(Sorry this was so late, I've been busy, since it's the holidays.)

It was late. I sat on the couch in the living room of the cabin. My hands rubbed at my thighs, yearning for somebody else to touch. Somebody who I had helped to heal their broken heart which had been broken for four years. Somebody who accepted my burdens, and had helped me with them. I clasped my fingers around the white fur blanket that was covering my half-naked body and hopped off the couch in a single, swift, movement. I walked around the cabin, exploring a hallway and the living room of the first floor a little bit, taking in the scent of pine and pomegranate scented candles.

I walked up to the mirror in the kitchen, knowing who I'd see. Damien Clark, the boy who all the girls chased. The boy who other boys envied. The boy who didn't want what the other boys wanted. The boy who always selfishly wanted more. The boy who wanted men. The boy who changed from lust-filled to soft and gentle in the past few hours. The boy with the short dark brown hair, the dark brown eyes, the sculpted cheekbones, the softest lips. The boy who was reaching out and touching his cheeks in the mirror.

I slapped my hands back down to my sides, staring at myself in the mirror for another few seconds, then took a stroll to the back porch. When I shut the door, the cold climate brushed past all my limbs and scraped against the black boxer briefs I had on. I stepped further out to the porch, setting my hands on the railing, and looked out at the dock. My nose started to go red, and even though I wasn't exhausted, It was quiet enough that I could hear the blood pounding in my ears. However, the bites of Jack Frost didn't keep me from looking out at the beautiful frozen lake for minutes and minutes. When my nose and ears and fingers had had enough of the cold, I took a walk back inside the cabin, where the fire in the fireplace was still occupying the logs, but only just enough to faintly light, not heat.

"Aren't you cold?" a voice asked me from behind.

I turned, and saw the somebody I was yearning for, and had been, since four years ago, when I was a freshmen. Now I was a senior, fully blossomed, and fully understanding of what I wanted. I wanted him.

"A little, yeah." I told him.

I couldn't very well see him, in the dim light of the fire, but from what I could tell, he was in tight white briefs that rode right below his V-line but above his thighs, nothing else. He was letting his tight, light copper skin show on purpose, but not to tempt me into his clutches, but because he felt comfortable around me.

"The air conditioner will be ready tomorrow, the people told me." he said quietly, stealing a step towards the fire.

"I think blankets will suffice for now." I told him, as he bent down and sat on his haunches, his calves and thighs contracting, not to mention his school-famous ass, which was known by all of the students for sticking out, even when the two meaty cheeks were covered by his underwear or pants. He showed off the muscles that had built up as he faced the fire.

"I've been thinking about you all night you know." he murmured.

It was probably true. I had been thinking about him since the last part of our drive. We talked for hours in the car, about our exes and broken hearts and what we wanted in our relationships. He wanted what I wanted. We wanted sexually romantic relationships.

He wasn't a big man, but wasn't small either, which made his leg muscles the perfect thickness and strength for his size. His spine arched when he stood back up, and his chest stuck out, showing off his pecs and four pack abdominals. That's what I liked about him. He wanted a four pack, and didn't like too much muscles there. I liked his four pack too, it made more of a statement than my six pack abs.

"I've been thinking about you too." I responded with a shiver.

He watched me shiver, then stared me in the eyes. "Maybe you-- we could find other ways for warmth."

I looked back into his dark blue eyes with golden flecks, and hugged him. And he hugged me back. And it was warm. This was a big step for us. And he was accepting that. We hadn't so much as touched before, when we weren't intoxicated. I pulled back from the hug, wrapping my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. My thoughts scattered. All of them, except for what mattered now. What mattered was him and me, together.

And I kissed him. And he kissed me back. And it was perfect. He pulled me closer to him, and I pushed by chest against his. I kept one of my arms around his neck, and slid my other hand up to his cheek. Only a few hours ago our relationship had seemed like only a friendship, with sexual desire and tension trapped inside of it. Now it was romance. It was love.

He leaned down and picked me up, swinging my legs over his arms, and holding me by my back in his other arm. And I kissed him again. I focused on his lips, which were unusually soft, as he brought me into his bedroom and set me in the sheets of the bed.

He slid under the covers next to me, and kissed me again. I rolled onto my side, lifting his head softly, so I could feel his warm breath on my lips. I stopped kissing him.

"What's wrong?" He asked me.

I shook my head. "Nothing's wrong. Everything's right. I just want to be held."

And he held me, like I wanted. He placed his hands squarely on my back and reached them around my hips until he had reached my V-line. Then he ran them up and locked them together at my chest. He pulled me closer to him, and spooned me. He breathed into my ear, and it helped me fall asleep. I wasn't cold anymore. I was warm in his arms, and under the sheets and blankets of the bed. But the thought of the warmth of his arms slipped away as I fell into my dreams.

I woke up earlier than Mr. Phillips did, with my left hand on his tanned, muscle-filled, abs and my head on his chest. When my eyes were open, all I could see was his deep olive skin and the milky white of the silk sheets. My lips curved into a smile, and I looked over at the clock. I wasn't surprised that it was already one o'clock. We'd been up for quite some time last night. Very softly, I pushed his his arms off my body and pulled my chest away from his side, taking one last whiff of the sickly sweet that was a mixture of his musk and cologne. Then my feet subconsciously swung off the bed and silently hit the floor. I pushed off the mattress with my hands and stood upright, stretching my back and all my thick, meaty, muscles.

After pushing my black silk jockstrap and dark blue skinny jeans up my legs, a black crew neck tee and a dark brown, fur-lined hoodie on, along with a pair of black boots and a dark brown beanie, I crept around the first floor of the house, finding a kitchen easily, and opened the fridge. As I had suspected when I put on my clothes, nothing was inside of it. I grabbed a post-it and pen from the counter and scribbled down a quick note:

Went out to the town for food.

Text me if you want anything.

- D

I paused at the top curve of my signature "D" and then scribbled my cell number at the bottom. I slapped it on the empty, silver fridge and grabbed the car keys, then walked out to the car. There was unusually large amount of snow that my eyes detected when I left. The car easily started up when I pushed the keys into the ignition and twisted, and just as easily pulled out when I put the car into reverse and slowly pushed on the gas. I drove the rest of the way to the town, which was a few miles from the opposite side of the lake.

It was a small town, with around twenty houses, a general store, a dry cleaners, a pharmacy and supermarket, a few thrift shops, a Macy's, a town hall, a liquor store, a fire station, and a police station. But above all, surprisingly, there was a large country club. The car pulled into the parking lot of the supermarket and I got out, locking the doors on my way in. I picked up some fruits, vegetables, drinks and snacks. Then I walked around the store some more, picking up the less important things, like toilet paper, junk food, and toothpaste. When I had all that Mr. Phillips said he needed from his text, I rolled up the shopping cart to the front and started checking out my things, then paid for them.

I walked to the pharmacy next door and walked around inside, looking around for a few things. After giving up looking for what I wanted, I walked up to the girl at one of the front cash registers.

"Hello, may I help you?" she kindly asked me.

She was around my age, and was nice looking, with long curly blonde hair, big blue eyes, thin lips and a thin body, and a button-like nose.

"I was wondering if you.. had any.. condoms..?" I asked, with a blush.

She had been eyeing me, gazing at my body up and down, and nodded, with a smirk.

"This way," She told me, and gestured for me toy follow her. "You've got a lucky partner."

"Thanks, I've been trying to get to this level for four years."

She all of the sudden stopped in front of me and bent down in the middle of an empty isle. I bumped into her and she held out the Trojan ecstasy condoms to me. She smirked again as I bumped into her, as if she wanted me to. Then she walked me to the chase register and checked them out, along with a bottle of lube that I picked out.

"You have fun." she told me, with a wink and a giggle.

I was getting irritated. I didn't want her flirting with me.

"Thanks for taking my pleasure into consideration with these condoms." I snapped back.

I watched her jaw drop before I turned around and left the store. I liked making funny retorts when I was irritated at somebody, because it made me feel like I was in a reality T.V. show. Then I started to chuckle to myself, thinking of her face when I dropped the hint that I wasn't into her. I laughed for a while, stopping at the car and putting the lube and condoms on the front seat. Then, when I was done laughing I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and pulled out a small card with my face and some information about me on it. It was a fake I.D.

I smiled back at the smile in the picture and looked up and down the information, remembering the information just in case. Then I trudged through the snow to the liquor store. With each step I took I grew more nervous, thinking 'What if they suspect I'm not twenty-one?' or 'What if they ask me a question about myself and I don't remember?' and then I stopped outside the store, with my hand on the door. I was breathing semi-heavily, and my palms were sweaty. Then I went into the store.

I wandered around the store for quite some time, looking at the knick-knacks and snacks they had stored. Then I walked into the back and grabbed a twelve-pack of beer before walking up to the man at the counter. He was wearing a blue vest and a white t-shirt that had a collar down below his nipples. I couldn't see his legs, but I could safely guess they were just as hairy as his chest, which was sprouting grey and brown hair everywhere. He was quite fat, with man-boobs that were almost hanging out of the collar and showing big brown nipples. His face had a lot of stubble, and his second chin hung low on his neck. His deep blue eyes gazed directly at my chest when he saw me walk up to the counter, and then he asked for identification, with a scruffy, low voice. I handed him the fake I.D. and he looked at me.

"What's your birthday?" He questioned.

"December fifteenth, 1992." I responded.

"Exactly 21 are ya?"

I nodded. He shook his head.

"I know a faker when I see one," He chuckled. "But I'll let you keep these if you save a few for me, when you meet me at the club in a few minutes. I'm about to get off."

I sighed and nodded. "Alright, but I'm not a member."

"I'll take you in as a guest." He smiled.

I picked up the beers and walked them out to the car. Then I drove down the street to the club. I looked up at the sign, which was in bright neon pink lights.

"What the fuck..?" I murmured to myself, as I read the sign. "The Cockpit?"

I hopped out of the car and pushed a few cans of beers into my coat pockets, keeping my hands there. Minutes later the man walked up to me, offering his hand out.

"Chuck." He said.

I grabbed his hand. "Damien."

He firmly took hold and shook. He didn't look as fat. He looked just around 250 pounds. I patted my pockets, gesturing that the beers were in my pockets. Then he cocked his head to the side, and then jerked it back upright, indicating to go inside with him. So I followed him inside.

"Welcome," The man at the counter greeted us. "Names?"

"Chuck Reynolds. This is a guest."

I looked at the man at the counter. He was very well built. His white tank top clung tightly to his muscled and he had short shorts on that were almost as short as briefs. My eyes widened, and I looked up at his face. His cheekbones were perfect. His eyes were perfect. His hair was perfect.

I tore my eyes away, thinking about Mr. Phillips, and followed Chuck into a hallway. He kept walking until he got into the locker room, and told me I could use the locker that he opened. Then he told me to meet him in the sauna in around five minutes, and to bring the beers. Then he walked away. I looked around. I didn't see anybody. I stripped off all my clothes and took the beers out of my pocket. Then I stuffed my clothes into the locker and looked around for a towel.

I was stark naked, and couldn't cover up for the sauna. So I walked around the locker room, seeing a few more well built men who were leaving. After a while I gave up, and walked into the sauna.

"What took ya so long, sport?" I heard, as I got a pat on the butt.

I turned around, my man meat swinging around with me, but slowly after. My eyes widened.

Chuck was just as naked as me. His arms were spread to each side, at neck height, and his whole body was covered in a thing layer of hair. His legs were spread apart, and what hung between them was huge. My mouth opened. I was impressed.

"Heh. Thats how a lot of guys are when they see it. It's not as big as it looks right now. It's probably an inch or two bigger than that nice bit you've got here." He said, as he reached forward, and lifted up my dick.

"Um.." I stuttered.

"Oh, don't be shy," he chuckled. "Gimme a beer, wouldya?"

I handed him a beer, and opened one for myself. He downed the whole thing in around forty-five seconds, and I handed him another. He drank that one quickly too, but was already a bit drunk, so when he had his third one, he was piss drunk. He was quite lightweight for his size. I was also lightweight, because I was drunk by my third beer too. They weren't big cans, they were a bit skinnier than average sized ones. After a while he started to laugh, and I looked at him and started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I said, as I finished laughing. He was still laughing, but he pointed down at his cock. He had a boner.

"Ohohoh.. Lemme jerk this one off," He chortled. I just stared at it. My eyes were popping. "C'mere," he said, noticing how I was impressed. "Let's compare, shall we?"

I didn't understand what he meant until I stared down a few seconds later, when he had grabbed my semi-hardon and put his balls up to mine, then lined up the shafts and the rest of the meat. His cock was probably as long as from my wrist to my mid-bicep. My own cock was a few inches under his. I gasped a little. It was hot in here. The feeling of his rod against mine was amazing.

He heard my gasp and sat me on his lap, letting his pulsating prick raise up against my asscheeks. I put my hands on his chest and pinched his nipples. He moaned a deep moan and started to raise his knee up and down quickly, so that I bounced on his thigh. Then he rubbed the tip of his prick on my asshole. My mind was screaming at me yes. I want him to be the man who takes my flower. Then I snapped back to reality, he was slowly inserting himself into me. He was around an inch in before I got off.

"Whoa! Wait, this can't happen." I told him.

"Sure it can," He smirked and grabbed my waist, pulling me onto his lap again. I became aware of the sweat all over his body. I got off of him again, and then he stood up. "Hey! I brought you into here, and I can get you out!"

Then he walked toward me and pushed me onto my ass on the ground, pushing my back against one of the side of the benches and my head down on the seat. I tried to get up, but I slipped on my own sweat and fell back onto my butt. Then he walked over to my and stood over me, facing my feet.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" I yelled.

Then he bent down and sat on my face. He grabbed my wrists after I almost pushed him off me.

"Breathe that smell in, boy!" He yelled. "That's man smell!"

I kept struggling. His weight was crushing my face. He wouldn't get off, and his asscheeks were slowly spreading as my face slid between them, the sweat lubricating my face. I hated this. I couldn't do anything. I started to violently shake my head back and forth, as I slowly felt the puckered skin of his hole. He only moaned like his life depended on it. I kept struggling, then got an idea. An idea that I wouldn't like.

I stuck my tongue out, and licked his asshole. He moaned loudly and started bouncing himself on my face. His asssweat dripped down in between his cheeks onto my forehead. I kept eating his ass out, and started to get used to the sour taste. That's when I started to tongue fuck him and motorboat his ass as fast as I could. He was yelling his moans now, and then he got off me, turning around and sitting on my chest, jerking his meat in my face, a look of pure ecstasy on his face.

I opened my mouth and took hold of his dick for him, then jerked it off as I slid the whole thing into my mouth and down my throat slowly. This was my third time sucking a dick, and I didn't have a gag reflex, so I could deep throat however fast I wanted. I kept deepthroating him, gulping all of his meat down my throat. Then he shouted out one last time.

"I'm cumming!"

I felt the sticky hot mess of cum shoot down my throat. But I wasn't thinking about that. I bit down. Hard. I tasted blood. I heard howls of pain. My vision was blurry. I slowly stood up, and spat out the remaining flesh into my hand. He was bleeding everywhere. He was crying. But above all, he was angry.

"Are you fucking crazy? You stupid kid!" He shouted, and threw a fist at me.

But I was done with this mans bullshit. I grabbed his fist inches away from my face, with my free hand. I threw it back to him. Then I threw my own punch, and I hit him square in the jaw. He stumbled back for a few seconds, and then I pushed him backwards. He fell on his ass, and his head fell back and hit the edge of one of the benches. He fell onto the floor, unconscious. I looked around the sauna. I was gonna get busted. If anybody found him, he'd squeal. I was panicking. I looked at the severed, limp, dick in my hand. It was still as fat as a soda can and as long as around seven inches.

I looked around the room and then got an idea. I opened of the benches seats like a lid and got out a towel. I pushed it onto his crotch and let it soak up the blood that was starting to stop leaking. Then I sprinted out of the sauna and slid on my clothes. My mind was pounding. My hands were even sweatier than they were in the sauna. My eyes teared up, and I couldn't think of what to do at this point. So I jumped over the fence and started running toward my car, until I saw the dry cleaners. Then I got my real idea.

I sprinted into the dry cleaners. It was empty and stretched far back and there were lots of dryers and washers, with soap and bleach neatly lined up on the shelves above it. I reached out and realized I still had Chuck's cut off penis in my hand. Then I reached out and got fabric-softening-strips before wrapping them around the cut end of the penis and pushing it into my back pocket. Then I grabbed a bottle of bleach and ran back out the door, hopping the fence into the club again.

When I was inside, I picked up the cloth of Chuck's groin and scoped out the locker room. Nobody was in. I jogged back into the sauna and dragged Chuck to the showers, turning them on to soak him off.

Then I jogged back into the sauna with the bottle of bleach and the towel. It started to get hot, so I took all my clothes off and picked up the towel. I quickly soaked as much bleach as I could over the blood and started washing off the bloodstained wood. I went as fast as I could, wiping the trail that led to the showers when I was done.

When I got to the shower, I soaked the whole towel in bleach and looked at Chuck. Fat, naked, and unconscious on the floor, and I had to wash every single part of his body with bleach to get rid of any blood, sweat, or saliva. I started at his feet, and slowly worked my way up his knees, rubbing each knee carefully, then up to his thighs, which I rubbed slowly, pushing down to the sides. I avoided the groin, saving it for the end. I washed his belly slowly, lifted his rolls and washed in between them. Then I stopped washing, my eyes widening. I looked at the label, than breathed a sigh of relief. It was chlorine bleach. I kept scrubbing at his skin, getting up to his large chest. I scrubbed under his man-boobs and under his arms, also scrubbing around the nipples, hoping to do them last. I scrubbed his arms and hands, and I scrubbed his neck and face, avoiding the eyes and mouth.

Then I flipped him over and scrubbed his back thighs, under his butt cheeks, and avoided the ass for later. I then washed the back slowly. I tried pushing Chuck off a lot here. There must've been a lot of sweat there, I thought to myself, as I scrubbed harder at his hairy back. I washed the back of his arms and the back of his neck, then looked at his butt. It was time to wash all his private parts.

I started with his crotch, since there was only a ball sack there, and I started to scrub around them and then I closed my eyes, putting the bleach-covered towel on top of his balls. When I opened them, I softly rubbed and scrubbed at them, thats when I noticed his pinky finger twitch. He was starting to wake up. I had to scrub faster. I kept rubbing at his balls and then I flipped him over, and started massaging his asscheeks with the towel. After a deep clean of the buttcheeks, I slowly worked my way down to the asshole, where I gently massaged. I flipped him back over again. All that was left were his nipples. It was hard to reach that far up, and because of his size, I couldn't go from the sides, so I once again crawled up on him, my skin to his skin. I made a small pinch in the towel and pinch the first one, rubbing slowly, then pinch the next, rubbing that one slowly. This was really getting me nowhere. The pinch in the towel wasn't helping, so I dipped my fingers in the bleach and rubbed the nipples myself. Suddenly my skin went cold, and my back tensed as I heard a low moan and a chuckle. I looked up at his face. His eyes were open, and he was grinning.

"I knew you liked this body." He told me, and licked his lips.

"No, I was washing you down with bleach so nobody found out I fought back."

"Well, you're naked and on top of me, and your nice little cock is rubbing nicely against my stomach." He told me, and he leaned upward, reaching for in between his legs, his eyes widening when he realized what he was looking for was missing.

I quickly got up as he went from grabbing at his crotch to grabbing at my asscheeks and back. He got up too, and he glared at me. The water slowly dripped down his body, as the shower hit his shoulders. I brought up my fists to a fighting stance, my own body lubricated with water.

"That's not how this goes. We aren't fighting, we're wrestling. I win, I get to do you. You win, you get to go home and I don't bother anybody about this." He chortled.

"No. Fight."

"How about it's just a free-for-all?"

I thought for a moment. Tears silently ran down my cheeks. I felt so sorry. I shouldn't have tried to buy beer. Just on the slim chance of getting my gym teacher drunk so he could fuck me. I missed him, and I felt so terrible about all of this. I had to get out of this, so I could get everything back to normal. I nodded.

Then Chuck ran at me, his belly bouncing, just armed outstretched, and both of them in a fist. I assumed by statistics that eh would throw a punch with his right hand, since most people were right handed. So I ducked around his right hand, and I was right, he missed me. I ran at him myself, and tackled him to the wet shower floor. He easily brought my around so I was laying on top of him, my back pressed against his chest, and his legs locked around mine so that I would move. He linked my arms together with one of his arms and used the other to grab my dick and start jacking me off. I struggled some more, then leaned my head up to watch his hand work at my meat. Then I brought my head down, hard against his. He suddenly grabbed his forehead and nose. I turned around and sat on his chest, straddling it. I reared my fist up and brought it down, then repeated over and over. Chuck was bleeding now out of his nose.

I scowled at him, then I felt a rush of adrenaline, as I knew what I was going to say to Mr. Phillips. My muscles contracted, and I lifted Chuck up by one hand, by his neck, which definitely wasn't easy. He was then standing, my hand at his throat.

"If you ever fuck with me again, I will use your own penis to rip your asshole open." I snapped, then I grabbed both of his nipples, and twisted hard, making him fall to the floor in agony.

Then I walked out, putting my clothes back on and getting in the car. I slow drove home, then put the condoms and the small bottle of lube in my back pocket with Chuck's severed dick, and brought the groceries in, organizing them in the fridge according to what nutritional food category they were in. When I was finished, I listened for any signs of Mr. Phillips. The shower was on downstairs. My eyes were still spilling out tears when I walked downstairs to the bedroom, where the private bathroom was obviously occupied by Mr. Phillips. I put the lube and condoms in the side pocket of my duffel back and slid it closer to the bed. then I opened the sliding glass window on the other side of the room and walked out to the deck, pulling out Chuck's penis from my pocket and throwing it out at the lake, as hard as I could. I watched it sail through the air, and my vision focused form it to the sky. It was already dark out. I hadn't even noticed. I walked back inside and looked at the alarm clock. nine seventeen.

I pulled off all my clothes except my jockstrap, then slid black silk basketball shorts up my thighs, a black tank top down over my head, and lied down on my back on the bed, drying my eyes. I had to stop crying. My head was pounding, and the only thing I could think about was Mr. Phillips, who then walked out a few minutes later, buck naked.

"Whoa, sorry. Didn't realize you got home." He said, and immediately covered his junk with his hands.

I sat up, my own junk throwing major wood. But, luckily, when I sat up, it was completely hidden from view. He then rolled his eyes and pulled his hands off his balls and dick, letting it flop around freely as he walked up to me and reached across me to the other side, where I hadn't even noticed a towel.

"Are you okay?" He asked. "It looks like you've been crying."

"Oh. I have," I said. "Another guy tried taking advantage of me in town after getting me drunk. I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"Oh," He murmured gently, and sat next to me. "I'm actually not surprised. This is a town that is actually completely filled with men. Most of them gay. And you're.. very intriguing for a gay man."

I smiled at him and wiped my eyes as they started to tear up again. He put his hand on my knee. I suddenly felt something I held felt before. The feeling of wanting. He must've had the feeling too, because we both leaned in at exactly the same time and kissed passionately, open-mouthed. He kept kissing me, and I straddled his lap, facing him. He placed his hands on my cheeks. I wrapped one of my arms around his neck and brought it up on the other side of his head, entangling my fingers in his hair.

Then he pulled back. "Remember how I told you I fell in love with someone a few years ago?"

I nodded. "Yeah, four years ago."

Something sparked in my brain, in the way back. I was trying to understand something, but was struggling. I tried to understand what he was getting back, but it was like whenever my mind picked up the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, they dropped more and more pieces. I kept thinking. Four years ago, I was a freshmen. Finally it hit me.

"It was me." I murmured.

He nodded at me. "I've been in love with you for four years."

My eyes shined with happy tears, and I responded, "I've actually had a crush on you, too. since we met."

He smiled happily. He was tearing up as well. I put my pointer finger on my bottom lip, and he leaned over and kissed me softly, with an open mouth. My tears spilled out of my eyes, and mixed with his, as they slid down our touching cheeks. Then I pushed my tongue through his mouth and made it wrestle with his own tongue. We kept kissing. The room melted away, and I felt as if it were just him and me. Nothing else mattered. I had felt this before, at my birthday party, when nobody else showed up except for him, because I told him he could stop by. It was only him and me kissing, and the feeling of the sheet against my back as he gently pushed me down onto gave me a feeling of ecstasy. He traced his fingers up my sides, leaving traced lines of tingling love.

He pushed his legs inside the space between mine. and leaned his chat over mine, supporting himself up by his elbow that was next to my face. I angled my head around, exposing my neck. I could feel on my neck and the upper chest that my tank top exposed, his hot breath and wet kisses. My hands reached up to his back and slid down to under the back of his towel, where I groped blindly at his asscheeks. Eventually, the towel fell off, and onto the floor. He then leaned up and kissed my lips again. I kissed back passionately and gently, until he went back to giving my neck and chest hickeys and soft bites and nips.

I could feel his hardening man meat on the outside of my shorts, and I pulled them off, along with my jockstrap. Then I leaned up, until I was face to face with him, and I pulled off my tank top. He was on his knees, and I had scooted back to where I as on mine, but we went back into the same position as before, and I tapped my bottom lip softly with my pointer finger. He kissed me gently again, and I kissed him back again. His free hand reached down and helped stimulate the tool between his leg. I reached my own arm down to the bag by the bed and pulled a condom out of the side bag, holding it out to him between my middle and pointer finger. He bit one end, and I bit the other. Then he pulled the wrapper open, and slid the condom over his throbbing dick. I kissed him one more time, and then I rolled onto my stomach. He laid flat on my back, his nipples tickling the two little spots that they touched.

"Be gentle," I whispered. "This is my first time."

"Good," he whispered back to me. "I want your first time to be with somebody who loves you."

I spread my arms out to my sides. I felt the heat and pressure of his throbbing tool on my asshole before he slid it in. My fingers started to clench, but before they could, his fingers slid up and locked into mine. I could feel his legs on the outsides of mine, and then he pushed in very slowly.

My face twanged in pain, but he arched his head over next to mine and pressed our cheeks together, squeezing my hands. I held through for a little longer, until the pain stopped, and it felt amazing.

"How far inside are you?" I moaned out quickly.

"Only around a quarter. Jeez, you're so tight and hard to get through."

He pushed deeper inside of me, and the pressure was growing. It was so intense, but it felt amazing, and it felt like his body was merging with mine. The feeling I was feeling came back. It was just him and me. He was pushing further inside of me, penetrating the walls of not only my insides, but also my emotions. I didn't want to hide anything from him. I wanted him to know everything about me. I wanted to be his whole world. Then I felt a sort of shock that felt amazing. I twitched, moaning loudly.

"Ohh.. wh-what's that-t?" I asked, moaning in between words.

"Oh, I must've hit your prostate already." He murmured.

He pulled himself away from my prostate, then slowly pushed back towards it. He was fucking me slowly. It was amazing. I was moaning slowly, but loudly. He kept pushing in and out, hitting my prostate every once in a while, which made me moan louder, and flinch. He kept fucking me, pushing in more and more, until I could only guess he was rubbing past my prostate, sliding past it, and pulling back and forth. I felt as if my flinch was extended, and I was fully tensed up.

"Ohh Tu-Tu-Tucker. Oh g-god, you're amazing-ng-nggg."

"Oh fuck. My lovely man, you feel just as amazing." He moaned back.

Only then did I realized he had moaned it back. He was moaning just a little softer than I was. He was feeling pleasure, too.

"D-Doo-Does it f-feel good on y-yourrr end-d t-too?"

"Unhh.. It's not the sex, my lovely love. It's you. I just feel so much pleasure in you."

I kept moaning, louder and louder, until an incredible feeling came over me. It felt ten times better than when he touched my prostate. I moaned so loud it was like a yell, and I kept moan-yelling as he jabbed at my prostate. I realized it must've been an orgasm I was having.

Suddenly he moaned as loud as I did. "Ohh, I'm c-cumming!"

I felt the condom expand, and I realized that it was going to burst, when I felt the continuing load blast through and through until the tip of the condom was at its full expansion, but when it seemed like it was just about to burst, it didn't. He was done.

And things were silent. We didn't move, except for when he pulled out of me slowly, giving my prostate one last rub, and throwing the condom into the trash, then pulling the covers over us. He wrapped his arms around my chest and spooned me like he had done last night. He pressed his bare against my back and pressed his cheek against mine, his right cheek's stubble softly tickling my left cheek's clean shaved skin. His feet grouped together with mine. His softening, but still warm pelvis pressed against my buttcheeks, and his front thighs touched my back thighs.

"I love you, my lovely love." he whispered.

"I love you too, Tucker.."




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