Winter Wonderland

I was awakened by the wind, when I opened my eyes I could see that it was daylight. I climbed out of bed, walked to the window and looked out to see what was going on. The snow was thick, coming down in big flakes. The ground was covered with 10 or more inches of snow. I knew the weather forecasters had said it would snow, but I hadn’t expected this much. Living in the South rain is more the norm than snow, but it does happen. I stood at the window for a while watching the big white flakes fall to the ground in all their innocence and remembering many childhood memories of sledding, building snowmen, and having snowball fights. The coldness in the house brought a shiver to my body bringing me back to reality. I turned the heat up a few more degrees then headed back to the bedroom.

I paused in the doorway of the bedroom for a moment to gaze upon my handsome boyfriend snuggled in the covers sleeping. It filled me with joy to see his face and beautiful smooth ebony skin, his face so peaceful in his sleep, like he didn’t have a care in the world. Jermaine went to sleep at night knowing he was loved and didn’t have to worry about the security of our love. Jermaine had always been attracted to white men like me, but he told me that when he met me he knew he had found the person he would spend the rest of his life with. Needless to say I felt the same way. I was not the type of person that believed in love at first sight, but the first time I laid eyes on Jermaine something clicked and I knew we were meant to be together. Sometimes you meet a person and you just click – you are comfortable with them, like you have known them your whole life, and that is how is was with us. Jermaine made my world beautiful.

Jermaine was 28 years old, 6 feet 3 inches with a slim athletic body, everyone called him Mane for short. Everything about him was handsome, beautiful, and perfect. I was definitely an expert on his body, after being together for two years; I had been over every inch of his body multiple times. Jermaine’s cute face, chiseled body, and his big member were extreme turn-ons, some days it was hard for me to keep my hands off of him. I was a little older than him, I was 30 with the same body type, but a little shorter. Jermaine and I were both masculine men, he had bottomed a few times, but was more of a top, I was mostly the bottom in our relationship. There was more to Mane than a cute face, nice body, and big cock, his personality, kindness, and respect were valuable assets to his character and these qualities made me fall in love with him more each day.

We lived in my house. I ran my own business and Jermaine was a store manager for a retail store. We both made really good money, so we were able to enjoy a comfortable life and enjoy each other. We had a nice four bedroom house on 10 acres outside of the city; we valued our privacy, but did not want to be miles away from things. Our love was very strong. Even after two years every day was like the first day we met, he did everything he could do to make me happy which I gladly did in return. There was nothing I would not do for him.

I climbed into bed, ready for the warmth of the covers and the warmth of his body. I laid down gently, rolling onto my side pulling the covers over me, I snuggled my head into my pillow closing my eyes. I was close to falling back asleep when I felt Jermaine roll over; he put his arm around me and pulled me close to his body spooning with me. I loved when he held me like this. I felt secure in his strong arms and it was pure bliss feeling his body next to mine and his soft dick gently resting on my ass, my life was truly complete with this man. I locked my fingers in his and prepared to go back to sleep. I had barely closed my eyes when I felt him kiss me on the back of my neck. “Is it snowing?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied. As I said that I felt him pull me closer and nuzzle his face in my back. I let go of his hand, rolling over to face him. Looking into his brown eyes made me feel even warmer. Jermaine kissed me firmly, but gently placing his lips on mine. “Good morning,” he said smiling showing his perfect teeth. I smiled back placing my hand on his smooth cheek. “What will we do today?” I asked. “A few things come to mind,” he said. Great minds think alike, because I knew I was thinking the same things he was thinking. Jermaine usually slept naked, but for some unknown reason this particular night he had went to bed wearing a t-shirt and briefs. I too was wearing a t-shirt and briefs, but wouldn’t be for long. I kissed him this time, but instead of a simple kiss this kiss turned into a more passionate venture, a foreshadowing of things to come. Our tongues invaded each other’s mouth like wild animals, his mouth completely engulfing mine; we both felt the excitement as we sucked on each other’s tongue. All thoughts of the cold and snow had given away to the heat and passion that was now taking place in our bed.

We paused for a moment to catch our breath; I rolled on top of him straddling him placing my firm ass on his dick. I leaned down for a few more kisses as he whispered in my ear “I love you!” I looked into his eyes and replied “I love you more!” We smiled at each other letting the sexual tension take over, his mouth found mine, and our lips pressed together, then our tongues swirled, and probed against each other. Jermaine’s mouth closed on me like a berserk vacuum cleaner. I was delirious with passion; sucking his tongue and feeling him dominate my body totally. I pulled away from his amazing mouth, sitting up putting my weight on his dick. I slid back and forth on his now rigid pole feeling the hardness of his manhood; he let out a hard breath of satisfaction. I slid my hands under his t-shirt rubbing his stomach and oblique muscles, so defined and gorgeous, nicely built, not an ounce of fat anywhere. I made my way further to his chest squeezing his hard nipples. “Let me make is easier for you,” he said as he leaned up removing his t-shirt revealing his upper body, it was like a picture living in front of me. A warm rush went through my body, and without a word I reached down and ran my hand over his smooth, hairless chest, he grinned removed my shirt, then pulled my body on top of his. We put our arms around each other and I lay there taking in the touch of his skin, so smooth, so soft. We hugged feeling our solid bodies together, our mouths once again found each other were we shared sloppy tongue-to-tongue kisses, we kissed hungrily, our tongues diving deep into each other’s mouths, and our hands eagerly explored each other’s bodies. Through our kisses he managed to say “I want to taste you,” I raised up feeling his cock even harder under my ass. Mane placed his hands on my hips pulling my body to his mouth. My dick was rock hard; he pulled my underwear down below my ball sac holding it there with his hand. My hard dick was at his mouth, he started by licking the pre-cum at my piss slit, licking my rod like a lollipop, and then he opened his mouth wide to take in my cock, licking all around the sensitive skin of my cock-head. Each time his head bobbed up and down, his lips and tongue stimulated the nerve endings along my erection until I moaned loudly from the intense sensations. I felt sexual electricity shooting thru my entire body. Mane was extremely talented with his mouth; I had never had a better lover. It was hard to hold back an orgasm, so I pulled back and told him that it was his turn.

I kissed his lips then slowly worked my way down his body, as I was working my way down his body I placed my hand on the budge in his underwear, I could feel the wet and sticky head of his cock peeping out of the top of his briefs. I continued to work my way down his body, licking his nipples, and kissing them gently. I kissed and licked his belly button before releasing his monster from its cage. I pulled back his briefs and watched in delight as his beautiful cock snapped back and smacked his tight belly, it’s head swelled out and was all shiny from the pre-cum that was leaking like a faucet. Mane’s dick was every bit of eight inches, fat, with a big head. The best-looking cock I had ever seen. I removed his briefs, pulling them past his thick muscular thighs, then removed mine and tossed them in the floor, now we were both completely naked, it was about to get real. I lay down between his spread legs with my head at his cock. I picked his fat cock up and started by licking all around the head of his perfect erection, and then I brought my lips slowly down on his shaft, then pulling back to the top, and then sliding down a little farther along his tasty meat. I marveled at how good his dick felt in my mouth. My tongue bathed his erection all over as I started taking him deeper into my throat; he was massaging my throat muscles with his cock. I knew the pleasure I was giving him was flooding his body and senses, he was starting to breathe heavily and moan as I put more of him in my mouth. I felt his hands on my head guiding me on his dick. Thru his heavy breathing he whispered “play with my balls,” I let go of his cock and put both of his balls in my mouth sucking and rolling them around, his moans were getting quicker and louder. I wanted to suck his dick more, so I cupped his loose-hanging ball-sack with one hand, I grasped his hard fat cock with the other, feeling it pulse with vitality. My lips encircled the cock-head and my tongue danced over smooth, hot skin. This time it was my mouth that was like a berserk vacuum cleaner, I was sucking his dick hard while massaging his balls, his moans were getting louder, quicker. Mane told me to stop before I made him bust. I was sad to stop because I loved the taste of his dick and the way it felt in my mouth, but I was not ready for things to be over. I decided to eat his ass. Jermaine loved to have his ass eaten and even though he was mostly a top he liked getting his ass fingered. I lifted his sac, burrowing my tongue into the nerve-laden spot behind his balls. My eyes roamed up to his cock’s slot, which was oozing pre-cum. I pushed my tongue into his miracle inch and dragged it even farther south; his legs lifted giving me better access to his asshole. Mane had a beautiful small asshole just waiting to be licked and penetrated with my finger. Mane’s entire body tightened up and his gasps were coming once or twice a second. I rimmed him tenderly, feeling his tight hole relax against my talented tongue. I spun the tip of my tongue devilishly around the perimeter of his asshole, working it gradually right into the target, I licked all around the rim and then pushing the tip of my tongue into the opening, he thrashed around in sexual overload, flexing it open to receive my probing tongue as deeply as it could reach. After a few minutes of delirium, he grabbed my head pulling my face closer to his hole. My sexual tension was building; giving pleasure to the man I loved so much was an extreme turn on. By this time his hole was wet so I switched back to his dick, I slid a spit-slick finger all around his twitching asshole as he squirmed with erotic delight at the feeling. I slowly inserted a finger deep into his ass and massaged a spot that produced an electric shock of pure erotic pleasure though out his entire body, his eyes squeezed closed as I played with his hole, he started to breathe heavily through clenched teeth as my finger went in deeper. As I worked my finger in and out of his ass I went back down on his cock, his eyes rolled back in his head from the pleasure, his breathe was heavy, quick and he couldn’t control his moaning anymore. This went on for a while, and then he asked “Are you ready for me to give you this dick?” “I’ve been ready,” I replied. Mane rose up from where he had been lying on the bed, we were now both on our knees facing each other, we shared a few kisses and I could see in his eyes that he was ready to fuck my ass; he laid me down on my back where he had been laying, he went down on my dick a few times with his expert mouth increasing my sexual tension. Now we were getting to the part where he displayed all his skill with expert precision. Mane pulled up my legs and brought his tongue into contact with my asshole. I just about jumped out of my skin from the blast of erotic stimulation it caused when he licked all around and then pushed the tip of his tongue against my hole; he ate my ass for what seemed like an eternity, I could hardly contain myself. “You like how that tongue feels in your ass?” he kept asking, “Yeah babe, don’t stop!” I replied. Mane pulled his tongue back then pressed two fingers against my asshole and then snaked them inside, he knew the right spot to stimulate with his fingertips, and simultaneously he put his mouth into blow-job overdrive. I thrust my hips up with desperate urgency enjoying every sensation. Mane then switched taking his fingers out of my ass and his mouth off of my dick, his mouth dipped back down, and I felt the incredible sensation of the tip of his tongue sliding into my stretched hole, probing in and out and licking at the nerve endings that lay just beneath the puckered skin of my asshole. Finally he said “I want to fuck this ass!” he reached for a small bottle of lubricant, applied it generously to his cock and my ass, and positioned himself at the gate of my hole.

I was on my back; I looped my arms around the backs of my knees, exposing my pink asshole. This ass was all his. Looking up I could see his thick cock and I was ready to have it inside of me. “This my ass?” he asked. “This is your ass and always will be.” I answered. Mane lined his dick up with my hole putting it in slowly. I felt my asshole open to accommodate the thickness of his cock, he got the head in then paused letting me relax and get used to him being inside of me. “I love this tight warm ass,” he exclaimed, he started again pushing more of his dick inside. I began to breathe harder as he filled up my hole getting closer to my insides. It did hurt some, but the pain was mixed with a warm glow of pleasure that built more and more as he entered me. I closed my eyes and let my head swirl with these exciting sensations. By now he had gotten it all the way in, I was open and ready for him to fuck me. The stinging sensation soon subsided as my fuck-hole became accustomed to the length and thickness of his stiff cock. Before long, he was plowing my ass with long strokes, his face and chest glistening with beads of sweat. Jermaine’s breathing grew faster and heavier with each stroke. My moaning was uncontrollable now, as he pumped inside my ass, I could feel every inch of his perfect penis. I was mesmerized by the overwhelming physical sensation of having my body completely taken over by my lover, he was in complete control, my body was his. My body had been his since the day we met. Jermaine leaned down to kiss me all the while driving his slippery cock again and again deep into my ass, vocalizing his love and dripping sweat onto my hairless chest.

“You ready to ride this dick?” Mane loved for me to ride his cock so we changed positions, he lay down and I straddled his penis, holding it with one hand I sat down on it, sliding his thickness in my ass. Once it was in I bounced up and down bring pure pleasure to both of us. After a while keeping his dick inside me, I turned around facing him, my knees were at his side and I put my hands on his hard chest, he immediately started fucking me, thrusting his hips hard, getting every inch of himself into me. He pulled my mouth to his kissing me, to quiet my moans. My moans dissipated to a point with his tongue in my mouth, his strokes slowed down and he put his arms around me holding me close giving me some time to rest. After a minute or so I had, had all the rest I needed. “Fuck this ass, babe! Fuck me harder!” I told him, and he didn’t miss a beat. Mane began plowing into my ass, it felt so good. My own cock pulsed with pleasure as I jacked myself, I could feel myself nearing my climax with every new stroke of his penis. “Bust that shit!” he kept saying. “Oh my God. Keep going. Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” I said as I stroked my dick faster. I shouted as my dick released glob after glob of hot milky cum onto Jermaine’s chest. “Yeah babe, that’s what I like,” he said. After my balls had been emptied of every last drop I collapsed on top of Mane, he was not finished and kept fucking me. I could feel his cock swelling up inside of me and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he busted his nut, he shouted as he pumped savagely inside my ass, and his cock spewed pulse after pulse of hot cum deep into my body. He pulled his dick out then using his cum as lubricant he went back inside of me until his cock went soft. We kissed and then I rolled off of him to lie beside of him. Using his finger to wipe a glop of my cum off his chest, he licked it off, swirled it on his tongue, and then brought his mouth to mine to share the fluid. We kissed until the cum was gone from our mouths. We looked at each other grinning, enjoying in the after glow of our love making. Looking at Mane lying there covered in my cum, he looked so cute, and tired. I truly loved this man, we truly loved each other.

It was time for a shower; I grabbed Mane’s hand and lead him to the bathroom. He kept coming up behind me putting is arms around me and kissing my neck as I turned on the shower. “I love you and I love making love to you,” he said. “I love you too, and this ass will always be yours,” I said. “Let’s get in the shower.” We got in the shower letting the warm water run over our bodies. Grabbing the soap I lathered up a wash cloth and began washing Mane’s body. As I washed his body I felt his tight muscles under my hand, I felt them flex out tight and beautiful as I gently caressed each inch of his awesome body. I washed his now soft cock and balls, I washed his beautiful feet, getting in between all his toes, and then I gently washed his ass. After washing him, he did the same to me, tenderly caressing my body and kissing me as he went about getting me clean. Our shower complete, we dried each other off then went back to the bedroom where Mane lay back on the bed. I had brought lotion from the bathroom to put on my lover’s skin. Mane lay there naked as I gently massaged the lotion into his smooth silky skin. The feel of his skin and body under my hands was amazing. I covered every inch of his body with lotion, making sure his body was well taken care of. After I was done with him we switched places and he massaged my body with lotion. We laughed, talked, and enjoyed each other the whole time. Being done with the lotion, we put on clean underwear and shorts then went into the living room.

We snuggled up on the sofa holding each other watching the giant snowflakes fall past our bay window. It was cold outside, but inside on the sofa with our arms around each other no cold could touch us. The rest of our day was a lazy day, were we spent every minute together and enjoyed every minute of our togetherness. Our own Winter Wonderland. Our love was strong and pure and we both knew it would last forever.



Duke Goddard


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