How do I describe the man that I feel in love with? The only guy I have ever thought about since I was 16?

We met when we were in Jr. High, but we didn't talk much, we sang in choir but he didn't notice me in the way I wanted. I was young ...and undeveloped so I still had a high range...which GOD I got hell for.

When we got to high school, times were a changing. I was a tenor (with some serious umph) and he was a bass, that just made me melt!

Over the years we had found out that our birthdays were only a few days apart, which really got our relationship as friends going, we started talking and hanging out...and playing runescape together (for those of us that remember, give a comment). We turned 18 in June, the summer before our senior year..our last year together! So I wanted to make the best of it.

One night, tragedy struck and their house burn down, so him and his family moved to my house, we had extra rooms and my grandparents had basically adopted him and his sister. Even though we had an extra room, my grandparents said that William could just stay with me, since we would be inseparable anyway ;)

Well after a few nights of William sleeping on the extra twin I had set up in my room, I offered him to just come sleep with me in my queen. There was extra room, and it was LOADS more comfortable. He agreed, but said "Well, so you know I only sleep in my boxers." I replied with "Then let me put something on so that you are more comfortable"

(Let me just mention, that I am not the most athletic person in the world, sure I had done some sports, swimming and golf. But I wasn't exactly fit. I'm 6' 3" but with a bit extra fat (it's the genes). But William on the other hand, he is a 6' baseball player so had the sexiest set of abs you could ever come up with.)

He laughed it off, and said "It's your house, sleep how you damn well please!" But I still wanted to make him comfortable, and put on a pair of thin athletic shorts.

As the night went on, I was having a sexy dream of what could happen while he stayed here and one woke me up. To my astonishment, the dream had ended with him giving me a big tackling hug, and when I woke up, his arm was draped over me. Being the romantic that I am, I felt all warm and snuggly. So, naturally, I snuggled in and could feel his penis as I rubbed my ass over it, just ever so tenderly.

After a while, I drifted back to sleep, still in his arm, my dreams got a little more exciting then.

I drifted into it like a flashback, I was at one of his baseball games, he was the pitcher and every time he struck someone out, he would look at me with the most loving eyes I could imagine. They are a deep brown that I just want to be enveloped in.

After the games (Now that we lived together) we would head to get something to eat at the nearest "Grease Burger" joint, we would alternate on who bought, and if we played it off as a couple... It always managed to get us the best looks.

Before we even managed to get in the door at the house, he already has his shirt off and is smelling his pits for the smell. I laugh and say "How's the sauna, porky?" he punches me in the shoulder and replies "I don't know, give it a try" and shoves his pit in my face. Unknowingly to him, that is one of my favorite of his smells, the pure manliness that he exudes. I take a giant wiff, just for effect and literally almost pass out from the smell, but also from the pure joy. I yell "Damn! Maybe you should bottle that stench to fumigate houses with!"

We both laugh as we enter the empty house, his mom and my grandparents are at work, and his sister is at a friend's. He heads to take a shower, and I go grab a drink. Soon after I feel the urge to piss, so I knock on the bathroom door, and ask "Hey, mind if I come watch you after I pee?" He replies "Only if you promise to join me"

I laugh and walk in; unfortunately, this urge to pee is in real life...So I wake up and gingerly I walk out of my room and head for the bathroom, finish what I need to do and walk back. (it's nice having a room in the basement, not having squeaky floors to wake anyone or anything)

I come back to my room and what do I find? William has taken over the whole bed, kicked off the covers and is looking sexier by the second. Without the cover, I see his natural buldge...God I wanted to just rip off those boxers! Soon I am warming up and turn on the overhead fan and crawl back to bed. I move his legs and arms; of course grabbing his ass to move him around (He is a dead door-nail sleeper)

After a while, I just lay there listening to him breath. I begin to wonder how it would feel to just run my hand over his chest." Obviously since he didn't wake up to my moving him, he won't notice this" I thought. So I just lay my hand on his stomach, like I would if I had rolled over and "accidentally put it there." I waited to make sure his breathing hadn't changed, and I start moving up and down his chest. Feeling his nipples, which were a little hard due to the fan, and then next I started down toward his stomach, where I traced his abs and gave a good squeeze.

By this point I was rock solid and leaking pre-cum like a fountain. This was my first experience with anyone, and I was enjoying it to the max.

I traced his "treasure trail" to the edge of his boxers; this was where I got scared. Sure I had seen guys penises before, nothing new. But this was different, I had not seen his!

I gingerly moved my hand down, and felt the outline of his head. DAMN! It felt big! Then I moved down the shaft until I felt it bending down into his scrotum. This was pure bliss for me; I was breathing hard, and was trying to be quiet. I just laid my hand there, feeling the warmed this cock was giving off and feeling this this thing was just as long as my hand, which had to be a good 6" soft. I started moving back and forth, just rubbing. I moved back up to his head, and did figure eights on it until I started noticing that he was breathing differently. In his sleep, he arched up his back, and cock, and I got a GOOD show of his outline.

OF course he had to roll over on to his side, but leaving a nice opening to his ass. I lightly grabbed a cheek of his soft, round bubble butt, and traced his crack with my finger. At this point, I knew I wasn't going to get back to sleep, so I got up (Realizing it was around 6am) and went and made some coffee, only in my shorts and with a huge boner.

Being nice, I take a cup and gently nudge his nose until he wakes up and gratefully takes the cup. After a few minutes we move outside on the patio and watch the sun rise (ish...it was behind the house next door, but we saw the light rise) He pipes up after a few minutes and says "Sorry if I was all over you last night, I was having an active dream and sometimes I move around and such." I just shrugged and said "it's ok, it's always nice to feel loved while you are asleep with a hunky man next to you." Saying it jokingly, but in my mind I wanted to tackle him and bury him with kisses and passion.

As the day progressed, we decided to spend our Saturday away from the house and go out to my family farm and explore the woods and the creeks. Where...well you will just have to come back to find out about

Sorry if you were expecting things to happen, I really wanted to convey my feelings for him and to start off easy. Tell me what you think for my first story!!



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