I love running in Griffith Park, especially in March and April. We

get this great weather, just barely warm enough to run shirtless and

sometimes we get fain...that's a cross between fog and rain, a light shower

with droplets so small they hang in the air and everything gets

damp. Everyone stays indoors and the park is almost empty.

I usually come in up the Vermont entrance and park by the bird

sanctuary, then run down past the tennis and golf course and end up at the

old Sunrise Trail road. It's been closed to cars for years, and the only

traffic is people hiking or running. Or cruising, of course. That's why I

end my run there and take the long uphill walk, looking for some fun.

I was 18, just ready to graduate from high school but when I got up

that morning I decided to cut. The weather was great for running and I was

so horney I couldn't stand the thought of wasting a day in class. I usually

run commando, so I was just wearing runners, shorts and a tee shirt as I

headed for the park.

I'm not a track sort of guy though. I'm too muscular. I do a lot of

light lifting along with my running and I guess I'm built more like a

gymnast. I have dark, curly hair too long to be stylish, just a little

chest hair and a nice dark treasure trail leading down to my pride and joy,

a nice thick seven inches of soft, floppy dick. When I go commando, everyone

knows it.

I parked my car and started my run. About half an hour later I got

to the bar across the Sunrise Trail and started walking in circles for a

while to cool down. The misty drizzle felt cool on my arms and face. Just

occasionally there'd be a drop just large enough to feel. I could hear

sporadic drops of water from the leaves. I pulled off my shirt and started

walking up the hill, looking up all the little trails off the road to see

if there was anyone who wanted to play. It didn't take long.

I'd only gone about ΒΌ mile to the first big clear area. There was a

small debris wall, and behind it, up the trail, I saw a guy I'd seen in the

park before. I knew he was about my age and height and today he was wearing

a red tee shirt. He was about a block away, blond, sitting on a boulder

watching the road. When he saw me, he ducked into the bushes, and then a

few seconds later, he peeked out, looked at me for a bit, and then slowly

drew back out of sight.

'Well, this looks promising,' I thought as I head up the trail to

where he had disappeared. I was pretty confident. I'd seen this guy playing

around before and I recognized him. No need to play games or risk shocking

some tourist out walking in the rain. I walked quietly to where I thought

he was, but no luck. Looking around through the bushes, I saw red shirt

higher on the hill, leaning on a tree stroking an impressive looking piece

of meat and smiling at me. I smiled back, and shucked off my shorts and

started walking up towards him naked. He really looked good. He had a nice

chest with a good bit of blond chest hair, strong looking legs and a nice

smile and a dick I really wanted to get my hands on. I lost sight of him

as I walked up the trail. When I got to where he had been, he was gone.

Then I saw him again, higher on the trail, still enjoying his open air jack

off session. I started walking towards him and he dodged back in the


'Well, hell,' I thought, 'Little red shirt just wants someone to

watch, but I want someone to play with.'

I put my shorts back on and headed back up the road still looking

for a playmate. The road is kind of steep, and there are a lot of trails

leading off it. I kept checking them out, but no luck. I saw red shirt a

time or two. Each time I'd slide my hand down into my shorts and begin to

walk towards him, and each time he'd melt into the bushes.

'Just a looker,' I thought.

I'd already hit the first switchback and was heading for the fire

road that led up to the highest hill in that section of the park. It was

an awesome place, a nice open spot where you could look south to the LA

skyline and beyond to the ocean or north to downtown Glendale and the

mountains. The hilltop is totally open to the sky, and you can see and be

seen from the road down below about a couple of hundred feet. If you walked

back a few steps, you'd be hidden from the road, but still totally

exposed. It's a great place to be naked and to spray some cum.

I hadn't seen anyone except my red shirted, blond shadow all day,

so I thought, 'What the hell,' and took off my running shorts and started

the walk up the fire trail. The mist was turning into drizzle and it felt

great on my skin and the feel of my cock swinging free began to chub me up

a bit. As I turned off the fire trail, I glanced back and saw my blond

friend about a hundred yards back, but he had a black shirt on. I had

thought it was a red shirt.

'Well, at least I'll get a show while I jerk,' I thought. 'Nothing

else seems likely.'

It took about 15 minutes to get to the top. By the time I got there

I about 7 inches of hard meat was pointing my way down the trail. My dick

wasn't all the way there yet, though. When I am, I can look down as my

cockslit winks at me. My dick doesn't nuzzle my bellybutton like some of

the guys I've played with's cocks do. It's too straight and always points

to the sky. I held it every now and then. Cool hands on a warm dick really

feels great! I slowed down once or twice to make sure the blond knew which

way I was going. I'd stand and look out over the bluff. I made sure I stood

in profile. No harm in letting him see what I had to offer. Maybe I could

tempt him into something touchy feely instead of him being just a looky


I finally got to the top of the hill and walked to the edge of the

bluff and looked down on the road. Do you know how great it feels to stand

and slowly stroke in the rain? Okay, I'm more than a bit of an

exhibitionist. Standing there outside in the wet, naked had me ready for

just about anything.

I stood there, slowly stroking my dick. My hand was cool on the

shaft as I used one finger to rub just under the head. My nips were already

erect from the slight chill of the rain and I used my other hand to tease

them. That's when I heard the sound of his shoes on the gravel behind me. I

pretended I hadn't heard him and kept up my slow stroke. Knowing were the

trail opened onto the hill, I turned slightly so he could see a bit of my


After a couple of minutes I turned a bit more and saw him standing

there. He wasn't my age; he was at least in his mid twenties, and quite a

bit taller than I'd thought. He was maybe 6' to my 5' 8'. He had a real

nice bit of blond chest hair though, and a smooth, flat tummy with a trace

of a six-pack. Just below his belly button a darker blond treasure trail

started, disappearing into his low slung pants. I kept stroking and looked

at him. My eyes focused on his crotch and he slowly undid his belt and

opened his zipper. He was freeballing too. His treasure trail blended into

his trimmed dark blond bush and the base of his dick looked incredibly


He slid his pants down slowly and a thick, uncircumcised dick

sprung out like a striking snake, hit his belly then fell and pointed

directly at me. It was really thick and heavy. You know the kind, so heavy

it will never point up, no matter how hard the guy is? And he looked

seriously hard. The head looked really big under a thick coating of skin. I

could see the red tip slightly sticking out from undercover. He continued

sliding his pants down over his hairless thighs until they fell to the

ground and he stepped out of them. He pulled back his foreskin and cleared

the head of his dick.

Wow! The head was large, with a thick ridge like a helmet. After

the big, mushroom head, the shaft was like a column with thick vines

wrapped around it. It was the same thickness all the way down and the veins

were large and blue under the skin. I got a lot harder just looking at that

beautiful dick. He was maybe an inch longer than me, call it 8'. Mine isn't

a column. One guy had called it an ivory tusk. The head was smaller than

the shaft and it grew thicker as it went down to a really thick base. His

heavy monster pointed at me, and mine pointed at the clouds as we stood

there, maybe 20 feet apart.

He bent over, reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small

bottle. He poured a liquid into his hand and then rubbed it into his dick

and slowly started pulling his foreskin over his dickhead, then sliding the

skin back off. The liquid glistened in the light. I really wanted to get up

close and personal with him, but I was afraid if I walked up to him he'd

leave like he had before. So I turned my back to him, hoping he'd come

closer to get a better look. I stroked and waited and hoped. Then, I felt

the warmth of his body close behind me. I felt his breath on my neck and

then felt the head of his dick touch my ass cheek and the tickling touch of

his chest hair on my back. His hands touched waist on both sides, then

slowly slid across my stomach. I was surprised, I hadn't really thought

he'd play, given his prior actions, but I dropped my hands to my sides and

let him take over.

One hand moved up and began teasing my nips, the other downward,

his fingertips brushing through my bush. Slowly, his fingers brushed

lightly over the top of my dick, until it reached the dripping tip. His

finger gently moved through my honey and his hand disappeared behind me. I

heard a soft, sucking sound, then a deep, satisfied voice, 'mmmmm, sweet.'

His hand returned to my crotch and began caressing my balls. His cock began

to nestle into my ass crack and I could feel the slippery oil he'd

slathered onto it. Damn! This felt great! I relaxed into him and laid my

head back on his shoulder. His chest pressed more tightly into my back.

His arm wrapped back around my stomach and he gently pulled me into

a tighter embrace. I felt the pressure of his thick, hard shaft gently

spread my ass cheeks as he, almost like he was asking permission, hunched

it into my butt. It slid up and down lubricating my hole. I didn't pull

away. I was ready to go anywhere this stud wanted to take me.

His hand left my balls and I felt his fingers come between his dick

and my ass crack. One finger searched gently until he found the opening he

was looking for. I reached my hands back and found his hips. I pulled them

forward, pressing his dick more firmly into my ass.

Okay, I'd played around a lot in the park, but this was going way

beyond what I'd ever done before. I was a little scared, a lot nervous and

there was no way in the world I was going to stop this scene. Getting

fucked by a big dicked stranger in the rain in a public park in broad

daylight? I'd have j.o. material for years!

His finger teased around my butthole for a few seconds, then went

deep. As his finger entered my ass, his hand left my nips and wrapped

softly around my leaking cock. My cool hands on my had dick felt great. His

big, cool, oily paw on my dick was indescribable! His hand slowly began to

stroke. Then his finger found my prostate and I sort of lost it. My dick

jumped and I pushed my butt back onto his finger. He rubbed my button and a

second finger slid into me, then a third. I could tell he was holding the

shaft of his dick in his hand and I felt the head sliding across my opening

as he spread his fingers and opened me up.

I looked down and saw my dickhead appear and disappear into his big

hand. I really wanted this, but I knew it wasn't going to work. He was

taller than me. His dick was pointed down. Then I felt the angle of his

dick change in my crack. I saw his knees appeared outside mine. The angle

of his dickhead at my hole altered and he forced the enormous head up into

me as he slid his fingers out. OUCH!

As his hand was freed up from my ass, it snapped around my

chest. He straightened his legs and lifted me onto my toes as his huge,

oily dickhead locked into place. It only hurt for a second, then it began

to feel really good. I was looking up into the grey sky, my head still

leaning back on his shoulder and feeling slightly amazed at what was

happening. The slight drizzle was hitting my face as he slowly let me slide

down his body impale myself on his slippery dick. I only had about half of

him in me, and the angle still wasn't perfect, but it was feeling sooooo

good. He bent his knees again and hunched the rest of his dick into me. My

breath escaped in a long, slow sigh. I heard a soft, 'oh god!' as he

started kissing and nibbling at the back of my neck and he began slowly

fucking my butt. Every stroke slid the ridge of his huge dickhead over my

prostate. He matched it with his hand stroking my cock. Every stroke of his

dick into me ended with a short thrust that brought me to my toes; every

stoke of his hand ended with a gentle swipe of his fingers over my


He tightened his grip on my cock and forced my hips back into his

crotch as he put his hand on the back of my neck and bent me over at the

waist. I put my hands on my knees as he thrust into me, my cock swinging

wildly in response to his thrusts. Damn, this was the best my butt had ever

felt! I could stay like this, his big dick penetrating me, forever! He

grabbed my shoulders with both hands and held me bent over. Then he stopped

moving. I waited for a second, then two, then three. Oh, I really needed

that feeling again. I pushed my ass back onto his dick. It felt so good. I

pulled off, then pushed back onto it again. Then again, then again. In

seconds I was fucking myself on his dick.

'That's it, baby,' he said in a low, sexy voice, 'fuck yourself


I was so turned on my breath was coming in gasps and my ass muscled

kept clenching on the awesome dick I was fucking myself with. I could feel

my orgasm building as the cum churned in my balls. I didn't even think

about touching my dick, I was too into the feeling of his cock penetrating

me and rubbing on my prostrate. If I touched my cock, I knew I'd cum, and

wanted this to last!

Finally, he grabbed my hips with his big hands and held me still

for a few seconds and took control again. I can't begin to describe the

feeling of his big dick powering into me, or that huge cockhead sliding

over my button. He was pleasuring me until I was a twitching mass of

unthinking flesh.

'Okay, baby,' he growled, 'Lets go for it!'

His arm switched to tightened low around my chest. He straightened

me up and lifted me off my feet again, fucking his fantastic dick into my

eager ass. Each time his dick hit bottom, it kicked a burst of air from my

lungs, 'Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh' He was making a deep, almost growl in his throat,

'Hrrrrrrrr.' We sounded like two animals. Then suddenly, he wrapped his

hand around my dick and I was cumming like a fountain; sperm shooting out

of my dick like whip cream from a can, arching at least three feet from my

body. My ass clenched around the huge invader in my bowels and that kicked

him over the edge. I heard a guttural 'Oh fuuuck' over my shoulder. I

swear, it felt like I was getting a cum enema. His dick spasmed and jumped

in my ass and he forced my body down onto his erupting cock. It felt like I

was being impaled as I felt his juice spew into me. I was cumming, he was

cumming so much I could feel the cum running down between my legs even

while most of my hole was blocked by his thick meat.

Everybody should either fuck or be fucked like that at least once

in his life.

We stood there, catching our breath, feeling the light rain lightly

hit our bodies. I could hear water dripping off the leaves on the low

bushes. His dick was slowly softening, but I knew it was in no danger of

slipping out until he wanted it to. He was gently caressing my balls and

nibbling on my neck. He said, 'Thanks baby,' as he pulled out of my very

open hole. I stayed, hands on my knees for about a minute, warm liquid

running down the inside of my legs. When I turned around, he was already

walking down the trail carrying his clothes.

I used my tee shirt to wipe up the cum running out of my hole. God!

How much cum did he shoot into me? I was walking in circles, trying to

loosen up my legs when I looked down to the road. There was my blond. I

thought it was weird. He was wearing the red shirt again, but he was

walking towards the hill I was on. Just then, a taller blond walked onto

the road wearing a black shirt walking away from the hill. He looked up at

me and waved. I guess my playmate was even more of a stranger than I




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