Wired Chapter 1

It's always a little strange waking up in a bed that isn't yours. Unfortunately it has happened to me a little more often than not as of late. I run my own tech support company, maintain networks, fix computers, blah blah blah. Some of my friends warned me when I started that if I struck out on my own, I'd go crazy. Always on call, strange hours, no life. They were 100% right. I kinda like the fact that I don't answer to anybody but my clients, my last boss was a complete asshole. But there is seldom any chance to go out. But a guy has needs, which is where those handy little dating apps are very, very helpful. And why I keep finding myself in strange beds.

I was working kinda late on a Friday night when the owner of this bed started to chat me up. He invited me over to his place for beers and a movie, which sounded incredibly relaxing after a long work week. I was showered and in my sexy jeans (everybody has a pair of sexy jeans ;-) ) in record time. Of course the night had a lot more beer and a lot less movie than we originally planned. We were drunk and naked on the couch within an hour. And seeing as it was late and I was in no condition to drive after the "movie", the guy was sweet enough to let me sleep over.

The clock next to the bed said it was a few minutes past noon. I yawned and turned to look at him. He was pretty cute laying there, dozing. He was laying on his back, one arm up over his head, his hairy chest stretched out, his stomach just peeking out from under the covers. His hair had an equal measure bed head and sex hair that kinda turned me on. I reached down to my boxers to adjust my hardening cock and my movement woke him up.

He yawned, stretched and turned to look at me. "Good morning," he said, looking at my through squinty, slightly hung over eyes.

"Good afternoon," I corrected. "Thanks for letting me stay over. I was pretty wasted."

He chuckled. "Least I could do for a cute guy in need." He shuffled over and started to kiss me on my neck. "Is there anything you... need this morning?"

I groaned softly. "I could think of a few needs you could take care of. Maybe I can do something in return."

He got up on top of me, continuing to kiss my neck and making me moan. I could feel his cock was just as hard as mine underneath his underwear. We started to grind into each other when my phone rang.

"Damn it!" I whisper. I lean over the edge of the bed and snag my phone from my jeans. It was one of my top clients, Jim Parsons. Jim was about a year younger than me and ran a business from his house. It was kinda funny how clueless he was with anything tech based, considering how young he was. He paid me good money to keep him up and running. It didn't hurt that he was hot as fuck. This really wasn't a call I could ignore.

The man who owned the bed laid his head on my chest as I took the call. Turns out nothing was turning on for Jim and he needed me ASAP. Damn, damn, damn!

"I'm sorry bro, duty calls," I said to the guy.

He looked up at me, visibly disappointed. "It can't wait just a little?"

I shrug. "The internet doesn't sleep. I need to be at this guy's place within the hour or I could lose his business."

He smiled. "I think I can work with that."

He got on his knees, straddling my chest and turned around so his ass was pointed to my face. He was wearing a cute pair of blue briefs. He pulled down my boxer briefs and took my already hard cock in his mouth. In less than a minute he had taken all of dick and covered it in sloppy saliva, sucking it vigorously. It felt so good, his mouth and tongue working me like a melting popsicle. I automatically started to thrust up into him, pushing my cock deep into his throat. It didn't even phase him and he took all of my cock.

In the meantime, his ass was moving slightly to the rhythm of my thrusting and I just couldn't help myself. I tugged at his briefs until enough of his ass was hanging out and I could get a good taste of his hole. As I probed his ass with my tongue, I could feel his excitement like electricity. He pushed into my face, trying to tell me he wanted more. I sucked and licked deeper into his hole while reaching around and taking ahold of his cock. I started to stroke it, massaging up and down his shaft. Soon, however, I could hardly focus on pleasing him because I was about to burst.

"I'm going to cum!" I shouted. He his sucking increased while I continued to pump on his cock and soon I was shooting out a huge load of jizz into his mouth. He took it all in, swallowing my cum. Just after he swallowed, I could feel him stiffen and moaned loudly as he shot out a decent sized load all over my chest and abdomen. As soon as he was done, he pulled up his briefs, moved to the side of me and licked up all of his cum off my body, starting at my belly and ending at my mouth, giving me a big cummy kiss. I could taste both of us on his lips and it made me wish I could stay.

"Shit! That was something else!" I exclaimed. But I started to panic when I glanced over at my cell phone and saw the time. "Shit! I gotta go!" I quickly dressed and gave him a kiss and a quick thank you and was gone.

I was pretty grumpy on my way to Jims place. That guy seemed pretty sweet, was the hottest lay I had in a while and I wouldn't mind seeing him again. But, like with most hookups, we never gave each other our names, much less a way we could get in touch, other than the dating app. I guess I'll just have to shoot him a message later.

I grabbed my small tool box and walked up to Jim's house. When Jim opened the door, he was wearing a pair of baggy basketball shorts and a ratty tee, one that was holey and thin enough in the right places where you could really get an idea of the trim and fit physique underneath.

"Running a little behind today?" He said, in a good natured way. "What you just roll out of bed? Or did I interrupt some good sex?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked, incredulously.

He nodded at my hair. "Bro, I can see sex hair a mile away."

I just glared at him, not wanting to be reminded of the stud I was forced to leave behind. He got the hint and moved out of the doorway so I could come in. He led the way to his office and spoke as we walked.

"Yeah, I don't know what the problem is. Nothing turns on! And you know I don't like to fuck with your work... " he trailed off as we entered into his office. It was a pretty slim set-up, a server and two stations, one for Jim and another if he brings in any help.

"I appreciate you not trying to solve things on your own," I said with a sigh. I put my tools down and decided to start at the source. I got down on my knees, under the desks to check out the power source, my ass sticking up like a dog in heat. It didn't take me long to figure out Jim's problem: the power source was unplugged. I plugged it back in and heard computers begin reboot.

"Jim, you jackass! It was just unplugged!" I shouted back at him. I didn't hear and answer and glanced over my shoulder to see Jim staring at my ass and rubbing at his crotch. This took me off guard. Normally I don't bring up the fact that I'm gay with my clients. I just assume they're all straight and wouldn't be interested anyway. But here was a really cute client staring at my ass. This development could just turn into something fun.

"Jim!" I yelled a second time. I startled him and he looked up from my ass. I don't think he could tell that I saw him. "You were unplugged!"

He chuckled and rubbed his neck. As he brought his arm up, I could see he had a small hardon, those kinds of shorts can never hide it. "I'm such an idiot!" he said laughing. "I'm sorry to bring you out here for something like that."

I moved out from under the desks and looked up at him. "It's okay," I said. "I should run diagnostics while I'm here. Depending on when the plug got pulled, some data could have gotten corrupted."

I sat down at his work station and started to work. I ran the diagnostics program, but it would take a few minutes to run its test. Jim leaned in behind me, close enough I could smell him. He smelled like just showering after a good workout. I thought, maybe I would put myself out there a bit.

"Yeah, Jim. I think you owe me big for this one. You were right, I did just roll out of bed. And the guy I was with was quite the stud too."

I sensed Jim stiffen a little bit. I looked up at him and he had a devious smile.

"I knew that was sex hair!" he said, shoving me playfully. Then he put his hand on my shoulder and turned the chair to face him. "I think I can make it up to you."

And he leaned in and kissed me. He pulled back and grinned, like he knew that I was going to kiss him back. Of course I was going to kiss him back. I stood up from the chair so that we nearly the same height and I leaned in and kissed him.

We made out for several minutes, our hands moving up and down each other's bodies. I reached under his shirt and rubbed his smooth chest as he ran his hands up and down my ass. Eventually he reached down my pants and was playing with my butt, fingering the crack. I gasped as he found my ass hole and he took that chance to take his mouth away from my lips and started to kiss my neck. He moved his way to my ears and nibbled as he continued to play with my ass. Eventually he stepped back, smiled that devilish grin and got down on his knees.

He kissed my hardon over my jeans as he playfully tugged at my waistline. I put my hand up my shirt and started to play with one of my nipples and groaned as he sucked on my cock through my pants. He must have noticed me playing because he reached up with one hand and started to play with the other nipple. He didn't mess around, soon he had me going as he pinched and rubbed my nipples. The other hand had undid my jeans and they were halfway down my thighs as Jim kissed and sucked my cock through my very wet boxers briefs. He teased me quite a bit, pulling at the waisteband of my underwear before sliding them off. I smiled at me when my very hard cock popped out.

Jim went to town on my cock with his hands and mouth, stroking and sucking. I pulled off my shirt and started to thrust into him. Jim was very talented with his tongue, licking and sucking me all along the shaft of my cock. I could have probably just let him suck me til I came, but I wanted to have a little more fun with Jim.

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him up off the ground. He stood up and we kissed again.In between kisses, I practically tore off his ratty shirt. Jim did not disappoint. He was fit and smooth like somebody who worked out and wanted people to see his defined muscles. I could taste myself on him as we kissed and it made me want to have a go at his cock. I rubbed my hand on his bulge. The slick and soft material of his shorts moved freely as I massaged him and it gave me an idea. I pulled up on of the legs of his shorts to reach up into them. Jim was wearing a pair of loose boxers and I was easily able to grab onto his cock. I grabbed tight and began to pump his dick as we made out. Jim reached down and did the same with mine.

I got down on my knees and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. His boxers stayed on and I was rewarded with the site of Jim in a pair of black and white plaid boxers with his very large and very hard cock sticking out one of the legs. I stroked his cock and he closed his eyes and moaned. I pumped his cock until there was a good amount of precum on the tip. Then I liked the head of his cock, tasting his salty precum and eliciting a moan of pleasure from Jim. I started to work his dick with my hands and mouth, slowly at first and quickening the pace as he began to thrust into me. He was practically fucking my face when I finally pulled back.

I kicked off my pants, turned the desk and bent over, putting one leg up on the chair, my ass opening up for Jim to come in and fuck me real good. It took Jim no time at all to peel off his boxers and come in behind me. It hurt a little when he first got in. Even though I am vers, it had been a while since I had played the bottom. Jim felt me tense up and slowed down. Waiting until I relaxed, he started to thrust slowly. It felt good having Jim inside me. He worked himself up to a pretty heavy rhythm. I had to grip onto the desk to keep myself up and he rammed into me. Regardless, I was hard as a rock, my cock slapping up against my abdomen. Even without somebody jacking me, I could feel myself edging toward a climax. Of course, with how worked up we had gotten, it didn't take long for us to finish. Jim pulled out in time to cum all over my ass and back. He let out a huge groan as stream after stream of cum pumped out of him. The sound of his groans was enough for me and I shot out a decent sized load onto his desk.

I stood up and he came behind me, wrapping me in his arms and kissed me. Just then, the diagnostic program dinged that it was done running. We laughed and I looked at the computer screen. The computer checked out with no issues. This whole thing woke me up a little bit, realizing that we had breached out professional relationship. I looked at Jim and he could tell I was a little uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, this shouldn't have happened. You're my client and..."

Jim interrupted me. "Hey! No worries. Just because we fucked doesn't change our working relationship. As long as it's just a hot fuck, I think we're good."

I wasn't so sure about this, but decided I wouldn't argue with him. We cleaned up and I got my stuff to go. No kisses goodbye either. When I got into my car, my phone beeped. It was a notice from my dating app. The guy that owned the bed messaged me.




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