arched my back forcing more cock into his mouth as it ripped out loads of cum into his throat. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him tighter onto my cock and shot load after load of cum into him. He took it all, squeezing my balls and fingering my ass as I continued to have the most explosive intense orgasm of my young life, I was completely drained and content. As I laid there breathing heavy he kept my softening cock in his mouth squeezing my balls and sucking every last drop of my cum out.

He stood up looked at me and said that it was great, he asked how many days was that load from. I laugh and said at least 9 or 10. His cock was rock hard and a full 8 inches and thick. He laughs and said I believe you then sat in the lounger next to me and started to play with his cock, he said his load was only one day. He asked me if I wanted to play with his cock, I replied that I’m not gay. He laughed and said he was not gay either but was bi, and that he was not going to go all summer without sex. I had to agree with him. I got up and sat on the lower part of his lounge chair. I took his cock in my hand and started to jerk him off. He laid back and closed his eyes as I jerked him. I never touched another guys cock before it was very strange but I wanted to do it. I thought about putting it in my mouth but could not get my nerve up. I jerked him for about 1 minute when he said in a raspy whisper that he was going to shoot. I them placed my other hand under his balls and started to gently play with them as he started to shoot his load. I was surprised to see the first shot fly over my shoulder, but the rest hit me in the chest. I kept jerking as he shot about 4 strings of cum. The last ones just oozing out. To my own surprised, I leaned in and took his cock head into my mouth and sucked the last few drops of cum out. I want to taste it and again to my surprise I liked it.

We talked and laughed the rest of the day and early evening both of us in our birthday suites. We BBQ some hotdogs for dinner, drank some more beer and had a nice buzz by 7 PM. Then we decided to hit the sack because we need to be at the farm house at 5:30 am.

 Jack and I went into the trailer together both of us sporting a full hard on. As we entered, I was behind Jack, he reached around and grabbed my hard cock and led me into the bedroom. He turned to me and said that we won’t be able to sleep with these woodies, and of course I agreed. He pushed me back so that I was sitting on the bed, his hard big cock was just 2 inches from my face. I just stared at it for a second, and then I reached up and grabbed it, feeling the smoothness of the head and the veins running up and down it. Jack placed his hands on the back of my head and slowly pulled me towards his cock. I resisted just a little, not sure if I wanted to do this, but I had just enough beer in me to cancel out my inhibitions.

I open my mouth and let him guide his cock into my mouth, as it passed my lips, I closed them around the shaft. It was a strange sensation but I was enjoying it. I swirled my tongue around it, feeling the smoothness of the head. Jack let out a soft moan and this excited me more, knowing that I was giving him pleasure. I leaned forward and tried to take more of his cock in my mouth, but it was too big, and it made me gag, so I just stayed on the first 3 or 4 inches, bobbing up and down slowly, at the same time swirling my tongue around his cock head and under his shaft. Jack was letting out soft moan of pleasure as he held my head and slowly fucked my mouth. He tried to press more cock in with each downward stroke, and it was working. With each down stroke I took a little bit more of his cock. It was a strange feeling having someone’s cock in my mouth and fucking my mouth. I never did this before, but this day was turning into a lot of first for me.

Jack continued to fuck my mouth, pressing in just a little bit more with each downward thrust. But, being new to this, I started to gag on it after he reached about 6 or 7 inches. I really want to take the whole thing, but my gag reflex would not allow it. Then Jack pulled out of my mouth, he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back so that I was lying on the bed with my feet on the floor. He knelt down between my legs, spread them apart and lifted them up so that my feet were almost touching my shoulders. He then drove his face into my ass, tongue fucking my hole. I went wild as he pressed his tongue into me, he would also lick from my hole to my balls pressing hard. This drove me even wilder. I was thinking was this the way it feels to be bum fucked. My mind was racing as I squirmed and moaned in pleasure like I never had before. I was pressing myself back against his mouth as he continued to give me the most pleasurable experience of my young life.

He kept this up for at least 10 minutes, driving me wild with passion. He then stopped for a second, took my hard cock in his hand and pressed it to his forehead as he looked up at me and said, if you like this, you will love what comes next. He stood up leaned forward and pressed his cock against my hole, sliding it up and down over my hole. This also felt wonderful, and I wrap my legs around his waste pulling him and his cock tighter against my hole. I told him, I want you to fuck me, please, in a wimpy voice as I felt his cock slide up and down my hole, mixing with all the saliva he deposited while he was rimming and tongue fucking me. He then pressed his cock head hard against my hole and it popped in just pass the head of his cock. It was like a bolt of lightning as I went from passionate pleasure to extreme pain. I nearly jumped right off the bed. He told me to relax, that it will get better and that I need to allow time for my ass to get use to his cock. I wanted to believe him but my ass was hurting by the intrusion of his huge cock. I laid there with his cock head just inside me trying not to pull away. 

After about half a minute with him just inside me the pain started to subside. He did not press any more into me but moved his cock with his hands around so that it moved for side to side. This still hurt but not as much and was kind of hurting in a good way, if that’s possible. He then pressed into me, slowly, about an inch and stopped. This still hurt but not as much, and at the same time felt strange. I have never been fuck in the ass before so this was all new to me. He asked me if I was all right, and if he wanted me to stop what he was doing. I replied, no, keep doing what you’re doing. At that, he pressed more of his cock into me, I would guess about half. The pain was almost gone and I felt a strange sensation, almost pleasure. I tighten my legs around him and pulled him in all the way. I could feel his pubes brushing against my cheeks and his balls touching mine. What a strange sensation, it felt like pain and pleasure at the same time. With his cock still buried up to the base in my ass he leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed him back, opening my mouth and then our tongues danced together. I was starting to feel horny again, and my cock was getting hard again after deflating from the pain.

As we kissed he started to fuck me, slowly, but just moving about an inch in and out of my ass. Again the pain was going away and being replaced by a very strange pleasure. Every time he pulled out a bit I would tighten my legs around him and pull him back into me. We did this for a while and the pleasure I was feeling was growing. My cock was now raging hard and leaking precum on my belly. He then took my legs and placed them on his shoulders so that my ass was totally accessible to his big cock. He was now slowly fucking me, moving his cock out to the rim of the head of his cock then slowly plunging back down till I could feels his balls on mine, and his pubes on my cheeks. I never felt anything like this before, it was strangely wonderful. As he was fucking me, he was picking up speed, going a little faster with each downward plunge, so that his balls were slapping mine and his pubes grinded into my ass cheeks. I liked the feeling of his balls slapping against mine, another new sensation.

He kept fucking me like this for a while, and I was now totally addicted to having his cock in me. I was moaning and squirming and near to blowing my own load. As he plunged his cock into me and pressed his body down on me my cock was getting squeezed and rubbed between us. I was close to blowing. Suddenly, without warning he slammed into me hard and grunted he was cumming, I could feel his cock swell and spasm inside me and I felt his cum hit the inside of me. He pulled up and slammed back into me, slapping my balls with his. He was going wild, fucking me like a made man as his cocked spewed shot after shot of hot creamy cum into me. This shot me over the edge and my cock started to spew a hot load of cum between us. Spraying like a fire hose and being smeared all over our bellies as he kept slamming into me. He slammed into me a few more times, grunting as his cock finished dumping his load into me. Then he collapsed on top of me breathing heavy into my ear. He whispered to me, how much he enjoyed me ass, and that he want to enjoy my ass all summer long. I told him that I would like that. His cock was still buried in me, I could feel it start to soften and I could also feel some of his cum leaking out of me. Again a new pleasurable sensation for me.

He lifted himself up, pulled his cock out of me and rubbed some of my cum off his belly and tasted it. He looked at me and smiled and said next time he wanted me to shoot in his mouth, and that he likes the taste of my cum. He pulled me up off the bed and we both went out into the night to shower together. It was close to 9:30 when we finally went to sleep, both of us spent, satisfied and tired.

The next morning we both woke up to his alarm clock around 4:30 am. Jack made coffee and we both took a turn visiting the out house. I told Jack that last night was great and that it was my first time. He chuckled and said, it won’t be the last, and that he has more things we could do. I laughed and said, what else is there. He replied, I will have to wait and see. We both got dressed and started to walk down to the main house to have breakfast and start our first day of work.

At the farm house we met the wife (Julie) who made a beautiful breakfast with all the trimmings. We ate like kings. Patrick (the farmer and boss) asked if we were comfortable staying in the trailer, we both smiled and said that it was just fine. He told us that for the morning we will be cleaning out stables and in the afternoon we will be mending and repairing fences. He said that a lot of the fence poles were rotten and need replacing along the far side of the field. He said that his son, Pat (Jr.) will be here to show us what needs to be done with the fences. We finished our breakfast, thanked Julie for the delicious breakfast and headed out the door.

We went to the barn, where is smelled like a barn. Patrick showed us where the tools were and what we were to do. Needless to say it was hot and both Jack and I removed our shirts. We worked all morning and cleaned out a number of stalls. Patrick finally showed up and told us to come to the house for lunch. He pointed at a small building next to the barn and told us we could get cleaned up in there before we enter the house. Needless to say both Jack and I were a sweaty mess. We went to the wash shed, it had a multi person shower, a few sinks but most important it had hot water. We cleaned up and headed for the house. As we entered we could smell lunch and again we ate like kings, everything was home made and fresh. Hard work sure builds a big appetite.

Sitting at the table was Pat, the son of Patrick and Julie. Patrick introduced us, we shook hands and sat down for lunch. A lot of small talk, but we learned that Pat was around our age, was off for the summer from college and grew up here on the farm, and had the body to prove it. He was not blond, but light brown hair, his t-shirt was tight and showed off his mussels, six pack and a nice coating for chest hair, and his jeans had a nice bulge in the front, indicating he was well hung and he was very good looking. A little more small talk and we finished lunch. Pat told us there were 2 ATV’s in the machine shed that we will take out to the fence line. He said the tools and supplies were already there, that he brought them out earlier. He asked us if we ever drove an ATV before. Jack replied yes and I said no. Pat said then it’s settled, Jack will drive one and I will ride passenger with Pat.

We went out to the machine shed and found both ATV’s. They were muddy but were in good shape. Pat and Jack both got onto a machine, Pat looked at me and said, don’t be shy, you will need to hold onto me so you don’t fall off. He added that the trail was very rough and he did not want to have any broken bones this summer. I replied “this summer”, he laughed and said yes. I put my hand on Pat’s shoulder swung my leg over and sat behind Pat. The seat was barley built for 2 and I was pressed up against him. He told me to hold onto his waist, which I did. They both started the machines and Pat lead the way. I was a little uncomfortable being this close to Pat. My torso was pressed against his back and my cock against his ass. My arms were around his waist and I locked my hands together in front of him right over his cock. I had to hold my hands up because if I let them relax, they would be sitting on his cock. Being so close to him I could smell his shampoo and his sweat, and I was afraid that I might pull a boner against his ass because I was attracted to his very good looks.

We drove on gravel roads for about 5 minutes before he turned onto a trail that led across the field. He was right in that the trail was rough and we bounced along. Each time he would brake for a large bump I would press against him and each time he gassed it my hands would press into his hard 6 pack. And when we went over a bump my hands would brush his cock. We traveled like this for about 30 minutes when we came to a small utility trailer with tools and fence posts on it. We all got off and I was thankful that I only had a semi hard-on and that it was contained in my jeans. Pat picked up some tools and handed us some as well. He showed us how to manually dig fence post holes and how to place them and repair the fence.

This was hard work and we were all sweating. After 30 minutes of this manual labour Pat removed his t-shirt. Wow, the guy had the body of a Greek god. Living all his life on the farm doing hard work sure paid off, he was drop dead gorgeous. I noticed that Jack noticed as well. Jack and I both removed our t-shirts and continued the work. We would repair 2 or 3 post in one area and then move down the line to another area. We did this till about 4PM, and I think we must of traveled about 2 km. Pat said we have one more area to do then we can all go for a swim in the pond that’s up ahead about ¼ km. We moved up the line, finished the last posts, which was by the pond. We were all soaked and sweating heavily.

Pat threw the tools onto the utility trailer that was pulled behind Jack’s ATV. He kicked off his shoes and socks and took off his jeans. He was standing there in his white boxer brief underwear, which was also wet from sweat and were now see through, and said lets go swimming. Both Jack and I were surprise and amazed, this guy had a beautiful cut cock about 8 inches that was plain to see through his boxer briefs. He looked at us looking at him and said, what are you waiting for, the water is great, and that he has been swimming in this pond all his life. Jack then kicked off his shoes and socks and removed his jeans. He was sporting a blue pair of briefs that showed his business really nice. They both looked at me, waiting for me to shed my clothing. I told them that I don’t wear underwear and that I will just go in my jeans. Pat laughed and said, well usually when I’m out here swimming alone I skinny dip anyways and at that he took off his underwear, freeing that magnificent cock. He turned and jumped right into the pond. Jack did the same shedding his underwear and jumping into the pond. I was feeling a little shy, and was afraid that I might pull a boner but I thought why not. So I stripped naked and jumped into the pond as well. The water was cooling and it felt great.

We splashed around and behaved like school age boys. Pat came up behind me, under the water and grabbed me from behind. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up and tossed me back into the water. While he lifted me, I could feel his cock against my ass and I thought he was semi hard. But was not sure. We continued to horse around, picking each other up and tossing. Again Pat picked me up from behind, and this time I could feel his semi hard cock against my ass, so I pressed myself back against him. I think this surprised him because he held me for a second longer, with his now hard cock against my ass, then he tossed me. When I got up and turned to face him, I smiled but he turned away. I think he was embarrassed.

Pat stopped horsing around and was just swimming across the pond doing laps I guess. I moved over towards Jack and told him what happen. Jack got an evil smile on his face and said, cool, watch and learn. Pat was now swimming back toward our end of the pond and Jack dove under the water. He waited for Pat to get close enough and when Pat stood up and was about to say something that’s when Jack came up under him, between his legs, and lifted Pat right out of the water. Pat was sitting on Jacks shoulders. We were all laughing and then Jack tossed Pat backwards into the water. Jack went under again. Pat stood up again laughing. Again Jack went between his legs, but this time the other way around. When Jack stood up with Pat on his shoulders, Pat cock was in Jack’s face, with his balls pressed against his mouth. I did not know how Pat was going to react so I laughed, and then Pat laughed too. Jack tossed him again and dived under the water. This time he picks me up, with my cock in his face but, my balls in his mouth. He held me up just long enough for Pat to notice my balls were in Jacks mouth before he tossed me back into the water. I stood up laughing and then Pat laughed as well. Again Jack picked up Pat, this time taking his balls into his mouth as he lifted him. He swirled his tongue around Pats balls and held him for a few seconds before tossing him back into the water. Pat stood up in the water, this time with a smile on his face. He said to Jack, that he liked that, and to do it again.

Jack dived under and lifted Pat out of the water, again with Pat’s balls in his mouth giving them a good tongue bath. Pat’s cock was hard and pressed against Jack’s face. Jack placed his hands under Pat’s ass and pressed him closer, he continued to give Pat’s balls a good tonguing. This lasted for about a 30 seconds and then he was tossed back into the water. Jack did this a few more times to both of us. We both had a hard on from Jack’s talented tongue. Jack got out of the water and laid down on the grass, he was sporting a hard cock, but did nothing to hide it. Pat and I both waded out of the water and sat down next to where Jack was laying down on his back with his beautiful big cock sticking straight up. I could see that Pat’s cock was also hard not to mention that I had a hard on as well.

We sat there quietly, Pat was looking out over the pond, but I was looking between Jack’s cock and Pat’s cock, and Jack just laid there with his eyes closed. My mind was racing with all kinds of possibilities, I thought if something didn’t happen soon we would just get dressed and leave. I don’t know what came over me but for some unknown reason, I just turned towards Jack and took his cock into my mouth and started to suck his cock. I knew that Pat was watching, which was a bit of a turn on, but I could not see the expression on his face. I was not sure if he was more turned on or horrified, but I kept up the efforts on Jack’s cock. I was kneeling over Jack from his side with my face buried on to his cock. Jack was enjoying the blow job, and I was able to take ¾ of his cock into my mouth, moving up and down, when I was at the top of his cock I would swirl my tongue around the head, Jack would moan in pleasure and thrust his hips up. I kept up this slow rhythm for a while and at the same time I was playing with his balls.

Jack was moaning and thrusting his hips up, trying to bury his whole cock into my throat, but my gag reflex kept making me back off. I was now picking up the speed, bobbing up and down on his cock, swirling my tongue around his cock head and flicking the side of his cock at the same time playing with his balls and running a finger over his hole. I was lost in my passion of giving pleasure to Jack and completely forgot about being watched by Pat or that Pat was even there. Jack was squirming, moaning and thrusting his hips up, I knew he was close to blowing. I decided that I wanted him to cum in my mouth, so I tighten my lips around his shaft and bobbed a little faster, gently rubbing his balls and fingering his hole. Then Jack let out a moan and announced he was about to cum. This excited me even more and I forced my self down onto his cock, and to my surprise I got the whole thing in my mouth and throat. My nose was buried into his pubs, I could feel his cock in my throat, that was another new strange pleasurable sensation for me.

With Jack’s cock now buried down my throat, Jack grabbed my head and forced me down against him, grinding his pubes into my nose as he grunted like an animal. His cock swelled up and spasms of cum were shooting right down my throat as he grinded himself against me in an uncontrolled fit of orgasmic pleasure. I could feel his cock swell, spasm and jerk, as each volley of cum shot out like a bullet. I could feel it hit the inside of my throat. Shot after shot of Jack’s man juice was filling my gut. After what felt like a gallon of cum shooting out of Jack cock, he released my head and laid back down. I still had Jack’s cock in my throat and I backed off about half way and sucked the rest of his cum out of the shaft. This was when I got a full taste of his cum. I sucked it till it was soft and I had every last drop. I released his cock from my mouth. I was feeling very satisfied about giving Jack such pleasure.

I sat up and then realized that I completely forgot about Pat. He was standing slightly behind me. He watched the whole thing. He was jerking his own cock as he watched. I looked up at him, he looked at me and smiled. He then moved a little closer and pointed his cock right at my mouth, offering it to me. I open my mouth and his cock went right in. I started to do the same to him. Bobbing up and down, swirling my tongue, flicking the underside of his shaft. I did this for about 15 seconds when he grabbed my head with both hands and shoved his cock down my throat. He started to face fuck me, fast and hard. His pubes were smashing into my nose and his balls were slapping my chin. He was grunting and with each thrust he pulled me harder against him. He must have been jerking off for a while because he was ready to cum. He let out a loud grunt and said he was going to cum. He thrust himself down my throat as his cock swelled and jerked as each shot of man juice shot out. He must have shot a good 6 spasms of cum as he grunted and grinded his cock into my mouth. I needed air so I pressed him back with my hands, he released my head as I back off his huge cock, but only part way. I sucked his cock and was rewarded by one finial release of man juice. It was salty but I liked it and I kept sucking for more and drained the last drop out of his cock.

He backed away from me as I released his still hard cock from my mouth. Pat looked down on me smiling and said that it was fantastic. Jack was standing and watching the whole thing. Jack laugh and said two down and one to go, as he pressed me down and laid me on my back. He spread my legs and got down between them. He took my cock into his mouth and started to suck my cock. I was already close to shooting from having two beautiful cocks explode in my mouth and throat and Jack must of known this. He lifted my legs up so that my feet were again at my shoulders and started to tongue fuck me. This was driving me wild enough, when I noticed that Pat had dropped down and had taken my cock into his mouth and started to suck my cock. 

This was all I could take, with Jacks’ tongue in my ass and Pat’s mouth on my cock I went over the edge. I started shooting cum, one spasm after the other. Pat was sucking them up like a pro, taking each shot into his mouth them plunging down and up on my cock in time to get the next volley. As I was shooting my cum into Pat’s mouth my whole body jerked in orgasmic pleasure. This was another first for me, having 2 guys, one sucking the cum right out of my balls while one was fucking me with his tongue. As I was coming down from my orgasm, Jack took my legs and lowered them, so that my feet were flat on the ground with my knees bent. He was still between my legs and he started to suck and lick my balls, Pat still had my hard cock in his mouth and started to suck me more vigorously, he was taking my whole cock down to the base into his mouth. Much to my surprise, the two mouth working my cock and balls was having an effect, I was going to cum again. I arched my back up forcing more cock into Pat’s mouth, grunted like I never grunted before, I was surprised that the sound came out of me. Jack continued to lick my balls and that spot just above the hole as I exploded in the most intense and forceful ejaculation of my young life. I blew so hard it hurt as well as felt wonderful. Pat sucked up every last drop, and then Jack moved up and both of them were on my cock, sharing it. I was squirming and moaning in intense pleasure. They went on like this for a few minutes before releasing my cock and standing up.

Most guys have a memory of a sexual encounter that is the most memorable. This was mine. Over the years I often think back to this moment. This was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced and I have never had one like it since.

I stayed on the ground, breathing hard, reflecting on what just happen. Pat and Jack were standing over me, both their cocks were semi hard, but pointing down at me. I can’t describe this view that would give it justice. These two magnificent man specimens were standing over me, I could see there low hanging balls, there semi hard cocks, there muscular legs, their hard chiseled bodies, and their handsome faces. I just wanted to stay there and enjoy the view.

Jack and Pat both took one of my hands and lifted me to my feet. Pat said that he thinks it’s going to be a great summer. We all laughed and Jack and I both agreed. We all went back into the pond to rinse off. We all got out and dressed, but Pat and Jack both did not put back on their sweaty soaked underwear and none of us put our t-shirts back on. Pat said we could keep one of the ATV’s at the trailer we were staying at to use to travel back and force to the farm house. We mounted the machines, I rode with Pat again, and we started down the trail. I was sitting behind Pat and my naked chest was firmly against his naked back, with my arms locked around his waist, and my hands resting on his cock. My cock was also firmly resting against his ass. We drove down the trail for a few minutes and I got a wicked idea. I started to unfasten Pat’s jeans, he laughs at me and lifted himself up off the seat so I could also pull down his fly. I took out his big semi hard cock and started to jerk him. He laughs again and said he would not be responsible if he drove into a rock or tree. We both laughed and I continued to jerk his cock, and with my other hand I was massaging his balls. This went on for a few more minutes when Pat suddenly stopped the ATV, stood up, arched his back, leaned back into me, grunted and shot 2 long streams of cum right over the front of the machine and the rest running down his cock and my hands. Jack pulled up along side stopped his ATV laughed and said, next time your riding with me. I got off the machine, pushed Pat back so that he was laying over the seat, took his cock in my mouth and licked up and sucked out the rest of his cum. We laughed and then proceeded back to the trailer.

About a half hour later we were at the trailer. We all stripped naked and showered together. We washed each other, played with each others cocks, balls and asses, but we were all to spent to cum again. Jack and I put on shorts and I lent Pat a pair of mine. We BBQ some hamburgers and corn on the cob. We had a nice dinner and we talked. We learned that Pat was bi, he has had a regular girl friend since high school and would some day marry her and live on this farm. He also mentions that he has a fuck buddy, that he gets together with every so often from town, and that he regularly uses this trailer for his extra activities. We all laughed, had a few beers and then it was around 7PM. Pat said he has to go and that he will see us tomorrow at breakfast. He left taking one of the ATV’s with him. Jack and I sat around for a bit then went into the trailer around 730ish.

That night Jack fucked me again. He was gentle and it was more like love making then hot hard man sex. We kissed each other passionately and we sucked each other cocks and balls. He fucked me while I laid face and belly down, he fucked me gently, blowing his load deep into me. It was great, I loved the feeling of his torso on my back as he moved up and down and then blowing a load of cum in my ass. He laid on top of me with his cock still in me until it softened. He rolled me over and sucked my cock, again slow and softly. I shot my load into his mouth and he took it all. He continued to suck me until I was soft. Then he moved up and kissed me, letting me taste my own cum. I slept in Jacks arms that night even though it was warm. He spooned me, keeping his soft cock against my ass. I slept deeply that night. The next morning, we got up at 4am, had coffee, a shower, dressed and left for the main house on the ATV together. Of course I rode passenger and played with Jacks cock on the way there, but I only teased him.

We arrived at the main house where Pat’s mom had made another great breakfast. We all chowed down like we were starving. Patrick (Pat’s Father) told us we had to go into town to pick up supplies that he had ordered, and that we were to take the truck and be back by lunch, it was around 6 AM when we left. The 3 of us got up from the table, thanked Julie (Pat’s mother) for a great breakfast and went to the garage. The truck was an old Ford, a 1985 or so, but in good condition. It only had a bench seat in front. Pat got in on the driver’s side and I got in the middle between Pat and Jack. We drove off the farm and onto the road heading for town, about 30 minutes away.

Pat said that we have lots of time and that he wants to make a stop first. He pulls off the road onto a dirt path and heads in for about 5 minutes. The path leads into the woods where Pat stops, gets out of the truck and invites us to do the same. Jack and I get out, both of us are fairly sure what Pat wants. We walk around the back of the truck to where Pat is standing there with his pants and underwear around his ankles. He is sporting a massive hard on. He says he has been saving his load since last night. He kicks off his jeans and underwear and puts the tail gate down on the truck. He hops up and sits on it, and looks at us and says, well, what are you waiting for.

Jack and I both move toward Pat, I take his cock in my hands and start playing with it, Jack starts sucking Pat’s balls and I start sucking his cock. Pat lays back and brings his legs up so that his feet are flat on the tailgate. I climb up on the gate as well to get Pat’s cock into my mouth. I start by holding the head of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head, flicking my tongue. Jack has buried his face into Pat’s ass and was tongue fucking him. Pat was squirming and moaning as both Jack and I did our best to get Pat’s load. I started to pump up and down on Pat’s cock, taking it down to the base, holding it there, while my tongue moved up and down his shaft. I increased my speed on Pat’s cock, bobbing up and down while Jack tongue fucked his ass. Pat was horny as hell and his cock swelled in my mouth as it sprayed a load on man juice down my throat, I let up in time to get the 2nd volley in my mouth. I wanted to taste Pat’s cum, which was great. He pressed himself against my mouth and buried his cock down my throat, grinding his pubes into my face as he shot more squirts down my throat. I took it all and loved it. Jack was still tongue fucking him as he shot his load, he can feel the spasms in Pat’s hole and his balls jerking up and down on his forehead as Pat unloads into my mouth.

Pat was now spent as he laid there on the tailgate, I looked at Jack and he winked at me, we both had a wicked smile. Jack grabbed Pat by the hips and pulled him down to the end of the tailgate, he dropped his pants and underwear and plunged his big hard cock into Pat’s ass which was all lubed up with Jack’s saliva. Pat let out a yelp at the sudden intrusion of Jack’s cock into his man hole. Jack fucked him without mercy, plowing into him hard and fast, holding Pat’s hips tight against him. I wanted to get into the action so I took off my jeans (I don’t wear underwear) and straddled Pat’s face. I plunged my cock into his mouth and began to face fuck him. I was fucking his mouth deep and fast, I would force my cock into his throat and hold it there until he gagged before coming up, and then do it again. Pat was enjoying getting fucked from both ends together. Jack and I were furiously fucking Pat’s ass and mouth, both of us driving hard and deep. It wasn’t long before Jack started grunting and really forcing his cock up Pat’s ass as he shot his cum deep into his ass. Then Jack leaned forward and stuck his tongue up my ass and began to tongue fuck me. I was furiously fucking Pat’s mouth, and pressing my ass against Jack tongue, my own orgasm growing quickly, I could feel my balls ready to release as I pounded his mouth. Then I went over the edge and blew my load into his throat, pressing myself against his face, grinding my balls on his chin as I shot several loads down Pat’s throat. Jack pressed his tongue hard against my ass making my orgasm even more intense. Pat had to push me back so he could breath, but he kept my cock in his mouth as he sucked out the last few drops of my cum. I collapsed next to Pat, lying on my side as Pat continued to suck my cock as it softens.

Jack was lying over Pat’s torso with his softening cock still buried up Pat’s ass. Jack and I were totally spent and just stayed there for about 5 minutes, catching our breath. But Pat was horny and hard again and wanted to fuck. He got up off the tailgate, grabbed me and pulled me so that I was bent over the tailgate. He then took his hard cock and pressed it into my ass, which thankfully was lubed up by Jack’s saliva, because Pat has a big cock and it would have hurt. He pressed it in until I could feel his pubes against my ass cheeks and slowly he began to rock in and out of me. My own cock was now stiffening and I loved the feel of Pat’s cock in me. I was enjoying the slow fucking that Pat was giving me when I felt a mouth on my cock. Jack had crawled under the tailgate and started to suck my cock. He was bobbing up and down my cock in rhythm with Pat’s cock going in and out of my ass. I was in heaven.

My balls were started to rumble as they got ready to release another volley of cum. I started to press back against Pat’s cock and forward into Jacks mouth, back and forth. Pat wrapped his arms around me and pressed into me, burying all his cock up my ass, I could feel his pubes and his balls pressing against me. At the same time Jack forced all my cock down his throat, I could feel the roughness of his unshaved chin on my balls. This was all I could take and I started to shake and shoot my load down Jack’s throat, as I quivered and shook, my ass mussels started to spasm around Pat’s cock which I could feel swell and release a hot load of cum into me. He grunted and pressed hard into me as his cock released a huge load of cum. Jack was sucking and bobbing on my own cock as it continued to release what seemed like a bucket of cum into his mouth and throat.

Pat rested on top of me, with his cock still buried in me, I could feel it start to soften and cum leaking out and running down my balls. Jack has moved around and was behind Pat who was resting on top of me with his cock still in my ass as Jack started to lick up the cum that was leaking out of me. I could feel his tongue licking my balls and ass as he gobbled up Pat’s cum. He also tongue fucked Pat’s ass and spit some of Pat’s cum on his hole. He then pressed his cock into Pat and started to fuck him. Pat’s soft cock was still buried in my ass as Jack fucked him. I was enjoying Pat’s soft cock in me but as Jack was fucking him it started to get hard again. Jack was holding my hips pressing himself into Pat which made Pat’s now hard cock press into me. Jack was now fucking Pat hard and fast which of course also made Pat’s cock fuck me. I loved this feeling (another first) and my own cock started to harden. It wasn’t long before Jack was ponding Pat’s ass hard and fast. He grunted like an animal and slammed hard into Pat as he released another load of hot cum into Pat. And like dominos Pat released another load of cum into me and I shot my own load under the tailgate onto the grass. I could not believe we could all cum a 3rd time in such a short time,

We all laid on the grass panting and totally spent. We must have laid there for about an hour just sunning ourselves and enjoying the after glow of hot sex. After, Pat got up and went to the cab of the truck where he returned with a bottle of water and a roll of paper towels. Jack comment that Pat was a boy scout in that he was always prepared for anything. We all laughed. We cleaned ourselves up, got dressed and headed for town. It was now 8:30 and we had to hurry to pick up all the supplies that Patrick wanted. It took another 3 hours to run around town and pick up different materials. By 1130 we had a truck full of various farm materials and were heading back to the farm.

We arrived back at the farm around 10 to 12 and unloaded the truck into the various buildings. We went into the house and had a delicious lunch, which we really worked up an appetite for. Patrick said that it was to late to go out to do more fence post and told us we could have the afternoon off, but be ready early tomorrow morning for a hard day’s work.

We thanked Julie again for a wonderful meal and left the house. Jack and I wanted to go back to the trailer. Pat said he would like to come with us. We mounted the ATV’s and went back to the trailer. We all stripped naked and showered together. We played with each others cocks and asses but the best we could do was a semi hard on. We were all spent and exhausted. We went into the trailer and all went for a nap. It was around 3:30 when we were wakened by a guy’s voice that was calling out for Pat. We all got up and Jack and I scurried to put some clothes on but Pat went out completely naked. We could here Pat talking to the visitor outside as we both put on a pair of shorts and t-shirts. We then went out to greet the visitor.

Both Jack and I were surprised to see Pat standing there naked, as if nothing was wrong. He introduced the visitor as Troy. He explained that he has known Troy since kindergarten and that he is the friend that he told us about. Jack and I both smiled now understanding why Pat was comfortable being naked in front of Troy. We shook hands with Troy. All of us were eyeing each other with smiles on our faces. Troy was like Pat, in that he grew up on a farm and was built like a Greek god.

He had a handsome square face with dark curly hair, he was well groomed and dressed in a pair of loose fitting running shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. He was obviously not wearing any underwear. We could both see the out line of a nice big cock bounce against the fabric of his shorts as he moved and he made no effort to hide it. His T-shirt was loose and had a plunging neck line which showed that he had a hairy chest and beautiful shoulders and arms. He had strong hairy legs and a bubble ass to match. I think both Jack and I were drooling.

We invited both Pat and Troy to stay for a BBQ dinner, and they both agreed. Pat asked to borrow a pair of shorts since he did not bring any clean clothes. Jack looked at me and winked and said that we did not have any clean shorts and that we needed to do laundry. At that Jack striped off naked and said lets all go natural. Troy was obviously stunned by Jacks nakedness because he was staring right at Jacks big cock. I stripped off as well and gave Troy a good look at my cock. A second later Troy was naked too. His cock, that we could see through his shorts was even more impressive now that it was out in the open. He clearly had the biggest cock of all of us. His cock was cut and must have been a full 9 inches soft. It hung down nicely between his legs with a complement of beautiful low hanging balls. His had a mat of dark hair on his chest with a trail that led to a neatly man scape cock and balls. He was really something to look at.

We BBQ hamburgers and hotdog with more corn on the cob and beer. We finished dinner with everyone in various stages of semi hard to a full hard on.

But that’s another story…..




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