Mike and his mother moved into the house next to my dad and I when he was six and I was ten. Mike latched on to me and soon began calling me his big brother. I kind of liked that, since there weren't many other boys living nearby.

Mike and I did what most real brothers did, tossing a football or baseball, playing video games, going down to the creek and fishing. Dad would take us to local ball games on Saturdays while Mike's mother worked overtime to make ends meet. She really loved the idea of Mike having other males in his life.

However, when I was fifteen, I realized I was gay and had to spend less time with Mike because I was meeting a couple of school buds for sex.

We stayed close however, and it really saddened Mike when I left for college after high school.

I got my degree in advertising and found a job back home with a large advertising company. was now twenty-two and Mike was eighteen and since his mother couldn't afford college, he was working in a gas station.

I had been with the company almost a year and because of a couple of very successful ads I had done, I was in favor with our boss.

He was only twenty-nine and had inherited the firm from his dad. He was six-two, dark brown hair with a neatly trimmed moustache and goatee. He was also muscular and hot. Best of all, he was also still single.

When I spotted a notice on the bulletin board that a person was needed for the mail room, I immediately thought of Mike. I went to Mr. Baker and told him I knew of a hard working young man just right for the job. I explained that he was like a younger brother to me and explained his situation.

"Mark, take him an application and have him fill it out. I'll look it over but if I hire him it will be mainly on your recommendation."

"Thanks, Mr. Baker," I said. "I promise you won't be disappointed."

I took the application to Mike and had him fill it out so I could take it back in the next day.

I wanted Mike to get the job because it would pay more and he had a chance for advancement but also when an employee recommends a new employee and they are hired and stay three months, the person who recommended them gets a five hundred dollar bonus. I planned on splitting it with Mike.

I took the application in and two days later Mike was called in for an interview and hired.

He caught on fast and worked circles around the other employees. Mr. Baker didn't miss noticing and soon gave Mike a small pay raise.

Mike had been there just under three months when I was called to Mr. Baker's office. When I went in, he smiled and said, "Mark, I really owe you a big one for bringing Mike to us. He's the best we've had in a long time."

About that time Mike knocked on the office door and was instructed to come in.

"Men, you both know about the bonus i give when you recommend a new employee. I am so pleased, I'm not waiting for the three month to be up.'

He handed me a check for five hundred dollars and said, "I'm also doing something I've never done before and giving Mike a bonus also. He handed Mike a check for the same amount. Mike's eyes grew large as he stared at it before finally saying thank you.

Mike was doing good and I was proud of him. I was told he was on his way to a nice promotion but forbidden from telling him.

I was close to completing an ad for a new customer and wanted to finish it before the weekend, so Mr. Baker would have it first thing Monday morning.

Since Mike lived next door to me, he rode to work with me every day. That Friday, I told him I wanted to finish the project so I'd be working late. I told him he could take the car home and I'd grab a cab.

"There's no need for that. I don't mind waiting. I can get a head start on Monday's work, just call my cell when you're ready and I'll meet you in the parking garage."

I agreed and said I'd treat him to dinner on the way home.

Everyone was gone when I finished up, and all the offices were dark except Mr. Baker's. He always left a small lamp on for some reason.

I put the presentation in order with a note to him and headed for his office to put it on his desk. I arrived at his door and when I opened it and stepped in, I froze in shock.

There on the floor between his desk and the door was Mr. Baker and Mike, both totally nude and in a sixty-nine. I had never dreamed ether one of them was gay.

Not knowing what to say, I just froze and stared at them. Of course, they stopped immediately and looked at me like deer caught in a car's headlights.

They both sat up and Mr. Baker looked at me and said, "Mark, now you know, and I assume you'll use discretion and keep this to yourself."

"Yes, sir, I will, but I have a question."

"What's that?" he asked.

"Is this the way to get ahead in the company or can anybody join in?"

"You saying you want to join in?" he asked.

"If I could, hell yes."

Mr.Baker looked over at Mike and asked, "Did you know?"

"I had no idea at all," Mike replied.

Without waiting, I began stripping and was soon nude also, my cock rock hard. I stepped up to them and together, they began sucking my cock and licking my balls.

Mike had turned into one hell of a hot stud and I had been wanting him desperately. Soon, I had his cock in my mouth and sucked him dry, devouring his huge thick load. After I got him off, I quickly moved over to Mr. Baker and sucked him dry also eating his load.

Then together, they sucked me dry and kissed, sharing my load. afterward, we all kissed and made out.

After a moment, we sat facing each other and Mr. Baker said, "When we're alone, men, you can call me Greg."

I asked how long they had been having sex and was told that it was only a month. When i asked how it got started, Greg laughed and said, "By accident."

"Can you explain that?" I asked.

"It was a Saturday about a month ago. The older restroom on the back side of the park has a glory hole," Greg began. I stopped by there that morning and saw one of the stalls was occupied. I went into the other and we ended up sucking each other off. When we both exited our stalls at the same time, we were shocked as hell."

"I was afraid i was going to loose my job,"Mike said.

"Yes, he was, but I assured him his job was safe, just as yours is."

We talked a while before Greg looked at us and asked, "Would you guys line to get together a couple times a week after work?"

"I sure would," I said.

"So would I," Mike added.

For several weeks, we met in Greg's office after work on Tuesdays and Fridays, having wild sex sucking and fucking.

My dad had passed away just after my college graduation and I lived in the house alone, and on Saturdays and Sundays, Mike sent a lot of time at my house. I loved fucking his hot tight ass and he loved me doing it.

Then one Friday, Greg said he was having a party at his place and asked if we'd like to join. He said the dress was casual until we arrived then it was nude only and anything was allowed.

We gladly accepted. We were given directions to his home and told to arrive between five and six.

Mike and I were the first to arrive shortly after five. Greg answered the door nude and e quickly joined him. Soon other guest began to arrive and we soon realized that all the guest were fellow employees. There were five others besides Greg, Mike and I. It was a unbelievable evening with everyone sucking and fucking wildly. Three of the guys were married and had kids.

The following Monday, there was no indication at all of what had transpired the previous weekend. Everything was normal as usual. These parties were held once a month with the married guys telling their wives that it was a business meeting.

Two years have now passed and Mike is head of the mail room and working on his advertising degree paid for by Greg. I am head of new development and in an office next to Greg, with a connecting door.

The best part is that Mike and I are now lovers and have bought a new house. His mother has accepted our relationship openly and has no problems with us being gay.

Greg still invites us to his office twice a week and to the parties. Mike and I both love our jobs. who wouldn't.




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