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After that incredible evening of raunchy marathon gay sex with blonde rugby player Jorge fucking my ass raw and the two of us getting our nuts off five times, Jorge moved in with me. We agreed to become fuck buddies in a monogamous relationship. For the next several months, we sucked cock, rimmed ass,  kissed like two two sucking vacuum cleaners and I lost count of how many times Jorge drove his huge 10-inch dick deep into my pussy unloading volcanic loads of potential baby making cumm inside me.

Jorge and my birthdays are one day apart on April 1 and April 2 respectfully.  We invited ten of Jorge's hot rugby teammates over to our place on April 2 for a birthday bash to celebrate our birthdays as I turned 22 and Jorge was 23. By mid-night all twelve of us were buzzed and horny as hell.

We decided to play strip pker as we continued to drink and eat. After about 30 minutes all of us were naked with stiff cocks, causing hot rugby player Johnny to suggest that the ten guys draw straws to match couples up for wild fucking sessions. Jorge and I had made it clear that we only had sex with each other in our new partnership although we were turned on by the ten hot dudes making our hormones got off the chart as we looked at those pussy studs.

In less than five minutes, all six of us couples were down on the carpet in the livign room sucking cock, eating ass, fingering ass, rammig their tongues down each other's throat and soon six guys were getting their ass drilled by their partner's big cock. The cocks ranged from 7-inches to a huge 11-inch tool.

The living room was soon filled with strong odors of sweaty bodies along with the sounds of primordial moans, grunts, whimpers of pain and joy and thrashing bodies. As Jorge began to feed my ass with his big huge 10-inch cock, my heart and stiff cock began throbbing not  only from Jorge's big machine in my ass but also from all the ten jocks' sounds of pleasure and the beginning of lustful dirty talk. I heard some of the guys saying: "You bitch take all my cock up that man pussy. You whore, open up that gate for my dick. Yea fuck, give me that big dick, harder and harder. Fuck me and come inside me. Take it you slut. Yea, I'm going to come now. Oh hell, your cock is so big, it hurts but don't stop."

After some ten minutes of this wild scene of sounds and smells of man sex, I began to yell as Jorge started going wild fucking my ass. Holy shit, all at once the five couples stopped fucking, got up, stood over Jorge and me as I lay on my back with Jorge on top of me with his boner up my ass. The ten studs began to wildly jerk their cocks over our heads. As they grunted and breathed hard, one by one they blasted their big loads of warm semen on Jorge and my face. It was like a river had broken spewing cum flooding our faces and mouths. The feel of warm milky cum showering down on us caused Jorge and me to shoot our loads. Jorge came inside my ass. I had never felt so much cum or so many different types of cum smell. 

When we were all spent, the guys knelt down by us, took their hands and fingers, gathered up the huge gobs of cum, fed Jorge and me all that cum and ordered us to swallow it all. The taste ranged from very salty to pure honey flavor. My stomach had become filled with a huge diet of cum protein.

The guys all laughed and hot rugby player Johnny spoke for all the dudes when he said: "Hey buddies, these are our birthday gifts for you." Then they sang happy birthday to us. They had great voices like a choir. We all showered and around 4 AM the guys left with Jorge and me realizing that we had celebrated the best birthday we had ever had. Man, all that cum was our birthday cum cake.

Jorge had taken off some time from college the previous semester or two before he had returned to finish his degree. He was now in his last semester as a senior. 

A few days after the wild birthday bash, Jorge left town after his Friday classes for the week's spring break to visit his parents.

I spent the next week at the bank. At the end of the week on Friday morning I was at my station as a teller when I almost swallowed my tongue when Sergeant Levi walked up to the counter to cash a check and said: ""Hey buddy, great to see you. I just got into town a few minutes ago. My father has recovered and has taken charge of his business again. I'm back to enroll in college again. I sure have missed you. I think of you ever day and that hot night we had together. Could I possibly crash at your condo for a few days until I find a place? Maybe we could have some more fun and maybe another massage?"

I stared at Levi as I became speechless. Holy shit, my lust for him returned and my cock began to stiffen until it was totally erect. Holy fuck, I wanted him to grab me, throw me on the floor in the bank and fuck the hell out of my ass in front of all the customers. I forgot all about my pledge with Jorge to be monogamous as I replied to Levi: "Oh Levi it is so great seeing you. I'm so glad you're returning to college. Hell yea, I'd love to have you stay with me."

Levi backed up enough so that I saw his swollen cock creating a huge tent in his nice pants. Man, how I loved his huge cock, the biggest dick ever to fuck my pussy. Oh I had to have him and his cock that evening.

Levi brought me back to reality when he leaned over the counter and in a very low voice said: "By the way how is Jorge? Has he fucked you while I've been away? How about all those other jocks, have they been taking care of the best ass in town? I've thought ever day about the best ass my cock has ever invaded and of course that is your pussy. Man, you know how to use that pussy and its muscles to milk a cock dry in seconds. Man you look great."

Man I could not tell Levi about my monogamous agreement with Jorge for fear that Levi would not fuck me that night. Jorge would not be returning until Sunday night giving me at least the weekend to take that awesome cock of Levi up my pussy all weekend.

As I handed Levi his cash, he grabbed my hnad and gave it his incredible moment of a massage making me almost come in  my pants rememebring how great his massage had been. He winked at me and said: "I bet you ould love another one of my massages tonight?"

He winked at me again and gave me that sexy hot mischief seductive smile and holy shit as he backed away from the counter, he actually grabbed his crotch for a second to remind me what waited for me later. 

I spent the day thinking about what in the hell was I going to do and how would I explain to sexy big cock Levi about Jorge and me? After several days without any cock in my ass, I was desperate and also I would never be able to resist the biggest cock in town. Was the slut in me rising again?

I met Levi at the bar, we had a drink and I took him to a nice dinner. As we went back to my condo, I was in total heat and hornier than I could ever remember. We got to my condo at 7 PM. We barely got the door closed when we rushed to get out of our clothes. Holy shit, there stood hot Levi naked with his giant cock staring at me in full bloom. I grabbed that police-like stick at the base and pulled Levi to the shower in my bathroom. Sex in the shower was always so hot as the warm water ran over the bodies.

I faced the shower head while the warm water began to run down my body with Levi standing behind me. He began to use his magical massage hands to soap my body. He rubbed my neck, my shoulders, back, thighs and down to my legs, as my cock was bobbing up and down. Fuck then he ran his hands around onto my chest and began to massage my nipples hard as they became like two hard diamonds. Next I felt his hands run down my stomach and under my crotch until he located my big balls that he washed clean. From behind me, he inserted two soapy fingers in my ass and holy shit gave prostate an incredible massage. I was about to faint from the pleasure of his hands and body rubbing against me.

As I monaed wiht pure pleasure, he pushed my body up against the shower wall, put his throbbing cock up against my soaped ass and soon I felt his monstrous tool pop my outer sphincter and he drove that cock all the way into my ass until he had me stuffed with his hammer. I felt his wet light hair on his chest and stomach press tight on my body from the back. As I began to use my famous ass muscles to squeeze his hard throbbing dick, Levi became animalistic and wild as he fucked me with an almost violent force. I began jerking my aching cock and begged Levi to drive his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. He fucked me so hard that my head hit the shower wall.

It was not long until I felt his cock head swell some more in my ass, his balls tightened up against my balls and he let out a wild animal cry and grunt as I felt a rush of his hot jizz fill my ass. When he was spent, he pulled that still hard cock out of my ass, turned me around facing him, got down on his knees and took my blood filled cock to the back of his throat. As the warm water flowed over his mouth and my crotch, the feel was so erotic that without any further warning I shot my huge load of cum deep in his throat as he swallowed my seed. We both loved cum. When I was spent, we washed each other until we were clean, dried each other with bath towels and went to my bedroom. 

Levi grabbed me in an embrace and drove his tongue deep into my mouth. We went wild giving each other sloppy kisses for some five-minutes. With lust still our master, Levi pushed me up against the wall, spread my legs far apart, placed my hands up on the wall, drove his body into my backside and instantly plunged his big rod all the way in my ass. He put his sexy hands on my shoulders and forcefully fucked my ass for several minutes. Then while keeping his cock inside me and his hands on my chest, he took me over to my bed. As I stood beside the bed, he pushed my face, chest and stomach down on the bed that put my ass at a great angle to be fucked. He stood up on his toes behind me and fucked the hell out of my ass for a long time. As he fucked me, my cock was driven into the side of the bed.

After a really hot fuck, I heard his cock pop out of my ass. He had me get on my stomach on the bed. He spread my legs and got between my legs as he plunged his hard cock deep into my ass. Soon he laid down on top of me and began to fuck me like some wild animal and that I was his prey. This was my favorite position as a bottom to get fucked. Soon with lust consuming my entire body, I begged: "Oh fuck yea, fuck your slut, your whore, your bitch. Oh yea, Ahhhhhh, Mmmmmmm, FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK ME."

As sweat poured off of us, Levi fucked my ass with total abandonment for the longest time. I knew he was going to come when he let out that now familar groan and his breathing became rapid. With one final thrust of his cock deep in my ass, he dumped his nuts of a large supply of cum in my ass. The feel of his warm cum inside me caused me to erupt with a big load of my semen on my bedspread.

While Levi was still lying on top of me recovering his breath, we heard a scream. Holy fuck, it was Jorge's voice: "What in the hell are you doing Jett letting Levi fuck you? What happened to our agreeing to be in a monogamous relationship? Levi you are no true friend, fuck you."

As I was in a panic mode, Jorge grabbed Levi and threw him on the floor. Jorge got on top of him and the fight was under way. I thought they were going to kill each other. I begged them to stop. They ignored me as I saw anger in Jorge's eyes that frightened me.

As they thrashed around on the floor, Jorge's iPhone fell out of his pocket that I grabbed and I was shocked at what I saw on his phone in a hot porn photo of him and another hot dude. Who else was not being loyal to our monogamous relationship? I felt no more guilt. Jorge was playing around and guess who it was? But I had to stop this fight before one of them got hurt. Holy shit, they were fighting over me. I was actually excited about being fought over by two hot studs but it was not the right thing to do.


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