So Will arrives in some tight gym shorts which looks worn out and faded and also wearing a tight vest top. He has blue eyes which are covered by these new type of glasses which look like semi circles. I answered the door with my robe on

'Hey you do know if I knock on the door you can answer it naked' he says as he winks to me.

I start to blush uncontrollably. As he enters the house and lunges himself at me

We both fall to the floor with no balence. He then snuggled up to me.

' Sorry baby I gotta go do some late night shifts in work'

He looks at that with puppy dog eyes

'aww' I say as I walk out the front door.

I was in for a long night

Sitting in work. Got no mates in here never felt so lonely. I'm here staring at the computer screen. Hmm tempted to go on facebook. But might get fired no harm in checking my roomates status

As I log on I look at my room mates status

Will Moor: 'Is thinking of his boyfriend Andrew Vaughan at his work till 8pm, Shame we can't be with each other'

Hmm, shall I walk out? I thought to myself. I put my coat on and walked out of the office.


'What shall I do now?' Will thinks to himself as he cooks his boyfriend a nice chicken vindaloo curry. As he sets the table he lights the candle and puts a rose in the middle of the table. Will hears a knock on the door and goes over to answer

He puts another rose in his mouth and answers


I knock on the door and await Will

When will answered I was in shock

He stood there with a rose in his mouth as he beckons me in.

'Omg all this for me' I say in awe

'Thats not all' he says as he goes down on one knee

'Andrew when I met you in that toilet I knew you were the one when you set your eye on me, So will you Marry me?

I look at him with a mixture of happiness and tears


As Will is still down on one knee I'm uncertain of what to say.

' I knew I shouldn't of proposed. I'm such a wanker' he says as he walks away and sits down with his hands covering his face

I try to say something. But my heartbeat stops and I feel breathless so I collapsed to the floor in a state of shock

As Andrew is taken into an ambulance in a carrier I follow him with distress and denial. How could my baby Andrew be in hospital?

As we arrive I look upon the comafied presence of Andrew. He looks pale and he seems to be shaking violently I press the button to get the attention of a nurse

A middle aged nurse who looks about late 30s early 40s walks into the room

Will he be alright? I ask the doctor

'I'm afraid it's not looking good. Andrew is suffering from pnuemonia. He might or might not recover.'

As the doctor leaves the room I take Andrew's hand and sob my poor heart out.

I can hear sobbing. Yet I'm in darkness? Where am I? What's going to happen to me? I wanna comfort whoever is sobbing. Where's Will? Has he died? Nooooo Andrew stop thinking that. No one will die. I will get through this. Hold on why is my body shaking?

As I gone into work I can't stop thinking about Andrew. He's been through so much I think I should get him something. As I walk to the flower shop I see a familiar face

'ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!' I shout as I run towards him

'Erm, hi who are you' Andrew asks in confusion.

'Oh shit' I moan

To be continued.




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