Wolf-Pack - Chapter 1

On the third night out of port, here I was, tossing and turning. I couldn't sleep. I was too horny. I had gone the last four days without an orgasm, and, for me, at nineteen, this was disastrous. I needed to come. But I was aboard a troopship. There was no privacy. The showers were big, open rooms lined with rows of showerheads and filled with strangers. The toilets had no doors, or partitions either. Privacy was a real problem. I had to envy those fellows who could fall asleep and have wet dreams. I couldn't. Never could. I guess I had jacked off so often, my body insisted I stay awake to enjoy its orgasms. Sometimes, like now, this need for an orgasm made me feel so bad, so randy, so sexually fervent, it felt like I was filled right up to my eyeballs with semen, bursting with cum. You know the feeling. My cock had been rigid for hours, my balls were aching for relief, my nipples were stiff and sensitive, and my mind was fixated on only one thing. Jacking off! But how could I jack off here?

Sleeping quarters on the troopship were huge open compartments filled with small, canvas covered bunks, stacked six high. The quarters were hot, humid, and cramped, with barely enough room between bunks to turn over without bumping the guy above and waking him up. On one side of me, the aisle was just wide enough to walk through if you kept your shoulders turned; on the other side, only a three- or four-inch gap separated my bunk from the next one. I could look out in the dim lighting, it was never really dark, and see past row after row of soldiers on my level, a mid-level, but saw only those closest to me on other levels. Bunk assignments had been given through some sort of bizarre bingo game, it seemed to me. No one in my outfit was nearby, or even in the same huge room. Everyone seemed to be a stranger to everyone else. I don't know if the Navy did this as some sort of perverse joke on their Army guests, or if it was done purposely to separate friends in order to reduce any possible "hanky-panky", or whatever, but it added to the alienation and confusion of the first few days of the voyage, which was doubly difficult because of the high percentage of men who were seasick. Why we were on this troopship in the first place puzzled me. In this day and age, didn't everyone fly? Yet, over four thousand troops and three hundred crewmen were stuck on a non-stop voyage that was said would take 26 days.

I turned onto my back and looked down my body in the dim lighting. My cock stood out through the fly of my army issue boxer shorts and tented the light sheet covering me. It throbbed noticeably. I've got to do something about this, I thought. I looked around cautiously. Everyone seemed asleep. Fuck it! I said silently to myself and slid a hand down under the sheet. As it wrapped itself around the steely shaft, causing a wave of extreme pleasure to surge through my body and causing a tensing of muscles and tissues in anticipation of a good, body-wrenching, cum-spurting jack off, I involuntarily let out a soft sigh. Even above the hum of engines and the constant background noise of mechanical equipment on the ship, I heard myself sigh. Again, I looked around cautiously. Nothing was changed. Everyone seemed asleep, as far as I could tell.

I pumped my cock. A full stroke, tip to balls and back. The sheet moved erotically but I sensed the friction of the back of my hand against the sheet might be heard. I thought it sounded too loud. I also thought it must look like I was waving a white banner, so, with my left hand, I slowly folded the sheet across my body and then folded it again, exposing my fist-gripped cock. It looked good in the dimness. It had been too long since the last time I saw it looking so eager, so ready, and so big. I gave it another full stroke. Geez, that feels great, I thought to myself. And another full stroke. My balls tightened up and felt better, preparing for another memorable release. And another full stroke. My groin felt ready, no longer suffering from the devastating pressures that had been building, but organizing into that cum-blasting power-pack of prostate gland, muscles and tissues which launches semen with such consistent force it always takes my breath away. And another full stroke. Taking my time. Enjoying the jack off. Wanting to hurry in the dangerous atmosphere of the place, but not rushing past pure pleasure. Yet another full stroke.

"Yeah, man!" I heard someone whisper quietly. It would have been a shock had it not sounded so richly sexual! I looked toward the sound. A guy in the bunk across the aisle and up one level was watching me. He was only about three feet away. At first, I saw only his open eyes in the dim lighting, but, then, he shifted his body forward. He was lying on his left side, facing me. His right hand held a stiff erection in front of a muscular abdomen decoratively highlighted with dark pubic hair. His big balls were as tightly compressed against the thick cockbase as were mine. He was stroking the big dick at my leisurely pace, matching me. Watching me. I kept stroking.

I checked the form directly across the aisle from me. He seemed to be asleep. But then, I noticed the fellow on the other side of him watching me, too. He kept hidden from me what he was doing, but he didn't seem to be disinterested in what he saw in my hand. I kept stroking.

I looked to my left. The fellow who was four or five inches from my bunk had turned onto his side, facing me, covered with his sheet. We were sleeping in the military style, head to toe, and his face was down in the shadows. I couldn't tell if he was asleep, but across the aisle separating him from the next row of men, I saw another guy looking over at my cock. As I watched, he threw off his sheet, too, and uncovered a good-looking, long cock which he was stroking at a much faster pace than I was. But I kept stroking.

This was incredible. The Military loathes anything even remotely smacking of homosexual activity, and we all knew it, yet here were several of us jacking off, well, together, in a way. I kept stroking.

With my left hand, I popped the snaps of my skivvies as quietly as I could, opened them, and worked them down onto my thighs so I could fondle my balls. I could only see a part of the guy immediately above the one on the left who was stroking at a fast pace, but I noticed he was jacking off, too. He seemed to be watching the guy across the aisle from me, who was on his same level. I looked back. He was still on his side, pumping calmly, keeping pace with me, but now he was looking over at someone above me. I couldn't see who it was but figured another man had joined us. Then I noticed that the guy across the aisle and down one bunk, was also pumping with me. That meant at least five of us were jacking off together. I kept stroking.

"Beat that meat!" someone whispered out of the darkness. It resounded loudly in my brain, almost causing me to shoot my wad right then and there. I looked around to see where the lusty command had come from, and saw a crew-cut, a forehead, and a pair of eyes watching me from the bunk at my feet. I lifted my head and saw that he was jacking off, too. He seemed to shift his body into better lighting when he saw me looking down at him, proud to give me a good view of his handiwork. I kept stroking.

I moved my left hand to my chest, pinching my nipples and rubbing my pecs. I was really hot, now. Suddenly, I felt a hand slide onto my hip. I sucked in my breath. The hand, from the covered shadow on my left, slid onto my balls and encircled them, tugging masterfully. Firmly but gently. My body reacted by blasting off into orgasm. My heels dug into the canvas; my neck stiffened and pushed my head back into the thin pillow; my buttocks clenched; my lungs filled with air; my abdomen tightened into a ball of muscle as wave after wave of orgasmic power surged through it into my groin; my hand pounded down the rigid shaft, touched the foreign hand on my balls, and I came. Overwhelmingly.

I had aimed my cockhead at my face, or else it was have poked into the bunk above me, and before I could react, the first glorious jet of sperm shot out over my body, passed my face and disappeared into the darkness beyond. I knew the next shot would be as energetic, so I lowered the angle of trajection and felt the second jet splatter under my chin. I glanced to my right and saw that the fellow one level up was shooting off too, and so was the fellow one level down. A quick glance to my left, and I saw both guys across the aisle coming, the fast-paced one still maintaining the fast pace.

The guy in the shadows lifted his sheet, and I let my left hand float over to his balls. Just as my hand enveloped them, I felt his whole being shudder and I knew I had helped bring him off.

As I continued to pump heavy spurts of hot, white semen onto my chest, and noticed that the fellow at my feet was coming with us, I thought, This is fuckin' wild!

Over my head, I began to hear the wrenching sobs of a man in orgasm. I stretched to look behind me, saw a naked foot drenched with my initial spurt of jism, and beyond, an erupting cock being stroked by a loving fist, behind which was a head raised up to watch me.

"Whew!" I whispered in awe, impressed by the visions of men beating off all around me. Although my orgasm was coming to an end, I kept stroking because it felt too good to stop, and because this awful place had suddenly, miraculously, transposed itself into some kind of sex factory.

I looked around. The guy across the aisle one level up was looking away from me at the bunk next to him and beyond. The guys across the aisle from my shadowy neighbor were also looking away from me at distant bunks. I listened intently. It was amazing. Like ripples made by a pebble dropped in a quiet pond, the waves of pleasure were extending outward in every direction, above and below, and all around us. I'm sure not every individual man in the place was in the process of jacking off, but every one of them, who was as horny as I was, was definitely getting his rocks off. Some of them quite noisily.

It made me feel incredibly good to think that, perhaps, I had been the catalyst for bringing all of us this welcomed pleasure and needed relief. I reluctantly withdrew my left hand from the hearty balls of my neighbor. In the darkness between us, I doubt others had seen the connection. After a few moments, his hand withdrew with what I suspected was a similar reluctance.

The noises of orgasms became more and more distant as the excitement washed to the corners of the huge room. As arousing as it was to listen for the telltale sounds, I grew sleepy, finally, and pulled the sheet over me. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I looked up, heavy-lidded, at the sexy guy across the aisle one level up. He smiled and mouthed the words "Good Night". I smiled back.

That night I slept like a log. I awoke with my shorts tangled at my knees, my sheet twisted underneath me, my skin taut with dried semen, and my exposed cock as hard as the steel of the troopship. Half-recalled dreams had been very sexual. I glanced around. Most of the others seemed to be asleep. A few had already left their bunks and were no where to be seen. It was still very early. Idly, I wondered if last night's scene would ever be repeated. My own feverish need for an orgasm had been sated, at least for the time being. Maybe this companionable urge for jacking off as a group would re-occur rhythmically, every three or four days, as others find the pressures growing too great to bear, just as I had. I wondered if, having done it as a group once, it would seem more natural the next time and happen even more openly. I hoped so.

I pulled off my shorts, wrapped a towel around my waist, grabbed my shaving kit and headed for the nearest showers. The entrance was like a small maze - a polite way, I figured, to make it impossible for men in the latrine to stare into the showers. It was so early that the room wasn't crowded. Eight guys were taking showers off in one corner, in a room that would easily hold forty. I could have been conservative and aloof, staying by myself, but I was in a good mood and thought nothing of joining them.

I went over and took a place next to a well-built man who I thought looked like the guy across the aisle, who'd been the first to join me in the jack off. As the water-spray began, he gave a nervous start and turned his head quickly to look at me. He seemed to recognize me, too, for he smiled leeringly and then shifted his body towards me, granting an unobstructed view of his expanding dick, which was pointing outward, looking puffy and full, floating over a big sac of balls. It wasn't a complete erection, but it wasn't a disinterested little wienie, either. The gesture of exposing it to me that way made me flush all over, and sent a jolt of electric current into my groin.

What the fuck have these guys been up to? I wondered, realizing that as I came in they had all had their backs turned to me.

"How're ya doin'," my sexy companion asked in a deep, quiet voice, like he knew me. He smiled again. He was cute.

I blushed, feeling somehow intimidated and very nervous, and I did something I had never, ever, done before. Something I had been warned never to do. Something I had heard dirty jokes told about. Something I had been told was the worst possible thing you can do in a military shower, especially aboard a naval ship. And particularly standing right next to someone with an erection. I dropped my bar of soap!

I watched the white rectangle slide across the floor and hit the foot of one bather, then veer off at an angle and hit the foot of the nude guy next to him. Then it swirled with the water and circled and circled the center drain until it finally came to a stop. I watched it with my heart in my mouth. Both men who'd been hit by the soap turned to look at me and watch with me as the soap sailed on its circular journey to the drain.

My cute companion followed the entire journey with wide eyes and a big grin, and then asked me, "Don't you know what happens when you drop your soap in a naval shower, buddy?" His husky voice, dripping with innuendo, reverberated in the moist, warm room. All the others turned to look at him, saw him looking at the soap in the middle of the floor, looked at the soap too, and then, every one of them, looked up at me.

He continued, "It's fuckin' dangerous..." He paused, chuckled, and added, "...or dangerous fuckin'!"

"I... Uhm... Well..." I stuttered, feeling absolutely naked, stripped of all defenses, all protection. I looked up from the soap to the two men it had hit. My breath was knocked out of me as I watched them both slowly shift as they saw me looking at them and exhibit erections even more engorged than the guy's next to me. What the hell is this? I wondered. Three more of the men in the showers turned around. Each was showing sexual arousal. Very obvious sexual arousal. Very obvious sexual arousal that was growing even more obvious as I looked at each. I was dumbfounded.

"Better pick it up while you can," the cute guy next to me suggested in his husky voice in tones that carried a sexual nuance but yet seemed somehow comical.

I strode haltingly towards the center of the shower room, feeling lightheaded and more conspicuous than I had ever felt in my entire life. I wondered if I should bend over for the soap or squat down to pick it up.

As I stood over the soap and looked down at it, I had another shock. A greater shock. I saw that I had a hard-on! Not just growing interest, nor pudgy fluffiness, but a full-fledged, straight-standing, no-questions-asked, major hard-on with all its attendant qualifications of rigidity, extreme engorgement, skin-tight shiny smoothness, and throbbing pulsation. One for the picture books. Nothing that could somehow be offhandedly explained away. For how long I had had the hard-on, I don't know. I thought sure my morning erection had subsided well before I entered the showers. I'd been in the army for about a year, and such an unexpected erection in public had never happened to me before. I wondered, briefly, if this had something to do with the overpowering excitement of last night, or the fact that I was here with fellows I didn't know and who weren't in my outfit, but who most probably had been participants in last night's activities, or if these sexy guys had simply turned me on. But, whatever the reasons were, here I was with a whopping hard-on in front of eight men, six of whom were already flaunting equally impressive erections at me.

Another bather stared harder at me as if just recognizing me. "Hey," he said, nudging the guy next to him, "he's the guy I was just telling you about. The guy we jacked off with last night." His friend turned with him. Both had full erections. I couldn't believe it. I guess I would have felt faint if all of my excess blood weren't already in my cock.

With that, I glanced at my husky-voiced, muscular companion. His cock had now risen to its maximum potential, too, looking enormous. He was watching me closely. I didn't know what else to do, so I bent over and picked up my bar of soap, trying to aim my ass away from him, but feeling a ridiculous false modesty. Let him see your ass, if he wants to look, my mind said. As I looked up, he smiled at me. It seemed to me they must have been jacking off together before I came in. They were probably all friends in the same outfit and got it on together once in a while. After all, a group of our guys did it with me, often enough, so why wouldn't they.

I returned his smile, shyly, and backed up to my shower. Everyone was looking at me. At my big dick. I looked down. It was in full glory, undiminished by any emotional reaction taking place in my brain. I reached out to put the soap bar in the dish behind me, not really looking back too carefully, trying to keep a watchful eye on these guys, yet, on a certain conscious level, delighted to see such a splendid array of erections, when it happened again! I dropped my soap!

Every eye in the room watched it fall to the floor, speed across the wet surface and once again hit against the foot of the first guy it had hit, who, wouldn't you know it, was now sporting the biggest, fullest erection in the room. He was very alert. As it slid into him, he caught the bar with his toes!

"Hmmm," the cute guy next to me began, leaning towards me in a conspiratorial manner, "it might be harder to pick it up, this time, man." He chuckled quietly, pleased, no doubt, with his emphasis of the word "harder."

I looked at him in alarm.

He gave me a full-toothed grin, obviously enjoying himself, raised and lowered his eyebrows suggestively, and said, "It's your soap, buddy. If you're chickenshit, you can leave it there. But his toes look clean enough, and you'll be needin' the soap more'n him."

I looked at the soap, wondering why the guy thought I'd be needing it. Then I looked up at the fucker holding it by his toes. He was incredible. A wave of lust surged through my abdomen. He was handsome, youthful, tall, strong and masculine, everything imaginable in a desirable, big-cocked, broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, energy-packed, turned-on male. I was excited by him, by the thought of bending down in front of him to retrieve my soap, by trying to imagine what he might do. My cock throbbed uncontrollably as I looked at him.

He smirked at me, noticing the throbbing. "Better relieve the watch," he instructed. He was in charge. Immediately, two of the guys sprung into action and left the shower room. I was surprised and wondered where they were going. Leaving with them occurred to me, but, somehow, I sensed I wasn't going to get out of here that easily. At least, not without my soap.

Almost immediately, a third man went to the doorway of the shower room, while wrapping a white towel around his waist, and took up guard, his back to the entrance, watching me, arms folded across his chest, muscular legs spread wide, a solid barrier to anyone wanting in. Or out. I figured that the other two were somewhere outside, making sure no one would disturb us.

Suddenly, two more men, unwrapping towels from their waists as they moved, entered the room, patting the guard and whispering to him. He grinned. I watched the two move to showers near the man with my soap and rinse off, all the while watching me and throwing boners of their own.

"Didn't I tell you this guy was a hot one, Buck?" one of them asked excitedly, talking to the one with my soap.

Then, it dawned on me. This encounter had been planned. I had been allowed to come into the showers with these guys. Without my even realizing it, I had been passed through some sort of security screen all their own. They were expecting me; in fact, they were getting hard waiting for me to appear. It was more than I could comprehend.

"Tell you what I'm gonna do," Buck, gripping my soap tightly, said quietly, directly to me, forcing me to refocus. "I'm gonna give you one more chance to pick up this here soap."

"Ah, shit, Buck," one of the others said with disappointment in his voice, "don't let this sucker get away. He looks fine. I'll bet he'd like to give us some fun."

"Yeah, Buck," another one said enthusiastically, "we jacked off with this guy last night. He'll be a real sport, I'm sure."

"Yeah" another agreed.

"That true?" Buck asked me. "You jack off with these fellers last night?"

"Well... Yeah... Sort of," I admitted hesitantly. I saw no point in denying it.

"Wadda ya mean? 'Sort of'."

"Well, I was real horny," I reported honestly. "I decided to jack off in my bunk 'cause I couldn't find any privacy, and before I knew it, half a dozen or so guys were doing it with me."

"Half a dozen?" Buck asked, looking hard at me.

"Well, maybe more. Maybe a lot more. I don't know for sure how many. It just seemed to keep going out around the big room."

"And you're the one who started it all?" Buck asked directly, looking somewhat surprised.

"I guess so."

"It was great!" Buck suddenly said in an excited, friendly voice, his manner completely changed. "I heard and then saw what was happening and I got off, myself."

"Yeah! Me, too!" someone else volunteered.

"Me, too," someone else said.

"So did I," another admitted.

"Me, too," another confessed.

"Looks like you really started somethin', last night." Buck smiled. "I guess we all should thank you." He chuckled. The others joined in. It was friendly, somehow.

I blushed, my cock standing firm.

"Like I say," Buck continued. "You can pick up your soap. No hard feelin's, Okay?"

"Okay," I said, relieved. "Thanks. I didn't do it on purpose."

"We know that," Buck said carefully, speaking slowly, "that's why we're lettin' you take it back."

I heard a hum or two of disappointment from his friends. I looked at the soap. It was still held tightly by his toes. I could have it, but he wasn't going to just let it go. I decided the only thing I could do was to go get it, so I moved nervously across the room towards him, my stiff cock preceding me.

He smiled as I neared. His giant cock throbbed as I started to bend down in front of him. Geez, what a sight, I thought, getting closer, almost feeling the heat of it on my face. I reached out for the white bar, almost touching it. He pulled his foot back a few inches, out of my reach. Still bending, I moved slightly closer to him, stretching my hand out towards his foot. He slid the foot back further still.

If I moved any closer, we'd come into physical contact. I turned my head and looked up at him. His cock was just inches from my face, and I was as aware of it as I was of him.

"Remember," he said as he looked down at me from behind the looming cock, "we're lettin' you take it back 'cuz you didn't drop it on purpose, like you said."

His groin inched out towards me suggestively, in a really lewd gesture. The big cock, with its pendulous balls, was a mere inch from my mouth, being offered. Being flaunted. Being proudly displayed. My eyes grew big and my breath left me. Buck's foot inched forward silently. I noticed the movement in his leg, next to his cock, which caused the cock to sway hypnotically a mere fraction of an inch from my face. I was entranced, staring at it like a mongoose in front of a cobra. I lusted after it. Slowly the foot came forward until his leg bumped against my still outstretched arm. I looked down. The soap was inches from my hand. If I reached for it, my cheek would touch his erection.

I hesitated. My head was awhirl. Remember, his voice echoed in my mind. Remember. His foot moved again and the soap was at my fingertips. I carefully encircled the bar, feeling his strong toes under my grasp, and pulled it away from him. He leaned back, away from me.

I stood up and looked him in the eye. He stared back without comment or expression. I slowly squeezed the bar of soap, tightening my fist around it, holding it in front of us so we could all see what I was doing. His eyes grew larger and larger as I squeezed tighter and tighter. Suddenly, the soap spurted out of my hand, splatted onto the floor and skidded off.

Buck made the first move. He reached out and pinched my hard nipple, running it between his fingers knowingly, realizing that it was a source of real pleasure for me. The others gathered around us in a tight circle. "You know, don't you," he said huskily, looking me in the eye, "you're gonna get fucked in the ass, man."

"Yeah!" someone hissed excitedly next to me.

I glanced around quickly. The eight of us were all completely erect. No one was jacking off, but each cock looked like it was set for fireworks, including my own. I even noticed that the ninth man in the room, the guard on the door, had eased his erection out the slit in the front of his towel, and it was throbbing exotically in front of the white material.

"Fucked by whom?" I asked somewhat fearfully, hopeful that some care would be taken so I wouldn't be ripped apart by these bruisers.

"By each one of us. That's whom," Buck answered with a sarcastic emphasis.

"Geez," I whispered, feeling flushed and excited, "I don't know if..."

"Of course," Buck interrupted, "there's always one way out of getting fucked by each one of us." He paused.

"What's that?," I asked nervously.

"If you suck off some of the guys who are waiting their turn, you might spare your ass some effort."

"What do you mean, 'might'?" I questioned.

"Well, some might come in your mouth but then want to fuck your ass, anyhow." He paused. "Or vise versa," he added lewdly.

"Hmmm," I said, fascinated by the predicament I'd put myself into, "who'll be first?"

For the first time, I saw him grab his cock. He waggled it at me, enticingly, lewdly, humping his hips upwards, offering the cock to me silently.

Here we go! I thought, and I leaned down to lick at the thick cockhead and then to suck it into my hot, eager mouth. It smelled and tasted terrific, leaking pre-cum, was even bigger than it seemed to appear, and swelled with pleasure in my mouth.

The ice was broken. The dam burst. A flurry of activity began. A pair of strong hands grabbed my hips tightly. My soap was found and used as a lubricant for the first cock to enter my ass. They were careful about it, moving slowly, allowing me to adjust to the penetration. The guy's technique was to rotate his moist cockhead around the pucker of my asshole, slowly aiming more and more towards the center as he felt my ass respond to his loving assault. Pressures increased. I relaxed and accepted the hard meat into myself. Suddenly, the cockhead slipped in completely. My sphincter clamped down behind the thick flanges and stopped further penetration.

"Oh, man!" the voice of the man screwing me said sincerely, "this fucker is hot and tight! What a sweet ass!" I recognized the husky voice. I was glad it was him.

"Shit," someone next to him said excitedly, "look at that big dick poke into him, there."

Buck put both hands on my shoulders and humped cock into my mouth more aggressively. He was getting even more turned on as he watched his fuck-buddy slowly push the long erection into me. I held onto his heavy thighs for support (after reaching out into his waterspray and rinsing the soap from my hand) and began to administer a first-class, deep-throated, no-holds-barred, blowjob.

For a moment, Buck didn't seem to react to my efforts, but then, suddenly, he let out a heartfelt groan and announced to his friends, "Wow! Is this guy a great cocksucker!"

Almost immediately, two guys knelt down, one on each side of Buck, and studied my cocksucking skill, their eyes bulging in fascination. I bobbed my head rhythmically, getting more and more of the long shaft into my mouth and throat, until, finally, my lips were encircling the base, my forehead pushed solid against his hard-muscled abdomen, my nose in wiry cockhair, my chin pressed firmly against his hot balls.

"Fuck!" one of the watchers said to the other, "Look at this. He's got Buck's big tool in to the bone!"

"Yeah," the other confirmed. "What a sight!"

I noticed they both had started to jack off slowly as they watched, unable to restrain themselves as they witnessed the engulfment of their friend's big dick. The cock in my ass had been eased into me, pulled almost out, and eased back in in the meanwhile. The guy moved effortlessly into a rhythm of fucking that made me feel marvelous, sending waves of pleasure surging through my whole being each time his solid cockhead slid against my prostate gland. I could feel my own stiff rod leaking a heavy volume of pre-cum as it throbbed beneath my bent-over body.

Amazingly, with a huge cock in my mouth and a big cock up my ass, I felt a sense of security. I was relaxed, knowing I was in no danger of being caught in this naval shower. That awareness enhanced the level of my pleasure and, for a moment, I thought I might explode in an unfisted ejaculation. What really happened, though, is that sexual euphoria carried me to even higher planes of real abandonment. I fucked my ass back on the long cock, rotating on and pulling at the hot meat, while I sucked on the thick rod in my mouth with sensual pressures that could not be ignored.

Both men groaned in unison and shot off together. Their humps and grinds as they came lasted an exceptionally long time, but their hearty grunts and sighs told their companions clearly what was happening. Both withdrew simultaneously.

Immediately, and with Buck's comment, "You gotta try this mouth, man," one of the kneeling men, stood up, poking his rod into my mouth eagerly, even before he was fully upright.

"Damn," his friend said, "I was ready to blast off into his mouth." But he kept kneeling and watched me suck in his friend's cock.

Another cock was being inserted into my ass. This time, no soap was used. The semen of the first fuck was more than sufficient lubrication and made penetration rather easy, even for the larger size of the second cock. The second fucker held my hip with one hand as he leaned back, away from my ass and watched, with his friends, as his cock made the penetration. Then he started fucking like a wild man, bucking and pumping, slapping my ass from time to time with the hand he held in the air, and whispering a string of obscenities, like "Take this giant tube, Fucker," "Fuck my big cock," and "Move that hot ass, man." It was like an aphrodisiac to me, making me work harder to give him the pleasure he sought and causing me to suck harder to drain the load from the meat in my mouth. They both came, together, too.

But, as the cock in my ass started to spurt, the guy tugged it free and shot jet after jet of hot sperm all over my back and my ass. The other guys all encouraged him with quiet calls to "pump out that jism, man," and "shoot that load all over this fucker," and the like. It was exciting.

My cock throbbed, now really ready to explode. In fact, I was surprised that I hadn't already come.

Just as quickly, places were exchanged and another big dick was shoved into my mouth, as another fat cock was unceremoniously shoved up my ass. It was great. These guys were overflowing with raw enthusiasm and were coming quickly.

Buck had stayed near my head, watching all the action at both ends, slowly pulling on his still hard meat. He knelt down next to me, watched me sucking for a moment, and then whispered, "What about you, man? You ready to shoot?"

I raised my head up to the tip of the cock in my mouth, looked quickly at him with frenzied eyes and hummed, "UmmHmm".

He saw my eager expression, leaned down on all fours and slid his head along my chest till his mouth clamped down over the head of my pulsating dick. It was startling. I didn't think this sexy, masculine stud would suck cock, especially not in front of his friends. But he knew what he was doing, whirling his tongue around the sensitive cockhead and suctioning energetically to coax out my cum.

He wanted it, and I gave it to him. As I soared into ecstasy, my sphincter tensed, capturing the cock in my ass in a tight, sensual grasp, and my sucking became frenzied. Both guys in me joined my orgasm.

But, again, the cock in my ass was withdrawn to shower my back with hot jism. Apparently, they enjoyed seeing one another's cum spurt out.

Buck swallowed every drop of my cum. Although the group continued to make lewd comments about shooting cum on me and fucking my mouth, and the like, nothing was said about Buck's action. They seemed to ignore it. Maybe they just couldn't bring themselves to believe he really was a cocksucker. Or maybe they felt it was extremely nice of him to help out a fellow who needed to come. I don't know, but I was struck by their lack of comment about his behavior.

In a sexy haze, I took on two more. Rather than weaken me, their simultaneous assaults on my tonsils and my prostate seemed to revitalize me, and I was soon rewarded with a coating on the tonsils and a stimulation on the prostate that ended with quick withdrawal and a hot shower of cum on my back. Yet before I could straighten up and get the kinks out, two more lusty lads were pounding cock into me from each end. They seemed to come faster than the rest, and were quickly replaced by two more, who also got off quickly.

Twelve men had reached orgasm in me, more than the total in the room at the start, so I knew most were taking me on at both ends, and I figured we must surely be reaching the end of this marathon of sex. Boy, was I wrong.

"Relieve Doug," Buck instructed a naked guy whose cock had gone flaccid. The guy left the room immediately.

Moments later one of the two guards that had relieved the two earlier, returned from outside hurriedly, tugging off his towel. He came right over to us. I figured he was Doug.

"How is he?" he asked Buck. I watched his cock as he moved. It was enlarging with every step. I was getting very big.

"Best cocksucker I've ever come across," Buck answered huskily, "Haven't tried his butt, yet, though." He grinned.

"It's a great ass, man," one of the others volunteered, sincerely.

Doug looked down at my face. I had remained bent over, ready for the next round of action and expecting a refreshed attack momentarily.

I smiled.

"How're ya holdin' up?" he asked. "Ready to take on some more cock, boy?"

"All you can feed me," I replied, licking my lips. It amused me that he called me "boy". We had to be the same age. I felt it was his way of being affectionate.

He took my reply as an invitation and moved forward, pressing in between his buddies and grabbing his growing cock to aim at my mouth. It slid in erotically and, for the first time that morning, I had the pleasure of feeling a cock grow stiff in my mouth. The others had been stiff beforehand. It's a great sexual experience to lap at a rising erection with a rough tongue and feel its sensuous reactions as it lengthens, widens, stiffens, pushes inward and fills out. The corona eased out of lengthy foreskin, tasting fresh, masculine and clean. It swelled rapidly, filling my mouth as it stretched back towards my throat.

He humped forward, pumping more into me. He knew what he was doing. I enjoyed the chance to concentrate on one cock at a time and gave him my best efforts, sucking him in deeper and deeper, as the others watched in fascination.

"Relieve Butch," Buck ordered a youthful stud playing with his cock near my face. He moved off immediately.

Here comes the other guard, I figured, but I maintained my attention on the wonderful, big cock I was sucking.

"Relieve Stan," Buck ordered another handsome young man. I could just glimpse his movements as he went over and took the towel from the guard in the doorway and wrapped it around himself.

Stan knew I was keeping an eye out and walked slowly towards me, his solid erection barely swaying with the movements of his muscular body, it was so rigid with anticipation. At the last moment, he veered off and went behind me, grabbing my hips tightly as the others had done and sliding his giant member up and down my ass cleft, enjoying the initial contact and, in the process, lubricating his weapon with the spent cum on my body. The intimate contact felt terrific - almost as good as a fuck.

Movement at the door attracted me, and I saw the guy I figured was Butch coming in. He opened his towel as he caught my eye and danced erotically, sliding the towel against his ass, highlighting the growing erection that was pointing its head at me. He danced his sexy dance right up to me, standing close to Doug, whom I was still sucking.

Stan suddenly pressed his cock into my rectum. It had no trouble entering, but to say that its size didn't cause me some discomfort would be understating the truth. He felt bigger than I had expected. And, once he got going, he was like a pile-driver, pumping a log into me. He was steady, rhythmic, full-stroked, and hot, knowing exactly what pleased himself, but obviously capable of giving me great satisfaction with his skilled, measured talent.

Both of these guys, the one in my mouth and the one in my ass, seemed more mature, more experienced, and bigger, than all the others, except Buck. They both seemed to be enjoying the sexual contact more fully, and at a much less frantic pace.

I relaxed and raised my art to a higher playing level, deep-throating with great strength and technique, fucking with enthusiastic fervor and control. Those watching couldn't help but notice the improvements in our style. Strokes were long and smooth, rhythmic but unhurried, impassioned and powerful. It was a championship effort whose rewards couldn't be put off for too long.

Soon, both started grunting and puffing, sighing and groaning. Orgasm was near for both. And I could have easily dropped another load, myself.

"Fuck," Buck sighed softly, "look at you three go at it! It's hard to tell which of you is having the best time of it. You all look like you're gonna blast off. What a sight!"

"Yeah," someone agreed. "They look terrific."

Butch, who'd been out of the room during all of the fucking, suddenly instructed Stan, "Remember, don't cum in his ass, man. We don't want it gettin' too sloppy in there."

Holy Shit!, I thought, The first guy supplied lubricant for the rest, and now they've been pulling out and pumping cum on my back to keep me nice and dry for the next guy! This is a well-organized bunch of fuckers.

The cock in my mouth suddenly started pumping out huge waves of hot juice, forcing me to swallow fast. Immediately, the cock in my ass started expanding and stiffening, but before I felt an initial spurt, it was ripped out of me. I felt it slip up my ass crack and felt the length of the cock against me.

Then he exploded. I felt the contractions of his organ with my butt. A heavy jolt of sperm splattered against my neck, just below my right ear. Another and another heavy dollop of sperm hit my neck and my upper back. He kept pumping out more as his friends held their breaths in amazed fascination. As the two wound down from the heights of bliss, they slowly pulled back from me.

Immediately, another cock was stuffed into my mouth. It was Butch's big dick. It, too, tasted great. Different from the others, somehow, but sexy and delicious. I decided to give it all I had, trying to regain some of the concentration I'd had earlier, but then everything changed.

Buck moved away from my head for the first time, and walked around behind me. He leaned down upon me, his hot skin pressing against my back luxuriously, squishing spent cum erotically between us, and whispered gruffly, "Now, you're really gonna git fucked!"

He wrapped both arms around me and embraced me, pinching a tit with lusty pressures. One hand reached down and knowingly grabbed my stiff cock. My body tensed, but I kept on sucking. With one hand firmly on my cock, Buck took his other hand and aimed his cockhead at my hole. Insertion seemed to be easy. At first. But he was much bigger than any of the others.

"Oh, fuck!" Buck sighed, "he's still so tight. I thought you fuckers would stretch him out for me. What a hot ass!"

There were murmurs of agreement from the on-lookers.

The corona burst through into me. It felt huge. My sphincter clamped behind it, stopping any more forward penetration. I guess it was making me, and Butch, too, exceptionally excited, because suddenly he started tensing every muscle, straining to get every millimeter of cock into me. After a split-second, he began blasting cum into me with vigor. Only someone who loves cocksucking as much as I do could have overcome Butch's lusty, powerful, uncontrolled, machine-gun rapid shots, and taken every drop of his cum without losing a single sperm.

When Butch pulled his cum-slick cock out of my mouth, Buck straightened me up, his hand still wrapped around my erection. The movement forced more cock up my ass. He humped back and jabbed upwards, and more cock entered me.

"Ugh... Ugh... Ugh..." he grunted, and with each grunt more and more cock filled me. He was rising up onto his toes to hump cock into me with great straining efforts of all his muscles.

I did my best to relax and welcome the big tube, but it took all of my control.

"Look at that!" someone said.

"Yeah, what a man!" someone else agreed.

Frankly, I didn't know if the were referring to Buck or to me, but I liked the enthusiasm of their comments. The six of them formed a circle with me. They all started beating their meat as they watched Buck pounding mine and trying to hammer his home to the hilt. He was almost lifting me up off my feet on the upstroke on my cock and then pounding me down on his cock on the downstroke, jarring my balls and causing my body to shudder onto his cock, sinking further and further down onto the thick shaft.

I looked at the door and saw the guard, too, was slowly jacking off with us as he watched the hot action.

Finally, Buck hissed, "IN! Man, I'm IN all the way." He groaned. "Oh, fuck, what an ass on this mother."

The others hummed assent, watching the action and revving up the level of their mutual masturbation as they mimicked Buck's fist working my cock.

"Oh," I groaned, able to speak for almost the first time since the fireworks began, "this is fantastic! Oh, what a cock in my ass, man. It's in so deep, I can feel it in my stomach!"

The others grinned and moved in closer, matching the rhythm of Buck's beat, pumping in unison, getting hotter and hotter as they saw viscous lubricant seeping from my cockhead. Buck's other hand roved my body, tugging my balls, twitching my tits, rubbing my pecs, and making me feel terrific.

We moved into an energetic, long-stroked, fuck. He turned us, bent me forward, and showed his friends the sturdy pile-driver humping into me. Then he turned us back and said, "I'm gettin' down to the short strokes, men. Let's all cum together with this guy, and complete his initiation as the newest member of our wolf-pack."

With that startling announcement, he kissed my neck passionately. My eyes closed with pleasure, but I opened them immediately so I could continue to see the meat being beaten in front of me. I wanted to take in everything, not miss a beat.

On another level, I realized the meaning of "wolf-pack" alluded me. Besides German U-boat groups during WWII, I thought, vaguely, I'd heard it was used as prison slang for sexual harassment, or something, and felt determined to find out just what it was I was newly a member of. But the thought was fleeting.

More intensely, the idea that I would have on-going contact with these guys was raising my excitement level to an orgiastic state. My orgasm was at hand. I knew I would be unable to withstand much more of the friction in my ass without shooting off blindly.

Buck seemed to sense this transition and asserted even more control, pumping cock into me on the upstroke of his hand on my cock, and pulling back on the downstroke, just the opposite of what I'd come to expect but exposing my ass to every cubic centimeter of his long weapon. It wasn't three or four more complete strokes before I soared into uncontrolled bliss, energetically spraying out massive volumes of ropy sperm in all directions, hitting three or four of the guys in front of us.

My orgasm did something splendid to my sphincters, muscles, organs, and tissues, for suddenly Buck froze, deep inside me, and every muscle in his body tensed. He came. I felt the thick cock expand in my bowels. After a second shot, he pulled the entire cock out of me with a single stroke, almost devastating me, but at the point of orgasm intensifying my feelings.

He moved to my side to add his semen to the circle. Immediately, the others came with us. Cum was flying up in every direction, spurt after spurt after glorious spurt. I even saw the guard at the door adding his sperm from afar.

The whole thing was wonderful to be a part of. I had never been with such a lusty group of sexy men before. Oh, I'd been in a few circle jerks, but this experience went way outside the league of simple circle jerk. And I'd sucked and fucked before, too, but not at this heady level of open abandon and gang bang style. These men were mature, fit, strong and expert. They knew what they wanted and how to go about getting it, while protecting one another in the process. If I really were a member of their "wolf-pack", I guess I was happy about it.

Buck put his arm around my shoulder and led me back to my shower. Someone had returned my soap to its dish. He grabbed it and lathered my back and ass, gave me the soap and I merrily lathered up his back and ass, too. Then, with the atmosphere changing, we showered together as a group, laughing and talking all at once like innocent kids. The guard at the door joined us, and soon the two from outside came in, too.

After a while, other men started entering the room, bleary-eyed and sleepy, and began their morning showers. Everything quickly shifted back to normal. Or would it ever be normal again? I wondered, feeling like I was a little more grown up.

Nothing was said as we left the showers to go our separate ways, leaving singly as though we didn't know one another. There were lots of questions I was eager to have answered. I wanted to talk, to share my excitement, to learn their names, to know when we'd get together again, but they all just sort of disappeared into the maze of stacked bunks and into the general hustle and bustle of morning routine as it was unfolding. But they couldn't leave the troopship, so I figured I'd be invited back to play, again, soon enough. In fact, I was dead certain of it.

Seduction - Chapter 2

Rumors were flying around the ship about the multi-person jack-off that had taken place the night before, our third night at sea. Everyone seemed to be gossiping about it. I, myself, kept silent because not only had I been involved in the instantly notorious session, I had, essentially, instigated the event.

Our Navy hosts had randomly assigned bunks so that individuals from all the different outfits were scattered throughout the ship, rather than quartered together, I don't know why. This meant that someone from almost every outfit on the ship had witnessed the event, or, even more likely, had participated in it, and was now discussing it with his friends. The gossip was therefore traveling much, much faster than if only one or two outfits had been involved and were now trying to keep it quiet.

Another important reason I was keeping quiet, though, was that when I went in to take a shower early that next morning, I became the very willing "target" of a group of ten sexy guys calling themselves the Wolf-Pack. It was a quick, quiet but very intense orgy, with lookout guards posted outside the showers to prevent interference and to direct early bathers away to other showers. After a marathon of male sex, and without explanation, I was told I was newly initiated into the group. We had then separated before any of my questions could be asked.

Later, at breakfast, I was reflecting on the Wolf-Pack and the exhilarating effects fucking around with them had had on me, rather than thinking about the group jack-off everyone was abuzz over. While I sat trying to eat, guys from my outfit who had heard I was assigned to the notorious quarters kept coming over to question me, wanting to know if I'd seen anything. I played it as coy as I dared and neither confirmed nor denied knowing anything. Their resultant unspoken attitude generally seemed to reflect what one guy said outright to me: "Sure you won't tell me anything, you shit, because you were jacking off with the rest of them and don't have the balls to admit it." But I could live with that.

What truly amazed me, though, was the very large number of men who were genuinely fascinated to learn exactly what had happened. Really dying to know. Somehow, their interest seemed to go way beyond mere curiosity. It dawned on me, as they kept pestering me to tell them what had happened, that they were all just as horny as I had been before the relief I'd received from the night's group jack-off. Not to mention from the orgy with the Wolf-Pack.

Now, on a ship that allowed no one privacy, open talk about a public jack-off was really putting everyone on edge. I had to wonder, once again, why the Military had put us all on such a slow boat crossing the Pacific in the first place. But here we were on the fourth day. I was thankful I'd had the good fortune to join up with the Wolf-Pack, but I wondered how well others would hold up during the next 22 days at sea.

I had learned there were over four thousand soldiers and three hundred crewmen aboard. Well, if statistics are reliable, that meant a hefty number of us was gay. Plus a large number who wouldn't turn down a good blowjob. And possibly an even much larger number who wouldn't protest another public jack-off if it meant getting the sexual relief they all needed and wanted.

I fell into a quiet moment pondering the probable percentage of gays aboard ship, counting silently the ones I knew personally, when suddenly I was startled out of my reverie by a tray being dropped noisily next to me on the table.

"Hi," a friendly, familiar, husky voice said loudly. "What the fuck have you been up to?"

I looked up. It was the handsome, muscular member of the Wolf-Pack who bunked across from me and had been the first to join me in the jack-off. Later he had been the first to fuck my ass in the shower orgy. I was surprised that he approached me so openly, but I was really glad to have a chance to talk to him. I didn't know his name, nor did he know mine.

"Hi," I greeted him. "Come and join me." I slid down the bench and gave him some room at the table. He slid in, close to me, muscular leg pressing against mine intimately. It felt good. We would seem completely normal to onlookers: two friends, one making room for the other, forced to sit at close quarters.

I decided to try to make it easy for him and said, "My friends have been coming up to me asking, 'Jack, what the fuck happened last night?' Everybody's talkin' about some jack-off."

"Yeah, Jack," he said, picking up on my name immediately and sounding like an old friend, "I heard of a couple of things that guys would like to learn about." He grinned, raising and lowering his eyebrows suggestively. It made my heart pound. It seemed so obvious a reference to the shower orgy that I thought he was implying he wanted to discuss it.

"You mean you would talk about... I couldn't finish my sentence. How could I say it out loud?

"Not on your life, Jack," he responded immediately, smiling. "Would you?" he asked.

"Fuck, No!" I answered emphatically.

"Good, good," he said, grinning. "Thought you felt that way, only wanted to be sure. Buck said, 'Jerry, why don't you go talk to him.' So, here I am." It was a clever way to tell me his name.

"Great," I responded, "I've got a lot of questions."

Ignoring me, he asked in a whisper, "Think you can produce someone for us to fuck around with tomorrow in the showers?"

I just stared at him.

"Buck would like you to help us out," Jerry whispered as I stared at him. I was shocked. They wanted me to supply the "target" for their next orgy. It was an extremely licentious idea.

"Think you can?" he asked.

"I'll sure do my best," I replied in a faint whisper, trying to contain myself. It was a real challenge, but I knew continuing as a part of their Wolf-Pack was exceptionally important to me and if this was a test, I wanted to pass it.

"Attaboy. I knew you weren't the type to let us all down." He smiled radiantly at me, whispered, "Same time, same place," stood up, and left. Once again, I felt I was stuck with more questions than answers.

But as I sat there dazed, pondering the difficulty I faced, I suddenly found myself staring at a very handsome marine. It was then that I decided to follow him up on deck.

"The most popular sport aboard this fuckin' tub is playin' Drop-the-Soap," the handsome, young marine was saying with a cynical grin. We were standing together, by ourselves, near the fantail. Because he was so good-looking, I did follow him up on deck hoping to talk to him.

"You must be joking," I said, trying to look scandalized. My approach to this attractive marine was cautious, but it genuinely surprised me how easily he had been drawn into conversation. Even more surprising was how very quickly and effortlessly the talk had turned to sex.

"No joke, man," he replied with a serious expression on his seductive face. "I've been stationed aboard this here troopship for almost a full year, now, and when ya hear showers runnin' at odd hours, it's a good bet someone's bendin' over." He casually groped himself, as if trying to rearrange something in his pants, presumably unaware of the impact the provocative gesture had on me.

"But you must mean only the showers in the crew's quarters, right?" I asked, feeling excited. I began to sense that this guy was the venturesome type I was looking for. "You don't mean all of them, do you?"

"Fuck, man, I mean every fuckin' shower on this whole fuckin' ship. I don't care where the fuckin' shower is. Crew's quarters, troop showers, fuckin' officer's quarters. You name it. You'd be amazed how often I've caught guys fuckin' around." It was his turn to act scandalized, yet I was sure I saw a certain gleam of intense pleasure in his eyes.

"I guess you turned 'em in, huh?" I asked, holding my breath.

"Fuck, no!" he exclaimed, "Why should I?"

"Well, it's your job, isn't it? Isn't that why there's a contingent of marines on board? To arrest people?" I was puzzled.

"We're here to keep order, man the brig if anyone gets thrown into it, and protect the captain if there's ever any trouble. But there's never any trouble."

"What about those guys fuckin' around in the showers? Isn't that trouble? Why don't you arrest them?"

"Like I said, why should I?" he asked, looking me in the eye, acting tough. "No one else ever stops 'em, and they see what's goin' on, too. I'm not the only one, believe me. The brig would always be crowded if we cracked down on every cocksucker we spotted. Since most trips take well over three weeks to reach port, sexual tensions get mighty high at times, I can tell you. I suspect the brass wants us to ignore most of the indiscretions we see, except maybe for out-and-out rape. They probably realize that young men will always find outlets for sexual urges. Sometimes, though..." he paused. A faraway look washed over his face and I realized he was remembering things.

"Tell me," I asked quietly, "just what does happen in those showers?" I smiled slyly, trying to put him at ease.

"You should see what goes on, man. It can be mind-boggling." His face flushed with excitement as he whispered the reply, leaning closer, taking me into his confidence.

"Like what?" I prompted.

Not for the first time, he looked me up and down, apparently liking what he was seeing. His head moved even closer to mine and he whispered breathlessly, "Jack-offs. Circle jerks. More cocksucking than you can imagine. Lots of ass fucking. Threesomes. The works, man. The works!"

"Geez," I said with a sigh.

"Yeah, man," he whispered right into my ear, "if men can do it together, I seen 'em do it. Everything. Even sixty-nining!"

"Sixty-nining?" I questioned softly, playing dumb.

"Oh, yeah," he sighed sensuously, "that's when two of 'em go down on each other at the same time, man." I must have looked puzzled. "You know. They each suck the other's cock in a '69' position."

"Geez you saw 'em doin' it?" It was difficult keeping a straight face.

"Sure, several times. It's quite a sight."

"What do you do? Do you stop them? I guess you don't arrest them." I had to hold back a laugh.

"Naw. I just watch."

"Shit, I don't think I could just watch," I whispered right back.

"Wadda ya mean?" he asked tersely, with a snarl, apparently taking my comment as some form of put down.

"Fuck, man," I told him with a grin, "I mean watching guys jacking-off, having circle jerks, fucking around - I think I'd be tempted to join in. I'm so fuckin' horny all the time, I think I'd at least jack off while I was watching them..." I paused, holding my breath, aware of the risk I was taking in making such an open admission. "...or, at any rate, I'd probably cream my jeans just from watching."

Tension left him. He smiled at me with genuine pleasure, moving his body in even closer still. I had the clear feeling I was turning him on. "To tell you the truth, man," he whispered seductively, "some of them fuckers do look so fine, the thought of joining in has occurred to me, too."

"Joining in..." I said, repeating his phrase as if intrigued, as if thinking about it.

"Well," he added by way of explanation, "I get horny, too, you know."

"Yes, I'll bet you do. Just like I do!" I smiled.

He grinned back. He looked ready.

"I know how we could 'join in,'" I whispered.

He eyes grew wide with excitement and he held his breath waiting for me to continue.

I took a deep breath. "Some guy approached me..." I paused.

He nodded excitedly, encouraging me to go on. I realized that he and I were alike in the fact that, frankly, we were both good-looking. I suspected he had been approached for sex by men as often as I had been. Teachers, classmates, coaches, bank tellers, men giving me rides when I hitched, neighbors, casual acquaintances, family friends, doctors, salesmen, army buddies, sergeants, you name it, I'd been propositioned, and he looked like he'd been down that same road. He might not have taken advantage of the offers as often as I had, but, as we huddled together whispering to one another, he had that exhilarated look of someone who either knew the score or wanted eagerly to broaden his horizons. If this were a seduction, it would succeed. In my experience, no seduction is ever successful unless the quarry wants it to be, and he looked like he wanted it to be successful.

"...this guy asked if I'd be interested in joining a little 'party' he was throwing." We were still whispering, heads together like two conspirators, but at the word "party," which I pronounced with special emphasis, his head pulled back and his eyes grew very large.

"A party?" he asked in an eager whisper.

I nodded.


"I don't know, but I'm sure it's in one of them showers." I grinned.

Fuck!" he exploded. "You mean he invited you to join him in some kind of group sex thing?" His excitement was tangible.

"I'm sure the invitation was on the level," I said, nodding. "He said something about always looking for new meat."

"Jesus! Are ya gonna go?"

"I've been trying to decide," I responded with seeming hesitancy, not wanting to seem too willing. "I'm always horny, and he promised me I'd enjoy myself."

"What was he like?"

"Sexy," was my brief reply.

He looked at me for a long moment, then asked, "D'ya think I can come along, if you go?"

Hooked, I said to myself in triumph, but my expression didn't change. "I'll ask him," I said aloud. "I'm sure he'll say yes. But tell me, did you ever, you know, join in before?"

"No, not really, I'll admit," he said with a serious expression, "though I've had a blow-job or two in my time. You know how it is. But I've jacked off often enough thinking about joining in, and I can tell you, I'm ready to give it a try. What about you?"

"If you're willing, so am I. I'll go find him and ask if you can join us. When can I meet you?"

"I'll be back here just before lunch. Okay?"

"Sure," I smiled, moving away from him. "I'll be back."

He grinned.

"By the way, what's your name?" I asked, still moving.

"It's Dave," he called to me. "What's yours?"

"It's Jack," I said as I moved even further away. We waved at each other and I left to make contact with the Wolf-Pack.

Very early that morning, our fourth day at sea on a troopship crossing the Pacific, I had been the willing "target" of a group of ten men calling themselves the Wolf-Pack. The group especially liked to fuck their targets in the ass, and although I knew nothing about their selection methods, I figured it would put me in good stead with them were I to supply a fresh target.

I had learned that Buck was their leader, and it didn't take too long to find him and tell him of my discovery.

"Christ, Jack," Buck was saying, "it almost sounds too easy. What if this guy isn't on the level? We can never be too careful. You sure he wasn't leading you on?"

"I've thought about it, Buck, and suggest I bring him into the shower alone with me, at first, to see what develops between us. You and the other guys can observe, while making sure we're not interrupted, and if things go as well as I feel sure they will, you can join us, one or two at a time, till we're all humming." I smiled. "What do you think?"

"That's a great plan," Buck agreed, obviously pleased with me. "Tell him to meet you at the shower entrance in the morning at 4am. The shower in D section, not the same shower we met in this morning. Okay?"

I readily agreed, stimulated by the prospect of getting the handsome marine naked, alone, and all to myself. At least for a little while. Later, I went back and found Dave, who readily confirmed his intention to join us.

That night, I tossed and turned, eager for the morning to come with its promise of intense sexual pleasures. Unlike the previous night, I felt no urgent need to jack off. I sensed no tensions in the compartment, either. Jerry, a member of the Wolf-Pack, had winked at me, but then he said good night, rolled over and fell asleep in his bunk near mine.

Well before 4am, I slipped quietly from my cot, wrapped my naked frame with a towel, and headed for the showers, planning to arrive before Dave. Two towel-wrapped figures already stood guard at the shower entrance. I recognized them as Butch and Doug, two big-cocked fuckers from the previous morning's escapade. I heard a shower running but could not see in because the entrance was maze-like, presumably so one couldn't stare in at and ogle the bathers.

"Your marine got here early," Doug whispered to me as I drew near. "Guess he's horny. He sure looks fine. I think he's a real hot one." He chuckled quietly. Butch rubbed the front of his towel in an obscene manner. I smiled and went past them into the big shower room.

Seeing the naked marine standing there alone, under a water spray, in the bright lights of the big room, took my breath away. His back was to me and I was struck by the breadth of his muscular shoulders, the profusion of muscles on his back, the narrowness of his hips, the bulging of the twin globes of his meaty ass, and the solid thickness of his thighs and calves. He was extremely well developed and his healthy, glowing skin-tones, gleaming with the wetness of the shower, accentuated a superb body. The impact on me of seeing him standing there, naked, expectant, knowingly awaiting sexual adventure, hit me right in the groin.

When I flipped my towel onto a hook, I realized how horny I'd become thinking about making it with this marine. The lust I felt was so potent that, to this very day, I've always had a flashback to this very instant whenever I take my towel off in a large shower room, like at the gym.

I moved to his side and, wordlessly, turned on the shower next to his. I was fairly shaking with excitement.

"Oh!" he said in alarm as he turned to see who was there. Then, he whispered, "Oh, Jack. It's you." He smiled at me. "I got here early. Some of our guys get up real early and I didn't want them to watch me leave wearing only my towel." His smile was radiant.

"Good," I said reassuringly. My guts were churning with desire.

He looked me up and down, carefully, as he had done several times the day before, only now I was nude. His gaze paused, conspicuously, at my crotch. "Wow, that's some piece of meat you've got there, man," he whispered in very flattering tones. My cock was at what I call the tubular stage: not fully erect, not yet pointed outward, just full, long, thick and obviously alive with interest. My balls were up against the base of my cock and their sac was tight with anticipation.

"Thanks," I whispered back, then I leaned forward, blatantly, to get a look at the front of his nude body. He turned himself to face me, exposing himself, assisting my voyeuristic intention.

What a body he had! Besides handsome good-looks and short cropped, military-style hair, he had thick plates of rounded pectoral muscles punctuated by large nipples that were clearly erect; washboard abdominal muscles decorated with manly hair patterns; and bulging long thigh muscles; all serving as splendid scenery for a set of sex organs that made my mouth water. His cock was as thick and as long as mine, but slightly more inflated, pointing at me. His hairless ballsac was extremely large and well filled by two big testicles. As he looked at me, his cock rose swiftly to full erection. This man meant business. That was for sure.

With the same swiftness as his, my cock rose to rigid engorgement. I wrapped a fist around it, sighed, and smiled at him. He instantly followed my lead and grabbed his erection at mid-shaft. "We gonna jack-off?" he asked excitedly.

"Umm, it feels so good," I hummed, beginning a slow stroking. He followed my lead, stroking with full-length action.

"Yeah," he sighed, "it sure does."

I stepped out of my waterspray and moved closer to him. As I moved, he stepped towards me. It was electrifying. Like he knew just what I wanted and was ready to give it to me.

"We can jack off anytime," I said pointedly, in a voice so husky with desire I hardly recognized it as my own.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise, then dropped his hand from his cock. It stood there, vibrating enticingly, invitingly, awaiting my next move. I couldn't help it, all constraint left me. Here was a young marine offering me a stiff erection for my personal delight. It was one of the best looking cocks I've ever seen. I sank to my knees in front to the young stud in admiration, reaching out, as I did so, to steady myself by grabbing a strong hip. I heard him sigh at my touch.

"Oh, yeah, do it, man," he whispered excitedly as he saw my mouth move towards his stalwart member. My tongue lapped at its thick crown. He hissed with pleasure as I nearly swooned with lust at the heady touch of his masculine staff and at the wonderful taste of him. One touch and I was gone. As he watched, I sucked in that fat glans and lashed at it with my tongue. Instinctively, he reacted by jabbing cock into my mouth. I loved it and sucked for more. With his quick jabs and my skilled bobs, we worked together to get that big thing all the way into my mouth and down my throat, excited by the overwhelming enjoyment of it, but yet taking the time to savor our pleasure.

Dave grunted with every jab. "Christ, look at this," he finally whispered in a passion-thickened voice, "you've got it in down to the balls! Ooh, man, it feels wonderful!."

At that point, all extraneous worry left me. He hadn't tried to set us up, I realized. He was just what he appeared to be: a horny, hung, hot, young marine stud eager to give male-to-male sex a try. So far, he was doing just fine.

Movement at the door to the shower room caught the corner of my eye. I slid my mouth up to the tip of the thick, wonderful cock I was sucking and turned to look at the intruder. It was Jerry.

"Someone's coming," Dave whispered down at my head. He sounded anxious.

"It's a friend," I assured him, coming off the stiff cock. I looked up at him. He smiled reassuringly at me, accepting the arrival of a stranger. After all, he had known that this would be more than one-on-one. We both glanced over at Jerry and were delighted to realize that he was pointing a huge erection at us as he came towards us. "Geez, look at that," Dave said with emotion, staring at Jerry's enormous cock.

"Fuck," Jerry shot right back, "just look at that," pointing at Dave's spit-slick large organ. "Looks like someone's been suckin' on that monster." They grinned at one another like old friends.

"I have," I admitted happily and leaned in to suck it back into my mouth. Dave offered no resistance.

Jerry moved so close that I felt his balls on my shoulder and sensed his pulsating erection near my ear. It was an exciting contact. I heard him say, as I saw his hand disappear behind Dave, "This is a mighty fine ass you've got here, buddy. Mind if I take a taste of it?"

Before a reply could be given, Jerry squatted down behind Dave and sank his face between the bubbles of his round, hard, muscular buns. Dave's reaction was to hiss with excited pleasure and to pull his cock back as he pushed his ass into Jerry's demanding mouth. I flowed with the movement and maintained my deep-throated grasp on that terrific cock. In no time, Dave was writhing with bliss.

Jerry raised himself slowly upwards, open mouth sliding against smooth skin, until he was at Dave's neck. His cock pressed against Dave's butt. "I wanna fuck that fine ass of yours, man," I heard him tell Dave huskily. As I waited to see what Dave's reaction would be, I wondered if Jerry got to fuck each "target" first, just as he had fucked me first. I wanted to remember to ask him about that when my mouth wasn't full.

"I don't know, man," Dave said hesitantly. "It's a virgin ass, and that's an awfully big cock you got there."

I smiled to myself, hard cock still buried deep in my throat. Dave had not said no. Jerry would get a cherry ass to break in.

From his movements, I realized that Jerry was applying some soap to his erection. Then, as he brought the cock around to apply pressure to Dave's hole, I felt Dave's cock stiffen into steely rigidity. I knew then that Dave wanted to be fucked. I hoped it wouldn't be too painful for him.

"Oh, God," Jerry groaned, "what a tight, hot ass." His pressures forced Dave's cock into my mouth to the hilt as I sucked it for all I was worth, trying to pleasure Dave to the point of causing him to ignore the assault on his ass. It seemed to work. From Jerry's comments, the connection was succeeding without too much difficulty.

"Oh!" Dave suddenly cried out. "Oh, look out Jack," he warned, and I knew he was about to come. I slipped upwards on the completely rigid member and caught the first heavenly spurt of his sperm on my tongue. Its taste was glorious. Thick, rich, viscous fluids filled my mouth over and over as I tried to swallow them all without loss. He delivered an enormous volume of syrupy, delicious cum.

"This fucker's cummin', ain't he?" Jerry asked breathlessly at mid-orgasm. "It's causin' his body to tighten up on my cock. It's fuckin' marvelous."

I kept swallowing till finally Dave put both hands on my forehead and gently pushed me back. "Too much, too much," he cried out softly. I yielded up my prize, satisfied with his spunky load.

As I rose from my knees, I watched Dave stare at my throbbing hard-on. He licked his lips. I almost shot my load in response. I grabbed his neck and bent him down without resistance. He sniffed at and then he licked at the leaking head of my cock. He liked the taste, it seemed, for he sucked in the fat cockhead almost as effortlessly as I had sucked in his. This kid liked sex and took to it like a natural.

I grabbed his head and began pumping cock down his throat, looking down at him. But then Jerry's movement's caught my attention and I was amazed to see his long cock penetrating Dave's virgin butt with such power and to such obvious depth. I looked up into Jerry's eyes and smiled. He grinned back at me and said, "Ain't this fantastic?" I nodded agreement, unable to speak. "You really know how to pick 'em, don't you," he sighed with a grin. I nodded agreement again but I flushed to realize that just the day before I had been the one "picked" for full treatment by these horny, sexy guys.

Just as that thought occurred to me, commotion at the doorway caught my attention and I watched as Buck, Butch, Doug and three other completely nude males strode boldly into the showers. What a sexy group of men, I thought as I watched them coming towards us. Each had a developing erection. They were wasting no time.

My heart pounded with excitement. I realized that we were secure within the showers, protected by their screen of guards. It was a heady feeling. Equally exciting was the dawning of the realization that I was now an active part of the Wolf-Pack. I was holding Dave down on my cock as he sucked it. I knew that each and every one of these men would fuck Dave. But then, suddenly I realized I'd be fucking him, too, as part of the pack, and that thought so excited me it put me over the edge. I immediately began blasting off into his hot mouth.

"Ooh, Jack's comin'," I heard someone whisper. My gut-clenching spasms were all too plain to see. Dave sucked me dry without a whimper. He was good.

Buck had come to stand at my shoulder and was rubbing my back and ass with affection. It is difficult to describe fully the feeling I got as I came. Being surrounded by other naked, aroused, horny men during orgasm takes sexual experience to another level. On the one hand, it gives you the sense that you're being judged on your performance, which is wonderful because you receive instant feedback in the form cheers, comments and affection. On the other hand, it gives sex a ritualistic, primitive, almost primeval, sort of tribal impact that is extraordinarily pleasurable. And it produces an incredible euphoria of acceptance. Acceptance as a man, as a human being, as another fucker, just like the rest of us.

As I pulled back, sliding my dick out of Dave's mouth, Buck leaned in and offered his mammoth cock for sucking. Dave quickly glanced up at me as I backed away into a shower-spray, and I saw absolute delight written all over his face. He winked at me, licked his lips lasciviously, and dove onto Buck big cock with enthusiasm. Jerry had just pulled out of his ass and Butch was slipping his fat meat into the freshly deflowered hole, saying, "Keeerist, this kid's pushin' back, wigglin', beggin' to be fucked."

My concerns about Dave vanished. I realized he was, finally, just where he had wanted to be: in the middle of an all-male orgy. Any guilt I might have wanted to dump on myself for the part I played in his seduction would have been wasted energy. Now, as I leisurely soaped up my body, paying particular attention to the reinvigoration of my cock, pulling it, squeezing it, stretching it, pumping life back into it, I had the delightful opportunity to witness a multiple assault by the Wolf-Pack on a fresh ass and mouth from the vantage point of a participant, rather than as the recipient.

The scene was something to behold. Dave's ears were being used as guides by Buck to lengthen the strokes Dave's mouth took in sucking Buck's cock. Buck was hissing a string of obscenities at Dave as his excitement rose.

We were all watching the long tube of Butch's huge cock pile-drive into Dave's muscular ass.

Five excited men were encircling the three as they grunted and strained in their rush to orgasm. The five were all so completely erect that pre-cum seemed to be dripping everywhere.

Suddenly, Butch yanked his thick cock out of Dave's tender ass and sprayed cum all over Dave's back. It was breath taking. Butch's orgasm brought on Buck's, and I thought I heard Dave choke as he tried to handle the copious load of cock juice.

After Butch stepped back, Buck told the next guy to wait and he turned to me.

"You ready, Jack?" he asked quietly. "Look's like there's still lots of life in that big fucker," he added, staring at my erection.

I smiled, feeling suddenly shy while enormously excited. My cock quivered with desire.

Buck saw my reaction and said, "Better get it before it gets too sloppy. You know you don't want to wait until after I've plugged 'im with my big dick." He chuckled.

The others joined in to encourage me with their lusty, good-natured suggestions, like, "Poke 'im good," and "Fuck his brains out, Jack." Having an audience was awesome! I loved it!

Dave pushed his ass back against me as he felt me move in between his spread legs and touch him with the head of my cock. He turned and said loudly, "Give it to me good, Jack!"

"Yeah, give it to 'im, Jack," Doug said huskily, "he really wants it, bad. And what a sweet ass he's got."

The sensations of Dave's rolling ass were electrical. My erection stiffened to its maximum and slowly penetrated into exquisite heat. Tissues pressed and seemed to suck as I entered the well-prepared hole. It was breathtaking. I thought my large size would injure him or cause him to call out, but he just kept straining back at me as I plunged into extreme tightness.

Oh, God, I thought, This is so much better than a blow-job!"

Buck had come to stand at my side to watch, and whispered, "Tight, isn't it?"

I glanced over at him and he saw the excitement written across my features. "God, this is terrific," I said breathlessly.

"Fuck him good," Buck instructed with a grin. It caused me to go wild, almost losing control. I humped and pumped and jabbed and jarred, noisily splattering my abdomen against Dave's firm cheeks, and driving my cock in a deeply as it could possibly go.

Dave grunted and worked with me to make it a memorable fuck.

Comments from the other naked men watching us further inflamed my passions. They said things like, "Wow, look at them go at it!" "Man, these two can fuck!" and "He makes it look so good, I'm about to pop a load just from watching."

Then, in the midst of this heady fuck, Dave reached out and guided the erection of a man standing nearest him to his mouth and began sucking, causing the man to groan with pleasure. It was such a lascivious action to watch that it raised me to that level of lust where my breathing stopped, my hearing was lost, my entire body tensed, and my belly clenched into spasms that helped send jets of my cum up Dave's ass with powerful spurts.

"That's it," Buck almost shouted in my ear, "now, withdraw and show us your orgasm."

Had he just told me to withdraw, I don't think I could have, even though I knew they all withdrew at orgasm to keep the target from overflowing with slippery cum and becoming too messy for further enjoyment by the others. But that he wanted me to show my orgasm to everyone, was, in itself, another turn-on for me. I withdrew and we all watched as spurt after white spurt of hot cum coated Dave's back right up to his neck. It was awesome being watched.

Someone else almost immediately took my place, and I watched with awe as the sucking and fucking continued for the better part of an hour. Dave never acknowledged discomfort, just as I had not the day before. He was where he wanted to be, all right. No doubt about it!

After everyone had been blown and had screwed Dave, some more than once, Buck brought the events to a close with his giant cock by giving Dave the most awesome fuck of the morning. I found myself in a circle of men watching and beating off at the lascivious scene. Buck raised Dave and gave him a standing fuck while jacking him off. It was exactly what had happened to me the day before, but watching it was incredible. Cum dribbled down Dave's chin and his eyes had a glazed look of euphoria. His body was a sex instrument that Buck played with all the stops pulled out.

At the very height of his passion, Dave looked me in the eye and said loudly, for every one of them to hear, "Thanks, man, this is the greatest moment of my life. I'm gonna come, now. Why don't you come with me."

With that we both inhaled deeply and immediately shot cum at one another, splattering each other's bodies. That seemed to set everyone else off, too, and a drenching shower of cum exploded from every direction. It is almost impossible to convey how overwhelmingly spectacular the scene was and how incredibly vibrant it made me feel. Alive, carnal, pleasure-seeking, and established in the group, the Wolf-Pack.

I had thought I had wanted to ask lots of questions about the Wolf-Pack, but as we wound down from such a blissful height, and then broke apart to shower and leave, I realized that questions were useless. This would happen, or not. We'd get together if and when we could. I was content. And glad to be aboard a troopship where, to quote Dave, the most popular game is Drop-the-Soap.

As we were leaving together, Dave whispered to me, "Fuck, I can't wait till next time!" And I knew exactly how he felt.

Chapter 3 - That Evening

Dave's initiation into the Wolf-Pack on the morning of our fourth day at sea had been spectacular. That very evening, about fifteen hours later, I was out on deck relaxing after dinner, feeling good, even horny. I'd had a chance to catch a few hours sleep in the afternoon. Suddenly I spotted Dave coming towards me through the dimming twilight. Even fully dressed in Marine fatigues, he looked terrific - and very sexy! My heart surged with longing for him as I watched him approach. God, he was handsome. Damn, he was hot! He gave me a full-toothed smile, which I eagerly returned.

He came right up to me, getting close, and whispered, "Hi! Jack."

I continued smiling, wondering why he was whispering, and wondering what he had up his sleeve.

"Man, I am so horny," he sighed, almost reading my mind. "Takin' it up the ass this morning, like that, must have turned on some kind of switch in my body. I've been feelin' randy all day, and can't stop throwin' these big hard-ons all the time. I've even seen several guys lickin' their lips as they stared at the bulge in my pants.

"Gee, it's a good thing we're all gonna meet again early tomorrow morning for another go-around. It'll be terrific!" I sighed enthusiastically.

"Jack, I don't think I can wait 'til tomorrow." His expression had turned serious.

"Hmm, it's that bad, is it?" I asked quietly.

"Fuck, I think I'm getting' a case of blue balls," he admitted.

"I'm not surprised," I told him.

"Wadda ya mean?" he asked with a snarl. He'd apparently misinterpreted my intention. Talking about sex is always touchy.

"Man, you're so fuckin' sexy, so hung and so hot, so powerfully sensual," I told him as I watched his expression mellow, "that it doesn't surprise me at all to find you're already hot-to-trot. And I'll tell you, you've been on my mind all day long, ever since watching you getting fucked and sucking cock. One of the greatest thrills of my life was fucking your hot ass. I've thrown a few hard-ons, myself, during the day, thinking about you, believe me."

"I am amazed at how much I loved getting' fucked..." he mused, dreamily, pausing as he thought about it.

Darkness comes quickly on the ocean once the sun sets, but in the fading light I saw that we both had erections stretching our flies.

"...but, man, I'm so uncontrollably horny. Can you help me out, Jack? Now?" The plea was uttered plaintively. It was music to my ears. I wanted to sink to my knees and service him right then and there.

"Sure," I agreed immediately. "Sure I can, but where? Where can we go to be alone? There's always the danger of getting caught."

He smiled with pleasure at my agreement. "Shit, man," he whispered, "I haven't been on this ol' tub for so long without discovering a hiding place or two. Somewhere to go where I can..." he pumped his fist in the dim lighting.

"Ah ha! A jack-off spot! Your own private pump house," I joked.

He chuckled with me quietly. "Yeah. Are you game?"

"Damn right. Lead on, before I shoot off in my shorts," I demanded.

"There's just one thing, Jack..." he said, hesitating...

"What's that, Dave?" I asked, wondering what he had in mind.

"...I loved getting' fucked in the butt this morning," he continued softly, "but I just can't stop wondering how it would feel to fuck a guy in the ass, myself. Do you think I could..."

"Umm," I groaned, interrupting him, "I'd LOVE it! I'd love it if you'd fuck me."

"No one fucked you this morning. Do you think you can handle my... he paused, shyly. He was humble. He didn't want to say something sounding boastful, like, "My fat ten-incher," or, "My humongous schlong," even though it would simply be stating the obvious.

"I sucked it, didn't I?" As he nodded, I added, "Then I can handle it. Don't worry about me. I WANT IT."

Ooh! Geez! Com'on, then," and with that he turned and led me to a bulkhead door and down winding metal stairs down into the bowels of the troopship. Following his sexy, muscular frame as we headed to his sex-nest was incredibly exciting for me. His movements were graceful and athletic as he bounded down the stairs, jumping the last few steps on each flight as he swung his body around on the metal handrail and headed down the next flight.

We went along a narrow, dimly let passageway until we came to a door marked "Utility." He looked back at me and grinned, waiting for me to catch up. Then he pulled the door open.

What a shock!

In a small storeroom-like space, brightly illuminated by one naked light bulb, were two naked men! They were in profile to the door just a foot or two from us. One guy was on his knees with the other guy's cock sunk into his throat down to the balls. The kneeler was stroking a huge erection of his own. The sight blazed itself into my lifelong memory even though I saw it only for a few moments.

"Fuck!" exclaimed the standing nude guy.

"Sorry, guys, Dave whispered into to them, grinning, and he slowly closed the door. Excitement gleamed in his eyes. "Man, did you get a good look at them, Jack?"

"Yeah," I replied, huskily.

"Really sexy!" Dave sighed.

"Yeah," I agreed. I felt disappointed. Our room was lost to competition.

"We could simply wait here for them to leave," Dave whispered knowing what was on my mind, "or go down one more deck to the storeroom right below this one."

"Let's go down," I recommended, "I don't want to embarrass them any more than we already have."

"Yeah, you're probably right," Dave agreed halfheartedly, not moving away from the door, "but, Jack, did you notice the nice smile he gave us both?"

"No, I didn't," I told him honestly. "Guess I was looking at how deeply that cock was in the sucker."

"I think he knows what the two of us were after," he said simply.

I looked at hem questioningly.

"Might be nice to get to know him." He grinned.

Immediately after I said, "Good thinking," the door opened and the two lovers started to stumble out, completely disheveled in their rush to get dressed and get the hell out of there. Their shoes were untied, belts open, shirts half-buttoned. Upon seeing us, they stopped dead in their tracks. I was delighted to see that they were struggling into naval dungarees. Seafood! This was my first contact with actual naval crewmen aboard ship. Dave, after all, was a Marine.

"Oh! Why are you still here?" the one who'd been standing blurted out.

"We're waitin' to use the room after you've finished," Dave said calmly, with a friendly, sexy smile.

"You see?" the guy said to his formerly kneeling buddy, "I TOLD you not to worry. I TOLD you they were only after the same thing we were." He looked at us. "That's right, ain't it, boys?" he asked.

"Almost," Dave said matter-of-factly.

They both looked puzzled.

"I'M after a piece of ass," Dave admitted huskily, yet proudly.

Their eyes grew large as they looked at him and then looked me over. They both liked what they saw, we could tell.

"Wow!" one of them said.

"Ass-fucking!" the other one said with an envious sigh. They had stopped trying to rearrange their clothes.

"Did we interrupt you?" Dave asked.

Again, they both looked puzzled. They reflected the idea that, of course, they had been interrupted.

I mean..." Dave said hesitantly, "...did you both... uh... get a nut, or did we cut you off."

"Oh!" The former kneeler said in surprise.

"Man, you cut us off in mid-stride," the other whispered in sexy tones. "Johnny, here," he said motioning with his head to his friend, "pulled off my dick with a pop and told me we'd better get the fuck outta here fast. His dick shriveled up with fear. He was certain you were gonna turn us in. I didn't really agree with his assessment of the situation, but I went along with him. He's a real good cocksucker and I don't want to piss him off."

"Like getting' you cock sucked, do you?" Dave asked pleasantly.

"Sucking's great!" he casually admitted openly.

Johnny looked at his friend in amazement. I got the feeling that his friend did not reciprocate.

"Well, we're goin' in there," Dave announced, indicating the open storeroom door behind the two of them, "to do some fuckin'. You're welcome to join us, if ya want to. No need to leave without gettin' your rocks off on our account. We're not shy, are we, Jack?" He flashed a devilish grin.

Johnny and his friend looked at each other in surprise. I could tell that it was an invitation neither of them wanted to turn down. They grinned at one another. "After all," Johnny said, "they've already seem us naked and saw me sucking your cock, Eric." So, his friend's name was Eric, I noted.

"Yeah," Eric added, "and I wanna watch 'em fuckin."

Dave more or less herded them both, back into the room as he followed them in. I came in behind and closed the door. I was tingling with excitement.

The room was cramped with the four of us in it together. It held the unmistakable odor of recent sex. We managed to strip to the buff with little difficulty and even with a bit of helpful, communal tugging. Four erections vied for attention, standing stiffly, waiting for the ice to break. I took control.

"Let me suck your cock, a bit, Dave," I instructed, "to prime it for the fuck and moisten it for penetration." Dave's reaction was to hump his hips upwards, displaying his stalwart firmness boldly. I leaned over, sucked it in and pushed my face down on it. It was marvelous, and I found an extra thrill being watched.

"Let me help," Johnny suddenly said. "I'll loosen him up and moisten his entrance for you." With that, he squatted behind me, grabbed and spread the cheeks of my ass, and began eagerly to lick my flesh and tongue my hole. It was an incredible feeling. He had real talent and great enthusiasm for the task. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Eric had slipped his cock into Dave's fist, which moved erotically.

"Connected!" I thought, as the four of us started to rev up our engines. It was a wonderful feeling of excitement! I could have sucked Dave's cock to climax, but he had other ideas and didn't want to lose any more time.

"Lemme slip it inta ya, Jack," he demanded in a husky, emotion filled voice.

The magnificent tongue bathing stopped. As I was turned around by insistent hands, I once more saw Johnny's big erection in his hand. He had been kneeling, but he rose to his feet, pumping the big cock inches from my eyes, and as I leaned over to expose my butt to Dave's invasion, and felt Dave's cockknob slip between my cheeks, Johnny's cock grazed my lips.

"Oh, yeah," Eric said to Johnny, "Let 'im suck your dick, man. It's such a good one." I heard the envy in his voice as my lips slid over the glans and the entire cockhead entered my mouth, filling it. I was ecstatic! Sucking such a fine, big cock diverted my attention from the assault on my ass. The pains and pressures of penetration were eased by the distracting pleasures of sucking Johnny's hot, oozing, great cock!

"Man, can he suck cock!" Johnny groaned with lust. "Eric, you gotta try this." I love it when I get recommended for my cocksucking skills!

Dave power-drove his long cock its entire length into me without stopping. His hands gripped my hips tightly and I felt his body trembling with emotion. A string of little gasps and sudden intakes peppered his breathing as he concentrated on fucking me. After starting with short strokes and tentative humps, his excitement grew and grew, as his cock stiffened and tensed, and the strokes lengthened to full, all out fucking. It was spectacular! The two hot shafts in me stimulated my entire body. I felt both were nearing orgasm.

Suddenly, I felt a hot mouth clamp down on my cockhead. Eric had knelt down, ducked his head under me, and was now sucking my cock frantically. He was good! I had not realized how close I was to climax. Very quickly his skilled sucking brought me over the brink to the timeless abyss of complete orgasm and I gave him my load. With such a giant cock in my rectum, pressing against my prostate, the load seemed to be forced out of me in an almost endless, vigorous spurt. Only with a big cock in my ass does this amazingly forceful unloading happen. It was dazzling! And I thought I could hear Eric gurgling to keep up with the urgent flow.

Sphincter and throat muscles reacted spasmodically to my orgasm, and I tugged orgasms out of both my partners. Johnny shot first, filling me over and over with hot, viscous juices, which I swallowed with relish!

"You two fuckers are coming, aren't you," Dave sighed knowingly. His abdomen stiffened against my butt and I felt the surging pulsations of erupting semen flooding into me. I loved it! But when it was over, when he seemed finished, he didn't withdraw. He paused for a few moments, then reestablished his thrusting rhythm and fucked me afresh.

Johnny tugged his cock free and excitedly reconfirmed to Eric that he try it. Eric moved to stand in front of me, displaying an erection that seemed perfect! Rich hues, oozing fluids, pulsating throbs all highlighted a perfect cock looking ready to explode its rich nectar. He slowly aimed it at my mouth and leaned into me. I took it without a whimper, loving its size and strength, its heat and tastes.

Neither Dave nor Eric was hurrying to orgasm. The three of us fell into a long session of first-class sexual partnership. As they simultaneously fucked my mouth and ass, I found myself re-hardening, reinvigorating, and readying for yet another terrific orgasm. And I noticed that Johnny, whose hands had been all over the three of us, had begun jacking himself off in rhythm with our fucking. I even became aware of the motion of the troopship as it rode the giant swells of the pacific, as if setting our relentless pace. A sudden, mutual, four way climax hit us with such force and enjoyment, it left us dazzled.

We were headed towards foreign lands, but the clever ones among us were coming as we were going. I knew we would invite Eric and Johnny to join our Wolf-Pack, one at a time, in the next few days. And it delighted me to realize that with Dave, the three of them stationed permanently aboard would become the nucleus of an ongoing Wolf-Pack of their own. After the troops disembarked in some twenty-two days, the party would continue. I liked that thought. I knew Dave would, too. He had finally found a way to take full advantage of that popular shipboard game, Drop-the-Soap!


Jack Sofelot


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