I'm a 50 year-old-guy simply trying to figure myself out. I'm separated after 20 years of marriage. Throughout my marriage I never cheated, but sure did jack off  -- a lot and often about guys. What happened this week really helped me turn a corner in my life and brought a whole new, more optimistic outlook on the future.

My fantasies have been varied -- guys my age, younger guys, hairy guys, smooth guys, big cocks, small cocks as well as fucking and getting fucked. I guess the common denominators are a guy that takes care of himself, is in decent shape and has a nice ass. A nice ass will get a double take from me overtime.

Working in a major telecommunications company, we always have a group of interns either in college or graduate school working for us.  Where most interns sit is between my office and the mens room which means I have to pass by them several times a day. They typically work a summer or a semester and I find myself always checking them out. Each group seems to always have one that catches my attention and becomes the source of many masturbatory fantasies throughout their time at the company. As tempting as it might be to hit on one of them, as a senior executive in the company, it is simply not worth it.

Last fall, there was an intern named Marco. He was obviously of Hispanic or Mediterranean descent and had a strong resemblance to Mario Lopez - wavy dark hair, a wrestler build (stocky but not overweight), perpetual smile, looked like awesome shoulders and biceps and an ass that I followed way too many times down the hallway. One casual Friday when he was wearing jeans I actually went into the handicap stall and beat off he looked so fucking hot.

Marco left the company before the rest of his fellow interns did. That typically meant he was fired or that he was offered a permanent job. I knew very little about him quite honestly and did not know in which department he worked. One day he was just gone and it would have been pretty odd for me to inquire about him and his whereabouts. I simply held out hope that the next batch of interns would bring me another source of erotic distraction.

Fast forward to June and I'm on a business trip in Denver having dinner with a co-worker of mine from that region. As we are talking, out of the corner of my eye, my "hot ass detector" goes off and I catch a glimpse of a nice butt go by. I surreptitiously stare and carry on with my conversation. It registers as familiar but I certainly did not connect it to Marco.

About a half hour later, my colleague looks up from our conversation and standing next to me is Marco. "Mr. Basso -- hey I thought it was you!" he said with a big grin on his face like we were long lost friends. "I'm Marco and I used to be an intern at your company. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks -- it helped me get a great job here in Denver." My colleague, who was actually in the same department where Marco was an intern invited him to pull up a chair and join us for a drink. "Holy shit" I thought...I had not thought about this kid in months and here he is next to me. I had built up his personality in my fantasies so it was actually very interesting to have an intelligent conversation with him. Not only was he mature for his age, he was a pretty sharp and astute guy. I was impressed and incredibly turned on. 

When my colleague got up to head home, I was not ready to call it a night. I was on east coast time, not ready to turn in and essentially in the lobby of my hotel -- so no need to travel. I invited Marco to join me and without hesitation he said "sure."

I learned a lot about Marco's background, education and family. His father is Brazilian and his mother's family was from Spain. He was first generation American and seemed like a very hard worker. He was very focused and determined to get where he is today (internships at our company are very tough to come by). Over the course of the drink, I found myself in lust all over again. The kid had a brain, was very engaging which only intensified how hot he was to me. Already, I was imagining the load I'd be shooting once I got back to the room. Marco suggested another drink and of course I obliged.

About halfway through the next drink, I was clearly feeling looser and I think Marco was too. I nearly spit my drink out though when he all of the sudden said "I know you were scoping me out when I interned at ___________." It took every ounce of composure I had not to overreact -- especially as he looked me in the eye with that impish grin on his face. Next he said "it takes a hot ass to know a hot ass" at which point I totally lost it. Not only was I busted, but the kid had figured me out and as corny as it sounds, could see inside my soul. Maybe I was more obvious than I thought or maybe this kid just remarkably perceptive. 

During a third drink, he told me the whole story about growing up, how he figured out his sexuality how he experimented pretty young and how he is attracted primarily to older guys. The way in which he said it was more matter-of-fact versus a pick-up line. He then went on to say that's how he picked up on me and what was going on in my mind. He said it was something he recognized in other, older men he had been with. I got to hand it to the kid...he cracked me open. I proceeded to spill my guts and tell him my story about the deceptions, the fantasies and where I am in my life. I stopped short of acknowledging that he was indeed the object of nearly a half gallon of my sperm over the course of his internship.

While incredibly horny, I was emotionally exhausted and the bar was closing. I told Marco that I really enjoyed and appreciated the discussion and invited him to join me for dinner the next night. I also told him that I was going to call for a car to take him home -- he had too much to drink to drive. He protested and said he was fine to drive. His compromise, which seemed sincerely innocent was "why don't we get some coffee and he'll sober up in my room then head home." The prospect of not having to end our conversation got me to agree. While of course I knew it could lead to something more intimate, it's really not what I was expecting.

We grabbed some coffee and headed to my room. Once in, he took off his shoes and sat cross-legged on the small sofa while I sat in my chair. I asked him more about his time at my company, about other interns, if he dated while he was there... He answered candidly and said that while he did not fool around with the permanent employees, many others did -- assuring me that my colleagues don't follow the "don't fraternize with interns" rules that I do. He told a couple of stories about who did what that truly shocked me.

What he did next could have come straight from one of my fantasies. He slowly got up, reached out for my hand and said "we need to take a shower." Before I could think whether this was a good idea or a bad one, I was in the bathroom unbuttoning my shirt, removing my slacks and pulling off my briefs while Marco did the same. The kid was a sight to behold. Hairless body except for a thick bush around his short but stubby cock and on his legs. His arms were big and his well defined chest narrowed in a "v" to a relatively slim waist. When he turned to start the shower faucet I saw the most unbelievably perfect, ample ass as I'd ever seen. What I've done with a guy is very limited but one thing for sure is that my tongue was going to explore that entire crack.

I've been in good shape all my life. Compared to most 50 year olds, I'm in great shape. But I'm still 50. My muscle definition has maintained, my stomach is not six pack-flat, but I don't have a gut. I'm much more hairy than Marco, but I trim the unruly stuff. My ass too is pretty round without much effect of gravity. My penis is definitely a grower not a shower, maxing out around 6"

We stepped in the shower and at first, we did not speak. He had his back to me and I started soaping. I soaped his shoulders first, then dropped my hands to his chest, really lingering on his plump, erect nipples, rubbing my fingers over them multiple times, with a few gentle squeezes. My hands then lowered to his abs and then around to his ass. I first rubbed the outside, then brought my body closer in and pressed my cock against the crack. I did this 2 or 3 times which got me as stiff as a 16 year old. At this point, I crouched down so I was eye level with his ass. I put my face against it and started to rub my hands inside the deep crack. This elicited the first sound from Marco -- a soft moan. I spread his ass cheeks and he bent over slightly which exposed a perfectly hairless asshole. I circled it with my soapy finger and gently cleaned the edges and dipped my finger inside his hole just to the first joint a couple of times. With the water rinsing the soap away, I licked around the hole, which got louder moans from him then I quickly plunged into his hole with my tongue. It took a lot of effort to hold those muscular cheeks open so I could get my tongue deep in there. The feeling was spectacular. Had I had a hand free to touch my granite cock, I would have definitely ejaculated. This went on for about 10 minutes before Marco said he could not take it any more.

Like a dog, I was in heat. Never had I been so hot as I was at that moment. Everything on my body was highly sensitized. Marco pulled me up from my crouching position and kissed me incredibly deeply. Our tongues were fucking each other. He'd suck mine, i'd suck his. I'd never made out with a guy before -- so different than the gentle kisses with a women. These were firm, strong and aggressive. Marco grabbed my ass and pulled our bodies together. He started to grind his cock into mine in circular motions that literally made me pant. His hard dick was about the same length as mine but really wide. His pubes and cock felt so amazing as we continued to kiss and explore with our hands.

It was not long before I felt that tell-tale tingle in my balls. The grinding and the ass grabbing not to mention the whole fantasy becoming a reality, quickly got me to the point where I could not turn back. I gave Marco the warning and a second later I must of shot 10 times into his crotch and stomach. Before I had finished, he started to come with even more intensity, emitting a guttural sound combined with really intense hip convulsions that lasted several minutes. What a fuckin' stud.

We stood under the water for what seems like an extended period of time, not uttering a word. Then, I started to laugh -- about everything for the past year that led to that moment. Marco joined in then crouched down and proceeded to lick the remaining cum off my stomach and cock. He started to suck my cock back to life, but it was too sensitive to perform at that moment.

Marco dried off, got dressed and headed back to his apartment -- he had to be at work later that morning. We confirmed dinner for that night.

I had two nights left in Denver.



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