He was 47 with a greying, short, trimmed goatee. Every inch of this man screamed 'masculinity' and I was quick to notice he was a corn-fed country boy by his 6 foot, 230 pound frame. His attire only confirmed my speculations. I was immediately drawn to his stocky build and big legs that bulged through his jeans. His handsome face was more than enough for me to meet him but his ability to take control with confidence left me no choice.

I was 21 at the time, a junior in college with very little experience with guys. I was finally comfortable enough and most importantly brave enough to give it a try. I was on a full ride scholarship for baseball so the need for discretion was my upmost priority. A 'good time', was a close second.

I drove to his house in the country even though every bone in my body was telling me to 'Tuck tail and run'. But I refused to let my nerves get the better of me. He had a very well kept lawn and nice looking three story house. As I parked I noticed spray painted rocks that pictured the logo of his favorite college football team. This man was breaking the preconceived notion of what society pictures as a 'gay man'... and I liked it!

When I got out of my car he was quick to meet me on the porch with a shit eating grin. I was in shock and didn't want to move but my legs had other plans. As I walked up I couldn't help but smile. Maybe it was my nerves or maybe it was the excitement for what was about to follow.

I was expecting to shake his hand and introduce myself but he didn't offer it and I'm too shy to offer mine. He was wearing an unzipped coat with a work shirt and blue jeans. Dressed like a blue collar worker to the letter, it was easy to tell he was a very confident man. His baseball cap sat comfortable on the top of his head with the bill pointed towards the sky. His hands in his pockets and leaning on the side of his house he says, "So you're a football player?" I quickly and nervously replied, "No, baseball." I immediately regretted my statement for my need for discretion but was quick to forget it once he said, "Come in", as he walked toward his front door.

He walked me straight to his hot tub which was located inside his house and shut the door behind us. It wasn't hard to tell this was planned but I felt he was trying to hide something. Maybe it was just my own insecurities, but maybe my intuition was right. "Let's get in", he directed. I didn't say a word and I can't say I wanted to, but I couldn't tell this man 'No'. He was completely naked before I could even get my shoes off but I was able to catch a glimpse of his hairy backside and his large hanging balls as he stepped into the tub. I was instantly erect before I could even drop my pants. As he sat in the tub watching me undress, I felt like a hundred different sets of eyes were on me, but again, pushed my nerves to the side and continued to keep pressing forward.

As I sat naked across from him in the tub, he lunged to grab my penis so naturally I grabbed his as well. It was big, thick and cut which only added to my nerves and excitement. I had a hard time looking him in the eye but no problem looking at his hairy chest and belly. We made small talk as we stroked each other but it was obvious neither of us were there to discuss our favorite colors. I can't remember what was said, I just remember wanting to put his erection in my mouth.

He was first to stand up which I was glad. He knew about my lack of experience with men but an alpha male such as himself was no stranger to taking lead. His fully erect cock was inches from my face as his body still dripped with water. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me towards his genitals. Too shy to look up at his face, I was easy to submit and opened my mouth. I took as much of him as I could but I still couldn't reach the base of his shaft. He enjoyed holding my head in place with his large and extremely strong hands. He slowly pushed his cock in my mouth only pulling it out to slap his heavy, erect penis against the side of my face. This was clearly an act of his dominance over me. As the blow job progressed he began testing the limits with my gag reflex. Shoving his dick deep into my throat, I gag. As a natural instinct I try to pull away but he's too strong and won't allow my head to move. I gag a second time. This time I try even harder to push away, but once again, I'm unsuccessful in my attempt. Luckily, third time is a charm. As I gag I break free of his grip while gasping for air as a large amount of saliva falls from my mouth towards the warm water. My jaw was exhausted but I wasn't going to say anything. I was in awe. I just got face fucked but also somewhat amazed to realize it doesn't just happen in the movies. At least now I know I'd much rather be on the giving end of a face fuck as opposed to the receiving end.

I think he knew I had enough so he stood me up to stick his tongue in my mouth. This was a break I desperately needed and his stubbly goatee was comforting against my hairless face. Even during our short wet kiss, his erection pressing up against my leg took priority on my mind. My childish ways were tempted to 'sword fight' with him but thanks to my innocent, prepubescent years with friends, I still find that action more comical than erotic, so I refrained. I thought he was going to blow me but I was wrong. He turned me around 180 degrees and bent me over the side of the tub. If I said this upset me, it would be a lie and my rock hard erection wasn't complaining either. He spread my legs farther apart from my original stance and without hesitation started his mission to stick his tongue as deep inside my hole as he could. Although this was new to me, it didn't feel unnatural and only made me want him more. Giving equal amount of playing time between his fingers and his tongue, I knew from the movies what was coming next and I was more than willing to play ball.

This man made me feel completely powerless which was a new emotion for a big, masculine, athlete like myself. He took his stance behind me and wanted nothing more than to mount me at this moment in time. But between the lack of lubrication and the girth of his erection, this animalistic act wasn't as easy as he hoped. Even with the guidance of my hand there were multiple failed attempts but I loved every moment of it. Feeling his hard-on push desperately against my hole with such force made me want him inside me more than words will ever describe. I wanted to use a condom but my timid, submissive ways didn't stand a chance and it wasn't part of his 'plan'. Luckily a mass production of spit on his part was a very effective lubricant. On initial entry I felt every inch of this man slowly enter my body cavity. The presence of his thickness was felt more than his length and he didn't stop until he was completely inside me. I felt the pain but it was the good kind of pain and being trapped between him and the side of the hot tub, there was no room for me to pull away. As he stood still completely inside me allowing me to adjust, the pain slowly subsided. He slowly thrusted himself in and out of me, never once allowing the head of his penis to fully withdraw. As the fucking progressed so did the speed and power of his thrusts. It was hard for me to catch my breath between my grunting and the feeling of him deep inside me. I felt his strength and body weight against and on me. Due to the power of his thrusts I was constantly having to adjust my arms and grip from the side of the tub. Perception of time went out the window so I can't gauge the amount of time spent in 'doggy style'. If I had to guess, I'd say it was good amount though. He was ready to change positions and I had no say on the matter. He pulled my body against his and sat down staying firmly inside me for this entire transition. As he sat in the hot tub seat, my body mimicked his every move leaving me sitting in his lap. Still with his cock deep inside me, he refused to let me take control of the situation. He pushed me up in the water just enough so he could control the thrust speed and power behind the penetration. His balls slapped against mine every time he penetrated me to his base. He must have enjoyed this because he didn't last long. He pulled out of me, almost as if he was in trouble. It was enough for me to see a small amount of ejaculate leave his penis. He grabbed the head of his cock to prevent anymore shooting. He looked at me and said, "Let's go upstairs".

After a quick dry off, he led me upstairs past his office and right to the bedroom. To his king size bed more specifically. He had a sliding glass door which lead to a nice deck from his bedroom. I remember it having a nice view of his backyard but I ended up spending a lot more time staring at his ceiling rather than out his window. As I lay on my back he started to blow me. It was at this time I heard another person turn on the television about 30 feet away from where I was receiving my oral sex. He could see I was somewhat startled and he calmly told me, "It's just my partner, he doesn't mind." Extremely caught off guard by this fun fact of information that was withheld from me, the blow job felt entirely too good for me to consider stopping. I was a little uncomfortable with this new bit of information but his partner didn't share the same feeling as he got comfortable on the couch not far from us listening to everything that transpired. The blow job didn't last but a few minutes and when he was fully erect, he quickly found refuge between my legs in the missionary position. As he penetrated my hole for the second time, I was convinced his dick grew an inch. This time he entered me with no difficulty, but the pain was felt much more than the first time. Again, with nowhere to pull away I had no choice but to 'take it like a man'. The only comfort I found was in my audible grunts and moaning. He had me where he wanted and took pleasure knowing I was taking every inch of his hard thrusts. As he stroked my dick while fucking me, the pain started to switch to pleasure and I knew I wouldn't last long if he kept this up. I held back as long as I could, never even having to touch myself to climax. I found his hairy chest and belly extremely erotic as they bounced with each thrust. I was able to look him in the eye and the connection felt in that moment is beyond describable. He could see I was starting to orgasm so his thrusts became stronger and faster. I couldn't tell if he was trying to reach an orgasm to simultaneously be timed with mine or if he just wanted me to feel his strength. Either way he was successful at both. His cock was so deep inside me I shot harder than I ever thought possible. Multiple shots of ejaculate reached up to my chest leaving a quantity of sperm that even Ron Jeremy himself would have been impressed by. I wondered how comfortable his partner felt after hearing me climax. As I finished he withdrew his fully erect penis and within seconds, dumped a load all over my stomach and pubic hair. His grunt rivaled mine but the size of his load did not.

After a few laughs and smiles, there was no pillow talk. He asked if I wanted to stay for dinner. As much as I appreciated the kind gesture, I politely declined already feeling the awkwardness of the table talk us three would conjure up. He showed me the shower and after a quick wash off, I was on my way home in disbelief at what just transpired. But I left feeling content and satisfied. I hope he did too. 'The juice was worth the squeeze'...

-- This was a true story. I played with this man two more times before I joined the Army. He is still partnered to the same guy and still teaches wood working to middle school students. I've spent the past three years overseas and we still keep in touch to this day.



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