I'm a college student, in my early twenties. I intern at a company no ones seems to know about. I stand about 5'5 and 160 pounds and I have caramel colored skin. I come off as straight to everyone although I like to play and would consider myself bi. Because of the position I work, I get to work with a lot of the managers and sit in on meetings. This one manager who is about 5'8, extremely fit,170pounds, hispanic and in his mid thirties always catches my eyes looking at him during meetings and he has a smile that is to die for.

Last week there was a meeting and once it was over everyone was making small talk and I spoke to Mr. Muscles and made small talk like we normally do. He ask during our conversation, "so any big plans for your girlfriend for Valentine's Day" and I respond "nope, I'm single so it's not something I'm worried about. Most likely going to see Deadpool." He says, "your lucky now but your time will come when you have to make sure to have plans. I'm taking my wife to a restaurant downtown and bought her some jewelry, you know the typical Valentines day stuff." We both laughed and headed back to our areas.

Friday came and he comes up to my desk and ask when I'm going to see Deadpool. I tell him Saturday. He then says we should go on Sunday and I can go with him to dinner so that he doesn't lose out on what he already paid for. I ask what happen to his plans and he tells me that his wife had a family member that died and she left the day before and wouldn't be back until middle of the following week. I told him sure I'd go, I mean win win for me, free dinner and out with a hot guy.

He picks me up from my apt because downtown traffic would be a mess and finding two spots would be awful. We eat and drink and then head to watch the movie. Maybe he had too much to drink because he started leaning on me during the movie and finally put his arm around my shoulders and feel asleep. Once the movie was over I woke him and he asked if I could drive back. It felt like a date and I got to drive his really nice car.

When we arrived at my place he was totally out of it and told him if he needed to he could crash at my place. He took me up on the offer and came inside. At first he went to the couch which I told him was lumpy from too many people and parties. I told him the bed was big enough and he came into my bedroom and he took off everything except for his boxer briefs. OMG what a package. He lies on the bed and gets under the blanket and goes to sleep. I follow suit and get in under the covers. I turn off the light and look at an episode I missed on my Ipad. Half way through he turns and leans on to me asking what I was watching. I get closer to him and show him the screen and we continue watching together.

When it was over I turned my back to him and try to sleep. He then changes position to where he was spooning me and he whispers in my ear, I know you've been wanting it so make your move. I start grinding on his harding crotch and he starts kissing my neck and sucking on my ear. I turn and hop on top of him and we start kissing eagerly with our tongues  down each others mouths. I start working my way down his body kissing, licking and sucking following his happy trail to a nice package that's hard and leaking through his briefs. I pull them off and start going down on him. He was thick and at least 8 inches long. He put his hands behind my head and had me choking on his cock from the pressure asserted on the back of my head and how deep he kept pushing. He then takes it out of my mouth and moves me onto my chest, ass up and takes off my boxers and starts eating my ass. His tongue sliding in and out of my hole and feeling his face pressed up against my ass. He then licks my balls some and sucks my dick some. He then pulls me to where my head is off the bed and he is off the bed and starts face fucking me, then we moved to a 69 position and we're both sucking.

We then move to me on my back and him on top kissing me and he starts sliding his cock in me. Everytime I would push away because of his girth, he would pull me back in harder. He fucked me at every pace. The room was getting hot and our bodies were starting to moisten. He would pound my ass until my head was bent up against the headboard. Everytime he was close he would slow and kiss a lot more. He made me cum twice during our 45 mins. He finally came inside me and then said he wished i could have his kids. We went to bed, me laying my head on his chest. 

It was amazing. I know sex and this was like he was making love to me, not just I needed to get off. We woke up the next morning gave each other a kiss and he took off to head back to his place. I got ready to go into the office. He got there late and we shared a glance and a smile. I got caught up in the moment of it feeling like a date and slept with a married man and someone I work with. I feel awful that I did that and yet I still want him.




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